Did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) fabricate Islam to get women?

Yasir Qadhi


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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers the most pertinent question that crosses and emanates from the mind of the doubters – did Prophet Muhammad ﷺ fabricate Islam to get women?

The doubts would not emanate if one read the biography or Seerah of the Prophet ﷺ and witness  proofs of his modesty and chastity.


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The question is how do we know that the Prophet system did not fabricate Islam to get women? Honestly, the the questioner, I believe needs to read the biography or the process of them in even a cursory detail, because the question would not emanate from somebody who studies the biography of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Firstly, to be very honest, there must be much easier ways of getting women than what he had to do think about it. I mean, seriously, I need for 23 years just to get women. Secondly, what are you saying that the process unwanted women? Well, his whole lifestyle is against that for his youth throughout his young days. And when the sexuality of a man

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is at its peak, our processing live that chased a modest life, he never touched a woman in his life, when everybody was out fornicating and drinking, we will know from from our sources, and the people of Makkah, who opposed him knew this, that he lived a decent, dignified life. And he was even too shy to propose to his first wife, Khadija who was older than him and a double divorced, twice divorced. Khadija was the one who fell in love with him and proposed to him he was even too modest and shy to to propose to him and the reason why he fell in love with him was number one, his honesty and number two, his chastity and modesty, because when he would go to a digit to collect his wages,

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his eyes would be on the ground. He didn't even look at her out of modesty out of chastity, his eyes are on the ground and this made Khadija feel this is a decent a dignified man. And as long as Khadija remained alive, or profitsystem, remained solely the only white The only wife that he ever had when Khadija was alive and Khadija passed away, and the processor is now 53 years old, 53 years old, then he sallallahu Sallam begins to marry other women. And each one of these women, they are not the most beautiful or the most gorgeous or whatnot, every one of them. There is a legitimate reason that one of them is the daughter of the capture chieftain and by marrying her all of the

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tribe is fried over 700 people, and that is God. I've been told how does God have Intel? How did when he married Julia? And she was a She was the daughter of the chieftain of the bundle. How did the tribe the entire tribe was really it was freed because they said how can we have the in laws of the Prophet system as our prisoners of war. So they released the whole tribe. Also, he married the daughters of a worker and Omar to solidify the bonds with them. He gave his own daughters to Earth, man, and so on and so forth. How can you think that a 53 year old man will do all that he's done just for eight or nine women, this is really not a very reasonable conclusion. And also all of them

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are divorcees and widows, all of them without exception, other than one and that is our issue. Otherwise, every wife that he married, some of them had children, and he's taking care of them, a number of them, two of them, they had husbands who passed away or left in a busy city, they had nobody to take care of them. When the community was small. He proposed to them from Medina, they were alone in Abyssinia, nobody to take care of them completely isolated, because I'll take care of you come and I will marry you. So two of them came from every city and disregard and that's why I said anybody who studies the basic theory of the Profit System, this is not a question that could

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come when you know the circumstances and you know how old he was when he took on multiple wives and you know the background and history of these wives and Allah knows best