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AI: Summary © The "harvest" message is meant to be delivered to men and women, not to anyone. The message is also not meant to be delivered to anyone, but rather to everyone. The speaker emphasizes the importance of staying in a busy schedule and finding one's own time to enjoy one's loved one. The message also includes negative emotions such as sadness and disappointment, and encourages forgiveness and embracing the message of the mother.
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hamdulillah Hinata who want to stay in who want to study he want to stop hero

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image Florian Pacino and sejati Amina Maria de la hufa Molina De La Hoya Euclid era. Y shadow La ilaha illAllah hula hula sharika wa Shanna Mohammed Abu hora sudo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam in lomita Sleeman kathira mvat all praise you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that I was the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger and Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a very famous Hadith, seven people will be in

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the shade of Allah. And one of those people. A man who has his heart attached to the most part Rajan called boo Mohan Lacombe massage

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his heart attached to the massage. And today my hope I would like to reflect upon this concept, especially the winter break is about to start, where we have a lot of time, especially our children or kids, our young men and women and us as a whole as a community. This is a concept we should constantly remind one another about this concept. A person who has his heart attached to the Master Yoda know you're a hell of a lot. Manor, who I know who shadowed mohab betulin masajid while Melissa method is Gemma RTV that means that person loves the massage so much and loves to pray in congregation in the mustard and it doesn't necessarily means that this person all was there or all

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sitting in the mustard like 24 seven partner Hydra Rahim Allah wa Hiro unlockable mustard. Who can you call? I love to shake it avato Femina and whom Allah subhanaw taala boo bill Mr. de calkin D The lack of investment have been had have set him up with a grave scar. He said this hadith means his heart attached to the mustard. It's like when you attach something to something it will be there all the time. He said like it's like another word hanging hanging on the to the mast. So he said it's like when you put in the old days what they do the put a candle or a lamp and the mustard to light the message. This is exactly when you leave when you hang a curtain in your hanger. Something in the

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master decent so his heart his hand in the Mr. Cotton headjam even if his body leaves the mustard His heart is in the mustard.

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So even when he's outside he's connected and thinking that his heart attached along into the mustard paddock and an apple move will mustard on oh can I do hydrogen?

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to ml I want you to reflect upon the word I will massage it is heart attached to the massage. It's a plural verb, not necessarily one must. Why? Because your heart is attached to the house of Allah. It's never about collect is never about you know ice gh is never about the names. It's about the beta law that this is a message is not about my message is none of my you know to present to my group or present to me or anything like that. That's not the massage it meant to be massage it meant to be beautiful. Ah, it's for everybody. It's the house of Allah and serve the servants of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Also, this hadith is not only related to men, even though the Muslim said what a man but this applies to men and woman as all as well.

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And men were mentioned because that default and the rules of salado Gemma and establishing the massage watch upon men. They are the one who's supposed to be that the foundation of the mustard Salatu Gemma is wajima wagaman been obligated upon men in the massage or according to some scholars highly recommended for men for men, but it is permissible for a woman.

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So the rules difference. That's why when Allah Subhana Allah praise the Messiah, the mustard and Ibiza Southern mascot kind of theory geralyn there is

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Men there. And it's a problem when our mastered you see there is more sisters involved in the Meston and it takes them less than men. So that's a problem. That's a good thing that the sisters attaching come to the Salah. But it's a problem that we don't see the men and the brothers coming more often to the masjid. This Hadith is not only to the elders, to the 60s and 70s, and 50s and 40s it's also applied to those who are teenager apply to the young men and woman in our community. And that's something made me think a lot and will lie as a father I asked myself this, and I admitted in front of the world

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that maybe I'm not doing very good job in attaching my children's heart to the mustard

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and I see a lot of room for improvement.

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And I wish that this is not the case in any one of you.

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And I wish that we all work hard to make sure that we plant the seeds in the mind and the heart of our children

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that they should be attached to the mustard as the grow

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and attaching to the mustard. It means that your heart is really as the Hatcher said always there in the message always thinking what are the brothers once told me what if anything happened in my life for whatever automatically I think about the mustard.

