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When aiming for Audi and fujinami Marina maniac didn't know

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what they

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Mohammed Abu Morocco and Nevada in the panhandle

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or higher on the Buddha, Buddha Muhammad in Salalah, alayhi wasallam

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delta to have

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that in our vocal debate, I think Allah, Allah, Allah cynefin from the shirakami salary, like I said, we are very

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nice and he has a comedy, of the phrasing of muscle pain of either continuing the unfortunate journey, looking at those individuals who don't believe in a boss of Canada, or those individuals will begin to reject the creator

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and begin to question the whole purpose of creation, or the Creator Himself so paranoid,

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and that we find that these thoughts May, for some of us may sound very strange, when leaving the society that we live in this country at the moment has become the most godless country in the face of this earth. A country that believes in atheism, or atheistic or agnostic believes that we find with the fast spreading inside the society, like when you find pasqualini, on its own the separation of religious identity, and religious practice, with the laws and regulations around us that religion becomes a private affair, a private belief, and quite sad is that some of us Muslims, as well begin to have that same indoctrination, understanding that religion is a private matter of private

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contribution and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah, and Allah dunya as for the face of the earth, and you do whatever you want to do, is a console, of course with Dini, and he told her to separate religion from political affairs, to think that religion has no no road over the mundane affairs of our life, and has no real importance. And this is a great big fallacy, Miss understanding that some of us motions are falling into day in and day out, that along with our worship a Muslim Helen data in secrecy, or in my spare time, when I have the opportunity that this will suffice, is a symbol of being a believer. This is unfortunately, not to sound too harsh, but signs of corruption, corruption

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of ID, that being remain inside the hemisphere, of the house of a Muslim candidate, Hana doesn't come out to the wider society to tell people in 19 in component is learn their way of life in front of a possible candidate I know in Islam, he will show me ad a way of life, the competence, every single event, right from the beginning of the day, to the end of the day, in public affairs in private affairs, with the holy ones, family members, or outside inside the wider society with delegates and rulers and people authority, the face of the earth. You know, Islam is that's what the mixed numbers and Neo pagan as we know, it either nor, to take into the realms of darkness is our

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Guru man. That's what we find that for us describe a guru man,

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just a darkness or atrocity atrocities upon atrocity, upon darkness, to the one night in a node, so one light of a loss of talent and, and as we should become more focused inside our lives, we try to expand these types of books that we find a rejection of the Creator, are moving towards this concept of rejecting the Creator, and not being worried about calling people towards a Muslim Nananana that life just becomes this mere enjoying ourselves living up on this earth. And the verse that we quoted many times, or call to action, and Sonia then moved to a national one manual, in that they say what is this life play and amusement and living and dying. And the only thing that will destroy us in

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is the pervading of time that comes with time, we're going to either kill him or her and the test of time, and the passing of time and how people attribute time to allow some time on the

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other side, what we find that disperse, it is a tool to get here. And just to remember that people will come down on the nice thing is about on hand and when he speaks about people is going on and about them enjoying this dunya and staying away from an era water cooler or melting, dirty, every single moment Come on that day on its knees, fall down on his knees, compelled to come down and meet in front of Japan and moto campaign in front of us compared with the other so people can enjoy this world. Enjoy this dunya and think that Only time will prevail and destroy them take away their life. And there's no real purpose upon mine. But I'm not trying to remind what's going on

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here that every single Omar will come on his knees on that day. And that day when a person tries to submit in front of a Muslim candidate and then that will not obey the individual will not benefit the individual. What benefits

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Individual yo malayo melon weather balloon in men who have been have been selling on that day your children your wife will not invade you will not help you in them and Kampala because recently, except for person who comes with a pure heart, a person who exists, who makes an effort to turn knows that agenda for those individuals aware of money. Those individuals who are repentant who are focused or committed towards about some kind of the other person, the human being will fall short, will fall short many, many times the most important short by the end result for a mistake, we begin to try to focus inside the life we try to change your life to begin to focus towards a lots of other

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level gender, but an individual family gender for the individual. Likewise,

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if like the highs, the lows, the highs, South Sudan is caught up in a lot behind.

