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Episode Notes

Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi implores us to fully comprehend the concept and benefits of being grateful to Allah at all times. 

Allah has reminded us to be conscious of Allah at all times as the blessings of Allah can never be fully enumerated. One of the purposes of our existence is the purpose of being forever grateful to Allah SWT.

The concepts of Shukr and Kufr are explicitly explained for us to fully comprehend. Shukr is at the top of the pyramid of Iman. The greatest ingratitude is to turn away from Allah and that is the greatest Kufr. Hence, Shukr and Kufr are antonyms of each other.

How do we do Shukr? There are a number of pillars in this :

  •  Maintaining humility. Shukr necessitates humility.
  • To act upon the blessings in a manner befitting to please Allah.
  • To mention the blessings of Allah via humility and the right audience to share your blessings.


  • The Pleasure of Allah will be upon us.
  • Allah will lift the punishment from us.
  • Allah gives you more if you are thankful to Allah.



AI: Summary © The importance of thankfulness and humility in Islam is emphasized, as it is used to achieve health and wealth. The segment also discusses the challenges of living in a pandemic and stress in achieving success. The importance of showing gratitude and appreciation to oneself and others is emphasized, along with practical tips for being thankful. The segment also touches on the challenges of living in a pandemic and the importance of showing appreciation to oneself and others.
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Rarely All praise is due to Allah subhana wa Tada. We praise Him and we seek his help. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Indeed whomever Allah subhana wa tada guides, none can misguide. And whomever Allah chooses to misguide, none can guide him back to the straight path. bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of our worship other than Allah subhana wa tada and bear witness testified that Mohammed Abdullah Al Rashid Al Hashimi al Arabi is the final prophet and the most perfect worshipper of Allah, as to what follows. Our Lord has reminded us in the forum to always be conscious of him as he says, Yeah, you

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are letting me know. It's a lot harder to hottie. What are the Mouton 11 to Muslim moon? Oh, you who believe have Taqwa of Allah be conscious of a law as he deserves that you are conscious of Him and do not die except in a state of Islam. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the blessings that Allah subhanho wa Taala has bestowed upon us cannot even be counted, as Allah says in the Quran were introduced near Mata la de la Torre Sua. If you were to try to count the blessings of Allah. If you were to try to enumerate the blessings of a law, you would never be able to finish that list. And some of these blessings we can think of and I know and there are yet many blessings that we are not

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even aware of. In other words, many blessings of Allah, we cannot even imagine that we don't even know that there are blessings as Allah says in the Quran, what is belcarra? Come near Emma, who vorherigen What about Tina, and I have envelope to you as well as a beautiful verb. I have envelope to you, I have immersed you in my blessings. Some of them are open and clear vajura and some of them are balton or you don't even know them they are hidden and they are secret to you. So dear brothers and sisters, in light of these blessings, what is our wajib what is required of us many are the things that are required. But today's husba will concentrate on one of the most important

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characteristics of the believer, and one of the most important manifestations of appreciating a lot blessings on us and that is being thankful to Allah, the concept of sugar, the concept of being thankful to Allah subhana wa Tada. In fact, dear brothers and sisters, one of the purposes of being created by Allah, one of the purposes of us being here, one of the Divine wisdoms of our existence, is to thank Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah says in the Quran in in Santa may notify fatin am Sharjah nebuta de fer Gianna who Semyon basura we have created man from a mixture of fluids so that we may test him and we have made him hearing and seeing which I now send me on mobile Sierra and

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Allah says in hi Dana who's Sabine we showed him the path why him shark urine was a marker for all the choices his we created him we gave him hearing and seeing we showed him the path and now the choices his there are only two options in Masha kill one in Makkah for either he shall be grateful or he shall reject and Vika for now notice here and this will be a theme of our holdover, that sugar and Cofer are actually opposites in the Quran and in the Arabic language, sugar and kufr are opposites. Mr. Shakir what a mecca for either you are thankful to Allah or you reject Allah subhana wa tada by being ungrateful. Why is Cofer the opposite of shocker? Because the greatest in gratitude

