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Saad Tasleem
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu welcome to episode number five of preparing for animal bond. Today we're going to be talking about those matters of those things which invalidate or break a person's fast. Number one we have eating or drinking fairly obvious. Most people know this, but there are a few exceptions to this mistakes, forgetfulness, and being forced. This comes from the Hadith of the Prophet subtle, I send them in which he said raffia and Mati and hotpot, when this young or Mr. Curry who la he said, My mama has not been held accountable for mistakes, forgetting and that which has been forced upon them. So if a person eats, mistakenly or drinks mistakenly that

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doesn't break their fast, or if they forgot, let's say somehow they forgot that they were fasting and they ate or drank, that wouldn't break their fast and obviously, if they were forced to eat and drink, that doesn't break their fast as well. We also have the heavy the percent I mentioned, it was the profits that I send them said that the person who eats or drinks out of forgetfulness, then they should complete their fast for it is a law who gave them that food or that drink. Number two, we have other things which may enter the body other than eating or drinking directly. Now there's a general rule that can make this issue a little bit easier to understand. And that is that if

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something enters a body, and that provides the body with sustenance or nutrition, then it would break the fast and if it doesn't, then it may not break the fast. For example, a person who gets an IV that's providing the body with nutrition and sustenance that would break the fast on the other hand, a person who gets a shot or an injection of medicine, now that may not break that person's fast. Now quick disclaimer here. This really should be treated as a case by case basis. If you are in a situation like that referred to a scholar or any amount that you can speak to and say hey, this is my medical condition would this invalidate my fast or not number three, we have sexual

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* and the like. Now I'm not going to get into too much detail here because I'm going to do a separate video talking about intimacy in Ramadan inshallah tada number four we have bleeding or blood Now not all types of blood or bleeding would break one's fast, we have a few things we know specifically number one, we have cupping the process that I'm told us that the one who performs the cupping and the one who has the cupping performed on them, both of them break their fast also, donating blood or giving blood in large amounts for the person would feel weak and tired by giving that blood that person would break their fast as well but other types of bleeding so for example, a

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cut or something like that which doesn't cause a person to feel sick or weak that wouldn't break a person's fast it also cuts would come under the category of something which is an accident person obviously didn't get a cut on purpose hopefully number five we have vomiting or I should say vomiting deliberately the profits on a lot I send them says that the one who causes themselves to vomit than they should make up their fast but the one who is overtaken by vomiting then that person doesn't have to make up their fast meaning that they continue in their fast now obviously the exception to this is that even if it wasn't deliberate if the vomiting occurred and the person felt

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weak and sick and tired because of it, then they don't fast in this case. Lastly, number six we have menstruation and postpartum bleeding which we discussed in an earlier video in general those are the six categories if you have any questions, leave them below in the comments inshallah tada and Allah knows best I'll see you all in the next episode inshallah tada take care of what's that I'm on a coup. de la de or what I can't do.

Episode 5 of Preparing for Ramadan. On this episode: What matters break or invalidate a persons fast.

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