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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the need to be patient and adhere to certain qualities to avoid negative emotions. They also discuss the potential consequences of anger on behavior and health, including negative reactions. The importance of anger management is emphasized, and tips are given on how to manage it. The segment also touches on the negative impact of anger on one's life and offers advice on how to avoid it.
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When I

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was shadowed

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of online is praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family's companions and his followers until the day that I either witness the colossal only one, both your fortune, and Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is last and final messenger, my dear brothers, and sisters, our origin, our sherea sherea, who the snom religion of Islam, encourage us to adhere to great quality and character, that identify the Muslim character. And one of her is to be patient, to be patient and to be forbear initially.

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She told us that one of Allah subhanaw, taala, name,

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the forbearance

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one of the policy of a law says that he is patient. So what's

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one of the quality of

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the tea is is a server service.

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And that's why we've been asked and encouraged to adhere to such quality. And also the sheer awareness from the opposite of it, which is to be every person

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to be filled with negative feelings and reactions towards what's happening to you and

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the sheer amount anger from a Sherpa, and being patient, for barrier from Obama, and Hillary, when

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a man came to the practice of law, give me an advice, give me an advice, something I will hold into it. And I will follow for the rest of my life. As you know, people travel from distance to visit the port for Salah. So they have only the limited opportunities. So that time he wants something to hold on to, and to go back to his people go back to his country and to practice than he ever will see you.

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La, la, la, la, la

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La, the protests of them kept repeating it several times. Don't ever get angry, don't be angry, don't be angry, don't be angry, don't be angry.

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when he came back, and he said jasola

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then they said Don't be angry and your reward will be paradox. what occurred. So that means anger is something very important to be aware of, to be careful from and anger like any other feeling like any other feelings, couldn't be positive and could be negative. Most of feelings most of the things that we discuss in the issue of morality, and mannerism, something, it's one side can be positive and one side can be negative and some of these issues can be more negative than positive and that anger is one of them. But as I said, it could be something good could be something even a warm sort

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of anger

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that my nursing have taken over my anger has taken over my fellow man as a foreigner

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when they need us angry or demeaning, I punished I destroy them.

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So anger also it could be something positive is not absolutely something negative, something negative. And the

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minister will

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also have reason to be angry and they are not. There are no feelings of no human feelings, became like animals became an enemy. Also.

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Something recommended that you become

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Angry for the sake of Allah, Allah, when you see something wrong with you something wrong, you didn't react just like as if there is nothing that's more powerful than human beings. You know, I totally agree with those who said, don't teach your children never to be angry, but teach them how to be angry. I completely agree with that. You have every right sometimes to be angry, but you don't have any right to be cruel, you don't have any right to be me, you have any right to lose control over yourself. And this the dangers of angel, that sometimes this anger can lead the person to lose control over him or her. So as I said, you have the right to be in, it is not possible to envision a

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life free of anger completely. But we can have a life free of bad angle.

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What is anger? anyway? What is going on, I'm not going to make this you can go to any websites to see how the psychology and psychology in the psychology define anger. But

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in general, it is a normal demotion with a wide range of intensity, from a mild irritation and frustration to rate. So it can go from very mild irritation to rate it's a reaction to a perceived threat, that you feel to yourself to a loved one's or property, one self image, some part of our identity, like for example, your religion, your culture, your family, whatever you identify yourself worth, and there is a warning bell that tells us there is something wrong there is something wrong. So in the in itself, just defining it this way, it is not something can be looked at in a negative, necessarily a negative or a negative one. So in your earth, three components, pay attention to the

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physical reaction, it starts with physically you can see the changes that happen when the adrenal kick in the body, you became sometimes we will get red face, you know, muscles became so tight, you know, the the heart rate goes up. So you can see there's a physical reaction to

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a positive experience of anger, or our perceived, how we perceive and think about what is making us angry. For example, we might think that that is not fair. It's not just, you know, that's not supposed to happen to me, you're not going to say that this is wrong, that's why he became angry, then behavior or the way we express our anger and this is the most important thing, how we express our anger. And there is a wide range of behavior that signals anger, we may look and sound angry, to raise our voices, slam the door

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like kids became angry or not even kids, some mom fathers, you know the first one they are so angry, and they say certain words that they will not say usually when they are angry.

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So one experience in and it can be healthy and it can be motivate us to stand up for ourselves for what we believe is correct, can motivate us to stand up for justice.

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On the other hand, and

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that mismanage anger can be counterproductive.

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In can be unhelpful, when English is too intense, out of control, misdirected, and aggressive, it can lead to a poor decisions, it can make a problem to solve their problems, it can create problems bigger than the problems at hand and can even affect your health affect you hop in this the English a speaks mostly about that's the time of anger. That's the type of behavior that initially I want us from the end of the day, unlimited Toshiba, Toshiba,

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because this ingar had so many failures. This angered the ties between Sony friends and neighbors to be angry at each other's and stay away from

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this the same anger with the relationship between the brothers and sisters. The friendly

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The family members, this is the Englewood, Colorado wars and cause of death. This is the end of it cause people to say things and then a break from the rest of the law. This is the area that deters ruin your happiness and ruin your life. And remember, for every moment, you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happens, something I just wrote on the wall was controlling the mustard. For every minute that you are angry, you must 60 seconds happens. Brothers and sisters. In words, as you can see, it is something very serious. You know, they say anger is one letter away from the word danger.