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is to deny the worship and the existence of a law. The greatest in gratitude is to turn away from submitting to Allah and that is good for to not be a Muslim is good for. So the greatest ungratefulness is to simply not accept the religion of Islam, and hence sugar and kafir are antonyms they are opposites. Either you are thankful or you reject a lot and you are there for a cafe. And therefore, Cofer also translates as in gratitude, ungrateful. Why? Because the height of being ungrateful is to reject the worship of Allah, which is to reject being a Muslim. And remember one of the very first commandments that Eliza has ensued at Al Baqarah first guru, Guru comb wash guru Li

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Wallah chock full on remember me I shall remember you

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And thank me and do not commit go for one second, sugar and Cooper are made opposites of one another. What Schooley what attract foreign, be thankful, be appreciative and do not commit Cofer of me. In fact, every blessing that Allah has given us, one of the main purposes of that blessing is so that we thank Allah subhana wa Tada. Think about that and let that sink in. We are blessed. And we are continued to be blessed hid, and Allah continues to shower us with blessings, in order to see whether we are thankful for those blessings. And the beautiful story of Sulayman alayhis salaam, when Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed him with all of these powers to control the creation and to to

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to speak to the ants and to call cause the jinn to do this and that and we know in the story of the Queen of Sheba, he brings forth by the pleasure and the and the will of Allah. He asked the jinn to bring this this this this chair, this throne, from Yemen to Jerusalem, the throne is transported in the twinkling of an eye. And when he sees this majestic throne, and he sees the blessings that our law has given him, what does he say? On a hat I mean, fold little baby, Leah balloony ash guru, UK for this blessing that Allah has given me is to test me it is from Allah had them in a little bit. It is from a laws blessings upon me Why? Lia Balu and he saw that he may test me I screw up for once

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again, the antonym is what to thank or to do. Cofer once again, the opposite of sugar is Cofer because if you do not thank Allah, then you have committed Cofer. If you do not acknowledge and accept and appreciate what Allah has given you, you are not a Muslim. This is Kufa. So Suleiman says Allah has blessed me with all of this to test me whether I am thankful or I am ungrateful and the word again for I'm grateful is good for therefore brothers and sisters, sugar, and Eamonn are synonymous in many ways. In other words, if sugar and Cooper are opposites, and Amanda and Cooper are opposites, follow me, right. Sugar and coffee are opposites correct. And Eamonn and Cofer are

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opposites correct. So then what becomes the same or homonyms Eman and sugar become the same, they overlap with one another. If you believe in a law automatically, automatically, there is an element of shocker automatically you've acknowledged Allah has blessed me. And the more you believe in a law, the more you will thank him and the more you thank Allah The more you will believe in him. So he man and sugar are related to one another. In fact, one of our scholars of the past and Pharaohs Abadi said that sugar is one of the highest levels of Eman sugar is one of the highest levels of Eman because it incorporates within it many other pillars of demand, such as belief in a law and

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affirming of lost power and affirming that Allah has the right to be worshipped. Being content with what Allah has given you. If you think about it, if you have reached the level of sugar, you have automatically passed by many other levels that must be believed in to be a believer, sugar is one of the highest levels of demand, because you cannot climb to the level of sugar without going over many other necessary requirements of belief. Yet you can have those requirements without getting to sugar. So sugar is at the top of the pyramid of Eman And if you have it, then automatically you have many of the other pillars of a man. Now we understand from the Quran and even logically that Allah

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azza wa jal deserves to be thanked. The fact of the matter is we don't really need or on we understand even here that even if there were no verses in the Quran about sugar, it's understood that we thank the one who has blessed us. And the question therefore arises, how is the sugar to be done? What is sugar, and this leads me to my next part of the

