Nadim Bashir – Fathers & Sons in the Quran #3 Conditional and Unconditional Obedience of Parents

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam are discussed, emphasizing the need for parents to show respect and value for their children. The difficulty of acquiring children is discussed, including the negative impact of mothers' struggles. The importance of showing gratitude towards parents and partners is emphasized, and the need to show respect and value for both parents and children is emphasized. The conversation also touches on the idea of divorce and the importance of not raising one's tone in front of parents and not giving advice.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah him Hamid wala earlier he was a big marine about Welcome to another segment of this continuing series called fathers and sons in the Quran. We begin with a story of law common law common law Hakeem and we've had two segments so far. Today inshallah I want to continue the series or these ayat in the Quran that talk about local man giving an advice to his son. Now what's interesting to note is that the very first advice that he gives to his son is learn to shake biller in a shaker Illuminati that do not commit shit with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada do not

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associate partners with Allah. And hence what Oman is doing is that he's trying to establish the correct firm faith and the correct archy that within his child that everything is about Allah subhanho wa Taala Now interestingly, the next idea is what was slain on in Santa beware the de harmala to Omaha Hannon either were hunted Well, if you saw Lo Fi I mean, initially when you were a DECA in a year Messiah we're in Jaha Dhaka Allah and to stick OB Maricella kabhi here Elman fala tutor Huma was able whom have duniya ma rufa what? Sevilla when Ana la from LA Yamato. Geochem fauna Bo comb beam, cone tongue Tom, I don't this is to is right after Lokmanya gives advice to his son

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that do not commit schicke then the next idea is Yeah, Boo Nia in intercom with kollha the iron Africa begins with Ye buena yaki. Salatu, wa mobila. But microphone Hi, Monica. So what we see is that in the middle of all these advices given by Lachman to his son, all of a sudden you have an idea that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is saying that we are commending you, and SubhanAllah. You know, there's a scholar by the name of Sheikh father solid Samurai, he's written a very beautiful to see it.

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And in SFC, he writes that this is not necessarily local man's advice on his son. Rather, this is a law mentioning, this is a law mentioning in all these ayat, that how we need to show respect to our parents. And this scholar, he explains very beautifully he says that what could be the hikma of Allah? subhanho wa Taala the wild Lama is giving all these advices perhaps they would have been no problem. If he gave advice to his own son, about respecting parents, what's wrong with that? But what we learn is that the reason why this is attributed to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah when Allah says, While was slain, now, we gave the advice, Allah is giving this advice. Allah is giving this

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command and it is a command that is worth paying attention to this is why Allah use the word what was slightly now what was Selena was saw is a very powerful word even in the Quran in surah baqarah we find what was sabe her Ibrahim Benny he were Yakuza Ibrahim Ali some giving advice to his son and Jacoba his son giving advice. Yeah, bunny in Allah has tougher luck and Medina Oh my sins Allah has chosen for you Islam for not the Mutanda Illa ontem, Simone and did not die except for in the case or in the state of Islam and Iman, but this word was saw is a very powerful word. It means you're giving a very powerful advice. And the person you're talking to you expect them to take your full

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advice. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who has given this advice over here. And Chef father, you mentioned that perhaps, if this was an advice coming from a man the Father Himself to His Son, perhaps a son could have thought that How selfish is my father, that he's trying to establish respect for himself. And that's why he's giving me advice. And this is why he's throwing this advice in the middle of all the advices. And perhaps he may not take this advice from his own father, because it's very, it's very common, it's very natural. I will say that if someone is giving you advice, and they're telling you to respect them, like we don't find this in the case of the problem

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of son of the Prophet it is someone never go out to people and say, I want you to respect me. It was the prophets actions. It was his it was his doing, it was his character. It was his demeanor, his attitude that will draw people to him, draw people to Allah subhanho wa taala. So it's not about going and telling people that you need to respect me. And there's a lesson in this for all four

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others to be honest, that it's just not right. If Allah does not want this advice to come from Oman to his son, because his son may feel like that is selfish for my father that he wants instead of giving me proper advices, but he's doing this advice that he wants me to respect him. Think about this, Allah basically once all fathers to understand this, that is just not right. When we use ayat of the Quran against our own children, you know how many times there's a hotbed that takes place. And the hotbar is about respecting parents. And as soon as you sit down in the car, the very first thing the father says, oh, did you listen to yesterday's football? Did you listen to what the Hatim

