Positivity In The Midst Of Negativity

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AI: Summary © The negative impact of negativity on conversations and interactions can lead to negative conversations, and the natural eye and joys of life are key ways to be positive. The speakers emphasize the importance of positive outcomes and finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy in life, finding a joy
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Mallanna v Raja, Amato, favela immunoassay, Tony Raja Bismillah Raheem in July asuna, rohilla, Hillel Coca

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Cola Who?

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My dear respected elders and brothers, we begin by pleasing Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved in the vehicle.

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We are living in an age, we I think everyone would agree that it is an age in which negativity about

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our conversations happenings as such that give rise to a lot of negativity.

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And much of our discussions and happenings and disputes and turmoils are such that this negativity seems to dominate our way of thinking our conversations etc. Yet, from our point of view, we are always told to be positive, to look at the positive aspects of life, not to become bogged down by negativity. And we all know that there are two ways of looking at things. There is a positive way of looking at things and there's a negative way of looking at things. Some people might also be aware of with regard to when we talk about this seeing a glass that is half. Some people will say that the optimists will say that it is half full, the pessimists will say that it is half empty. And someone

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will also make it this way and say that optimists will take a look at a donut and say, See there is a donut, there is something that you can eat from them. And the pessimist will say there's a hole in the donut, there's nothing to eat in the middle of the doughnut. But optimist further, will look at an opportunity in every difficulty. The pessimists will look for a difficulty in every opportunity. And we are told to look at opportunities we are told to look at positivity we are looked told to look at certain things that are positive. I read this in the books of history that Wen Tao de la Salatu was Salam was confronted with john Ruth. And of course, in biblical terms is known as David

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and Goliath. So when john Ruth came, he was so

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over order and people will be so over awed by his presence because he had such a great presence and he was so big and so like a giant, and people said, Who is going to fight with him? Look at how big he is. Look at what a giant he is. Undoubtedly salat wa salam, who was a master with a catapult. And he looked at the positive and said, how big he is, I can see

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how big he is.

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So we are told from the point of view, to look at things in a positive way, nothing

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delights, shaytan and satanic forces, more than people becoming negative, and people becoming despondent. In fact, one of the, the meaning in the words of at least comes from Atlas Atlas. And Atlas. The Atlas two means one who brings about the stage in his life. So one of the aspects and the root words of he believes is to be to the Spirit. And we all know that very famous iron, and I'm sure you must have come across it through the

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bionz of the LMR in Nola yasumi, rohilla ilco. McAfee. It is only a disbeliever who loses hope in the mercy of Almighty Allah. A believer is never taken aback by despondency. Now the question would be, how do we become positive in such an arena, an area of negativity? Let me give you some tips from the Quranic and from our Sharia with regard to having a positive outlook towards life. Firstly, Islam teaches us of a futuristic vision. Islam tells us that the difficulties and challenges of the soul a temporary the challenges that come upon us individually and collectively are not the real purpose of life. And the Quran says when a blue condition we will hide it. I will test you will ease

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and I will test you with difficulty. That difficulty and ease that comes upon you is not the reality, the way you'd respond to that is a reality. When Allah Allah tells us in the Quran, Allah Allah Kalamata will hire me Abou accom au Kumasi, Mama, I created

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life and death to test who does righteous deeds. All of us are someone's we all have become and we have taken part in examinations, and no one ever finds it exams in which there was only easy questions. They are easy questions. They are difficult questions and many a times a talented

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Student also knows the way he responds to a challenging question is how he becomes any gauge marks. So the fact that there is why when a person has ease in this world, because it's part of the test, it doesn't mean that he's successful, or when a person has challenges in this world doesn't mean that Allah tala is angry with him. And the ease and challenges we have are not the reality, the way we deal with it, the way you respond to that is a reality. So once you understand that, we believe that the challenges and the ease of this world are part of the test. The difficulty is no one ever regard ease as a test although the Quran tells us has an input layer of being 90 inches of the

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Quran, you know, and this is something that you and I we get very happy we put up a new house or put up a new shop a new cup, we put the SD card I mean, this is a very great grace of Allah bounty of Allah, we don't complete the if we are very clever, what does the next portion of the hire set me up Looney to test whether you are grateful or ungrateful, every favor Allah gives you is to test whether you are grateful and grateful. So all of this is part of the test. That is why you want it to be occurring. So slim has made mentioned just to understand this aspect of how we believe in a futuristic vision, a vision that this challenges in each of those worlds are temporary, may be

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occurring sauce limits it take for an example. And this is to give an example with regard to this matter. If a person who has had a life in which he has only hair is that doesn't happen because even What's our each and every one has challenges. If that person were to be kept in Jannah meant to be taken out, not put in janam depth. Put in janam taken out oh my Bunda Oh my bondsman Oh my seven Did you ever see any ease? The spike is life of is that little bit of time that he's put in Germany. Never ever so company.