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sugar consists of many pillars and Pharaohs, the body says there are five pillars of sugar. But in reality, these are a partial list. Others have added other things that no claim has a detailed discussion of should remember that in his area, he has discussed sugar, and we don't have time to go into each and every one I've summarized basically, many of these great intellectual giants of our tradition. These scholars and others they mentioned sugar has a number of pillars of those pillars is to humble yourself in front of the one who has given you those blessings. You know, we feel this amongst us human beings as well. If somebody does us a big favor, and we are good people in sha

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Allah, how do we feel when the person does a big favor? We acknowledge we appreciate Well, how about the one who has done us each and every favor when he left his method either? How about the one who bestows the favors and He bestows upon us the one who gives us favors, even the people who help

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Allah has given us those people. How should we feel towards Allah subhana wa Tada. So sugar requires humility. Sugar necessitates humbleness. You cannot be sugar and be arrogant. Can you think about it? You have to be humble in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is of the requirements of shocker of the requirements of shockcord is that you appreciate and therefore love the one who has bestowed that blessing upon you. Automatically your heart opens up as if Nakai m says that the hearts have been created to love the ones who show love to it. The hearts have been created to love the ones who show love to it. So how about the one who is alway dude, the one who bestows his love upon us

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unconditionally? How can we not love the one who is named as one of the manifestations of sugar is to feel that blessing. And this is not arrogance, because arrogance is to deny and negate the one who has blessed you to appreciate the blessing to feel blessed. It is a part of being thankful you should appreciate your heart should acknowledge, you should see and appreciate each and every blessing that Allah has given you of the manifestations of sugar is to act upon those blessings in a manner that is pleasing to Allah subhana wa Tada. In other words, imagine if somebody gave you a car as a gift, would you then use that car stock for the law to intentionally crash into his house and

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damages property? What type of thankfulness would this be? So a part of sugar is to use the blessings that Allah has given you, in order to please Allah, and not to displace a lot. How can we use a laws blessings in a manner that is displeasing to him, and then think that we have perfected sugar. Sugar requires us to conform our lives and our lifestyles, and our bodies and our limbs and our eyes and our ears and everything about us, it should be in conformity with the laws of a law that is one of the most simple and one of the most logical, and one of the most ironic manifestations of Chicago, and of the manifestations of Chicago as well, is that in appropriate

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circumstances, not at all times in places in the right audience and with the right attitude in and we'll talk about this later on in shallow data. And the right attitude is humility, and the right audiences, those who will benefit and appreciate from you of the manifestations of sugar is to mention the blessings that Allah has given you. As I said, with these two conditions, the first condition is humility. And the second condition is to have the right audience because if you don't have humility, it is arrogance. And if you don't have the right audience, you open up the door for jealousy. So you have to be careful. If you have the right audience and you have humility, then what

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does Allah say? What am binaire matira beaker for this, you may tell the people of Allah's blessings upon you narrate to the people, because a part of sugar once again, imagine in our world, and I give these examples so we understand if somebody gave you $10,000 somebody gave you your college loan, somebody gave you a car, don't you think that it will be pleasing to that person that you tell others or Mashallah this brother helped me out here. It will make that person recognize you know what he appreciates my gift to Allah belongs the best example and Allah loves to be praised because Allah is worthy of being praised. So to mention the blessings of Allah upon us in the right audience

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and with the right intention is a part of being thankful. If one of those two conditions is not right. Then it should not be mentioned if you say it with arrogance. This is not choker This is given. And if you say it in the wrong audience, then you open up the door for people to have jealousy and that's also not wise. Even Okay, you mentioned him right in his Medallia just Sadie king. He says sugar to Allah implies sugar to Allah implies manifesting the effects of a loss blessings on you. Think about this definition, the blessings that Allah has given should be shown. Now how is that done? If not, by him says, so the heart and the tongue and the limbs three things.