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said, and what happens is that there's nothing wrong and make this also very clear. for a parent to use ayat of the Quran to get a message across to their children is absolutely fine. But it becomes problematic when you are trying to use the ayat of the Quran to a position of advantage. Like you can actually tell when you're trying to give an advice when you and versus when you're trying to be selfish for yourself. So this is why it's very important that just from this method of approach, the lesson in this for all fathers, is that you want to teach your children using the ayat of the Quran, no problem. But if you keep on harping on this and it comes out to be very selfish, then remember

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that you're not bringing your children perhaps closer to Allah, you might be pushing them away from Allah subhanho wa taala. Our deen is not about being selfish. And that's something that's very, very important today. Every person, every husband knows the Hadith about how the wife needs to respect them. And today, we all know a hadith that fits our needs and suits our needs and what we want. But what we don't realize is that the ayat of the Quran, the Hadith of the Prophet of Salam are not there, so we can impose that upon others, and demand our rights from others. Rather, these ayat of the Quran and Hadith are there so that we can take a good look at ourselves. When When the Prophet

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saw some talks about the signs of hypocrites? Why did the Prophet of Islam talk about that, not just so that we can start labeling other people in our community that oh, he's a hypocrite or she's a hypocrite. And these words of the Prophet are these characteristics of the Prophet, they fit these kinds of people, hence, they are the McLaughlin of our community in our society. That's not why it is, is so that we can take a good look at ourselves. When the Prophet really sums talks about the traits of the mafia theme, the characteristics, do I me personally, do I have those characteristics in my life? That is why these are Hadith are mentioned. This is why these ayat of the Quran are

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mentioned not so that we can impose our will upon others. Now, the first thing that I mean, so going into this, if Allah subhanho wa Taala says what was saying Al Insana, bhiwadi day that we have given a command to all human. And the reason why the We the reason why Allah subhanaw taala is saying in Santa, he could have just said, was slain in Muslim Mina. I've given an advice to the Muslims. But here he says in Santa, because this is a serious issue within our own community. This is an issue within all families. There is, as you know, nearly every single parent will say that my parents I mean, my children did not show respect to me. And we find in so many cases, the issue in the

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relationship, that is you know, the relationship between the parents and the children is not a relationship that is very fruitful, very beneficial, and one that is of peace, rather, there's so much issues going on between parents and children. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is addressing mankind, that when it comes to your parents, it is your responsibility to show respect to your parents. And this is why this goes back to a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If you remember the hadith of Gibreel Alehissalaam Gibreel Ali's son comes to the prophet and he asked him any questions. Mal Islam, Al Eman Malaya son, what is Islam? What is Iman what is a son? And then he

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asked us who also salam that when is the day of judgment and the property Islam, he expressed his ignorance about the matter. And then he asked him the word the signs of the Day of Judgment, and the very first thing and also also Allahu Allah He was some he mentioned is and tell you the Ummah to Roberta.

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And this, you know, this phrase of the Prophet can be translated, it can be explained so many different ways. But in a nutshell, the prophet Allah is I was mentioning that one of the signs of the Day of Judgment is that there will be an abundance of disobedience towards parents, by their own children. And so this is why is something very important that when it comes to our parents, we show a great deal of respect to our parents. Now, when it comes to the mother and a father. We know that there are many a hadith where the Prophet alayhi salam he mentioned and he emphasizes upon it looking

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After the mother is showing reverence, showing love showing kindness, and tenderness and respect and compassion towards our mothers. In fact, he mentioned the mother three times before he mentioned the Father. And this is not taking anything away from the Father either. There are other a hadith to highlight the importance of respecting, and showing reverence to our fathers too. And so what we learned is that we have to show that respect. And one thing that I want to share, especially because we're talking about fathers and sons in the Quran, if a father, if a father is able to respect his parents, if a father is able to show reverence to his own parents, eventually, then you can teach

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your own children, eventually this father can teach his own children, how to show respect to his parents, if you if we want our kids to become respectful to us, we need to show reverence to our parents first, because our kids they see when a kid when a child sees that my father has talked to me about respecting, but I turn around and I see that he has absolutely no respect for his own parents. He talks back to his parents, he's abrupt with his parents, he raises his voice in front of his parents, that how do you expect your own child to show you respect, once again, the Prophet alayhi salam has taught us in a hadith, that if part of you know, if we do not show reverence to the

