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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of shiny silver in de la long VA and the loss of the Prophet Muhammad's son. The importance of avoiding confusion and fear is emphasized, along with the need to be mindful of one's actions. The Mahabharata is discussed, including its image, political settings, and the use of sherry in various forms. The use of shiny silver in cars is also discussed, along with the loss of the Prophet's son.
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s how do Allah Isla de la long VA

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Alhamdulillah he felt that he somehow RTL or the ultimate authority all huffy Yet Allah Allah Baba 81 Yet a help of equally Shay in Ellmau CR kulesza raha Mata Wilhelma waka Hora coulomb a fluke in risotto hokhmah yeah Allah MUMA bay de mama Khalifa humara Yoshi Otonabee here Ilma La Ilaha illa Allah hula hula Sherry Keller wash hadoo under Mohamed and Abu rasuluh sada I will help you as MA ra of Laurel salatu wa Tambo Tasleem Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Muhammad came also later about ACTA Allah Ibrahim in Naka, hamidou Majeed, Ahmedabad, all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his

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companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has lost him final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, I remember Behati and Muslim reported and they're so here that Abu Huraira they allow unsaid that the Prophet SAW Salem shared with them a story where about

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two men from the nations before Islam most likely the Jews or Christians. Then he said so Allah Allah sell them to them. It's Tara Raja Luna car on Amin Rajawali Nakamura, for what are the ladies Tara Delica are Phoebe T Mattoon and Jonathan via the hub. A man bought a house from another man and he found inside his house like in the backyard or in the property

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jar filled with gold.

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So he goes back to the person who sold him the house and he said I found this in my in the house. And I only purchased from you the house. Not the gold, so this gold belonged to you.

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So the man who sold him the House said and I have sold you the house and everything in it so that gold should be for you. Because that's your house and it isn't your property now. So you have more rights over the gold than me.

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Photographer they dispute among each other. Who will keep the gold

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The treasure fighter gamma Ilayaraja, they went to a man. And when you listen to both of them, he said, Do you have children? So one of them is that I have a son and the other one said I have a daughter are both an age of marriage. He said, Why don't you marry them to each other and give the goal to them so they can start their life and the debt.

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The hadith, that in the be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam shared here with them. This hadith just re emphasize something that the Prophet SAW Salem used to teach his companions and teaching us as a follower of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And you can find that in so many times in his life SallAllahu wasallam with this DNA, it's amazing how these two people everyone wants to give the goal to the other one, just imagine if this is today, you know, you be amazed by how what kind of character

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this is when the Dunia is in your hand. And the fear of Allah is in your heart. That's what we call it Ulduar and that's an important terminology that I believe we as as Muslim should be very, very familiar with. And wha wha wha hoo anakata took my Tasha ano Boorowa Cavalia Hara and what are is to avoid the things that it might harm you in the othera

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and what is to leave what might harm you in the affair? I just leave it I just avoid it. Even if I'm not sure.

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In Alladhina home in Hoshyar to beat him most people don't want Ladino home Biya to beat him You mean

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one loving

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the beat him love you surely

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one lady now you to

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toe boo boo Moi je la

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and Isla beam Rajim

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una you can use your own Fe little fun your auntie wha hoo whom

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Allah subhanaw taala and sort of telling us the reason why people were raised toward gender more than others

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and one of the quality of those people that while they doing the good deeds you tuna ma todos de su mo noise alone worku modulus still be have that fear under art

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and abuse of Allah they send them in inserted that concept of what are in the Sahabas heart. For instance, you find him as an admin of Niboshi said once the prophets of salaam told us and hallelujah you know what haram Obion will be no homo mortal Mr. behandlar Allah Munakata Dominus for many taka Shewhart for the Stabroek led in he wherever the woman worker official bohart worker after haram yeah and eventually work Ivan haram Khurana Euro Halal Hema you should go on your taffy and our indelicately Malik in HEMA and our in HEMA Lima Halima

