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The Surah is the final output of Islam, summarizing all the themes and concepts represented in the surah and giving a clear picture of the future. The importance of the surah in the creation of life and the printing of the message is discussed, along with the use of words like "be" and "has" to describe actions and events. The surah ends with a practical method of Dawa reminding and the rest of the discussion is about the positioning of sovereignty.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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First Lady via de Morocco,

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Morocco to polish a

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la Hito

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salatu salam ala

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cello, we're continuing with our study of Sofia seen Angela Today we're going to be doing the last 282 and I am number 83 inshallah, so it was kind of,

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to kind of recap and bring us up to speed where we left off last time. And yesterday's lesson is that this is the final passage, the final portion of the sutra. And this serves as a conclusion to the sutra and it is wrapping up summarizing all the themes and the concepts and the ideas, the lessons that are represented within the surah. Those are the three basic themes of the hade oneness of Allah Prophethood. And thirdly, and finally, the life of the hereafter the fact that there's afterlife.

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So in yesterday's passage, we learned something very interesting that an ayah number 79. Allah subhanaw taala answers the question, the objection, the very arrogant confrontation, presented by the disbelievers and the machine, that who could ever bring this type of a dead bone back to life? Like who would ever do that? What are you talking about? So let's start with that answer that nine number 79. By telling the profits, a lot of you answer them, or tell them, you're here, Larry Angela? Well, Amira? Well, we'll be calling him. And then to substantiate that answer. Two proofs. Two logical, very practical proofs are presented, that this shouldn't be very difficult for you to

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understand how a lot could put life back into this completely dead bone. Why? Because the first, the first thing that's presented, is the fact that I shuttling after now, there was a lady.

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That was fantastic one that he allows you to bring fire out from green trees. So the branches of the trees of murfin are found, even though they're green, and they're moist. And so that that that goes against everything that you need in wood, to be able to fuel in light of fire, yet the Arabs would be able to take a branch of a branch of our father brought them together. And just like Firestone be able to make sparks fly and light a fire using these branches. So you see, some two opposites coming together and coexisting together. This is by the will that decree and this is what a magnificent creator lies. So you see this happening every day, to gather evidence. And the other proof that was

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provided is also something that the human being just has to basically open his mind. He has to open his eyes, yes, open his heart to and that is Look around you look at the heavens and the earth, the one who created all of this, the heavens and the earth and everything between them, the one who's capable of creating all of this, don't you think you'd be able to bring people like you back to life. And in fact that I referenced FROM SOUL TO piano where law says no, so we have banana to the temporal lobe will even put the fingertips completely back the way they were. So this these were the two evidences or the two proofs that were presented to them. That why they should not be so shocked

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why they shouldn't be flabbergasted by this idea that Allah will bring them back to life, even after they're dead and decomposed and literally becoming desk a bit now we're gonna examine one factor.

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They shouldn't be so shocked. They shouldn't be so surprised. Now, the last panel attalla here these last two is the surah summarizes up.

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Allah subhanaw taala told them look, it's very easy for Allah to recreate your a aflofarm Islam. Now here comes the summary of everything that Allah subhana wa tada doesn't need anything to create anything. He doesn't need a system in place. He doesn't need raw materials. He doesn't need any type of a factory line or an assembly line. Elaine's not in need of anything. In

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that his way his affair.

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The habit of Allah, the system of Allah Shatner law that allows glory magnificence is such that when a law either or other shape and whenever you want anything to happen, he wants anything to occur. And you're cool, he simply says, What?

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B, for whom and it is

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in nama

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that his affair his way, the way of a law is that is that whenever he intends shayan, this is in the common form the neck killer form, if creates diversity, flexibility, variety in the meaning whenever you want anything to happen, when you heavens and the earth, life and death is human being anything, when no one wants anything to happen? He simply does what any of all, he simply says Be good fairpoint in English. So now, what is the conclusion to that? So this is basically wrapping up this entire discussion that's been going on for the last seven, eight, if last month erupted up in London, he just says be in it is. That's how simple the matter is.

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It says if a Masada and this last is saying that I explained everything in detail to you, because you needed the explanation. Or you're just that dense.

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Human beings are so dense of gold, that this is why Allah was explaining it in detail. And that's fine. This is the mercy of Allah that he was explaining in detail. Otherwise, it's really, really simple to understand.

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That's just how it is. He simply says Be and it is, there's no more detail to it. You can it can be explained, you can understand it. But at the end of the day, this is what it boils down to. This is how simple it is. He doesn't owe anyone anything, and the situation and the circumstances and the supplies and the facilitation. He doesn't need anything. Simply just be in it is then the last part of Machado. He in the last ayah Allah subhanaw taala summarizes everything for some had.