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So the heart witnesses these blessings and appreciates and loves Allah subhana wa tada for the blessing. That's what the heart must do. The heart must take a tally it must count, the heart must the heart here also means the mind. It must recognize Allah has blessed me with health, with wealth with children with a man and you keep on going it and not only that, but this should then generate love in the heart.

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The tongue should then acknowledge and praise Allah for those blessings.

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And the limbs should conform and submit to Allah because of those blessings. So the tongue sorry the heart acknowledges and loves. The tongue testifies and praises and the body submits and worships Allah subhana wa tada and obeys him. This is a manifestation of sugar. And this shows us that sugar is not just something that is theoretical sugar doesn't just mean Oh, thank you Allah, there's no such thing as Allah doesn't need our thanks. Thanks is the beginning of sugar. Thanks is to recognize that Allah has given us what do you do based upon that recognition? That is real sugar to say, Oh, I appreciate what Allah has given me. Okay, now what show us that appreciation. And this

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leads me to my next point here, and that is that in the Quran, sugar is an active verb sugar, sugar necessitates actions in the story of God and so a man and Allah mentions all that he gave and all that gives to the man and think about it what blessings was though with given that would be the the the mountains would would praise a lot along with him. Yeah, God will be Mara Who will pay you and Allah taught him metallurgy the science of bending metal. Mankind did not know this until a law that would allow his Salam. And Allah gave him a kingdom of the greatest kingdoms ever that any Prophet was given was the kingdom of Deadwood. To this day, the Bani Israel marvel at that kingdom, and so a

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man what was still a man had given Subhana Allah he was given a kingdom like no other human being. And Allah mentions these blessings then what does he say? Allah says, After mentioning these blessings, air modu ah da da Buddha shakira waka de luminary Bhatia Shaku Arun Maru, Buddha chakra, or family of the word meaning that wouldn't send a man air marylu Iman Amma upon sugar. Notice Allah makes sugar into an animal Emmylou either the Buddha chakra show me in your deeds, your thankfulness. So Allah required that wood and Solomon to appreciate the blessings he was given through their actions, not just through lip service. Oh, Allah blessed me with this. Oh Allah bless

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me with that. What Will that do? You need to demonstrate in your actions, and then Allah concludes what Kali luminary body ushiku how few of my servants are Shaku. Shaku is the superlative. It's the higher noun of shotgun shotgun is thankful. shockula is very thankful our scholars have said shockula is the one who thanks Allah, even at times of difficulty, sure, good is the one who is grateful even when he is deprived. Even when you don't have you are thankful because you realize you still have a lot that is your core, even when you don't get what you wanted. instead of complaining and moaning and grumbling, you are thankful and put your trust in Allah that Allah has given me what

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I need. This is what Shaku and Allah says few of my servants are Shaku. So we mentioned that sugar is in the heart and on the tongues and on the limbs. And there are many rewards for the one who is thankful. There are many rewards for the one who is thankful of those rewards is number one, the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah's pleasure is on the one who is thankful. In the Quran, we're in touch guru, Yoruba hula come, if you are thankful, Allah Zuko will be on you. So Allah is pleasure and allows happiness will be upon those who thank him. Number two, when you are thankful Allah will lift the punishment from you.

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And Allah mentions explicitly in the Koran that punishment and Shakur cannot exist together. If you are thankful there will be no punishment. But if you are not thankful, the purpose of punishment is to remind you, Allah says in the Quran, Maya federal law will be either become in Shackleton momentum, which will allow gain by punishing you if you show sugar and you believe so showing sugar and punishment are two opposites. You can't have both. What will Allah gain by punishing you, if you show sugar and you believe number three, when you show sugar to Allah, Allah gives you more the in Shackleton, z than a simple rule, the N Shackleton, z then if you are thankful to me, I shall give

