Musleh Khan – The Parallels Between Your Actions and the State of Your Heart

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of shaping one's life to fit in the culture of the person they are met with is emphasized. controlling one's eyes is crucial to achieving success in life, and shaping one's appearance to fit in the culture of the person is crucial. The heart is seen as the power of hearing, and music is key to preserving one's ears and hearing words of the Prophet. Cluttering one's mind and learning to be mindful of one's actions is also discussed. The importance of learning and practicing music to improve one's hearing and hearing skills is also highlighted. The heart is seen as the power of hearing, and individuals can overcome weaknesses and achieve their goals.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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that sounds like a real good morning seller. I'm wondering what's going on? I

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said I'm on equal.

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Door. I know exactly how you guys feel all that clear Malayala that you have been praying all night is probably getting to you right now. So don't worry, I know exactly what you're feeling.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was heavy he he Marian rubbish roughly surgery

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or civilly, Emery wash. No look, the terminally 70 year old Kali. Brothers and sisters. As you all have just heard what the topic will be in sha Allah for you in the next 30 minutes or so is really just relating or showing that relationship between what you have in here. And what you illustrate out here. Because you all know one very important tradition of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. You remember that hadith that he says that in the body there is a mandala and Oregon, if it's good, then the entire body will illustrate that good. But if it's not, then the body is going to illustrate just that.

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This hadith literally sets the tone of how every single human being should really look at themselves, look at their heart. And this Hadith also teaches you an eye that we can actually judge a person's intention to a certain degree based on their actions. So if somebody is always coming to a masjid, they're always praying. They're always watching their tongue. They're very careful about their movements. What does that tell you about their heart? It shows that there's some level of consciousness and awareness of Allah azza wa jal in their heart, they're doing something right, as opposed to somebody who's just free and careless. So I'd like to start off in sha Allah Who Terada

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to remind myself of course, and all of us here today. There are a number of verses in the Quran that speak about the heart, I will try to go through as many of them as I can with you. But I'd like to start off in sha Allah by mentioning to you a very important two verse verse which is part of a paragraph of conclusion versus in sorbitol as AB SUTA till hisab. Allah azza wa jal mentions a verse that is absolutely mind boggling when you compare it to a person's heart. Allah azza wa jal says in oral dental man atta Isla summer were too well ordered. We challenged the heavens and the earth to carry this Amana. You know what the Amana is in this verse? The Amana is your soul for you to just

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simply be alive and walk the face of this earth is a great Amana Allah azza wa jal gives you life but then also gives you the Amana or the trust or the responsibility to take care of that life.

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So Allah azza wa jal says somewhat well out of well gee bad, three very large and very powerful creations. Allah azza wa jal says that the heavens, the earth and the mountains, when we challenged them to carry the same soul, you know what they did? A bean and Milda. urbane doesn't mean they refused, it means that they don't even want to think the very thought of trying to carry this soul the burden of this soul. They didn't even want to think about doing that. You know, if you have a table, and you put some weight on that table, you'll start to feed it some weight until eventually you realize that the table is about to crack and collapse. But what you're doing is you're trying it

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out, you're seeing Okay, let's how much weight can this table really give? It's not like the table is saying, Okay, give me give me your best shot and see how much weight I can really take. You just give it to it. But the zhiban The mountains, the heavens and the earth, they didn't even want to try. They said no, no, we don't want that responsibility. So what did Allah azza wa jal do? Well, hemella Hal insan you and I, Allah gave us that responsibility. What does that tell you? You know what this man when we're seeing responses

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Build it you know what it's talking about? It's talking about the Quran.

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Every single one of us sitting here today, we have what it takes the strength, the ability, the knowledge, the courage to carry the message of poor and wherever you go. Now try to relate this back to the heart for a moment. You remember in Surah Al hasher Allah azza wa jal, he told you that if you were to take this polar end and place it on a mountain or

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place it on a mountain what would happen to the mountain, the mountain will become moto sedan minha Shatila moto solder doesn't mean that the mountain is going to break into pieces, it means that it will crumble into dust. What that tells you is that imagine if you have like a like a cup or a glass and you throw it on the ground. Now depending on how hard you throw it, there's a possibility that you can gather the pieces and start gluing them together and almost bring back a similar shape to an original cup. But if you do multiple sod there, you take this cup and you throw it to the ground with so much force it is impossible to put the pieces together you can never get it done. So this

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mountain, it crumbled into dust when it carried the Quran.

