Whats the Difference Between True Hope in Allahs Mercy and Delusion by Allahs Mercy

Ammar Alshukry


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The speaker discusses the distinction between true hope and Allah Subhana man's mercy, citing data from the Hayid Qumran's hadith. The distinction is related to abuse of verses and delusion, as seen in the transcript of the Hayid Qumran's statement.

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What's the difference between true hope and Allah Subhana Allah is mercy and being diluted by Allah's mercy, it's actually very distinct, true hope and Allah should make a person want to journey to Allah to seek that mercy, true hope and ALLAH SubhanA data is the person who prays and fast and does all this all of these things seeking Allah's mercy, delusion and Allah's mercy is when a person hears the verses in a hadith that talks about Allah's incredible forgiveness and so they abuse it by using it as an excuse to continue to sin against Him. And so you tell that person pray and they say, Allah Azza foto Rahim, the prophets of Allah they said themselves whoever says hello entered the

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agenda. That is an abuse of the verses and that is delusion. Because the same Lord Who told you that he is so merciful is the same Lord who created the hellfire and said that he will fill it