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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the dams and dams in the world and their impact on people's lives and wealth. The speakers touch on the fear of the Prophet sallahu Alayhi wa sallam and the confusion surrounding "will" in Islam. They also discuss the use of "will" in relation to money and its potential consequences, as well as the importance of shaping one's life and bringing people back to their families. The segment also touches on the disation in shaping one's life and the need for people to be thankful to them.
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In a temporary law who wanna stay in who wanna study when a stock photo, when I mean surely unforeseen Omen sejahtera Medina, Maja de la, la la la,

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la la, la, la la la la la la la la sharika wash shadow Ana Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Camus la tala Ibrahim Ali in nikka hamidah Majeed Eva de la all praise do to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that the law is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger call up the livelihood of Nina Asante. Aloha, one A B. Maria Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were an OTA you know how it only an hour only? The prophets are seldom passed by Abdullah

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live now I'm going to Ross while I'm the live number the last was fixing something or doing some constructions and

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in the wall or maybe it could also means referring to a small garden that he has fell how it could

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be azura then he said the prophets of Salaam told me what are you doing? Couple towsley Hahaha, I'm fixing it. So the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam and he fixing it make it look more fancier, much better, you know, improving it. Then in abyssal Salam told him Carla, Who among us Rahman darrick Derek, it is faster than what you think reported by IV download, or to the media, open images, or video it legitimately and that's narration support the idea that this was a construction thing that he's fixing. He said in the what happened. It is weak, and we trying to fixing to basically modeling that individual suddenly caught up in camera gentlemen, Derek, yeah, and your life, it will end

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faster than the lifespan of that wall.

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If you think that you will, this will remain alive way longer than you, your mind to remain in life. And to be yourself, allow yourself one of the things that we see in his life, that he always in every opportunity he find. He tried to remind us a habit of the Allahu anhu and the Muslim Ummah, behind them about the reality of this dunya to make sure that this heart is not attached to 100% that they're not relying on it. They're not just running after the dunya and that's their whole day is only after the dounia and the world we live in now who can have your aluminum pinata berries, while Kapha fill Ah, what reliabilty assir was dunya one of the prophets are seldom teaching which

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is so clear all his life Salalah is a lamp, the teacher he taught his companions that are the Allahu anhu May Allah be pleased with them to be content with the provision that Allah provide for them, that they are happy, even if they did not make much as long as an hamdulillah. They do much of the good deeds, that their heart not attached to the dunya and this worldly life, maybe it's in their hand, but it never go inside their hearts never settled in their mind. It is not their main concern in this worldly life to be to make them ascetics, Zohan, asceticism watches you don't basically over react or you you care so much for something. And that's what it does. today. Unfortunately, it is

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completely the opposite. The thing that we worry about the most is the dunya. The thing that never satisfied us, no matter how much we get from it, it is the dunya it is the live. Look at each and every one of us what we fear the most about our children. We fear the most amount that for them, poverty, that we don't leave them with good money with something that they can survive, that you know what I make sure that they have a house I make sure that they have this that they have which is fine. But this is what is not fine, is to make this as your biggest concern. It's to make this your biggest goal in life is just to make a good living while you forgot to make a good life for yourself

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here in this dunya and akhira.

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And maybe a solid lie seldom said at once so clearly, and I wish that we just

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Reflect for a second.

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And what the process of them told us, Carla manufaktur actually,

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what I fear the most for you is not poverty is not that you don't have much money is not the less of wealth partner in America come and talk to Hari Kumar dunya. What are more in the most, that this dunya will be open widely for you and in the access to wealth, the access to power, the access to fame, the access to gold and silver and positions is widely open, fat NFS suha cannot NFS So, that will be your main concern, to collect more of this word in life. And you will be spending most of your time most of your thinking most of your planning and regard to this dunya for to Holika Come come look at him, then what will happen, it will destroy you as destroyed the nation's before you.

