Purification of the Heart

Hatem al-Haj


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The speaker discusses the importance of finding a balance between mental blocks and driving to Alaska, as it is difficult to stay in a car and stay in a place that is too busy. The speaker suggests creating a "hasn't yet seen the magic of life" mental block to make it easy for people to stay in peace.

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Like, you know, as far as purifying your heart, there is so much that we say about the purification of the heart and how to purify your heart. But as far as taking practical steps towards the purification of your heart, one of your means to that end is some seclusion, some seclusion, because we're always busy, we're always surrounded by friends, we're always doing something or the other, we're always thinking of somebody, whether it's, you know,

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parent or child spouse.

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And that makes us whole was distracted by those thoughts. So there is there is some need for some Halloween, or some seclusion, this combo would work like a diet regime for the body.

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Because there are certain diseases that you cannot treat unless you go on, one discovers a Hemi out or a diet.

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And the same applies here, the diseases of the heart, you need to have some

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diet or some regime so that your heart can recover from all of the overfeeding

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distraction that results from

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this buisiness being sort of drawn into the life too much thinking about life all the time, surrounded by people of this world all the time, when when you are surrounded by the people of this world, you're always thinking about, you know, if you are thinking with your mother about something, it's usually related to your career. And

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if you're talking with your spouse, it's usually related to your kids or your next move for your apartment, furniture, food sanctuary, if you're talking to friends, it will also be about these issues.

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So those of seclusion is important for each and every one of us. How can we do this? Sometimes you can have you know, those Snap Fitness places.

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The one they are to care for one night Africa, where you are alone, truly alone

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is like this and fitness for SNAP spiritual fitness for us. So I think this would be recommended. Because it's very hard for us to have prolonged periods of seclusion

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had ombre

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when he you capitalize on every chance that you are alone, and you think about your destiny, you think about being you know,

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standing alone before Allah subhanaw taala being questioned alone, before Allah subhanaw taala walking on the set out alone, you know, making it eventually to the center and are alone without all the people around you. So you you just

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sit with yourself and think about

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your destiny,

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which will be you know, your individual destiny.

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if you can't find any periods of seclusion, then you at least have to have some mental seclusion. Like what even while you're sitting with other people, and that could be harder, but that's the ultimate prize. And eventually you would want to get there to the station where you have this mental seclusion even if you're physically

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amongst the people. So like when we're sitting together and you are

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mentally with our last pinata, a mentally secluded.

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So I think it was

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I'm not quite sure which one of the 13 said I have known. Some people who would be weeping on the pillow would get their pillows wet out of weeping without their own spouses noticing. And I know people that would be weeping while they're praying and the one praying next to them

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or the people next to them praying what would not notice it. So that is when you build up those mental walls that can make create some some degree of separation between you

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And the people of this world, so that you can have a bit of focus, you can have more focus on you know, your your

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ultimate destiny, your,

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your final destination, you know, your your connection with ally relationship, whether long unless you have those mental worlds, it is very hard to be focused, it is very hard to travel any long distance on your path to Alaska

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while you're being pulled by many, many people from many sides from many ends, consumed in your thoughts about many, many, many things. thoughts around about this life, about you taking your car to the shop.

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You know, having breakfast and

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going to university University, meeting someone after hours.

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There's so much that we think about and those are distractions. So mental walls is what you need to do. And whenever you get a chance to physically also be alone

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so that you can have more clarity,

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then you should be the one that

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make it easy for us

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those moments

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from ourselves