Waleed Basyouni – Friday Sermon – How To Be A Happy Wife 24

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of treating one's spouse with the same treatment as a woman and gives tips on how to make one's wife happy and get points for their actions. They stress the need to practice with practicality and avoid irritation. The speaker also provides guidelines on dressing up, giving birth, and not criticizing the spouse, emphasizing the importance of proper treatment and handling of different situations, including mistakes and misunderstandings.
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welcome Nick, Liliana him, your spouse, your wife should start from you exactly what you expect from her. If you demand something from her, she should expect the same from you the same treatment fenced off, out asleep from the sun, if you hold her, if you keep her with you, you should hold into the solution while you are doing with this morning.

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And if you let her go be even extroverted

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peninsula where I was sitting in one of his last speeches, one of his last speakers, they said, I was sold in the Santa Clara for in the home now, in the company I see a lot.

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This is I commend I bought him to treat your wife good to treat your wife good.

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They are basically in your house. It's like it's he used the word that means literally like a prisoner like somebody you have, you know, tied to her to unify that marriage.

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With a woman gay marriage, and he came in that she tried to target you through that connection, she's married. So she was part of her what we call kind of freedom. So now she has responsibility and duty towards you. So don't take advantage of that don't abuse that right that Allah has given you as the husband.

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let's share some points that you can practice with today.

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I know some of your singles.

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And you know, you get assigned cocaine with it. And they seem to hold on to these points. Now, let's assume give you the wild things you wish. And you deserve.

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Maybe you grew up soon to be also married person. And don't say Oh, Chef, come on. That's another one of these talks about being good. Do I? You know,

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I'll tell you something.

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I don't want to lock them up on

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the is there a high wire fitting?

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If both party have the intention to make peace to make a change in the life, I will recommend them success.

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Don't say oh, it's not gonna work out. Don't ever give up in the relationship.

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Because it's always possible to reignite that relationship love.

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Don't be like the person who said chit chat. I don't love her anymore. I want to divorce her. This is why he's a child anymore. Said you remind me of someone who said you know my car ran out of gas. So instead of refilling the gas, he said I'm gonna sell the car, no go refill the cows, you can refill that you can reignite that relationship.

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You can keep definition warm and good. And these some tips, some folks that I hope that you will take them seriously and try to practice and

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we all should take that any points that we raise here and someone sent me an email as a feedback about my foot base check isn't it too many points you mentioned and now my philosophy for that I'm not expecting everybody to remember the 1015 points. But I always mention these because it's very vast different points. And everybody can relate to three or four of them, grab them and focus on them and they'll be good enough for me that just my philosophy in getting 10 points or 11 points so you can relate up to three or four this something I can do I can I don't think every points we share everybody you certainly can be able to do it

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one which is an interesting I'm going to be very practical in this one how to weight your wives how to make her happy one dress up for your wife. It is so sad that so many times we don't even pay attention to this and I start with this because not many people pay attention to that when they go home they were the worst time feels to the right.

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You know they just go through their you know nice clothes and just wave that old junky pajamas you know in his box or whatever he's married and just not have Oh looks in present in masu live in a vast was seen before he entered his house, taking the perfume out putting perfume in his beer fixing his beer so that this student said in the ambassador Roger

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bass people dress up and put perfume on the knee not when they enter. Hi,

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honey, don't you want her to dress up for me smell good. He said also everybody would like his wife to do that. Then he said well,

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if we demand this from them, we should expect the same from

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So that's one thing you can let her feel like you know what? I tell you something you do and come back to me and tell me that your wife one day was surprised that she'd go and change your clothes and all of a sudden you wear a nice shirt with a tie, maybe in a nice little snack pants and your wife will say, what are you going? Anywhere? I just want to dress up for you. And come back until the arena smash counterfeits.

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Can you just make sure

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that you dressing up for

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also number two.

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Try to use the cute in the process of the woman with ways that make his wife. He use cute names when his wife for his bar. Give her a nickname. Nice nickname. Well, why sometimes you will be surprised some people they are looking for the wrong.

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One guy

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he had in his phone.

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He called his wife for example, going to

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the Congress believe

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I know something wonderful. I did this for his wife her put her name in the phone basically, they're very cute what he said, firstly, you know my wife something like you know, give her a nice nickname.

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You call her with nice color with a good name keeping kind of internet. Yeah.

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Whatever you may have lost because she hasn't been really cheap. But Allah Allah, Allah.

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Number three.

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Don't treat your wife like a flock.

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And what I mean by that talk to her like a flight, when you guys notice the flight in the room

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when it started barking and bothered him,

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that's when you get irritated. That's right. Don't ever do well, like the only time that ignites her existence in the room when she stopped bugging him when she stopped irritating him, which is not flag one. No 20 recognize her before she started buckling. Give him that attention that she worked that she needs and see how this one is affected in the relationship in the relationship.

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We never think about fly in our daily life.

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A lot of people do well all day, which means no attention from the hospital. And she does something knowing or surviving. And then after the period igniter existence, that's not

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that's not it.

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He is not happy, you do not have

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most likely. Number four.

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And this is a tricky one. But I want to take the area patient and get it

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don't pick an every mistake she makes. It's a very bad habit. If you think that you can correct every

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individual circumstance in

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a marriage. What is our turn to a women who are in a Kassala. And this I think a lot of people think it is

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humilated woman or disrespect women and

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the practice I've said women are computed from the ref are created to from Adam's rib from Adam's rib. And that's so cute by the way to be collected from the read. They say that she was not created, for example, his feet so you can stamp on her, not from his head to control him. It is from his thread that causes things to his heart side to side.

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And across the neck, the rate is different. The rep is basically

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as long as straight. It doesn't mean that she does screw up or bad. No, he means that she is different. So woman is sometimes they see things in a different way. They be calculating in a different way than the men. So that man if everything goes against what he used to we think as men, and you see she does it in a different way. And he tried to correct to pick on it to correct. In this case, I'm telling you the person himself in this case, you will end up divorcing this one. You cannot get over like that.

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But you have to understand the difference between men and women. Maybe that's the thing itself neither or how about how men, men think and woman encounter different differences. I call them different species.

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The way you think there's a big difference between men and women. And this is very important for those young men and women about to get married. Because one of the biggest problems are Odyssey we tried to treat them the way we treat men we expected from them behave like the one men did. or think or react

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No there is a different ways and it doesn't

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