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ILAHA. And Hadith say hey, that didn't be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Al halaal is clear and Haram is clear. And in between them there is area gray area area which is you know, not clear. If you avoid that unclear area, that gray area. You will always have your dean your Eman, your taqwa your heart safe and sound and protected and if you don't care about it, if you don't care about it, you will fall eventually into the Haram you will fall eventually into the Haram and abuse Allah low alleyway the sallam said once to Abu Hurayrah the Allahu Anwar ERVA paella kanwariya and tekun and badness have water and you will be the most righteous one will be my person Allah will act on Agnus

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be happy with what Allah have given you. You will be the most righteous rich the richest one you will be the richest 1 billion Muslimeen our little Muslim act will mean I hit building Muslimeen our minima to hiball enough SICA alphabetic what Corolla Amata corral enough securely italic basic attack Mina, you will be a true believer if you love for people what you love for yourself and your family. And you hate for other what you hate for yourself and your family. Watch our menjawab Debbie San INTERCO Muslimah were yacouba Catarratto GIFa in Catarratto bikey to see Don't be good to your neighbor you will be a true Muslim

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And don't laugh too much. Be just a joker. Everything about is alive. Everything in your life nothing serious in your life, because that will corrupt the heart. What kind of SallAllahu wasallam Eylem Femara are they Eva Pilar footballer, ilmi hiraman Fabulous Ibadah any any volunteer time any extra time that you have, after fulfilling the obligations? The best thing to use it for seeking knowledge, seeking knowledge better than doing an extra act of worship? Paulo hydro Dena Coonawarra. And the best of your deen the best of your Eman. The thing that will take your Eman to the highest level will be unwanted, which is to avoid the thing that might harm you in the outcome.

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Well, it Alec we're out we have Nicola he said when I visited Hasan Basri and he asked him about good deeds, extra good deeds. What's the thing that Allah will love the most after fulfilling the obligations? He said to him a Salah to be JioFi Leila now Sonia, I know after some call a woman saw if she needed help. He was mentioning to him to pray in the middle of the night these long nights too fast these you know hot days these are very highly rewarded. Then they're more open Nicola said to him. What about Anwar Carla, daddy colossal Emrakul Lee, that's the foundation and what is the foundation? Unfortunately today in a society where teach us to grab whatever you can in a society

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the teacher that whoever you know to be smart to be you know,

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any intelligent and aggressive and you know, I need don't care helot haram right wrong. You know, it is moral or not. Morality is not a big issue.

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Nations only lead by principles I to truly make great nations or great nations, when they have great principles. And great principle will never be exist in a society unless it was demonstrated by great people.

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Otherwise, it will be just words. What made Islam and Muslim great in the

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history. Historically speaking, we talk about Muslim because these great ideas in Islam were just not ideas in the book. They were up lamented by great men and woman.

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And the same thing in any civilization. Here in America, for example, we have a lot of great principles and ideas. But I'm boring. Unfortunately by the day you see less people holding up to these principles and applying them in their daily life and that's why things start declining.

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I'm delighted the Emerald nil is another low or no said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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mentioned that the prophets are Salah mentioned to them among the first group our patch intergender with a coffee him Siefert and Jeeva SallAllahu Sallam Minella man a woman Holden Carlin Milan Cabo facility more La Mina Arca fulfill Hadith upon kind of a gnome to set to begin with Thor. Will you take our boohooman Makati were moved to a hadoo whom were hijacked to houfy sundry lyase Tata avant mille Warahmatullah Ness Nell is Nell Anika

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that those people used to you know, even if there is something in their heart, they will restrain themselves from from doing it if they feel that is not appropriate or not good.

