Breaking Fast By by Inappropriate Things

Waleed Basyouni


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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Among the common mistake that I've seen during the month of Ramadan, when people break their fast, sometimes they break the fast and they eat things which is not appropriate in a sense that it doesn't fit either because the nature of that food or what it can lead to, and I mean by that, so people sometimes regular festival double and doing haram like smoking cigarettes that the first thing that they do upon breaking their fast and that's not allowed because you just finished an event and you start with the sandwiches smoking, some eat salads are things that has onion and garlic and things have very strong smell. And when they go to

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pry in the mustard and some even bring food to the mustard when it has raw onion or garlic. That's not correct. Are you do you eat at home when you come with that smell coming out of your mouth? That's not right in Ibiza, Salim said if you eat garlic or or onion, raw garlic or raw onion, don't come to the mustard and bother about the law. So watch to watch out what you eat before you come to the masjid and don't eat what make you say oh, I have excuse not to go to the restaurant. the right course of action is stay away from these things that provide bad smell and if you involve Are you ever ate something like that? Make sure to brush your teeth chin, you know, rinse your mouth with

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mouthwash. Just have a fresh breath and come to the mustard with the or shall have fresh and so basically, you give that positive energy in the mustard or Santa Monica Matala.