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This terrible fear of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have brought us a generation who the dunya never was in their hearts. It was in their hands, as we say, my brothers and sisters and nibio sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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once told to the khatola companions, he said to them is had been dunya your hip book Allah. When you have observed in the dunya Your heart is not attached to the dunya Allah loves you was head female, a female VAD nurse you can book a nurse and if you want people to love you, so don't attach your heart to what people have in their hands

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and attach your heart what people have your hand and you don't have what you don't possess. Karla Mohammed of new asset by law he Neela obito Rajan ma Houdini Deen ma ma ma homina dounia Shea waka Konya Avi danika, hora de, the one they envy the most, someone who, Allah subhanaw taala is so rich in his Deen in his faith, so strong, so much of faith, even though he doesn't have much of the worldly life, not much of money, but he's so content with his life. Look at Canon nibio sallallahu Sallam every time she an opportunity to remind the companions of the reality of this dunya he immediately will do it. jabber or the Allahu Anwar said, we were with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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walking and around him way before who was happy when NASA can affetto any people around and surrounding the prophets of Allah for more RBG dbj in a sec in May yet a sec Can you name the past by a dead sheep that she has small ears and if you know about shapes and if you ever want to go by sheep, the small little ears if it's an ashamed that something people don't buy, that's a bad quality meat or something that people will not care for. So anyway, so he said some a lot of selling he picked the core or he picked that the bought the did sheet and he said some a low value it was selling them

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another who had a better home. Would you like to buy this for that amount of silver or money? Then they said you have a sort of law will lie if it was alive. Nobody would care for it. So what do you think who would care for it after it's dead like that? And it's rotten and it's nobody even will come close to it. Then in the be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Bala Hila dounia Juana Allah him in fear Unicom will lie this dunya worth nothing and Allah Subhana dadas eyes and it is way less than this shape in your eyes. That's how Allah subhanaw taala look at this dunya so don't be ever sad if Allah doesn't give you much of it. Don't ever feel that you're home or prevented if Allah

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didn't give you much of it, because it's not worth anything and the loss of Allah is to give it to the believer.

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Romero the Allahu Allahu Allah. Allah Allah Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Omar walk into the process of selling house for an obeah Salalah you sell them at a house you can offer just for a dinner it is what a sorry

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when I walked the profits or sanlam doesn't have anything to not die doesn't have a bet. He had a very low kind of carpet made of the the branches of the palm trees and individual salad made his bed all the carbon out of it and he was laying down in it. No pelo. And the problem at that moment doesn't have even a cover, or what he has one piece of garment that he covered his private parts, the lower part of his body. Then when he saw the alarm, he's put it all the way down because most likely mislead me.

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Your knees your feet your thighs are showing so in the absence of them covered himself properly you're going oh my god allow for it to feed me. So winning that'd be so slim pull that piece of garment down to cover his lower part of his body. I saw on his side marks from that carbon that you are sleeping and very bad quality of carbon. Then he said and I looked at the profits of Southern house, Carla from our jet to feed at elaphe eternity in his basically pantry. I saw a couple the two men share here navassa a handful of barleys and what curve Well, a shutter shutter Kamiya Pomona it's a very bad quality food they also with the handfuls of barley, just a few leafs from some tree

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that they used to eat it like something green that the eat. Then he sent an look at the prophets of Salaam house from our debt to Illa Ofelia yeah and he killed Helen Lemieux he said a skin of a sheep that has never even been died or been even prepared and hanging on the wall

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tineye Romero de la and said I couldn't control my tears and I start crying. Then he said you have no hubbub my kick. Yeah Omar what's making you cry? Then he said Yana biella worman Isla abcya waka waka sera theraphy jambay what how come I could have would have cry and they see the marks in this site. Yasser Allah and I see your pantry has no food in it. And this is Kistler walk I saw the kings of Romans and the purgin. Level Murthy Marwan and Han they have the fruits and the rivers in the own office will entail Rasul Allah, the best of Allah Subhana Allah His creation will entail Rasul Allah was the first to enter Rasulullah he was a photo we had the designer took jasola You're the best of

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Allah spiders creation and that's how your house looks like. Caught Abner pop, and atharva and takuna Nana era whatever madonia he said your Omar wouldn't be happier pleased satisfied if I tell you this, the Africa for us and the dunya for them. The Hereafter is for us and the dunya for them in Ibiza Salah mon to put in Omar's mind and everybody mind to put things in that perspective is always not ever to lose sight from your real goal, which is the paradise that you want to achieve. That was not only one random incident. No, I'm delighted me Massoud the prophets of Salaam servant, the one who carry the problems, all the prophets on salams shoes and bring his will vote. He said I

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saw the process of him one time also sleeping and I saw the marks on the side of the process on him side. And when the processor woke up, I tried to massage his side and clean his sights Allahu Allahu Allahu wa sallam.