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you even more. One of the tab your own said, if you ever find the decline in your health or wealth. If you ever find things going down, realize your sugar has gone down. Because Allah has made a rule whether in Chicago tune that as Eden and the shark you will always find an increase in the blessings upon him. The shark you will

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Find the quality of life and the happiness that he or she enjoys going from one level to a higher to a higher. When that happiness goes down, realize you must have put your sugar down as well. When you let your sugar down, then also the moseyed will also come down as well. That in Chicago, let us eat dinner. And before we conclude the first hope are brothers and sisters, a quick reminder of some of the greatest blessings that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us but again, remember any list that we give what it allows us a lot to our suha we can never finish that list. But a brief reminder, what does the Quran tell us are of the biggest blessings? No doubt the biggest blessing is the

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blessing of Islam and the blessing of Quran. No doubt this is the biggest blessing. There is no other blessing that compares with that blessing. And we need to appreciate and show sugar to Allah for having guided us to Islam. Alhamdulillah Hilda Dr. Donnelly has a woman una de la tarea Lola and her Donna law, we are thankful to Allah that He guided us to this because if Allah had not willed, We would not be guided and have the blessings that we should be thankful to Allah for is our consciousness and intelligence, our knowledge and our senses of perception. In other words, our faculties, our brains and our hearing and our seeing and our consciousness and our thought

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processes. We are not like animals, we are better than animals. We are the best of us creation in this world. And Allah mentions in the Quran, that Allah is the one who has caused you to leave the wombs of your mothers and you knew nothing laughter at the Mona Shea and what you

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saw was a fee that Allah Allah, Allah gave you intelligence I'll give you a brains I'll give you hearing I'll give you seeing why the Quran so we should thank Allah for our faculties that Allah has given us of the blessings that we should be thankful to Allah for his the conveniences that he has created for us in this life. How easy is life for us, our food and our drink? In the Quran, Allah mentions that look at the animals, some of them, you write them, some of them you eat, and you have yet other blessings. Man, if you're a woman, you eat them, you drink them. alfalah Tosh karoun, won't you thank me for these blessings I've given you. And in our times this technology that Allah

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has blessed us with what a blessing it is this technology, we sit in these air conditioned rooms, we have the convenience of our cars, our cell phones, all of these blessings that previous generations did not have. This requires thankfulness on our part of the blessings that Allah has given us, in fact of the greatest blessings is the blessing of health, the blessing of health, how fortunate we are when we can breathe with peace. Imagine those who cannot even breathe, how fortunate we are when we live disease free lives, when we are Alhamdulillah in our fear, and those of us that are tested with some disease, thank Allah that it is not worse. Because that test is a test you can bear. So we

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thank Allah for whatever level of health we have. And the prophet SAW sent him said, two are the blessings. Most people are clueless about them. They're deceived, they don't appreciate them. Number one is health, good health. And what is number two, that's yet another blessing. Free Time of the blessings that we should thank Allah for is that in sha Allah, so many of us, if not all of us, we don't spend 24 hours a day having to earn our food and drink and hamdulillah we have time to do something productive, we go to work, then we come back home, and we have some quality hours. There are many people in the world they have to labor, maybe 20 hours a day just to get their lucuma just

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to get their food for themselves and their children. They have no time except to eat and drink and go to work. And that's it. Thank Allah that when many of us have that luxury, that's the second blessing tour the blessings people don't think about them health and free time and of the blessings that Allah subhana wa tada has given us as well, is the blessing to appreciate in this land and all and many lands of the world, the blessing of peace and security, the blessing of peace and security. How many of our Muslim brothers and sisters do not have this blessing. Look at what is going on in Syria as we speak. As we speak, the Rohingya Muslims of Burma are being massacred entire villages