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Some had the words of hand this far. By the way, this five is letting you know that this is the conclusion. This right here is what you need to go home with. If you can take nothing home from this. Well, you didn't understand anything. You didn't realize anything what was said? This is it just at least go home with this much. These next few words. That's it. That's what that file is telling you. The price telling you just if you don't remember anything else, remember one line. So, so when I've talked about this earlier, it's occurred early in the surah. It's basically a proclamation. It's like an announcement. That how absolutely perfect. how amazingly flawless

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absolutely perfect like mind blowingly perfect.

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Who is so absolutely perfect. so amazingly flawless. I love the Wii, the one in whose hand and the letter bot in every language Li in soccer. It's used to show a connection. Like he holds it in his head. He's totally got it firmed and gripped in his head. You know, when you when when you say That's it, I'm holding on tight to it. It's mine, it's in my hand. So So strength, shows confidence shows total control shows total ownership that nobody else can get a hand on it. You got your hand tightly around it a lot. It's tightly firmly gripped in a lot of hand has total control over Maluku, Tony Shea, what is in hand?

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What is he so firmly and tightly driven and nobody can take it away from him. Nobody can come near it. Nobody can even think about taking it. Maluku to condition. Now the word man the good is a very interesting word is a very interesting pattern. This is once again a pattern of medalla hyperbole, the like an exaggerated form of the word. All right. And there's a rule of the Arabic language that isn't as evil either. Yes, either. Yes, he does.

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That when you increase when the letters within a word are increased, then the meaning of that word increases as well. So the base of this word is milk, or milk, which means ownership or kingdom, dominion,

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the extent of power in control, ownership, Dominion kingdom, the realm of one's power and one's control. That is the base of this word. So melaku, you can see the bigger longer form of the word and so the meaning becomes bigger and longer as well. The meaning becomes bigger. And so this means total control. Absolutely.

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Lose Control. And what's meant by absolute control, not just in the sense of total control that sometimes somebody can own something. But somebody could come and mess with it. Somebody could come and maybe steal it. No, no, the way a lost pinata owns everything is in a way that nobody can even get near, and nobody can even lay a finger on it. Nobody can even look at it the wrong way.

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full ownership, very exclusive ownership, sacred ownership. And at the same time, kingdom,

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the extent the realm of one's power and influence and control, that a kill, somebody can raise a coup against the king, somebody can try to overthrow the throne, somebody can be messing around behind the Kings back. People can hate the king not like, again, all of these things are possibilities. When human beings have control, and they have influence and they have power, but the kingdom of Allah, Allah is such a king where he has total control.

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There doesn't exist the possibility that somebody could ever try to squeeze power away from a loss of power, you can do that to the kings of this world. Nobody can play those games with the loss.

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So this is the type of Kingdom of Morocco, total ownership, total dominion, total kingship, complete, exclusive sacred. That's when we the other possible understanding of this word mallacoota. And why this word has been brought in it's exaggerated form. This occurs a few other places, look as Alexandria berahino, mallacoota somato.

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So this can also be the mythos, even the scholars, they also explain one other way of understanding this word, and why it is exaggerated form, that there is an external of everything. And then there's the internal,

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or there are certain things that are physical, tangible,

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measurable, but then there are certain things that seem intangible. They don't have any physical element to them.

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A lot. So Pete, when people own something in this world, even if somebody owns a slave,

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somebody owns a slave, he owns the outside of that slave, he owns the body of that slave. If he tells that slave be happy, I only I'm telling you, I commanded you to be happy. The slave can put a smile physically on his face, but he couldn't make it inside his head inside his heart. Could you make him actually happy? he could. He can't control the size. Think of this right now. He can't make him think something. He can't make him feel a certain way.

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He can't make him be hungry right now. If you just ate Five minutes later, just be hungry. He can't do that. He doesn't own the the inside of him. The intangible of that of that item, that person that being he can't, he doesn't.

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So there are certain things that are internal or intangible about us about everything. But Allah is such an owner. He owns everything of everything. The external, but also the intangible, the internal that which nobody else can control. The person himself cannot control. I can't control when I get hungry and when

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I can't control it. I just ate a thought and I come to the machine. They have a nice cake sitting outside on the coffee table. And I in the lobby and I want to eat the cake. But I'm not I can't there's no room. I can't.