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Allah azza wa jal says to you and I, you have the strength to carry that same core and that caused a mountain to crumble.

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Now imagine the person whose heart is hardened they're hearing it yet they're going to the classes they're going to the conferences Derry know the message of Porter and but it doesn't move them one bit. It doesn't cause them to change. They don't reflect Allah says in surah 12 out of Walcott Zara nearly Johanna Kathy or Amina al Genie will ins in Johanna we put many populations and gatherings in groups of jinn and people love them call of Allah describes them to love them polo Herbalife Kahuna beha, they have hearts that don't really contemplate or understand or ponder.

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Imagine the same poor N caused that mountain to crumble into dust.

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And a heart becomes so hard and it's not moved by the message of Quran that tells you that that person's heart surpasses the hardness of a mountain.

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It really gives you a perspective to think about that. If you're not reflected or you're not moved by the message of Allah. That tells you that the you don't just have a problem with your heart. You have a serious problem with this Amana that Allah trusted you with. So we ask Allah azza wa jal to soften our hearts say, I mean.

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So I want to take this topic one step further now and really get into some key issues that we have when it comes to our heart and the actions and how we how we present ourselves in front of the world. I want to start off with this, the eyes because if you can control what you see, you are guaranteed to control what you do. If you can get control of your eyes and everything about what your eyes see in this world. Naturally you will become a person that is very focused, you'll start achieving goals in your life, you'll start to be more focused, you will concentrate you'll have visions in your life, you will be able to accomplish all the goals because the number one avenue

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that shaytan comes to attacker on person. The number one avenue that he starts off with is their eyes. He'll come up to a shave even and be like you're a che you can look at her a little bit. Okay? You have E man you pray to head to you got the beard you do this, you do that. It's okay. You can look at her.

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Imagine that's for a scholar or a chef. What would that how successful would the shaitan be? When it comes to just an average layman Muslim? Allah azza wa jal says in Surah, a nor verse number 30 and 31. Now in sha Allah tomorrow when I discuss when I have the one hour session in the gender relations, I'm going to go through this verse entirely as as much detail as we can. But for now, I just want to give you a brief insight of what this verse has to do with you controlling the eyes to preserve what's in your heart. Allah azza wa jal says to the believing men, he says will pull little more meaning your whole domain of Saudi him Allah says

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Zoa gel says, Say O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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Your first point here is you notice Allah didn't say yeah, Are you her Latina am and who who absorbed ACOEM? He didn't say Oh, you who believe. In other words, Allah is not talking to us directly. He tells us Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I want you to carry this message to the people. Because it's a really sensitive issue. Can you imagine if you see a brother or a sister looking and staring at everyone, can you imagine going up to them and be like, Okay, why are you staring at the women for? You know, you go to a brother, you say that you go up to the sister and say, Why are you checking him out for Subhan Allah match and if you do that, it's a really sensitive

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issue. You can't just walk up to somebody. So what did Allah do? Allah put the man in charge the man that we respect the man that we reflect our life after the man that we love, the man that we would do anything, the man that we love more than our own mothers and fathers and he said, You go tell those people. Start off with the men and tell them, hope to absorb them.

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Lower your gaze, lower your gaze literally means to weaken your eyes. So what that tells you is there's a big difference if you look at somebody like this, as opposed to, you have a very soft gaze when you address them very soft gaze when you look at them. Why does Allah azza wa jal do this? Because Allah says in surah tel out of that same verse that I gave you Laham kulula Kahuna behalf. They have hearts, ALLAH is talking about the people in the hellfire. Allah gives you three characteristics about them. The people of the Hellfire, the first thing is, these people had hearts that couldn't comprehend information. The second thing about them that Allah highlights while at

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home, are you Allah, you will soon be here, they have eyes but they couldn't see with it. In other words, they were so blind to the message when Allah told them to control what they look at. They were blind to that message and they still kept careless with their eyes. We ask Allah azza wa jal to protect our eyes say Lahoma me. So the first thing is Allah azza wa jal says to believing men, lower though that gaze you know why? Because the next part of the verse says, Why photo photo, Jerome. Because if you do that, then it's going to be time for you, you're going to be able to get control over your actions, Allah highlights the private area. And that's something that I'm going to discuss

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tomorrow in sha Allah. But the point is, you went from your eyes, to your actions. So what Allah does, so that's how you have to make sure that's how important it is to control that. I want to move on to the second second point. Because the same thing is mentioned in verse 31. The same thing is mentioned for the sisters as well Allah tells you to do the exact same thing.