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are being razed to the ground. And we make dua, that Allah subhana wa tada alleviates their suffering. And we also appreciate on us the blessings that we have. Because one of the biggest blessings is to be stress free when it comes to the troubles and the chaos and the wars and the bloodshed. And let the armor who may endure in what manner whom men have this is a blessing. It is a blessing that many of us take for granted our manner human health, and this is of the greatest blessings that Allah subhana wa tada has given us, I conclude the first quote, with a beautiful Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alaihe

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He was seldom, that reminds us that being thankful to Allah can potentially be just as rewarding as the one who is deprived of the blessings and his patient, being blessed and thankful can be equivalent to the one who was tested and tried and was patient. Think about it, you have wealth and you're thankful versus your dirt poor and your patient, which would we rather be? We all know that the one who is very difficult and whatnot that the suburb for him will earn him a high rank, but we don't want that trial. We don't want the tribulation. We want to live a good life, but I've been at an effort dunia. escena was an alpha hustler. That's what we want. Whatever process that I'm saying,

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the one who is fed and is thankful can reach the what the level of the one who is hungry and patient. So if your thankfulness is perfected, then you have reached the level of the one who has demonstrated subpar in the face of adversity so perfect your thankfulness brothers and sisters so that Allah subhana wa tada can perfect his energy to you better quality we're looking for another one to finally welcome the Murphy Himalaya to declare Hakeem Apolo but this marathon was tough for a lot of the muddy water come what he said was similar to them and first salvo in number four Rahim Can you please move forward as well? We have a large crowd outside please move forward and leave no

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Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah had a Samad. alladhina Mula Bandha. mula. Voila, Kula Hakuna had wabarakatuhu.

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From the ahaadeeth, we learned some practical tips for how to be thankful. And again, time is limited. I've only mentioned five and then inshallah, we will conclude our five practical tips on how to be thankful how to demonstrate shocker. Number one. Don't be greedy for more. Be happy with what Allah has given you. The one who is greedy. How can you be thankful? Think about it. The one who is greedy, you're never satisfied. You have $1,000 you want 10,000 you have 10,000 100,000 Then how will you ever be thankful? How will you ever be thankful? If you're never content with what Allah has given you? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said corn corn and chicken ash coronas.

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Be content, you shall be the most thankful of people reported even imagine cornea, be patient. Be sorry, be grateful. Be content, not patient. The content on your honor is you're satisfied with what you have. You shall be the most thankful of all people. So this is point number one. Number two of the ways to be thankful to Allah subhana wa tada is to constantly monitor and be aware of the blessings Allah has given you.

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Allah mentions in the Koran, that new Hara his Salam was Abba den shockula. He was a thankful servant, a law cause numerous shocker, are prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam explained, nor would never raise one morsel of food to his mouth, or drink one sip of water, except that he was Al Hamdulillah.

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In other words, he's conscious this morsel is from Allah, I have to thank him. So start being aware, don't take it for granted. When you sit in your car, thank Allah hamdulillah I have this mark of this car. I have this car here. When you're able to breathe when you're disease free when you have these beautiful children that you have to take care of when you the every blessing that you have appreciated. How can you be thankful if you don't even acknowledge and appreciate so number two, be thankful of each and every blessing, start monitoring them. Look around you see what Allah has blessed you with? Number three. Number three.

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Remember, an advice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam reported in a Timothy? He said two things whoever does them will be written amongst the shotgun and the soybean. Two things if you do them, you will be shocked and Sabbath. What are those two things? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, to look at people above you when it comes to religion and want to be like them, and to look at people below you when it comes to this world. And to thank Allah that you're not tested like them.

