Tom Facchine – Medina Stories #17 – Forced To Correct a Teacher In Medina

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a funny story about a former MMA host who apologizes for his lack of English speakers and explains that English is giving them too many options. He also talks about a former teacher who told him that he would be lucky to have a student from a different country, but the student was born in the United States. The speaker emphasizes the importance of focusing on one's own abilities and being humble about one's own learning.
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You need to be really careful of thinking that you know, more than you know, and realizing that a little bit of knowledge is exactly that. It's just a little bit of knowledge. There is a funny story that happened in Medina where we were in the in the MMA heads or in the Arabic program before you get into the qualia. And it was amazing that diversity in America was amazing. You had, it was very rare that you would have two people in the same class from the same country. So you can imagine that not not just the national and ethnic diversity, but also the linguistic diversity, right. And I, in most of my classes, usually, I'd have maybe like one British or one Canadian student there with me,

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but you know, no other American students. And so the amount of English speakers is very, very few. And that was funny, because sometimes we would have instructors that they knew a little bit of English. And so if there was something that we didn't understand, sometimes they would act like or they would assume that giving it to us in English would actually help us. Well, it would help me and my British friend, but it wouldn't help anybody else. Speak English.

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And so one of these times when we were learning sort of illnesses and things of that nature, and so the teacher he wrote up on the board, so that right, so like headache, Sudha, has a headache, and he writes on the board that guy but nobody has any. It's a very theoretical sort of abstract concept. How do you explain to somebody in a language they don't know what's a headache? And so he tries to translate it and writes on the board, he writes on the board headache, and he points to it, and he says Hitachi, Hitachi, and now everybody's more confused. Because they don't know. So that and I avec and they don't know English and English is giving them as wrong. Right? And I'm the last person

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to want to correct you know, subhanAllah, especially a teacher, but I had to, like, you know, shake like offline, like, Excuse me. It's like, it's not, it's not a hdaci. It's like, what do you mean? It's got ch? It's got cha cha. Sure. Sure. And then so I said, let me show you. Let me give an example. I grabbed the Chocolatier on the board stomach as a CH obviously with a hard K sound. And he's like, oh, yeah, you're right. You're right stomach. Okay. Okay. And he thanked me, you know, he thanked me for correcting him. But it just goes to show you it's not you know, this is a funny story. But every single one of us does the same thing. Right? We know a little bit about something

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we know a little bit about fat, a little bit about the C fat Allah right? I smell he was fatty, right, the names and attributes of Allah and we're ready to go. Are you somebody else about it? No, you're wrong. There's no evidence for that the deal says this and this and that. And the other use No, you know, you're out there in the fifth language. You're saying Hitachi, you know, and other people who know it better than you were looking at you? Like, are you serious, dude, it's like you just know, the ABCs and not even the rest, you know. So Humble Pie is is is an important part of everybody's daily diet. You know, everybody needs to understand where they are and try to just focus

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on learning focus on developing not focus on taking them to somebody else or arguing your point. But just keep on developing yourself and be humble about, you know, what it is that, you know, say capabilities that tell us all the time that I fit the shape and the seat to shape. Like if you've memorized something, you forgot something else, or in all likelihood much more than what you memorized.

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