Story of Prophet Yousef AS

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You and I will have the beauty of use of engine now.

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The sisters are saying How about me?

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comes Yusuf

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who tried to seduce him?

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The wife of the Minister of Egypt,

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one of the most amazing stories in the Quran,

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the story of use of

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the scholar saying, If anybody's going through hardship, let him read sola, Joseph

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retaught, Joseph

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comes this lady, Ladies, ladies comes this lady. She put this mascara in the face,

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or mascara, or whatever you call it.

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She put that in her face. And then she embarrassed herself. And then she goes, and then she'll lock the doors. Well, good

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I wish you could speak Arabic

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so that you can understand the beauty of Arabic.

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Allah says.

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And then she

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locked the doors.

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In our lobby, we say

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Close the door.

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After she embellish herself and put that mascara think in her face, and then she came to him. And then she locked the doors unless she locked the doors.

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She says

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hi, Tilak

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I'm all yours.

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What would you do my man?

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And by the way, who do you think the Minister of Egypt would marry her? You think the Minister of Egypt to the marriage has ended at

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he probably must have married the most beautiful girl in town.

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And this girl, this lady she's coming to try to seduce you and use of he is a foreigner. A stranger, a handsome boy, young man full of energy.

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Stranger, it was easy for him to do it to fall into the mafia to fall into the trap yet What did he say? The law in the hobby. I said the best way? He says Laila. No, no, no, no, no, no, I'm not falling into this trap. Who was that use of a young boy with a vision.

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Another young man mentioned it