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This Hadith is a practical lesson in how to be thankful rather than salivating over the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, rather than wanting to be like the billionaires and millionaires. That's not Islamic. Look at our brothers and sisters in Syria right now. Look at the Rohingya Muslims right now. Look at what is happening across the world and you will say Alhamdulillah we are

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alfia Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us. How can you be thankful if all that you're looking at in the dunya is people who are higher than you stop it. Look at people below you in when it comes to this dunya and you will be thankful. Yes when it comes to the religion, look at the righteous, look at those who pray in the masjid. Look at yes in the religion. Look at those above you. But when it comes to this world, look at those below you and you will be thankful. Number four, how to be thankful. Make dua to Allah to be thankful because if you don't make dua you don't want it if you don't want it you're not going to get it always make dua, the famous Hadith a widely been Java

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reporting Buddhahood the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said one of the last Hadith he ever said to him was Yama law in the book I love you Omar. So make sure that you make this door after every single Salah. memorize this to our brothers and sisters memorize this data and say it after every Salah Allahumma inni Allah de critica What's the second thing? What should corica

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help me Oh Allah to remember you and to be thankful to you wish you could it. If Allah does not help you to thank him then you're never going to thank him or any other deca wushu clicker, mercenary vertical. And the final point and with this inshallah we will conclude the final point to thank Allah subhana wa tada is to also appreciate the blessings that Allah has given you through other people.

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The one who is arrogant to thank other people for their good is going to be arrogant to thank Allah for his good every person in your life who helps you. You need to thank that person and also thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for blessing you with that person. Nothing happens without a loss will and pleasure. The one who is too arrogant to thank others will never thank Allah as our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Mullah Yesh Coronavirus la escuela whoever is not appreciative of other people will not be appreciated to Allah subhanahu wa tada and therefore one needs to show appreciation and sugar to every single person who has helped you out your parents, your siblings,

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your brothers and sisters, your family shows sugar to those that mentors your teachers. So show sugar to everybody that has given you any favor. This is a part and parcel of being sharp kid if you're not going to thank others how can you thank Allah subhana wa tada when you humble yourself in front of others, you will humble yourself even more in front of Allah subhana wa tada and realize brothers and sisters and with this we conclude our holds but you can never thank Allah and I can never thank Allah as he deserves. That's not even possible. Imam Shafi said Oh Allah, how can I thank you properly? When my thanks Have you deserves yet another thanks that you blessed me to thank

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you think about it is infinity the very fact that you allowed me to say Alhamdulillah requires another and hamdulillah How can I ever thank you enough? How can I ever thank you enough when when I thank you that thanking deserves another thanks, I cannot.

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So panna cotta Bana la de Sena and Alec and take them as an Italian FC this what our process that I must say we cannot praise you the way you deserve. Only you can praise yourself the way you deserve, but still we try and have the names of Allah is a Shaku and a shockula is the one who when you try with very little with very measly when you try with small amounts of things, a Shaku accepts these small things and he makes them much bigger and much more rewarding. And that's why of the names of Allah is a shocker because he will take our measly sugar he will take our small efforts at sugar and He will give us much more than what is actually worthy of because the one who is a Shaku will not

00:33:53--> 00:34:38

care about the quantity he will look at the quality of our sugar. May Allah subhana wa Tada, makers of the shark in Alabama and niederrhein for amino Olam Allah, Allah. Allah Fatah, WA Manila faraja Valentin an a la cabeza de la Ilaha feta when I see it on Elijah Salter allama Freeland now what is one intelligence about a man What if you could even as a Latina mano robina in Nicaragua Rahim? Allah Hama is that Islam and Muslim in Alabama is an Islamic Muslim in Oklahoma is an Islamic Muslim in Alabama Aradhana Islam and Muslim in Abu in federal who've been upset with jasmine on Peter Beattie here khoja Aziz about the law in the law horchata America in better bbfc within the Malacca

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

The Odyssey with lsap Can you help me when I'm in Genie he went insane for call azim aneema in no law home Allah Ecuador you saw Luna nebby yeah you hola Dina. amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam motors Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik avocado Sudha Mohammed and while he was a big Marine, about the law in the law to Allah yet

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neurobiological corba weinheim fascia women carry what you consider karoon Kuru Kuru come watch guru he has a de la come What are they called La Cooper. Welcome is sada