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Then he said Yasser Allah, would you give me a permission to go look for something to put to make more cushion for you when you go to sleep than in the B cell allow yourself that said just the cushion.

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Just a little bit of cushion, not a $10,000 mattress, and you still argue over it with the seller. Not a $20,000 bed.

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Just a little bit of cushion then in Ibiza sanlam con Maddie will it dunia

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Why would I care for the dunya that's the dunya

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in the mammoth le were method to her

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camera faliraki been titled Alicia Tara Steven Levy has

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the example of me and this dunya is like a traveler we found a shape. He stopped at the shade and he just for a few minutes to rest. maybe an hour to take a nap then he left that's me in this dunya

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for mccannon Nabi sallallahu Sallam never attach his heart or his companions or his own heart to the dunya he attached their hearts to the to the archaea robbia had been caban eslami

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Avi to manorbier Salama, they sell him for it, he will he will hydrati listen to this beautiful example of a big big cabin Esther used to sleep at the process Alan's house and in the federal time or in the nighttime of the presser wake up for a prayer he will bring quickly the water for the prophet to make will and to prepare himself for although then they'll be so solemn one night told me today I'll be a sell Maharajah to

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be asked me whatever you wish and I will ask Allah subhanaw taala for for you.

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Call us Luca Monica

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what I want I want to be with you like now I'm with you in this dunya I want also to be with you in the gentleman in paradise para hieratic anything else he said no

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he said if this is your wish for any Elena seeker because of this, so help yourself to reach that level by making a lot of sigils a lot of salah

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and nummies a Salam was not only giving them words about being this attaching your heart is not fully attached to the other was not giving just empty lessons was not just theoretically speaking, he was the first to show them in action sallallahu wasallam that

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a bottle has said Shaka nyla rasulillah so Solomon we said you have a solo we are hungry, we don't have anything to eat. You have a similar look then the uncover their stomach. Then they had a belt around their stomach but it's not like my belt I put a belt on my stomach to lose weight but for them because too much food to prevent me from eating more. For them the putting the belt and a stone for them because they don't have anything to eat is the complete opposite.

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So it is pushed their stomach to make the stomach shrink a little bit.

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And when they said that kashia wU sallallahu Sallam Ambani for either Bihari

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the processor uncovered the stomach and not he had only one stone here two stones pushing his stomach inside.

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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he was asked,

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Would you like to be a king? Or a servant of Allah?

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A king and a messenger don't think it's a king. No, he can say a con man he can Rasulullah he will stay rasulillah but like a king. He lives like a king gibreel told them from the beginning.

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Because in history, we have prophets a messenger were kings. They said jasola would you choose to be a kings, a messenger and a king? live like a king? Or takuna Abdullah Sula, Karla Bella, Masuda. Calibri Toria Mohammed Abdullah Sula and maybe some Camila

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Tara. So the prophets of Salaam choose to be a servant of Allah and a messenger of Allah in the same time.

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My brothers and sisters, this bringing up that's how he brought up his companions that he that was teaching Salalah you it was to make sure that the dunia in his companions hands because anything in your hand, easy to fall off, easy to let it go. But when it's inside your heart, it is very hard to get it out.

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Is that kind of to do near a mechanic dounia VAD him Can

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I saw until

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when the dunya settled the love for this life subtle and the concern and the main concern of my life is about this word of life became very hard to get out of this if your heart A man came to the profits or some of them and he said yeah Rasul Allah, I want to follow you on a bu in your company. So after a while in one of the words, one of the battles the person get a war booties and he gave him some then he said, Yasser Allah, I didn't follow you for that kind of Mathematica. Haha don't give me money. I didn't come here for money.