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I never ever see company. And if for example, a person only had challenges in difficulty in this in this world. And he is put into gentlemen for a little while and is taken out. And Allah will tell him Oh my God, if you ever see that, because Have you ever seen difficulty, Chen that will be so beautiful for that moment to never ever so difficult.

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So we are we are people who believe in that type of vision. The second aspect with regard to why do we become positive? Why do we have a positive outcome? Maybe a cream saucer. Mr.

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Very one dress is the affair of the believer. And this is only for the believer, no one's perfect for no one else. Any ease come upon him. Any good comes upon him. He makes sugar and he gets reward from Almighty Allah. They've been grateful to Almighty Allah for the reward and for the great and for the ease that Allah has granted. So that is also a point of goodness for him. And if any challenge comes upon in any difficulty comes upon me make someone and when you make someone, then he still gets rewarded. So for him it is a win both sides. He's always a winner. So if there is he is he is grateful. If there is difficulty and challenge he is Sabbath he makes about now it's a whole

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complete different, you know, a talk on his own What is the meaning of gratefulness and what is the meaning of summer? One aspect of summer which you and I, because of our indo Pak subcontinent background, we understand suffer means if someone slaps you on one cheek and give the other cheek also is an exception. That is not the meaning of summer. In fact, we normally translate the word server two means patience. It's a very incomplete, you know, translation of the word server. When you look at the Islamic perspective of server, maybe the right word. And the translation for server would be perseverance. I was recently listening to a lecture was at Monash shamala Kamiya

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Rahmatullah tulalip, innovate mention of this he says, summer is you determine of an objective in your life, your objective in life is to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. And once you determine an objective in your life, no matter what comes in your way,

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challenges come is come anything that comes you never waver in pursuing your objective. If it is, so anyway, other aspect is wondering, is there a fear of the woman he is comes upon him he makes, he makes sure he gets reward, difficulty comes up wanting to make some money, he still gets rewarded. The third thing that we become and we take a very great amount of inspiration with regard to becoming positive is that we are

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always optimistic, always positive, even in the most challenging times. When the Sahaba Ikram NWA cream sauce lamb did not have enough resources to defend Medina on their own. So they were digging a trench during the course of the digging of a trench and we'll keep it very shortly.

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was a limited time. During the course of the digging of the trench. They could not remove a boulder and Muslim was told to come and remove the Boulder. The reoccurring sauce, took an axe and maybe a cream sauce from struck that Boulder. And during the course of that, there was sparks that flew. And then the reoccurring source alum told us, you know, what was Fox and ladies knows best. You know when it was first and ladies who knows best via cream sauce themselves. Allah tala showed me the treasures of the Persian Empire, the Roman Empire in the palaces of the Roman Empire. When epic made a joke, the hypocrites made a joke, he can protect himself. He's digging a trench to protect

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himself, and he's breathing in the treasures of the Roman in the Persian Empire. History proves it correct. Within 2025 years, the Muslims over to follow those empires, even in a challenging situation like that.

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Source and never became negative with regard to any of the people who may be occurring sources and wanted to accept Islam. The reoccurring source always gave them hope. Maybe a clean source of them gave them encouragement when maybe a cream sauce them came to Makkah. He asked when he'd been worried on one occasion. I think it was most properly at the time.

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it is the one who caused the setback in the pattern of who had in the reoccurring source which is calling for Harley Winslow brother Khalid.

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Shula Why, why he could not even bear up in Makkah, he ran away, he's gone away. He's gone away. Oh, what did going tell your brother and intelligent person like him cannot remain oblivious about the beauty of Islam.

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When he writes a letter to spread, a salad comes back, he reaches letter, the person who might have done so much wrong, he is encouraging me and he is telling me that a person like you can remain oblivious and neglectful of the beauty of Islam. He makes his mind and he goes to Medina and he becomes a Muslim and becomes a safer law. This is how I

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looked at things always looking at the optimistic aspect. So how Vikram

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because of that, they will also amongst those who always have positive, despite the challenges that they were, they were in the forefront of being positive. They they were not deterred by negativity. They were not deterred by challenges, but they kept a positive outlook towards things and they always they practice according to the ability to most blind, but yet despite his blindness, he was making the as an emergency. In one occasion, where he became Shaheed he was he came in one battle, and he told us I don't want to become I am physically challenged, I am blind. I don't want to become an obstacle for you in terms of you achieving your objective and making Jihad put me in the midst of

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your enemies, puts me in a much of your hands, so that I am not an obstacle in you while you are fighting. But while being the members of your enemies, if I achieve shahadat, Alhamdulillah despite these blinders

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they found and they were in difficult situations, they sometimes had to give the beauty of Islam and challenging environments deep so choco Pina Vitaly put in the court of negus. And when you were people of Makkah said, These are the people who need to be sent back to MCI, mocha, Rama, choco Italia, ricotta, and he spoke about the beauty of Islam, and He impressed negus negus and he became a Muslim. So it was it must have been aware that nebbia Kareem saw Salaam sent him to Madina munawwara in a hostile environment to show the beauty of Islam to people who are not yet aware of the beauty of Islam. And he changed the entire environment of Medina.