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Anger is just one letter away from the word.

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And it is indeed, and it can ruin so many in so much of your life. So what I would like to do today is to talk about this behavior and give you certain tips. How can we control that? How can we be in control not be controlled by our anger? What? Remember, what is the show

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with so many evil comes out this time. Keep that in your mind when you

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lose control over that so many things can go wrong in your life. That's why the prophets of Salaam told him Don't be angry. Because if you're not angry, that means you are in control of yourself. And if you are in control of yourself

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that anger is the mother of evil. So be

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patient, that's the model for so many things, good things that you can do in your body.

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People they said people who fly into rage, always make a bad writing. When you think about it, have you ever achieved much of that anger? You know, so many times we say I'm gonna go to your heart, you're not gonna listen, you know, I'm just gonna give it to him, my boss, my dad, whatever the case is, that's the angle, you know, then after that you regret it, you lost your job, you lost your relationship with your loved ones, and you did not get anything, just that moment of anger that you released, it did not benefit much.

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No man can think clewd when his fists clenched, there is no doubt, he can think clearly when your fist is clean, you're so angry and frustrated.

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Number two,

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also, it is important for you to know what are the reasons what are the causes for you to get angry. For example, sometimes you get so angry if I kill myself when I sleep too late. And I woke up late, let's say a bad day. And I don't wake up perfect, I become very, very angry first trust. So I

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need to convey a personal You know, it is not my day. So stay for me. Some people say you know what,

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maybe culture English certain place certain people surface that you expose yourself to. So when you know the reasons that make you angry, you start dealing with this reasons, you start dealing with these causes. And to this, engage, engage on them, try to eliminate them as much as you can as much as he can. Sometimes why she knows the key to turn her husband's angry, you know the thing that can turn your wife

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Make her not.

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So why would you use that you just make that avoid to avoid. I

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recently had so many complaints from Salomon Brothers about.

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And when I talked to them about the wonderful angry, he said to me, I'm so angry person with my kids, my family with my community, I'm just very angry became very negative. And I found at least two or three of those products that range from so different like this and became so angry, and how long.

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They've been watching so many videos, YouTube's videos about what's going on Syria, and what's happening and bro, I'm seeing these images. You know, I just saw this morning and imagery for kids like about two years old Hank and one of the wall in one of the villages in Syria, but basically just a few years old. But

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when you see things like this and it will have a negative impact on you. That's not the proper thing to expose yourself to it.

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That shouldn't channel your your feelings of anger toward the positive, but it became a negative. You have to abstain from those because that's what caused that anger, the negative anger in your life in your life.

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We have number three.

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You need to

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know that so many times anger can call when people try to make you think. Surely cases,

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knitted SUVs, assembly trucks to make you angry, don't fall forward. Don't be fooled by what somebody

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said, you know, I'm not gonna meet someone who I don't care about to my wife. Sometimes in my Facebook, I see some nasty comments. Sometimes we get an email, a very nasty comment. talentino sometimes somebody doesn't like what I said, or what my opinion you know, sometimes you have stuff like that someone will

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say something bad about you, that person actually not work

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for you to spend time to ruin your day for someone's net worth. So one of them would help you to control your anger say it's not

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nobody to take over my life, or to make me lose my job. I'm not gonna allow this to happen. And that helps a lot to control you. And also

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remember what he used to say

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he will end with you

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conquers you.

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So don't let anyone

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remember he angers you conquers so not easy somebody to concrete.

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In see the exam, the best example for this point, what

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she was so angry at.

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She was so mad at me. And she curses him she's absolutely rage. So the top selling total come down. What is

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the cursing someone has named with Mr. Mohammed

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change his name to

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this the talk about a person by the name of Madonna. My name is Mohammad. So this whatever the thing is not related to

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the interview is not gonna allow him

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to shift his focus

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to control an income. She controlled Ilana, wha

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this insults, these threats that you feel

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sometimes our intention, so don't take it too serious.

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nexpoint one of the things that's very helpful in the time of England with the prophets of Salaam, toddlers, to say

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to say

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remember this, or asked how to protect me from anger because anger is the reason for so many evils to come. A chiffon will be so hard when he gets angry because he easily can stay with the tip of his finger.

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Because you lose control. And when you lose control, just just a little push, knock you down.

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So remember that don't ever put yourself in such situation

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or ask him to protect you from the shape of energy

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is festetics villa in semi

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also, it will have a lot to control your anger changing your position. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said

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in acoustal cages

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It doesn't matter.

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If you're standing sit down if you're sitting lay down, it doesn't mean it means change your position. So whatever you're setting, you can stand up you can lay down if you're laying down you change your position. That's why the best remedy for a short temper is a long walk. One of the best remedy for short temper is

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just changing position. Change the place changing the place this fuse the angle this fuse the angle.

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An attempt to kill in South

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There is nothing can control you to help you to control your environment.

