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In Alhamdulillah, nada who want to start you know who want to stop Pharaoh when I was a biller him you should already on fujinami see Dr. Medina. Maria de la hora model De La MaMa you didn't follow her della shadow Allah Allah illallah wa de la sharika lah wa shadow Mohammed Abu rasuluh yeah you hola Deena Amano taco, la haka Ducati. watamu tuna 11 to muslimin. Yeah, you live in an otaku. La Julio Colin said EDA, useless la Kumamoto como una momento para la hora Sula, hufa Khalifa fosun, Avi ma about to call Hideki tabula rasa and how do you how do you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mashallah Maria Matata Hakuna Matata in beta wakulla beratan balada wakulla cynefin. Our

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brothers and sisters in Islam today are hookah is about loss or purity of intention. And one of the main purposes also of this topic is to dispel some common misconceptions concerning an F loss.

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So the definition of loss Hello sir, yeah, I need to create a shape with a VB something is when something is pure and purified. And that's why certain floss is not talking about sincerity and that's why we always translate the floss in English as sincerity, but that's not a very accurate definition of floss is actually purity of intention. Certainly floss does not talk about sincerity, but its cultural philosophy because it is purely speaking about Allah azza wa jal and nothing else and that's why it's called sort of a philosophy

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of Lhasa in the language yeah and he Naja was setting to be saved and secure and protected or unharmed. So that means your good deed was safe and and protected from having Ria, where you're showing off you're doing it for someone else, or you're doing it for other than Allah subhanaw taala and so your good deed in that sense was done purely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala laws against Islam the Quran, woman O'Meara in Liya de la macula Sina Lucha de and they were commanded to worship Allah and keeping their religion pure or purely for him.

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If losses the difference between two people praying right next to each other, doing the exact same movements, while one a lot of them will accept from him and the other perhaps not accepted or not as much.

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In certain Nyssa Allah subhanaw taala says woman yes Angelica, a bit of amaravati law for Sophia naughty children of vema. Allah azza wa jal mentions, whoever does and this applies to any good deed and it's done. Seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala meaning you're only purely doing it seeking the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal for so finicky of him he will get an immense reward with the laws of origin. For that reason, the grid scholar a blessing and robotiq Rahim Allah. He used to say Obama in serene two of them who Nia perhaps you might do a small deed, but it will be magnified due to the intention what Obama did in cabiria, to serve your needs, and perhaps you do a huge great

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deed great effort, but it will become smaller because or due to the NEA.

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So no doubt then it is one of the conditions of a good deed being accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the Pudsey, Hadith Allah subhanaw taala says, and as an assured aka uninsured, meaning I am in need of of

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the partners in the least man Amina Ramadan Ashoka fee Marie Tara to talk to who was your was your co so whoever does any deed and he he joined someone else in that deed with me then I will leave him to his shirt so Allah did was direct all that action to the other thing that you were doing it along with Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's what a lot of the will says in the Quran, describing the the deeds of certain people on the Day of Judgment of Kadena Illa ami lumen Imani Jana who have a man surah Allah azza wa jal talks about these people and their deeds on a day of judgment, and he will make it like scattered dust, it has no value. And it could be that one of the things that it was not

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purely for his sake subhanaw taala one of the the true stories that indicates the importance of this, the importance of making sure our actions are purely for the sake of Allah azza wa jal is a story of a man from the early Muslims who used to pray in the front row in the masjid for 40 years for zero

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for 40 years, he's always in the front line in the masjid. And he says then one day after praying consistently in the front row for 40 years, I came late. He was in the second third or some row. He says while he was in the Salah, he kept thinking today people will see that I am not in the front row. Today people will see me in the third row. While he was thinking that he says I realized that for 40 years, I was praying in the front row, not for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, but to show off to people. Because if he was doing it purely for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, then his thoughts and his concern would be today, Allah will see that I'm not in the first row. Today, Allah will look