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He said that's your share. He said, No, I don't want it. Give it

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he said so what do you follow me for? Can you murder Allah? Allah?

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Allah, Allah and

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me vorak

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aka Tina Duna for over a baja hoonah for octan feasibility law. I came because I'm a great night a great soldier. I came to defend you. Get your back, protect you and your army protect you and protect the Muslim. And if anything happened to him, let it be as an error comes here and kill me instantly. I don't mind.

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Then in the end of the battlefield, he asked about him and they found him killed with an arrow in the same spot. He pointed that in nobody saw some of them said they are Allah. Yama, Allah to Allah Allah. Allah Maha abduch call Raja Mahajan. anfisa bielek for Butera shahidullah and Ashleigh darrick. This is a man who left his house for the sake of Allah and died as a Shaheed, an AMA witness over that reported by NASA yashima. Hello, Donna.

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My brothers and sisters.

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That concept was very clear in their life Rahim Allah to Allah

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Willing willing all the time to show in actions that the dunya never was in their heart and Buhari Rahim Omar reported that say to be more Jana that friend of elemental Hussein said that overall the Allahu Allah told me that he saw solemn said, If use free a slave for the sake of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala free your body from the Hellfire like as you free every part of this person's body from slavery a lot free you from hellfire.

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And you know, at that time slavery was exist and Islam tried to free people and make people do this willingly.

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So so at Morgana said, I rushed to an evening Hussein. And he told him I heard about what I ever said that then what are the benefits and all the allow and whom I said,

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he said, call the slave that he just had, which is he just purchased for 10,000 pieces of gold. The actual dinar has a huge that's a million dollar like today.

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And he heard this, that he said, You know what, you're free for the sake of Allah, he just lost a million dollar. Oh, sorry, he didn't lose it.

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Because he freed himself from the hellfire. That's what he was seeking.

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That's the result in the dunya dunya worth No matter how much it is, has not ever been big in their eyes.

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Someone just two days ago, was talking to me about, you know, the expansion of the mustard.

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And how I said that will cost how much showed might be costing us around $600,000. They said so $600 to 12 people from the community, everybody $50,000 that's done.

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Well, I still reflect upon this until today. Because I shamed myself at that moment. I said to myself, $50,000 boo,

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and somebody else see it as nothing.

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It's not because he has and i don't i don't think it is not or not because I don't have that amount of money. It is the attitude how we deal with the money.

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It's never was a big thing, no matter how big the number is.

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It is that attitude. That's what made a difference. It's never What about how much you give how much you leave how much you do, and how much you collect how much in your bank, it's about your attitude towards the dunya how you deal with it.

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It is so different the way they had the reserved and the way we have our zoo.

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In the old days, they used to rush and to compete in the good deeds. Today we compete in the dunya he got a good car, I can get better car, he got a good cause I get a better house. He got a good deal on this, you know, merchant, I can beat that deal.

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He dressed for you know he lost weight. I start getting much better in shape. It's all about the dunya

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which is I'm not saying but it is became the main concern. You know, it just became the main concern of our life. It's always attached to the dunya more than anything else. Nana tesab awful Fanny at Liberty art. We are competing over the thing that soon will perish.

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accumulated dust.

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We're not competing over things that would remain after our death

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would have been O'Meara the law was told about them whoever witness janaza Allah give them a reward of pirot each pirot in the size of the bar of the mountain of Hamas had been almost said no, I don't think this is a correct narration maybe you mistaken then he was told that he heard this head is also from the province of solemn then even Omar cried,

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cried we because he he thought he didn't know or because you have less knowledge no

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more backup and Mr. McKenna who can later add him back can corroborate for an affair. If this is the case, we missed so many opportunities to do a lot of good deeds.