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To sit under a rock is a destination and location between the people of Paradise and the people of Johanna, whereby the people of Jerusalem will say send down upon us some food or some dream, send it down upon us at that moment in time. In number lm Kathie Lee has made her arm for the disbelieving individuals who have any water any drink, you enjoy the inside this dunya is whatever you want to do inside the Sonia

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Kira. And Kira is only then most of it is only for the price individuals only for the believing individual that everything that believer abstain for or from inside this dunya will be given that inside the IRA. Well to be Muhtar shabbiha, you'll be given every type of shabbiha every type of replica every type of existing thing is going to will be given to the very back inside then then it will be the same but the identity the format will change will be something which I've mentioned about putting your being in the identity a bag of soil at Myrna ain't wanna send me I wanna

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I prepared for my sermon But no, I have seen what No, he has heard and the feeling would his perception and don't come up with any heart or mind of any individual. Unless 100 prepared up with unbelieving individuals who abstain upon this earth. We become vigilant about their life, vigilant about their time and trading upon this. Just remember Hari, he talked with Pepsi, explaining this verse that has ecological check we did like earlier today, you will be needing to add them. If your item he tries to harm us and how to guide them in some

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He tries to rewind occurred against time, and I am time and I'm the one that alternates the day and the night. This is the seed of desire that will make you liquid that is that the passing of time pervading of time imagine that rejection of time remembering them rejection when in fact that is going to be no resurrection, no accountability in front of Apostle Canada. And there's a lot to talk about the mutual love that I'm in London a couple la you will be down to Morocco, Morocco.

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You see a lot more to tell our boys that I'm a Latina, careful, la yo but Apple is believing individuals saying we're never going to be resurrected, we're never going to be was recommended that time and time again. There's no resurrection, there's no there's no accountability, these this is a belief of the egregious old fella would have been and they indeed by by your Lord, you're going to be resurrected to moluccana Nabina Muhammad, then you're going to be informed about every single thing we've done upon this dunya in the Delica Allah ye You see, there is something simple, easy for Allah Subhana Allah to bring the creation back once again in front of him so talent that Allah made

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accountability of every single individual. So here we find that people who don't believe in Allah Subhana Allah, male face value at times may seem like they focus upon their time, and they are somebody who will focus upon their time, but that time is only this dunya Yeah, and the moon Oh boy, you know, mineral hierarchy. Dunya they know who the external factors about this dunya that's one of the downfalls of this Muslim nomadic without time, we don't seem to find it precious, that we are always complaining that we've fallen short or this has taken place or how the magic Allen responsible to be taken over this manner because they have a strategic approach about their life.

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They have a documented approach about their life, not just for one year or two years or five years or 10 years. Come see me 50 100 years that they work towards certain objectives and what they want to meet and also can die while he was Majesty's Li and a wish to live in. He allowed that to take place upon delivery.

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for a reason to awaken some Muslims, that we think that we're organized with discipline individuals, it is a thing doesn't happen in a day and a night, allow certain things to take place. And even historically, historically, that you find in 1898, that you find a protocol was written that in 50 years time whenever old land, we're going to strive another old land. This is what they they prophesized linguistically what they envisioned they dreamt about, we're going to have this, lo and behold, in 1948, what do you find the State of Israel, he, that's what you find, and leave. But lots of times, I think we would like

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to say

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by hook or by crook, we'll have a, a gene that they tend to fit in, and then work for that dream, and they live that dream into about the land at the moment, there is no doubt the land belongs to the Muslim. But this is a lesson for many of us, Muslims, that inner inner inner sleep and our slumber,

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about our time that these individuals have not give them advantage to gain certain things, and they're very accurate about their life, very accurate about their life, what they want to do, and we need to become accurate about our life event. Like when you find another type of Muslims as well that they only worry about

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saving, as long as I'm already applied individually, on this dunya, then However, my religious practice may be, it's not that important that as long as I don't like I don't see, I don't see, I take care of my parents, my family members I work on, then if I if I miss a prayer here, or if I don't pray, if I don't do certain religious, ethical practices, then a lot of children will forgive me. And this is another fallacy that we find among some of these Muslims. It's not your focus towards these ethical practices. These ethical practices are practices that are unanimous about human beings. They're unanimous about human beings, and for religious ethics, then the benchmark is