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in the first row and not find me today. Allah sees me in the third row. But this is how it can creep. And this is how Ria are showing off can creep into the act of worship so much, that it can be in detectable for so long. This man it took him this incident to realize that he wasn't doing it purely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to say this very beautiful dog. He used to seek refuge with ALLAH he's to say Allahumma inni Ooh, beaker, and oceanica beaker, were an alum west of Pharaoh kalamunda Allah. He's saying, Oh Allah, I seek your protection I seek refuge with You, that I that I commit this shirk and showing off is a minor

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or the hidden shirk the scholars classified because shirk is when you direct an act of worship to other than Allah or someone else with Allah. And if I'm praying to show off to people than is that prayer purely for Allah or part of it is for the people as well. So he's to say, I seek refuge in You that I commit, shirk? Well, I'm aware and I seek your forgiveness for that which I am not aware because it could be to the point where you're not aware that you're not doing this purely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

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and Nabi sallallahu Sallam showing the power of a floss. He said Makana Abdullah Illa Illa caught there is not a servant, who says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Hassan with with purity of intention in Food Handler who have worked with Santa had to flee. The doors and the gates of the heavens will be opened until it goes all the way up to the throne of Allah subhanaw taala much tenable Kabira the condition as long as he stays away from the Cabal era things that have a promised punishment in this world or the next.

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You have no Cathy. Cathy Rahim Allah He used to say to add ammonia for in

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a blue moon and he said learn Nia meaning learn having purity of intention, learn to purify your intention, because it can go further and reach higher than just the action alone.

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And we see also in the Quran, that it is one of the things that prevents being misguided by the shape on a police one he vowed and promised to misguide the majority of Allah's creation, the Vietnam Marine, I will misguide all of them, but then he made mentioned the exception in a burger coming home and mocassin except your servants amongst them amongst them, who have pure intention, meaning they worship and they do actions purely for your sake.

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So the scholars mentioned some of the signs of having pure intentions. One of them is that your work and actions, they're the same whether you're in public or in private. So someone who will be amongst righteous men, and because they lower their gaze, he shows them that he lowered his gaze. But when he's alone, he looks freely or someone when he's with people, he will pray sharp, but when he's alone, he will sleep without praying I shot. These are just examples of how actions change in public and in private. But it's important also to mention some balance. And the reality is and the scholars mentioned that realistically, people's behavior will always be better in public than in private,

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your behavior will always be better in public than in private. So a lot of times people find that their behavior changes when they're alone. And they immediately accused themselves of hypocrisy and so on and so forth and open an avenue for the shape on but so that's a given, but the disparity should not be huge. It shouldn't be where you leave off actions altogether.

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Then the other sign is that the you work the same and your actions are the same whether you are praised, or you are not praised. If Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with your actions and pleased with you then it shouldn't matter who is displeased.

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A man said to another, he said, The mocha man yo Luma, aka kabarak. He says, I'm going to condemn you in such a way that it will go with you to your grave.

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I'm going to speak badly about you, and it will spread and stick that even when you go to your grave, it'll go with you that will remain your reputation. But the man had purity of intention, and didn't care about what others thought as long as he is doing what pleases Allah subhanaw taala. So he tells him, it will enter with you in your grave, not me. I mean, you're condemning me saying bad things about me. That's a sin that you committed in a goal with you. It'll go with you to your grave. It's not gonna go with me.

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But again,

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or another example, Amara della Han, who wrote to Abu Musa he said, Man, Hello sir Nieto Kapha Hola. Hola Bina who have been in us. So who's ever who whoever's intention is pure, Allah subhanaw taala will protect him and suffice them from what is between him and between people, whether they praise you, whether they condemn you, it is the same. Two points of balance here. Number one, the scholars say it is also important to care for your reputation. Yeah, it's not that the believing man or woman says, as long as Allah knows the truth, I don't care what people think someone was accused of smoking or consuming alcohol. He says I love knows that I don't consume. So I don't care what people

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think. But the scholars say you should care about your reputation. And that's why when you look at, if you have an excuse to break your fast, the scholars recommend you still don't drink publicly. So the people don't think negatively of you. And one might say, well, Allah knows I have an excuse, who cares what people think. But you're supposed to care about your intention. And what that's one of the lessons from the incident incident of the if the incident of eyeshadow below Ana. She knew she was innocent, but she never and people work in were convinced that she was not some of them were convinced that she was not, but she never admitted to it. And just gonna say one of the lessons from