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And they were positive and they worked in such a manner and they achieved results. So it wasn't as a teacher

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that when they occur in sort of got the first one he does he and frightened by the strange experience. He comes home. I always tell the people that when the via cream sauce had a problem he came to his wife.

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He came to his wife didn't go to his friends. Today a Muslim woman spends half her life looking for a husband, the other half wondering where he is.

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First where I found us what other ways he could do. So this is not the way we are supposed to be.

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Home what a critical time in our history for a critical time in our history. That may be occurring So Sam comes home in the

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zombie loony zombie noni. Oh Ha deja Cover me, I'm afraid because I won't be able to bear this responsibility.

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And what did she say? It's such a time when bla bla bla bla bla Allah will never discuss your mind.

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In Nikola Tesla what that miracle was crazy to me. I don't know why you will have we have such beautiful attributes. You are

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All the time helping the poor, you are entertaining the guest you are taking up noble causes, you are always taking the part of those people who are underprivileged. And why in difficulty, whether other people accepted you or not, is your why bear witness if

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you are the Messenger of Allah Sahaba were those that they were always looking at the positive, that we also then give you an example of other montigny Jabba the load that may be occurring, so silly mistake he was sending into Yemen, and when why.

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And this is amongst the points where we get our positivity from him sort of goes until while and when he's telling us he said oh was on what basis are you going to? You know, I'm sending it to Yemen On what basis are you going to give decisions when you I said model the ultimate said I will first look at the Quran himself and said what happens if you don't find it in the Quran? Okay, there was a saucer. He didn't say it is not in the Quran. What happens if you don't find it in the Quran? I will look at your things. Yes, I will look at the Hadith. What happens if you don't find it in the Hadith? Omar, I will read that principles from the Quran and Hadith and apply it in that particular

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given situation that the occurring source then becomes Praise be to Allah who has given the messenger of the messenger of Almighty Allah the ability to be on the right and to have full of wisdom and then they'll be occurring source them gives him many advices then they'll be a current source themselves in Omaha. Next time you come

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to Allah Kata muromachi de Vaca. Very haga next time you can perhaps you will see my monkey that

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nothing was more difficult for this album to be separated from the vehicle. But what has happened if erotica

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was started trying

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to climb out of this separation and departure from a cream sauce, and maybe a cream sauce? Oh, man, don't cry in

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the food. Hey to Conway in America. hinda. McConnell, the people who are closest to me are those who have the fear of almighty love, no matter where they are, no matter what time of history, the copy. You might be. You might not be here when I pass away, but

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you are close to me. And during the course of those examples, and advisors may be occurring so slim gave him a very famous example, a very famous advice we sometimes we don't need and told him was bashira want to know Fira Sera,

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Sera, Omaha give people great tidings. Don't be cold. Don't make people afraid of Islam. If people

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make things easy for people, make things easy for people don't make things difficult for people, bring people together, or bring people together and close and do not take them far away, and do not make them departments before.

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This is what taught us. This is the beauty of our Islam. And then let me say Lastly, time has already collapsed. You know, what may be a cream sauce and one most beautiful Howdy. It's so full of optimism and positive thinking. We sometimes we read you know different types of books. I've been on someone I read a lot of books of this type of positive thinking. But I say there is no one who taught positive thinking better than our beloved maybe.

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They are such beautiful books that I'm reading now about the leadership qualities of our beloved,

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how to be occurring saucer and positivity and other things that we normally want to take from other motivational writers. I said, leave that quiz take the motivation that you get from our beloved

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via cream sauce limit says

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that if a person he finds Tiamat, and hears the trumpet that is going to be blown, which announces that the arrival of Tiamat and he is busy planting a seedling he's busy planting a plant and someone can say what is the use of be planting a plant in such a situation? What is it going to benefit anyone here what is coming may be occurring so low lucidum said you were in such a situation, let him put up that plant letting go and plant that go and do something productive till the day you die. Even if you see a new year that there is a template of gamma that is blowing. Don't say what is the use of replanting something, go into it. And this is the way we are supposed and let me conclude and

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say one more thing. One of the difficulties that we have in our communities today, we spend a lot of time on our difficulties, our challenges and our problems. And we don't spend enough time with regard to the solutions. One of the we have been positive is stop talking about problems start talking about solutions in Libya. Kareem salsa was confronted with regard to the situation of an entire army coming on the outskirts of Madina munawwara via cream sauce in Grenada resources. It was a challenge. It was a it was a difficulty that we didn't spend time with regard to the difficulty and the challenge.

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You look for solution, and the solution came dig a trench, and then he's also then himself was part of the trench. He was amongst those who look for solutions rather than focusing on the problems and the difficulties and challenges. These are few tips that we give that Islam has taught us. Our beloved Navy Academy sauce has caught us to start looking at things in a positive manner, and stop being bogged down by negativity, which unfortunately has become part and parcel of our conversations, part and parcel of our attitude, which does not behold a believer when he has been given such inspiring messages of positivity by our beloved vehicle himself. The topic