Can You Break Your Fast Because You Work Outside?

Waleed Basyouni


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We know that this month coming in hot days in many places in the world, summer, and sometimes people ask me this question when they go work or the nature of their work require from them some physical activity, would they be a sufficient or this be a good reason for them to break their fast? Because it's very hard or it's long days, and they can dehydrated? The answer is no. Basically, the rule goes like this. If you get sick during the fasting, and you reach to a level which is not it's not safe for you too fast, you break your fast. So for example, a construction worker in the street, you didn't break your fast because it's too long of a time or a day, or because it's too sunny. It's

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because you are sick and sickness is a valid reason for breaking your fast. Same thing if you take exam you know exam is not a reason for you to break your fast but if you get tired and sick and you cannot physically it can harm you. This will be a valid reason for you to break your fast now like separate from all of us and give us success.