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But there's much more to these two verses, which we will talk about in sha Allah. The second point that I want to bring your attention to in sha Allah. So we've taken care of the eyes. Let's start talking about the ears.

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Let's start talking about what it is that you listen to and what it is that you hear. So you know for sure I'm going to talk about music, right? Because if you're going to talk about the things that you hear and things that you shouldn't listen to, you got to talk about music. I'm not going to talk to you about libre and backbiting and false testimony and all of those things, because Allah azza wa jal says in Quran and Sunnah three, four con what either mob rule below Maru ki Rama, Allah azza wa jal says that when you hear those things, when you listen to conversations, or you're part of a conversation that you shouldn't be, if you're in there and you hear all the Haram things people are

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backbiting with each other people are doing peel and call that person said this, that person said that you know what Allah says you to do Maru. KERAMA Allah says, leave in a dignified, proper and respective manner. Don't get up, throw your last two cents. Well, Allah azza wa jal says to all of you way that Maduro belong when Maduro keramas I'm leaving, don't do that. I don't say like you guys are do have this and Allah says do it in a proper manner. You get up just Ecolo hiring guys. You know, I don't want to stay here right now I have to go I gotta go do something. So that's what happens when it comes to those issues. But really, truly what I want to focus on is the desire of

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the ears. And that's what leads me to things like music. You know, until this day, no matter what opinion you might have heard of, or you might have read or exceptions to this whole concept of music. Until this day, I still can't as a student or not, I still can't connect where the permissive

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ability of music comes from I still can't do it. I can't imagine

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if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, or even go below that ladder for a moment and go to just one of the companions. Imagine if our modal Hatha was sitting right there. Imagine if Abu Bakar was sitting right there. Imagine if Fatima was sitting right there. Khadija was sitting there, imagine these amazing leaders and companions were sitting right here amongst us. And you decide to put on like a Kenny G series or something I could send instrumental, it's okay.

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What would happen? What kind of impression would that leave on them? What would they have to say about this? What would they what would their reaction these are people who are crying, when they hear Allah azza wa jal, those words of Quran, they start tearing, but they don't understand the word you and I imagine, imagine how poor and works. You may not know Arabic, you probably have never read a tafsir before and you don't know anything about Quran. But you still are standing in taraweeh. And you're listening to that recitation, you don't know what Surah it is nothing about it. But all of a sudden tears start flowing down, you start crying, that emotion starts to come up. What does that

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tell you? This is the true music to your ears. If I can use that term correctly, this is the real thing that you should be focused on that you should be listening to. So this is what I want to say. You have to figure out that and I know I live in the same society, I know that when you go to the dentist, when you go to the doctor's office, when you're in the elevator, when you're in the grocery store, when you're at the library, wherever it is, this music is going to keep pumping into your ears, the sharee, I makes a very clear distinction between listening to something as opposed to just hearing it that it's just there is a difference. There's a difference. If you take a CD and you put

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it in your car, and you plus you press play, as opposed to just happen to be sitting there and the cab driver just keeps blasting this tune. There's a big difference with the so you have to figure out which category do you belong to. And that's how you start to preserve your ears. You start to preserve what you listen to. And you know what this leads to? It leads to the third point. This is how you start training your mind to think poor and I want everybody to make sure that you understand this point very well. How you get your mind to start thinking por en Allah azza wa jal says in fu Hulka sama YT will auto walk de la fille Layli Wanda hub la Yachty leoline Al Bab Bula Xena Yes,

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karoun Allah Chioma wa Kuroda y la June will be him.