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Mohammed bin wasa said I came to Makkah and I met Salim the son of Abdullah Omar and he told me that his grandfather on the laptop said that the prophets are sell themselves when you enter the mall or the soup and you say la ilaha illallah wa de la sharika hold

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up where you need to obey the higher ohada condition Kadir Allah give you a reward of 1 million hustle

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and elevate you another million levels and gender and house will be built for you in general Mohammed bin why

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sidhwani heard this hadith I came back to Horus and traveled from Makkah oh boy to Hassan, Hassan and North Iran. Okay, so he said it went all the way to her son, and it came to pertain to a Muslim, and he said yaku Taiba attended to come in Mecca to be hadiah.

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I came to you from Makkah with a gift. What's the gift?

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What's the gift in the sense of a set of assadi? Is it the worldly materialistic things? No. Then he said he narrated for him this hadith pertains to him Muslim, used to write his

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animal whatever horse or mule and as and he goes to the soap every day. He said, Well, law has no interest in malt has no interest in soap. I only interested in getting that reward

00:25:50 --> 00:25:51

every day.

00:25:53 --> 00:25:56

Have you heard that? It's not? I'm sorry, hon. Are you already?

00:25:58 --> 00:26:01

Yeah. And he thought at least somewhat. Oh, Lisa B.

00:26:02 --> 00:26:06

would add to the rewire too shall buy him aloha Santa is not.

00:26:08 --> 00:26:15

So my brother and sister I ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins, and to make our heart attached to the author of Paloma Sumitomo sobre la

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena, Viva Hobart, my brothers and sisters. It is sad when we look at the type of Zod that they had and the type of suit we are asceticism that they had and we have, you know, today, people look at head Judge 90% of the head Judge 95% of the hijab, if it's more, the second day they run out of Mecca.

00:26:46 --> 00:26:59

They just leave. I know some have excused but I can guarantee you, the vast majority of them can stay one more day and nothing will happen to them. But they choose that because everybody just you know going back to the dunya

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look at the Masters after he after Juma after. I know some of us want to rush back to the work. But in most of the cases, those who leave the mustard the earliest. You always find them socializing and talking and which is fine. But she we prefer that over staying in your place and making Vicar and finishing your Salah to sin.

00:27:23 --> 00:27:54

You know, you tell the person we have a strange kind of zoo. You know, we don't care about being with the prophets of Salaam like this agenda, what it takes to sponsor an orphaned a house in general what it takes from you to build a mustard for the sake of Allah, what it takes for you to take the shift out of Rasul Allah, where he intercession be given to you if you make salatu salam, Allah Allah, but we don't care. Their heart is not attached to that.

00:27:56 --> 00:28:09

What it takes from us for the angel to make dua for you every day. But the point is the attitude. Do we really care? And if we just say anything, saying it or really believing it, just say, Oh, I care for it. Yeah, show me the action.

00:28:11 --> 00:28:14

And I will tell you, my brothers and sisters,

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if we any compared that our attitudes, and their audiences are a big difference. And I want to make this point clear.

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I'm guilty of that as maybe the worst of you. Not free myself. And don't ever think that sock talking about this, because in any way and better, but it will struggle. We all remind one another, we all hold one another. And also don't ever think that this hope by means that there is no good people in this community or around the Muslim world today. Who are their hearts attached to the ACA, and they are so generous and so giving and so committed. No, that's not what it is. It is to encourage us to refocus a little bit to basically re put our priorities in life to rewrite our priorities in life.

00:29:05 --> 00:29:07

And to put it in the correct form.

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If you want to be more of attached to the market or read more about the general wireless speaks about it a lot. hang out with people that make the app is main your main concern, not the people always when you're around them, they talk about the dunya tried to come to classes try to come to Alibaba to study Quran to come around people who will remind you of the

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reduced amount of talk about the dounia as much as we can. Make sure you raise your family like that. Make sure that you're not always disappointing your kids and yourself everything in the dunya has to be

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get you get it or to get it for them. Make sure that you're thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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May Allah subhanaw taala to protect all of us, may Allah subhanaw taala to help all of us

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to be among those who their hearts attached to the Afghan

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to endorse Allah Subhana Allah will be pleased with them along morpholino are having no off in offer I know Elena yamawaki mean are salam wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad Muhammad Hassan como la

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