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documented when the plan is documented. No, no. No, you see the fop, I believe this is good. And this is enough to get me to try that as a Muslim. And secondly, religiously, we follow that with support. And so that teaches them don't go and say that you have to pray, but you have to pause. You have to perform, you have to do the action. You can't pick and choose that because I don't stay, I'll be forgiven. But Allah Subhana Allah, I don't know I'll be forgiving about about Santa Ana, at least somewhat like a Muslim who prays five times a day and that person Steve, yes, that person could be face value about Muslim while I'm being assessed to who

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and to the foundation, the individual, the individual, in the picture platform, in meeting lots of talent, and that is that could be asked for a lot about the state about the mistakes. But at least there was something to present in front of a box of Nananana because I personally believe the prayer for

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that person has committed Tisbury a person who may oppression or the individual who have you seen for Muslim blameworthy Muslim, a person is to give back their right could be prevented for small moments of time from dating to paradise, as opposed to new found in the prayer, usually their own judgmental interpretation of Islam, a morally upright individual, then this person may Allah forbid has left the fold of Islam. And this is something more and more that we find inside our society as well and morally understanding as we began with about what Islam is, Islam is to try your best in every single event. An individual will fall short regarding that. So these individuals are accurate

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about their time, we Muslims need to be accurate about our time as well.

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As for the person, he curses or revives time, what does that mean? He revised, he revised a lot so you need to add them he harms me, nobody can harm Allah Subhana Allah, it means that the person attributes to Allah Subhana Allah debt, which is not befitting or even individual earns the roar of the anger of a boss and animal saying about Allah or attribute it to Allah and Allah that which is not true. So when a person says they have no control over the time, that was created, they have been taught to display either yes, or no real purpose. There's no purpose of the creation, life is just for enjoyment. This is all I took a look

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a lot of other his time, you know,

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he's the one that created time, place time, the morning, the evening, the sun, the moon, the night, the day we

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will lay only whatever it is, that we find a lot harder to have while actually while pondering is the plan that we were talking about.

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That day, the morning the evening early for noon, the late afternoon, the sun, the moon the night that they will leave identities that we fight each other for, for what purpose.

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I'm the one who is calling, to show that Allah Subhana Allah is the Creator

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poly poly

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Canada is the one that alternates the night and the day that is allowed to turn on with the area. And those we find the most appellant either when speaking about time has the binding sudo to insert another name is Sora.

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sewer talking about time and after an insanity to meet a devotee who chicken but Pura in a Filipina insert them into

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the unknown semi embassy era in the know Sabina imagetek shakun oka for those kind of measure and enter an incentive to meet a deadline to check for time come up with food come upon the mind of the individual, a person with non existence, person never existed before then a lot further talks about the existence of the human being in the eternal medium shared in the study, we recreated the person from the mix both male and female, number 10. He tested the individual for the unknown Sammy and then we gave the individual ability to see as to Hey, this is the human being that created the human being nice these faculties to see the world and Mashallah outer fora, to see whether this individual

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is going to be grateful, or going to be ungrateful. There is a human being at your place upon this dunya Amma sugar, our effort to show gratitude

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or to be full of ingratitude to reject Allah Subhana Allah.

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Because for the most part, people linguistically can actually accept Cooper, because Cooper means to reject blessings upon to reject him to speak in order to not acknowledge him to speak about the grilling of disgust, but who

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to display what to display. What blessing was not a matter of bigger forehead, this as to the blessing of Allah enumerate and talk about them, but who are sugar, or sugar I mean, sugar, as an element of food and animal despite the appearance of display. So if a person is truly grateful, all will be inside their heart, is gratitude inside the heart of the individual who might be serving you, then when they come, they show show gratitude, they speak about the blessing of upon their praise, they remember lots of Canada and boom, a big burden on God, then why are they names? Why didn't they show

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them that is sugar, sugar is the issue.

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With the law, you don't want to

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you don't bow down, you don't go straight. And then you say

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I'm grateful to have lots of tenants.

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That's a lie. Just so gratitude,

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to perform the surgery, to perform obedience, to perform a bar. So your burden, it shows that gratitude shows that obedience to vote, I'm not so talented. And like on the point that even

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sort of Eastern, the whole discussion is about gender is about the blessings of gender that we find for people in a state of bliss and Felicity would be given to the individual, whether it be the reverse of the fruits of production, whether it be the front page, the garment of clothing, the bracelet, the green garments, the competence study, the sooner that you find all assets that were given, then the Leela ginger, like river, sea river will be given to these individuals. Because this is the general theme of the photon, whenever there's rejection, then almost talks about those people who believe, I don't believe the good thing.