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Vikram was

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mentioned a law when you forget

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when you became me, because when you even think about

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certain divorces, certainly houses were broken apart because a moment of anger.

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advice of the prophets to us when we are angry?

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teach people and teach them the religion, make it easy for them. And then make things hard on people.

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When some of you become angry, should remain silent.

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That's a bad moment from inside. So that's one of the lies just don't

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just come down and run inside. The next point is absolutely important. It is very good to help you to control your anger. After you come down. You talk about what made you angry.

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You don't ignore it. In order for you to face this anger. After you come down, speak about express yourself. So you didn't leave it inside your heart. Tell your husband what's made you think till your dad gets

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angry with my kids. Sometimes they be consumed recoiling.

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So what I do I just come in and sit at the counter for over

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10 times. It's a panel of five times the group will say that when it comes to the music, now you can tell me no, just you need to make 100 I guess you need to come down more five, you know, and after the commander said, Hey, tell me what's wrong with us.

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Let me know. Tell me, after we come down, it's very important to live the person release that frustration, released that first. But after we come down after we come down. Also, I want you to remember the process of them also told us when you're angry, he sits a lot similar in shape on we're in the shape. And now we're in

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the end.

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He sets us

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from fire, what take fire away is water when you are angry.

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shower. Some fire is bigger than others.

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So anyway, so Vova advises me

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to calm you down.

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He just again, it's changing your physiology. changed your psychology. That's absolutely fact. Absolutely fact. It helped us to come down off of one of the things that helped me to control anger. Think about what Allah subhanaw taala have prepared for those who control.

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I mean,

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are the ones who control the angle and they are willing to forgive

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Those who have the ability to control the anger,

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the ability to release, I can give it to him, I don't care. But I control

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alone. Call upon everyone in the day of judgment and reward you the gritty work before anybody else before even entering products generally to wish for

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the reward of paragraphs reported by templates and even has

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also remember that controlling your anger is the way of the public

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never seek revenge. He never saw someone who was driven by his anger.

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He only gets angry even to get her to lock him up. Only when he sees something wrong and even that anger is a positive type of anger.

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Remember systems being angry doesn't mean you're tough guy. No, no.

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The straw man is not going to get in and get louder. No, the,

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the strongest one among you, the one who control himself in the anger in the machine.

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In the

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practice, positive self talk, talk to say positive word.

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Come down shallow, things will be better. It's just a more positive self talk. also engage in physical activity as a

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senior mental health professional are things out of out of control. And this machine would love to take courses even online course in anger management. One of the things that helps brief

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three deeply, then breathe only from your chest to breathe from your guts. You know, make that fresh air, go to your lungs, hold your breath for a few seconds, you know, and release them, put another air fresh air perfect few seconds and release. Breathing is an absolutely extremely helpful tool to control your self. And finally,

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always ask Allah subhanaw taala to get you in control of yourself, not to be controlled by your anger not to be controlled by your desire

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to get that away from you, if you suffer from anger to job

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are you

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better sisters, when you see someone angry, remember the following steps. When you see somebody angry, remember the following steps one was anger, there is always pain underneath.

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So have an understanding of mercy. Believe me, anyone so angry, if you get so angry, there is pain in his life. If your wife is so angry, if your husband is so angry, there is pain going on in his life. If you see somebody in the midst of always angry, there is something

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to figure out what that what that is. And believe me, you will treat that person completely different sense of the time.

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2005 with file, if you if your friends, your spouse, your partner, your boss is angry. Don't

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just make more fun, come down. Just avoid talking to the person at that moment. Avoid the person and give them their space. When a person who became so angry at the prophets of Allah was so angry, she was so angry because she just lost her kid, the son came to me.

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For me,

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to Muhammad

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Hassan said he left

00:28:37--> 00:28:52

me immediately give her response. He never said anything bad about it. He said just it just lost her patience. When a man is so angry, the problem is, if this man said he will control anger, he said if he said our strategy, so one of the

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things that is doing good because there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom.

00:28:59--> 00:29:05

Knowledge is one thing and something else. So the the wisdom, he did not say that.

00:29:07--> 00:29:10

He has the knowledge of what this person needs to do, but the wisdom

00:29:11--> 00:29:15

that went with knowledge. He wouldn't say

00:29:17--> 00:29:22

don't get out of my face. It's not the right time to speak to someone.

00:29:23--> 00:29:50

You know, one of my favorite quotes about this that said, you know, anyway, just go back to the point. We need to stir up it up, it's already forgot. So something positive short leave unless the person asked you to stay. Let them understand how you feel. That you know how they feel sorry. Let them understand how they you know how they feel. forgive the person whatever he said or she said in a ton of English. Don't

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take what that person says.

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

for granted, take the grain of salt so don't like be

00:30:00--> 00:30:18

tells me of heart against that person. Because people say things in the tone of anger they don't really mean it. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who always control their life and have a happy life. healthy life. Almost panatuss elocon who died when I found out it was an attack

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Antonio Mola

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gonna be coming

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of university Maria

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Casa Loma Linda from Casa alone.

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he went to the gym