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Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi implores us to fully comprehend the concept and benefits of being grateful to Allah at all times. 

Allah has reminded us to be conscious of Allah at all times as the blessings of Allah can never be fully enumerated. One of the purposes of our existence is the purpose of being forever grateful to Allah SWT.

The concepts of Shukr and Kufr are explicitly explained for us to fully comprehend. Shukr is at the top of the pyramid of Iman. The greatest ingratitude is to turn away from Allah and that is the greatest Kufr. Hence, Shukr and Kufr are antonyms of each other.

How do we do Shukr? There are a number of pillars in this :

  •  Maintaining humility. Shukr necessitates humility.
  • To act upon the blessings in a manner befitting to please Allah.
  • To mention the blessings of Allah via humility and the right audience to share your blessings.


  • The Pleasure of Allah will be upon us.
  • Allah will lift the punishment from us.
  • Allah gives you more if you are thankful to Allah.


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