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Allah azza wa jal says in Surah earlier Imran in the farewell message of that surah Allah azza wa jal says Verily within the heavens and the earth, the night and the day, these are all a yet miracles indications things for you to look at and reflect but it's specifically for those who are amongst a who are amongst the Al Bab, you know, who are Al Bab Al Bab are people who have a very clear and sound mind their mind isn't filled with useless information. We live in a time where we hear things and we see things that are just of no benefit to us. They just clutter your mind and you know how you know if you have a cluttered mind you can test yourself

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if I say to you, that the heavens or sorry the The sky is so beautiful look at Allah's creation. If you're one of those people who look up in the sky and you'd be like, Okay, it's blue,

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masha Allah or what? Subhanallah What do I say here? If you're one of those people who can't see that beauty, if I show you like a nice mountain or some beautiful greenery, I mean, you see Summer is coming out. You remember we were living in a plateau of snow. Now all of that is gone. Now greenery and luscious life, Allah azza wa jal is bringing it back again. And if I start talking to you about this, and you look at me like okay, well, it's just grass. I need to start cutting my grass. No, that's all I really care about. If that's what you start thinking, this is how you can test yourself that the mind is cluttered. You have things inside of your mind, that stopping you

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from appreciating goodness when it comes in front of you. Things start cluttering there. That's why you'll find people especially youth today, when you start talking to them about shayateen and gin and you start telling them these gin stories and you start saying to them, you know, you got to watch out shaitan is always there

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They'll be like, who cares? So, you know, I saw paranormal activity like 15 times. What's the big deal?

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You start talking to them, I'll yell milk piano. They'll say to you, you know, I saw whatever 2012 movie or something like that, you know, but compare it to something and they'll be like, what's the big deal? The moment brothers and sisters, when you become desensitized to good information, it's time for you to start clearing your mind. It's time for you to start reflecting what's in your heart. And that is why Allah azza wa jal says, Allah the ninth Quran, Allah piano, the Al Bab are people who are remembering Allah while standing while sitting and whilst they are on their sides, why didn't Allah just saying they are the people who remember Allah all the time?

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Allah makes a separation in three different areas standing sitting or lying down, why not just say every moment of their life because this is how Quran is teaching you that when you stand up and you walk and you see the rain falling, and there's you know, all the greenery and the trees are benefiting from this immediately you will remember a verse ones the lamina summer Eema and Mobarak. Allah azza wa jal sends down the rain from the sky and it is baraka. If somebody starts arguing with you, and you don't want to argue with them, okay, so like let's say like husband and wife, they never like to argue with each other. So you have husband and wife, and the husband or the wife

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doesn't want to argue right now. You remember right away because why you're thinking Quran? What is a hot tub of Umoja? Who don't call who said

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when the ignorant when the one who doesn't have control over their mind and their emotions when they address you? And they address you with a loud voice? They raise their voice and their tone to you call to Salama. You try to defuse the situation and calm him down. Brother Brother, relax, it's okay. Sister, Sister, don't do that. My heart my love, my dear, don't tell don't do anything. You try to calm them down. That's how you start training your mind to start thinking or earn. We ask Allah azza wa jal to keep our hearts our minds pure say. I mean, last point that I'm going to leave you with in sha Allah. So we've talked about the eyes. We've talked about the ears, we've talked

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about the mind. The next thing is really general and that is our limbs. So everything else about your body, the way you walk, the way you stand, the way you sit. The way you address one another, the tone the posture that you have. Do you know Subhanallah holder and even tells us how to walk.

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Why are you bad to Rockman Alladhina em Shula al oral de Hona Allah azza wa jal says in Surah Farrakhan, the real ultimate servant, when they walk, they walk with a sense of weakness and tranquility. They don't walk with their chest high up and they don't kind of walk we'll miskeen like a Kim really humble No, the the bad the ultimate servant finds a balance between the both of them, not too prideful, but not at the same time not to the other extreme, poor and tells you how to use your hands, color and tells you how many steps you take where you should take them where you should be going. Quran tells you how to behave, how to treat your spouse, how to treat one another as a

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community how to treat the general public and people around you. Quran tells you all of this Allah You know, I'm sure in Ireland out of the hole now either hot tub, Umoja, he Luna Paulo said Emma, what does what happens next? Allah azza wa jal tells you well Athena up to nearly Robbie him sujeto piano,

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Allah azza wa jal steers you to go back to your home and make sure that you have some worship, some prayer, some of cowardice, some things you're doing in your house, because you're not going to be able to do the right thing outside. If you can't start doing it inside your house. If you can't start treating your family good, it's going to be extremely difficult for you to do it outside. Because if you still get by doing it outside, then you're gonna have this problem of almost having like a trait of a Munna filled hypocrisy in your heart. And then you know, this is one of the problems that marriages they they they they flood or they fall apart because of this. So you have to

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be very careful in how you use your limb.

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is and how you walk, how you buy and sell. A Muslim has always and forever has the tools, the ingredients to really, really hold themselves together in any situation.