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elders, then eventually Allah subhanho wa Taala will not or will create a situation that people will not have reverence for us and respect for us when we become seniors. So that's why it's very important that we show that respect to our parents, both mother and father, and we should not pick sides, but rather, we should show, you know, respect to both. Now, I understand that there are always different situations Subhanallah you know, how many times I receive phone calls about how the situations are in families and so forth? All I'm saying is that yes, every family is going to be different. The situation in every single family is going to be different. And I don't want to go

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into all the cases, but we just have to show their respect to both of our parents. Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about the mother that the difficulties the mother, she went through, how maletto Maha Hernan Allah wa Hernan that the difficulty upon difficulty that she had to endure the fact that first of all, there's another human being, you know, there's a human being growing inside her. And the difficulties that a woman she has to go through when she first conceives, you know, the, you know, the morning sickness that they go through, than the expanding body that they have to go through. And then not only that, in the troubles at night, the sleepless nights and all that they

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have to go through. And Allah Subhan, Allah is reminding us because this is something that we can easily forget about, you know, we forget about all that hardship that our Mother's Day went through. But Allah subhanaw is reminding us that their difficulty was just not a difficulty. That difficulty just grew over time, as they were progressing through that term of pregnancy. That difficulty just kind of kept on becoming bigger and bigger. And even after they gave they gave birth to the child. It was not done. I mean, the amount that a woman has to go through to take care of her children, the amount of sleepless nights they have to go through the amount of sacrifice that it takes upon them

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when it comes to their social, their social, their social gatherings and so forth. They have to make so many sacrifices for their own children. So Allah subhanaw is reminding us about the mothers. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, initially, what do you worry the ICA illegal Messiah? Why do I demand this from you? That you show Shaka you show gratitude to me and you show gratitude to your parents. Now this can be understood in many different ways. First way it can be understood is that if you cannot appreciate, like you know, there's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he says that Mala mia schinas, la escuela whoever cannot think people cannot think Allah

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Subhana Allah. And a lot of times we don't understand this hadith but what this hadith is trying to tell us is, if you cannot appreciate the small things in life, there is no way you can appreciate the bigger things in life. So if we cannot appreciate the things that are right in front of us, our mothers are in front of us,

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then we cannot appreciate what Allah subhanaw taala has done for us. Another meaning of this ayah is Allah subhanaw taala saying is that the one of the best ways that you can show your gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala and to your parents is by first of all the way the best way we can show our gratitude to Allah is by worshiping Allah by obeying Allah. And the best way we can show our gratitude to our parents is by being kind to them, what was going on in salary, why are they being kind, be you know, being compassionate towards our parents showing respect to our parents. This is a good way to show and

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to pay back the good that they have done, it doesn't mean that we will be able to pay back everything that we have done, or our parents have done for us. It just means that this this is a way to show our gratitude to our parents. And this is why Sophia Sophia even arena, a great scholar of the past, he mentioned that when we praise a lot, five times daily Salaat we are showing our gratitude to Allah subhanho wa taala. And when we make dua for our parents, and when we show respect, and reverence to our parents, then this is our way of showing gratitude to our parents and because Gratitude has to be shown, not just verbally, but physically to Allah subhanho wa taala. He

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says, What kalido minute a bad yes Shaku Allah says that there are very few of my slaves who are thankful to me. And the order they mentioned, and this is that this is not about those who verbally do not think Allah, this is about those who do not physically show their gratitude to Allah subhanho wa taala. So there's a verbal way of showing your gratitude, and there's a physical way of showing your gratitude. Allah wants us to show our gratitude in a physical way to our parents. Now, I understand that when it comes to parents, and especially the relationship between a between parents and children,

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you know, subhanAllah, there are many issues in our Muslim community. And the one thing that you know, the most common thing that you hear, especially when you hear when you talk to a lot of young men, young women, a lot of the youth, you know, the question that they keep on coming bringing up or the question that they asked many times is that what do you do when you are facing or you are, you have parents who are very troubling. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us that, first of all, you have to show respect to your parents. At the same time, there might be a different circumstance in your family. Sometimes it's not necessarily true that every parent is absolutely the best parent

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is also true that every child may not be the best child. And some families, you have the ideal child, but the parents are not doing what they need to do. And you have families where the parents are doing what they have to do, but the child is not he's not doing what they need to do, or she's not doing what they need to do. You look at the story of Noah Houston, um, he's a prophet of Allah, yet he had a son, he had one of his sons, who did not believe in him. So that's me, it's common, we see that in the Quran, we also find like the story of Ibrahim Ali, he said that he's an obedient son and his father is not is not the ideal father, and he does not have Iman, and so forth. So what