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her story is you never admit to something you didn't do. You never admit to something you didn't do. And you care about your reputation. It's not just that I only care what Allah thinks, and I can destroy my reputation in front of people. That's the first point of balance. The second is that there is nothing wrong with being happy after committing or completing a good deed. Many people if they do a good deed, or they, especially a good deed that like they finished a long day doing some good some charity work, they come home feeling happy. And then some start to question themselves. Am I am I really doing this for the sake of a larger agenda, and that's just another avenue for the

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Shabbat. And Nabi sallallahu Sallam in one Hadith describes the believer in a very beautiful way. Instead of saying the believer, he said, Whoever is good deed pleases him and his bad deeds displeases him. That's the definition of a believer. And it's natural that if you woke up, prayed some clam prayed fudger made a scar recited some Koran. You feel good about these deeds and you feel good about that morning. There is no hypocrisy here and there is no lack of sincerity or purity in intention of cola cola was tough for la la creme de la creme and Jimmy festa. euro was almost offering Escalades to jail for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness will

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah I mean, he was a Jemaine about

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the other misconception, misconception I would like to dispel concerning purity of intention and, and purifying your intention is that sometimes you'll find some do art and some speakers, they'll present a loss as the most difficult thing in Islam. And we'll have statements from the righteous that lived before us indicating that loss, they found a loss to be the most difficult thing in the religion. A famous statement from soufiane authority, Rahim Allah, He says that he found the hardest thing in Islam to be a loss, meaning to have pure intention. That's the hardest thing in Islam harder than anything else. And then you have another statement that is popular, but realistically it

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will cause difficulty and confusion for people. The other statement says, Whoever sees his loss and his loss, then his loss is in need of a loss. And that will only make things difficult and whoever sees that his intention was pure then he needs

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to purify his intention. So this then puts you in a vicious circle or cycle that has no end then. So is it something that is attainable or not. And this isn't a point of debate by scholars and students of knowledge, some of them presented like it's something impossible to attain and others presented like it's something attainable. And the truth is a larger agenda never asks his servants for anything that is unattainable. Anything that is impossible, you will never find Islam asking you to do it.

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So they argue that it is not that difficult, it is not that difficult. And even though you have to be in the process of constantly renewing, especially people who are in the in the limelight, or people who have become popular for something, so speakers kotoba they have to work extra hard, perhaps, in purifying their intention, someone who's become popular for an act of worship, someone who is popular for always being in the masjid, he might have to every time he leaves the masjid make sure he's doing it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, and not to be seen by people and not for any other reason, someone who is popular for giving in charity, he has to make sure that he always

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purifies his intention. But it's attainable through the following very simple logical steps. Number one, you can always renew, and refresh your intention. So if someone is doing an act of good, and then something creeps into their heart, or people see them, and they become pleased because of that, and so they stop themselves at that point. And then they renew their intention that they're only doing this again, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. They can do this in the beginning. And they can even do this in the middle of an act of worship, they stop and just renew and refresh their intention. The second thing is they can refresh their intention again and again. They do that and

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then they renew their intention and then an hour later, something else happens and they find themselves doing it to show off then they renew their intention again and again. And the scholars also mentioned that you don't leave a good deed, because not being able to purify your intention. If you do that, then the shade pawn has tricked you as well. You do your best, you do your best to renew your intention and you don't stop doing good deeds, not because of anyone and not because of being uncertain about your intention.

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With that we ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it, and to make use of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it for low morale hot

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water in a bottle of water and Versace Nava for LA Mata La Jolla dunya. Amina Well, I'm a blogger at Mina Rima sirona.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant ease and victory to Islam and to the Muslims. We ask Allah azza wa jal to remove this illness from our countries, our cities and from around the world. For lahoma lomatium Augustine, you as the V politic waive the fee Hello ma sciatic Murphy hibbett maruf Leona v SME A Da Da Mubarak Ratan Illallah. Meanwhile, earlier he was being Jemaine ma como la schooner, Hong Kong, La

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