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A Muslim, can hold themselves together in any circumstance, I honestly believe that we as Muslims, you can put us in the busiest city in the world, or you can put us in one of the jungles in Brazil or something and leave us there. And we would still find a way to be kind to take care of our families. Because why we always have poor man behind us. I mentioned that this was the last point there is one more point in sha Allah that I would love to address with all of us. So we talking about the heart. Now you all know about the heart its importance and how it's affecting everything that you do and you saying you think and you listen, you listen to go back to that verse now and

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sort it out off. Remember I mentioned to you three things Allah talks about that is amongst the sea fat or the description of the people of the fire, law home colorable law of tahona behalf what a home Aryan law you will see Runa be here Wallah. Whom, then hula is Morona be here. They also have ears that they don't listen, they can't hear with them. These are not people who are blind or deaf. These are people that when they hear called Allahu taala, or call or Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's as if they don't hear anything. It just kind of flows over their head. They're listening, but they're not hearing anything. What does Allah azza wa jal say Allah, He can kill a

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neuron. These people are like animals, Bell whom are born. Actually they're worse than animals. Because if you train an animal to sit, what is it going to do? It's going to sit, if you train an animal to walk to move to go to this direction, what is it going to do? It's it has that same error. Now what a foreigner attitude, it hears it's going to obey and it's going to follow its leader. So Allah says that you as human beings, you would fall into a state that's worse, worse or more degrading than an animal itself. Hola, Iike homall Hafi lol. And this is the point that I want to draw from this verse is how it ends. Allah azza wa jal says that these people who are in the

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Hellfire with these three at least these three characteristics about them, Allah azza wa jal calls them off alone. They are people who are heedless. Their heart is stone cold, their ears are just fixated. Their eyes are shut. Everything about them has paused. They can't comprehend anything in their life. I'm sure all of us sitting here we know somebody like this in our lives. We know somebody you'll tell them all the time. Okay, this is wrong. This is haram. Next day, they'll just do it again. You tell them, Sister, don't do this. Come on, you got to dress better, you got to talk better, you got to treat him right. Next day they do it again. This is when you know that you might

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be falling into a state of Hoffler you might be falling into a state of heedlessness. And if you fall into a state like that, there's a possibility that you can close all the doors of hire for you and you don't want that to happen. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters to protect us and our families and keep our hearts our minds clear. May Allah subhanho wa Taala purify our hearts. May Allah subhanho wa Taala purify our souls. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us people strong with the Quran make us people strong and understanding the traditions in the sunnah of our Rasul Salah Torabi was salam, who are they? There's one last thing I want to mention. I think I said

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that like 17 times now. So this is the 18th time I'm going to say it. This is a request from one of the sisters and I promised her that I would discuss it very briefly in sha Allah. There is an organization that just started that is called the Community Information and Resource Center, an abbreviation circ I hope I said that right, right. Anyhow, this organization here the goal is to bridge the gap in terms of the needs of individuals and communities with the resources. So if you need something in your life, whether it means finances, help support for seniors, whatever it is, or the youth communities at large and you don't know where to go. You can't find resources to deal with

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these issues. You don't know which Muslim organization is out there to help you out with your finances to give you loans and

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A lot of students, they're just over there just filled and overwhelmed with student loans and things like that. Well, this is an organization that just started in sha Allah to try to help facilitate those, those gaps on those areas. They are just requesting from all of you in sha Allah, that this weekend during the conference, they are doing an assessment survey. And they are recruiting volunteers and inviting you in sha Allah to join and try to volunteer with this particular organization. You'll know that there are volunteers, they're wearing a t shirt that actually says, Ask me about Cirque see IRC. So if you kind of browse around in sha Allah in the masjid today, you

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might see some of these volunteers and you can ask them and try to fill out the survey and try to support them. We need things like this, we don't need more massages, we don't need more masalas we need more resources to help facilitate all these gaps and weaknesses in our families and in our communities. Brothers and sisters, I thank you all for your time. I thank you all for your attention. And the reason why I thank you. Because if you listen to this talk, and the talk before me and all the rest of the show you and the scholars for the rest of this conference, if you're you're listening to this and you spend time and money to be here, it is a sign that you have what it

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takes to have a pure heart you have what it takes to control this, this, this and everything else. You have what it takes to carry the message of Quran May Allah azza wa jal give you strength. I thank you was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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