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should we do in that kind of situation when we have troubling circumstances in our families, and Allah subhanho wa taala. He says to us, that first of all, once again, disagreement, and I want everyone to listen very carefully. disagreement and disrespect are two different things. Disrespect does not exist, there's no way you can show any kind of disrespect to your parents. On the other hand, if you need to disagree with your parents, there is nothing wrong in disagreeing with your parents. And there is nothing wrong with what I'm saying, honestly, because some people see what happens many cases is that, you know, parents actually feel in many cases that we have a green card

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or we have a green light to do whatever we want. And sometimes they put that pressure upon their own children, that this is what we want from you. And in some cases, it's very true that the parents might be far away from being and they want their children to do something that may be considered as wrong. And Allah subhanaw taala is telling us we're in Jaha Dhaka, if your parents are struggling with you, they are they're coming to you, they are approaching you, you are approaching them, they are approaching you, they want you to do something, which is considered as wrong. Whether it's here in the Quran, Allah talks about shidduch. The owner might have mentioned that this is regarding any

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kind of sin, because as we all know, laugh ah, Telly Maha Logan females so that Khalid there's no way that you can obey the creation, while disobeying Allah subhanho wa taala. So in this kind of situation, imagine there's a scenario where the parents want their child to do something that is wrong. Now the parents are going to say that I'm your parent. And Allah subhanaw taala has given me the honor and the status and you have to obey me, no matter what, whether you like it or not. And on the other hand, the child says that no, what you are telling me to do goes against the teachings of the Quran goes against the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what should be done

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in that kind of situation? The Quran tells us that in that kind of situation, that first of all, Allah tells us that when it comes to sin, when it comes to our parents telling us to do something that is not correct, not right. Then we have the right to disagree with them and say that we will not do this. Allah Subhan says phala to their homes, that do not obey them. Now Allah Subhana Allah did not say after that, that you know you need to go give them a lecture, Allah Subhan Allah don't say that

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because a lot of times what happens is that many of us, you know, we think that we are very knowledgeable, we think that we know so many is the Quran and the Hadith. And there's nothing wrong and explain to your parents one time. But if your parents are stubborn on this, and they are really telling you to do something that is wrong, then you can tell them very nicely, very politely, very respectfully, this is the key, very respectfully, you can say that no, you will not do this. Now, a lot of times, you know, subhanAllah, you come across also parents, who also feel like that, you know that when my parent when my child says that he will not do this, and I'm telling him to do

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something, then they're going to be held accountable for a lot of the day judgment. And sometimes parents feel like that, that once again, I'm the parent and my child needs to listen to me. And we need to understand first of all, for parents, just because you are a parent, once again, you have this honor, you have the status, Allah has made you a parent, but with great with great status comes great accountability to

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Allah has given you the status, no doubt. But Allah will also ask you on the Day of Judgment to that, how do you maintain that status? Did you take advantage of that status. And so this is why it's very important that we understand that there is nothing wrong if your child disagrees with you. If your child disagrees with you, and says, they will not do it. And they're not being rude about it. They're not being disrespectful about it, but they are humbly telling you that they will not do it, then that's absolutely fine. Once again, we're talking about situations, when you as a parent are giving an advice to your own children to do something that is surely it and by Islamically it is

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wrong, or a sin that you want them to commit. So this is why we see that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is setting the record straight. At the same time, Allah subhanaw is telling the child to that you do not have a right to be disrespectful. Yes, you may have more knowledge than your parents, you may know more than your parents, and you may know that what they're doing is wrong. That still does not give you the authority to go and be disrespectful to them. That does not give you the authority that you just you know, you unleash Quran and Sunnah upon them. Because you feel like you are superior than them. You do not treat them in that way too. And you know, subhanAllah, I just want to give you

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two, I just want to give you a few examples, because this is something that's very important.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us is that, first of all, as I said earlier, that showing you respect at the same time, not at the expense of your deen, you know, subhanAllah today, you know, there's so many cases that I hear. And I just want to give you two examples. First of all, is that there's one example that I hear over and over again, that a lot of times parents are telling their own children divorce your wife, you know, this is something very common in our society. So much that I've seen in my I've seen as being an E mum, I've seen innocent girls being divorced, being divorced, nothing wrong. Why are they divorce? Why is the husband divorcing them? Because the

