Do Women have a right to Divorce in Islam?

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Good evening. So my name is Sydney. My question is why as the other ladies not allowed to divorce their husbands in Islam? This is the question that why aren't the ladies allowed to divorce the husband?

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As far as divorce is concerned sister broadly, you can categorize divorce into five categories. One is by mutual consent of the husband and wife both first category, second category unilaterally by the will of the husband.

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third category, that if it is mentioned in the nikana ama, when a woman is marrying a man, if he mentioned the contact By default,

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the authority is given to the man in the Quran, why Allah come to it later on. But in the nikana muffins marriage is a marital contract, a woman can put down any claws in marriage, which is not private in the Quran, she can even say that, I do not want my husband to take a second wife, because marrying more than one wife is not compulsory in Islam. If the boy agree the man is married, she finds a new boy and he finds a new girl. But she can put the clause that I do not want you to take a second wife as long as I'm alive. But you cannot put a clause which is against the Quran, you can put a clause saying I don't want you to offer prayer, we will offering Salah is compulsory, you can

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put a clause which is optional. Similarly, she can put a clause that I do want to give unilateral divorce. It's called a Salah coffee or asthma category, fourth categories, if he does not mention in the clause,

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but yet he wants divorce, she can request the husband, I don't want to stay with you. She can declare the husband to give divorce that's called as cola. And the fifth category if the husband does not agree, and if the husband ill treats her she can go to the coffee, she can go to the judge, and she can take nicaya fosc that mean nullification of the marriage. If the administrator does not give her rights, she can go to the judge and she can nullify the marriage. So even a woman can take divorce. But under normal circumstances, the man has been given the authority Why? Because in marriage, the person who's the loser is the man not the woman, the woman gains if you heard my talk

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last week or last Saturday in the talk, woman's rights in Islam, subjugated or protected. I mentioned that during marriage the woman is on the receiving side. The Quran says in Surah Nisa chapter four verse number four that gives to the woman in marriage, a marital gift marriage, in marriage, it is the husband who gives to the would be wife and amount of ahead

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and marry can be any amount. So imagine before she's married, it is the duty of the man duty of the father and the brother after she's married. It is the duty of the husband and the son to look after lodging, boarding clothing, all financial aspects. And if divorce takes place, it is the duty of the parents to look after her, if not the parents. It's the duty of the society to look after, if not the society is the duty of the Islamic State to look after. So she financially secured. If divorce takes place, the man give the divorce, he loses the man.

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But the woman she's on the receiving end, now she had the chance to get married. Once you get married, she gets new men and the man when he has to marry another woman, he has to give new man, if the full authority is given to the woman, the woman keeps on marrying and divorcing, then she will keep on gaining money. Who's the loser is a man.

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For mighty God even protects

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the man's status. Others are to give a talk on men's rights in Islam. Because if a divorce takes place, man is more for loser than a woman financially and otherwise, woman gets production from the family from the society from the state man doesn't. So because of that, Allah Almighty God effect You're the man. But yet if the woman wants, she can mention the marital contract. She too can give divorce. Or she can request divorce from the husband called escuela. Or if that man entreat she can go to a judge and she can nullify the marriage which is called an MCI first Hope that answers the question.