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about the legality Center, a Buddha basically almost tries to start in the heaven.

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I placed the sun and the moon, for what purpose, for what purpose, to kind of face the sun and the moon and in place, the night and the day, even our the Indian doctor or the Shura, to see who's going to be grateful, or ungrateful,

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creative place, the sun and the moon place to start, as made the alternation of the night and the day to see even around the angle.

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To see who's going to remember are going to be grateful, then almost forgot to discuss this room, who has a lot to discuss after talking about the alternation and not to mention

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speech about reflection about these alternation like the the date.

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individuals were able to run under the name sooner Schuler and out the homeowner in observance of

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the sudo su to portfolio capital for

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the parent at home.

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that they woke up on this earth illenium Chanel and I'll be home they walk in a state of humility Why is Danny what either called Salah enduring individual, loss individual misguided individual, whether it be non Muslim individual Muslims want to waste time how to set them up to a European

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individual in a state of night prayer in the evening different kind of anger, as we find

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in Nevada, Rama take away away from the punishment of Johanna. So believing

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they don't squander the time, they don't waste the time to focus upon the time and lots of other places Baraka inside the time. For some of us that we may be well known for better praying five times a day, it takes away my list, it takes away my time to maybe offer some units of the night prayer to read the Quran to leave some moments of remembrance of solitude, of halwa of being in civility seclusion, with almost kind of regretting it takes away my time.

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hersha in your life, it's your life

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inside your life.

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remember, there have been some 20 odd valida connecting the Sierra Encyclopedia of those individuals who believe in lofty goals, if you look at some of their life, they own.

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So the takeaway is that the prime life of the young age that we find maybe only 30 years, 25 years of the life that you find, in a state of devotion to Allah Subhana Allah, in these 25 years or so of the life, what do we find? See, Toby, and magnimous work that we find a sea of poverty that we find which becomes a source for all other elements that we are not allocated for? Mmm, no de la? No, no, we that we finally died just beyond the age of 14, we want every single machine every single home to have

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the best book to volume 302 study guide to the righteous individual. No, no, we put you added collection that you find he shall have a Muslim in some 18 volumes that we've wiped up pretty much people who completed the initial shock of Muslim 81 you will not know me and other words that we're going to how has he been in such a short span to carry out such such words? Because indeed, life was part of them. And their life would place some indication here that we find another great scholar that we might read through his life and the blessings he signs up to this date. No Moses, I tried to defy this concept of, of logic, how he defeated Greek logic is to try to decipher and reason

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centuries ago can't understand that how he tackled the concept of Christianity of Trinity even became a strong rebuttal about the body of research about the attribute payment and the concept of the same piece of code

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in the way that you present evidence is what I mean and so some people use or when we take our own decisions and magnimous work how is he able to carry out such words? Because

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people aren't able to pay Bon Jovi he's not to mention the ICC my ship something we take me up every single morning. Now,

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the reason he is

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in the morning to prepare himself for the rest of the day, they found strength in the recycle of the forearm strength in thinkable law no like us who want to be aloof, that we find it some something burdensome, while they are an important rule. And they saw the arm and the other is Food for the Soul. You have to nourish your soul every single day with the with the word of Allah Subhana Allah is that you nourish your body with food and drink. You have that that need, the soul has a dire need. The soul has a diary any any liquid kalamalka on any daily to be ready. They need to be penetrated,

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to purify the heart to refine the heart to remind the heart.

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becomes cost. Cost becomes harsh, becomes tainted, becomes crusty, that happens to the heart of the individual may Allah obey the Quran, it begins to remove the stains.

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one of the

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shackles is a shackles placed upon their hearts that prevented them and the shackles of this dunya shackles will not be in the Quran

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would end up sort of early on. Once again talking about alternation night and the day in the summer working with one of the lucky lady Wanda

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Yeah. And then and then as

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far as you know, being

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popular Kakinada

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kind of once again to to let people reflect,

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and be

00:30:19--> 00:30:22

really pleased creation ahead for the earth, the night and the day.