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I can't force myself to be hungry. No, I need to eat this. And if I do force it what's gonna happen? after Obama gets sick, it backfires. I have that little control over myself even let alone some other King or some other ruler, but Allah via de melaku to condition under the Hala Panini. He created me He guides me when he will you things he gives me something. He feeds me and he satisfies my thirst quenches my thirst. What do you mean by your Haney? He's the one who will will letting me to the Hill. He's the one who will give me that. Take life away from me through my hand. And then give me life again.

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she when I get sick, he's the one that gives me cure.

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So this is what lost

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everything of everyone. From all aspects in all angles, even the conditions the situation happiness, sadness, emotions, that seems so intangible. There's so delicate. There's just a moment right now you're happy. You pick up your phone, you read a text message and that's it like your roll just came crashing down. Two lines on a text message can just destroy your world. That's how fragile and sensitive and intangible human emotions are. But Allah controls them as well. So that is good. For so handler the via de melaku technology. It's firmly tied.

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encrypted his head, when a good to condition, the complete, sacred, total exclusive ownership couldn't leave shade in each and every single thing. And once again, this work with the changes in its common form nichetto form to once again, create diversity

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and to create variety in the meaning that everything and anything.

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So this is a very profound understanding just the first part of the if this is summarizing why we believe in Allah, how we're supposed to believe in Allah, why we need to believe in a lion how we're supposed to believe in

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and what is in it for us if we do believe in Allah, that just think about that. If somebody has a lot of money,

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doesn't it? serve your benefit? Doesn't it serve your purpose to be on that person's good side?

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Right? Everybody likes to be friends with the rich guy, right?

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to hook up. If you know somebody who has a really nice job, works at a car dealership. For the younger guys, you got a friend who works at gamestop that's it.

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It's all over now. That's it, I have made it success.

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Right? If you if you're able to get be good buddies, be best friends get on the good side. Some very powerful, influential person, a politician, somebody very influential in the community, you feel so confident, feel like you're the man. Oh,

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hold on a second text message. Right? Just like that.

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On the day, you know, when you're trying to figure out when it's either not the guy who who a buddy buddies with the mom saw, that's the guy everybody's like trying to like sit near right? Because he's gonna get a text message from his buddy before the announcement goes on the website. So it's, it's the hookup everybody likes to be on the side of have very good relations with be very close with somebody have power and influence and ability and authority.

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Who is more powerful, who is more perfect, more flawless, more powerful, more influential, more authoritative than Allah

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Subhana Allah dblp, Morocco, Tunisia,

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absolutely perfect. In his hand, total control of every single thing. Everything about everything.

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Everything about anything is in his his in his control in his in his power.

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Think about how much it would be to your advantage to be on his good side.

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talking very real.

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Just talking on a very practical level, how beneficial would it be for you to be on this person's good side or, or to be near lost power, tell him to have a love be pleased with you. For him to be pleased with you think about how great it would be. And that's what led to the slumber, the sugar, the phenomena, the satisfaction, the mind the taqwa the token, this is what fed the man in the taco and the tawakkol of the prophets, a lot of our karate alumni. This is what fed their fuel of their this was the fuel of their mind. Because they just found such a profound sense of comfort, being close and connected to a law that everything was worryfree they just didn't, nothing bothered them,

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nothing faze them,

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When the processor was troubled by anything, anything slightly troubled him or bothered him, what did he do?

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immediately went to sell a while and have to worry about anything.

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Businesses having problems.

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Somebody said something mean to hurt your feelings.

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Dealing with some personal issues or personal problems, a lot of community issues, community problems when you do a loved one. That's it.

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Immediately just connect to Allah. I don't need anyone else. I don't need anything else. I have a BA. And this is where that beautiful statement of the prophets Allah comes from. And the statement of the Sahaba radi Allahu Abdullah bin salam, the famous Jewish leader and Rabbi at the time of the prophets allies who accepted Islam and became a very close Companion of the prophets, a lot of them even he's reported to have said these words are a little bit down the road but

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when you think about what that means, I am completely satisfied. I am completely fulfilled I am completely content with a lot as long as it meaning Case Closed. I don't need anything else. Well Islamic

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and as Islam as my way of life, but we will have within salon so a lot of cinema rasuna whenever and as Mohammed somalisa as my messenger, my prophet outside of this, I don't need anything else at all

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for suhaila levy via the Hema

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Good to believe this is a consolation to, to the prophets a lot easier now, from a law that you have a law on your side, you have souhan on your side, the one who was who had absolutely perfect, you have the one via the human condition on your side. Why are you worried about these people, this consolation to the Muslims. Don't worry about what these other people say. And this is also once once again, like in the beginning of the sooner we saw yesterday,

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we saw just how even that man who came from the outskirts of city or a last kind of Adela himself, just having pity. Having pity on the condition, the state the unfortunate

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situation of these people who deny and refuse and just are ungrateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. They disbelieve in Allah, just having pity on them, how pathetic is their condition?