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husband says, or the young man says, because my mom told me to do so. My father told me to do so. Now when you approach the parents, what happens to the parents, they come and they say, well, it's in the Quran, the sunnah to that if I tell my child to did to divorce their wife, my child needs to listen to me. And what do they bring up? They bring up the hadith of Satan or even Amara Yolanda and even Omar was told by his own father, I'm going to have to go and divorce your wife. And he said, No, he wanted the Prophet sallallahu it was sending them and apparently some says that if your father said then you do it. So a lot of times they hold on to that kind of Hadith. Then people bring

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up the story about Ibrahim alayhi salam Ismail Ali Salam, the that Ibrahim alayhis salam he goes, and he sends a message to Oberoi to insert a smile through his wife and his smile, he realizes that my father is telling me to divorce my wife and he divorced his wife. And there are some other examples in the Hadith. However, what we don't realize is that as parents is that this is not this is just inappropriate. If you feel like that you can just go and tell your children and a lot of times, you know parents, they you know, they emotionally play with their own children unfortunately, that I'm your parent, you haven't listened to me whether it's right or wrong, and the parent and the

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child feels like that no matter what it is. If my parents told me to do something, I have to do it even if they told me to go and divorce my wife I have to go and do that. And by the way, according to all the order now I'm making this very this very bold statement here. According to all the orlimar when they study these are Hadith even 100 Imam no we even scholars in in our subcontinent in the past mana Asha for eternal you sub. I mean, Hassan

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bacilli, all these scholars of the past, they all say that if your parents in the case of Omri Maha club, he saw that there was something wrong, he saw that there was an issue. And he did not want to expose the issue, you know, want to expose the wife of Ibn Omar, so you don't even want to divorce his wife. But think about this, if if a person is going to their child, and there is no reason, there is absolutely no reason for the for the husband to give a divorce, than in this case, he does not necessarily have to obey his parents, he does not have to obey his parents. In fact, even a situation that may come in many cases is that, you know, when there are joint families, families

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living together, the mother and the daughter in law are not getting along. And that case to the mother who may say to her son, that divorce your wife, I'm your mother, you know, I fed you I gave birth to you, and you cannot enter into Jannah without my approval, and Jana is underneath my feet. I mean, a lot of times mothers can unfortunately manipulate the Hadith in this case in this way. And they will, you know, they will put this kind of pressure on their own children. And the children have no idea and they're like, You know what, this is absolutely the right thing my mother is saying, and they will go in divorce their wife, and the owner, they say that if in this case, your

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wife is not wrong, your wife is wrong. And there could be some serious repercussions. If you go down the road of HELOC and divorce, then in this case, you rather just move out and keep the peace between the two. That means that you show respect, you can easily show respect to your mother. And you also don't divorce your wife. In fact, she shared let me know what they mean. One time he was approached by a man and he said that, you know, didn't

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give an order to his son, that he should divorce his wife. And so what about a father? If he goes in divorces, if he tells his son to go divorce his wife, and she ignored me, he said something very, very beautiful. He says that. Are you on? This? Is he this is what he said. He says are you on? You're comparing yourself to Amara, but there is no resemblance there's you and Ahmad, how are you comparing yourself to hammer? So this is why I mean when it comes to for example, divorces, how many divorces are taking place in our community? Why? Just because the parents don't like the girl. And there's nothing wrong with the girl. And you know, subhanAllah when I've approached when I've

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approached those young men, and I'm like, why are you doing this? There's nothing wrong with the girl. She has not done anything. And they say that my mother said so and I haven't told them. And I have to be very blunt about it. Your mother is giving you a wrong advice. And you don't have to obey them. In fact, if a son says in that situation, that I will not do what you're telling me to do. That's not disrespect. Because see, once again, a lot of times as parents we say to our children, when we we you know we corrupt their mindset by telling them that if you disagree with me, you are disrespecting me. And this is no more part in our deen. So this is why as parents, this Deen of ours

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and because it gave us a status, it doesn't mean that we have a green light to do whatever we want. At the end of the day, we will be held accountable for Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment. Now Allah subhanho wa taala. He goes on to say, what saw people who might fit dunya Mousa but that also means that you are respectful to your parents too. That means that you are going to go and you're going to sit with them. And you know, imagine if there's a situation and there are situations like this, by the way, that the parents are not happy. Like for example, if a parent is not happy with their own child, because he got married to some girl that he wanted to get married to, and the