00:30:23--> 00:30:38

For me, of knowledge, of mental understanding, people claim to be intellectual individuals smart individual, focus individual pieces of the process, that when you see the signs, you begin to turn your hand and then crumble Panama.

00:30:40--> 00:30:46

You have a great deal of energy, without any purpose, savor the rescue of the party.

00:30:47--> 00:30:51

And this is a hidden lesson about many of us that we tried to become a part of

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excessive excessive questioning signs of propellant and lead to obedience. Don't become individual, always asking and asking and asking, How can I understand something are going to apply inside my life is another sickness inside the Muslim community, when I understand what the wisdom of praise than our praise, when understand the wisdom of why it is forbidden, or denied around what is commonly taught on why he is obligatory while in English is obligatory once.

00:31:25--> 00:31:26

Once I understand it,

00:31:27--> 00:31:43

then I'm going to do it, while simpler, you're never going to understand it. You're never going to understand your heart is being seized, you'll never understand, you'll never understand the wisdom of why Allah was quite certain things. Because that's not the wisdom and being hidden. The Wisdom lies

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lies inside your heart. That was a wisdom like that we almost have that opens up the heart towards or being in a path that never since searching for wisdom, the heart searches

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for the heart surgeon to bring a loss of paradigm and that's what the heart surgery is for if the whole earth isn't suited for that is a one that inside the lines are the heart of the very thing for them because they want to go back to Canada either. And then this is a continue about these are the individuals who will be recipients of save themselves from the fire.

00:32:21--> 00:32:24

community and you know, the the email and Amina bureau people

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say, Oh Allah, a coup de

00:32:29--> 00:32:39

Kooning out the message calling God, the prophet Allah. And then we responded to that call. And we believe in that code, this is what it is, that defines

00:32:40--> 00:32:50

the individual to respond to that for the sake of obedience towards lots of Hannah Montana. And as we find them on other passages inside the Quran Surah

00:32:51--> 00:32:59

Surah. Two, the opposite. is quite quite time that we went in mo circuit, he said that only the sutra would say that. Suffice it to say, Mama,

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these four verses that we find no surprise, oh, main theme decided sooner that we find it will suffice. What are

00:33:08--> 00:33:09

the horses in the levita?

00:33:11--> 00:33:29

Whatever. So we'll help you What do I saw we saw in the all of a man is in the sake of loss. All I find is a state of loss. And CFO who began with that we think that success is based upon monetary gain upon decades, upon worldly success upon worldly titles,

00:33:30--> 00:33:45

in turn, the whole of mankind black, white, with a religion without a religion, when a man or woman, whatever it may be own mistake of loss, everybody's state of loss, because there is not a benchmark in front of a loss of Canada, except for

00:33:48--> 00:34:30

those who believe and carry a crisis action. And once again, not sufficient to say that I believe, to topple your belief, with righteous action. That's the that's the whole concept of appeal to movement of the believer, because all it will do is corruption. until you find inside our society, as long as I believe that that would suffice. I believe that that's enough, I trust in the law. I don't need to carry out any rites of action inside my life. Allah knows what's inside my heart, time and time again to find the excuse. Allah knows what resides inside my heart. It almost knows what resides inside your heart. And I love creating your heart, place your heart and believe certain

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attributes assume an action which are linked to your heart. Why did he fall away from it? Either you think you will not obey it use it well that you think you're smarter than alone. You're more clever than that you understand the laws and the principles better and therefore that your plan is that you say that every time you're reminded that certain things, then you respond to that Allah knows what's inside my mind, is the difference between Allah knows. I'm trying to make an effort to change inside my life. There's a different reason

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Individual, there is an individual has that perception inside their heart, that maybe I'm not the best of individual. There's things that I need to develop inside my mind. And the individual says that I don't really need to practice it inside my mind because inside my heart and allow me What do you think your

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ultimate center night and the day another lesson is to alternate between ourselves

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so make that positive change in Nepal Now you may remember for me

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alone never change the state of affairs of people. Don't change your own state of affairs. Call your money

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didn't clean this up. I didn't say that. I didn't want to interfere the good hot

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rolling up discuss

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Great. Thank you.

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What do you attribute

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can be,

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never pay for 15 years

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15 years

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is the individual begins to prepare and even if it