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This is once again unless a for some highly ledyba the human condition, how sad, how pathetic is your situation that you did not connect yourself to Allah. Because Allah is this sort of Highlander, the via de mallacoota condition, you're really unfortunate for not having a lot and not realizing this about otherwise. That's it, this is all you needed, everything else will be taken care of. And then finally, the last part of this ayah, which are the last two concluding phrases or words of the sutra. And this is where the sutra really displays its beauty and its power. And it's its comprehensiveness that the Summa ends with just a very powerful message. In a couple of words. In a

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few words, it ends with a very powerful message.

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That is very practical, very tangible, very relevant advice. Because remember, I mentioned how this pseudo is also very, very instrumental in teaching us how to do that as well. So this surah ends with a very practical tangible message, some type of an action item, an action item, a plan of action, a game plan, what can What if this last slide, remember I said the fire is telling you if you don't take on, you don't remember anything else from the sumo take this one line home, don't just learn this one line what this one line is saying. So if this first part, the first half of this one line has made sense to you, then what can you do about it was a lady torture? And you are going

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back with a lady to zone into him alone, to Allah alone? Are all of you eventually going to return back to

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Rudra means to go back, then, to Him alone to Allah alone. That's to have the one who is absolutely perfect. The one big he mallacoota cliche, the one who holds the control of each and every single thing in his head, to Him alone exclusively to him, will all of you even truly one day, or you all going to return.

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Meaning let there's no there's nowhere else. There's no plan B there's no option B, there's no door B door to none of this just one way, one path one door, one option. That's it. And that is to return back to them. And you will all be going back to a lone day. If it doesn't happen today. That's why I was kind of until they use this the mobility form which is not just the present tense, but also the future tense. That if it doesn't happen today, don't Don't worry.

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Don't worry, and don't don't be don't diluted again. There are

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another unkept promise. See just blowing hot air? No, no, no, no. If it doesn't happen today, you will eventually happen. Not today, maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after, maybe the day after that. It will happen one day.

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But eventually each and every single one of you are going to return back to him. This is this is all a person needs to know. This is at the end of the day. This is the most basic reality that everybody must come to terms with and that if somebody comes to terms with everything makes sense, everything explains itself. There's no ifs, buts, ands and questions after that. Because there's no denying this reality everybody has to go back. This reminds us of the temporary nature of this life.

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This reminds us of the reality the innovation in inept inevitability of death and leaving this world the accountability to Allah, life after death will be brought back to life and meet to answer him and then you'll be held accountable for whatever you did. Such a compact, yet powerful and practical method of Dawa reminder, Vic, remember we just work I this constantly was a reoccurring theme throughout the sutra, that reminder that lesson that realization. This isn't

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one day you will all all of us. We will all return back to him. may have lost time.

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I give us the dose, and the ability to practice everything that's been said or heard. inshallah, we're not just completely done with the study of the surah, there's just a couple of more things that remained. But since it's gotten pretty late tonight, too shallow, we'll go ahead and stop here. The thing that remains is, was very important to see, and this is a very, this is a very inspiring study of the Quran and Sue and the suitors of the Quran is that, especially after you study is somewhat lengthy, not a very lengthy but a somewhat lengthy pseudo like pseudo trc. After that, you can also make an observation, you can study of how the end of the suit up perfectly connects to the,

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to the beginning of the surah. So it's like one whole capsule, it's a complete, it's a complete message. It's a complete argument. And so the beginning of the surah ties back to the the end of the surah ties back to the beginning of the sutra, and it completely wraps up very tightly and neatly together. So we'll we'll talk about that tomorrow. We'll make an observation of that. And then like I mentioned yesterday, we'll also talk a little bit about the positioning of sovereignty, as we talked about a little bit when we started the study of the soul. We'll talk a little bit more about it, that the suitors that come from after sort of the same sort of Safa sort of thought how they

00:26:18--> 00:26:39

relate to some of the ASEAN and how the positioning of sovereignty are seen within the most half within the Quran is very strategic, and it's absolutely perfect and it's completely divine, and how this could only be by the design of Allah subhanaw taala himself. So inshallah we'll do all of the concluding issues remaining inshallah we'll study them. We'll cover them tomorrow.