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When aroma Radi Allahu and received formal behind Amber, very expensive type of perfumes paella le ajudou imra 10 D The Hassan and the Kia

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knows how to deal with perfumes. Why? He said he wants to divide it into different you know,

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put it in different bottles, equal amounts so it will be given to the people because this perfume were came as the word food isn't supposed to be distributed among the public. Then his wife Attica, she said, I'm good at that. But it's Inigo Seenu was not deep. I'm good. Just let me do it. Kind of haha. Artica No way. I'll let you do that. She said why? Yeah, I mean, you worry that I will not do it fair. He said not. We're in the Moksha Hinamatsuri Dena theme, yet the Mahabharata Sperry Kofi Fatah, Colina Hakka fer Cooney le Roma Nasim at Furman movie Muslimeen

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he said I'm worried that after you finish your fingers will be touched by the perfumes and you know

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then you will start putting it in whatever in your hand you put it in yourself so that means I will have more shares than other people no way you will do that

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as another level of water

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Kira Bora Roger Selma heaven

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the people who will be the nearest Allah on the day of judgment are the people have a lot of knowledge I know you're coming home when you're gonna Yeah Come

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history bad that they should care a whole lot I will hold them in my car to hold myself to myself. Allah Allah

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad Sophia 30 Rahim Allah was told what I this is sound like so hard concept for a job did you ever imagine?

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She say Helen

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Keller cave. Writer Salamina Laura Mahaki if enough secret trick

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is easy to be said than to be done. Sophia answered. What is easy, whatever you feel not comfortable with, just leave it, don't do it. You don't have to do it.

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You know, when people develop that character traits, you will see how much honest we are with each others. How much we care about each other's money, rights.

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family, children, why even husband partners, and how much we will watch our tongue when we talk about each other.

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The way we say things towards each other because I watch I'm careful.

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And water is a great quality that it will only bring nothing but goodness to that society.

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My brothers and sisters rumor are the Allahu Anhu Allah once saw a man

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in the street and this man in the street was walking so slowly and like so slowly as if like he's sick then Omar said to him are you sick? He said no I'm not sick then Ramallah Allah Abdullah that Amara Allah and said so what properly that's not what I that's not righteousness is to work slowly and to act you know that's what I batted that's what are largely any that's not the what I did the sherry are looking for. Were Omar or the Allah and was so mad at one person in Medina. Yeah Annie Jaffe, SoCal Medina if upon yeah you're Muslim on how the Tamra Lehman

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for Kolkata kala upset you need to sit Elena Dina maraca that water somebody Oh I found a single date on the market who this belong to then what is this You ruin it for us that's nothing water. Some people they think religiosity in this you know kind of act in water is much it is things that you know what is haram? You know it is wrong is not for you to act up. Or worse than that to be lying in your water to be lying in your water. You can tell by the Canon NASA zemana sabot your own Bhima falloon. First behind NASA is a man in a euro on demand. If

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any, in the old days people show up, show off the thing that they used to do. Today people show off things that didn't even do and it's double problem. And that's also another type of any what I can do that people act as if they are religious and they're righteous and bla bla bla, and in reality they are not in the Madonia. But that kuruva home

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when did that started biller mean who should

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be aware of Alcoa sure that you act all holy and righteous and you are from inside so corrupt? That's that's not a lot I don't be deceived by such people like that. My brother and sister want to end up early or right on time. So because after the hook by shallow data, we have few words I would like from you guys to listen to it

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does not come allow hierarchy by one of the brothers who coming to ask for your support to their message and their project. But in the end we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless all of us and to forgive our sins Allah morpholino the lubaina wa for unknown Serafina V Emelina will also learn yet you know a Serrano who Allah

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Madonna Kula who Jada Jalali Quran Orford law now if you know our foreign worker of New Zealand, Longmans automatico Baraka Takata earlier than Mr. Allahumma unzila allinial Hero southern sub bow data generation CAD and CAD

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lawmate nanosilica you up a human father no hola then I will react in a min shortly I'll Phaeton Mahara min Hama baton for Latina Deena no no Islam and our Eman and yada yada you know early you know that our you know our camera I mean Allah who may notice Okay are there genuine economic Toliara Muslim UNIF era one two bedroom sharara home wanted the NRL fitna TV no human touch Malpelo Bahama Island, they will who they want to Ali Ali him they are on your camera. I mean, Allah Maslow was it did manual later who Imran Ali earliness era now I've been under sofa and our sharara now I'm gonna walk you mean? Allah Who mulata Jelena fitna lipoma la Ali mean Allah Hama for me you know me

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now to a Muslim you know well Muslim out here I mean whom I am what Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa como de Sala

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