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girl is a good girl. And the just because the parents are not okay with it, the parents they disagree with the choice of their son, the son is not this, this is not disrespectful. I mean, parents, they usually call this and they label this as disrespectful. And then they will sit down and they will tell their child that you have disrespected me, they will you know, they will like criticize their own child, they will criticize their own son and so forth. In this case, what should that son do? Allah says was saw Haibo, homophobic dunya model. That means that you still go, you still sit with them. And no matter what they're saying to you, no matter how much, you know,

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criticism they're sending you, no matter how much they're bashing you, no matter how many things are saying about you. Just sit there, listen and tolerate it. That is what Allah is telling you to do. Allah is not telling you that you have to listen to that. I mean, listen, in the sense that you have to believe in that Allah knows that what you did was absolutely fine. And if you deep down know that what you did is absolutely fine, then it's fine, no problem. But at the same time, you have to know that what you did was right. And if you truly did what is right, then there is no problem in sha Allah. Because at the end of the day, a lot of times parents they will you know, they will say to

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that I'll give I'll make a dua against you. Once again, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who accepts to us he's the one who rejects to us. Just because a parent says I will make dua against you. It is not

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mean, especially if you know that as a son or daughter, if you know that what you did was right, and you have shown them respect and you do not disrespect them, then it doesn't mean that they can make dua against you and it will happen, okay, because at the end they do ours are in the hands of Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is why Allah says, that still means that you will go, you will sit with them, no matter how much they say to you, you just absorb it, absorb it, absorb it, and then you just let it go. But do not be disrespectful, Do not raise your tone in front of them, Do not raise your voice in front of them. And then Allah says what WSIB lemon and Abba LA, that when you feel

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like you have lost your parents, you want to be in the company of those who can bring you back to Allah. So Allah saying the follow the path of those people who turn to Allah subhanho wa taala, who are turned towards me, this is Allah saying, so we know there are people in our community, there are people that are righteous, connect with them, especially, you know, subhanAllah how many times I mean, there are so many stories in our community that I can just keep on going into. But like for example, there's there's some situations to that, where the parents are not happy with their children, because they made certain choices for themselves in their life. And now the parents are

00:31:09 --> 00:31:46

just, you know, they they speak ill of their own child, and the children, the parents have said that I've disown you, I want nothing to do with you. In that case, to what do you do as a child, then remember that, that be around those people who bring you closer to Allah because that will bring you peace and comfort, now bring you happiness. I remember I had a youth who came to me, and they said that my parents they speak, they speak in front of me. And I wish I had parents I see others having parents, and I don't I feel like I've lost my parents. And I gave them the advice that just be around those who bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Finally, to wrap all this up, Allah says

00:31:46 --> 00:32:19

in both ideas, he talks about the idea of standing before Allah on the Day of Judgment. That means that the parents are going to be standing before Allah on the Day of Judgment, that children are going to be standing before Allah on the day of judgment. And Allah is going to make everyone understand. And Allah is going to make everyone aware of their actions. Because Allah is the ultimate just, he's the one who is the ultimate judge. And he was the one who will serve justice. There's always going to be disputes between parents and children and so forth. But Allah is the One who is going to be the the chief, He's the judge. He's a jury, he's the executioner. So Allah will

00:32:19 --> 00:32:54

make that decision to who was right and who was wrong. If the parents were wrong, Allah will hold them accountable. And if the children will wrong, that Allah will hold them accountable to so this is what our deen has taught us once again show respect to our parents. If they tell you to do something that is wrong, you simply just you simply say that I will not do that. Do not retaliate do not become disrespectful, do not give them a long lecture. You can share with them some of the Quran if they just keep on ignoring you that you don't have to keep on you know, you know reading either the Quran or Hadith and provide proof so that they you just take a step back You stay quiet, stay in

00:32:54 --> 00:33:19

their company until the day comes that they depart and you should stay quiet and tolerate any wrong that they may say anything negative that they may say. You just tolerate that I ask Allah subhana wa Tala to give all of us ability to act what has been seen or heard and may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep the unity amongst our parents and children. May Allah subhanaw taala bring peace in our families. I'm eatable Alameen Docomo Allah had a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh in

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who use one Luna

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WADA he wants to label this NEMA

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in Alladhina you know Allah, Allah wants to

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feed to Nia

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mother Molina well levena You Luna meanie now, Mina TV while at MCC DESA boo

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boo oh what is

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movie Anna?

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