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He got a bonus in the end of the year, like these days. He said immediately when he got the ball he said you know what? 10% is gonna go to the mustard. Yeah hamdulillah that means I can give the mustard. Somebody can get an extra money isn't even expecting it said that's the mustards nosleep as the share of the must somebody walking and shopping online this would be great things for the Meston to buy you know this is a nice thing to do. He passed by a mustard and he liked it and he seen the message and he said you know what let me stop pray to rock house in the minister

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feels sad

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if a couple of days passed by and he didn't come to that

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he feels there is something wrong his heart you know in pain

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I don't know how that works. I was for a medical condition. Not able to come for a while will lie It's painful that you pay your prey in the in the home like for four or five six days a week and you didn't come to the most

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it's a completely different heart the heart that it feels pain that it doesn't go to the muscle I'll tell you look at yourself especially our give give different example. Can you imagine if you're somebody who's very athletic you go to the gym every week and you see these guys telling me share you know a Mr. Jim has been three days and didn't work out.

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But the same person doesn't have the same feeling that had been three four days. I didn't go to the mustard

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you know what I've been to three days I didn't watch

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the series or the movies whatever. This heart doesn't feel the pain that has been 34 days. I didn't come to the

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heart but that's a heart that feels sad that even a miss one salon

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all that attach the message the like to stay in the midst. It's not like the rush. You know, you finish the hope of a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Running Out, teach your kids not to do that.

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teach the children when you see them in the mustard. You know what, come down.

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We need to learn how you know, and it's hard in the beginning. It's hard to stay in the midst. A lot of things come to your mind but will lie the moment you break that and you start getting into the habit of staying more than the master and waiting from one solid to another. When you have basically not when you have time you make a time for it.

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You will see how this will be something that you can even miss it in the in the future. Allah Subhana Allah praise the Sahaba praise the believers when he said reach out to him to john or to

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the Quran.

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What a poem is Sona, what

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is zeca? There is nothing will prevent them from a karma to salani karma to Salah was agreed. It means in the massage

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You have one element that the Pahlavi will absorb because they are afraid of a day where mixing he will be in a great fear. So how can you attach your heart to the mist.

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Number one, the more you attach your heart to Allah The more you will naturally attach your heart to be to love. You remember the old sweet days when you just engage?

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Remember these days when you just get to know your loved one. Or maybe you are right now you love someone. You just want to go to that house you pass my house is the best time for you to go to visit her in her home. When you love someone you like to be there. You know I love to go to my mother's home because I love her.

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You know you love that that is the one place you love. You love the person you love that person's house. them and this is the house of Allah The more you love Allah The more you will love his house.

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Kula elecrical mcabee la Tanaka Tanaka calbuco BBj

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this attachment to the master is the fruit is the outcome of attaching you're filling your heart with the love of Allah Subhana Allah

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long into him, loving him missing him and being sincere in your advantage to him filled your heart with with hope and trust on the last panel to add

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Hindemith template button or enter button wrong button Omaha button. Verhoeven otavi min wage land and water cooler otakon Billa Kula Mata Allah, Allah

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so when we say Ibrahim Allah said men Joseph will missed it for you Janice law, those who are sitting in the masjid or sitting with Allah in law's house. I asked you by Allah compare this to sitting to watch a movie.

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Compare this to sitting to play a game to socialize.

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Also one of the things that helped attach your heart to the message, I want you to think of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam because he's our role model and how his heart was attached to the message.

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First of all, you will see that in the B cell alone anyway he was selling them have chosen his house to be the closest to the most Jana beautiful Salatu Salam accruable beautiful mustard. Why? Because he's hard attached to the mustard in Ibiza. sulamani praise fragile, he always stay in the Muslim until the sunrise, canon the visa Salaam when he comes back from traveling, the first thing he starts with the first thing he will go to the master pray to Raka

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at the heart, the touch of the master before he goes home because you go to work, the first thing he arrived, he goes to work and this is one of the Sinan that as soon as that nobody does anymore.

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, listen to what he said and this is something really motivated to me almost to come and to care about the massage about the masculine praying in the midst in Ibiza Southern Allah and Mary Linda bu Salalah and you sell them Marilyn Marilyn chiddy then v acid ermotti. He was very sick in the end of his lifestyle allowed us to sell them

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and he ordered the Muslim to Salah to pray in congregation and he ordered abubaker Tony de Sala Kala for wasn't enough see if

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he was basically the poor on the top of the process of Saddam's body and the shower him beset Akira buried a mineral map seven container you know the water skin filled with cold water they put an M until Linda bisa Salim regained a little bit of his strength because he has very high fever. So in Nevis, I was able to stand up

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and he walked up

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to you had a normal julaine he was holding, putting his hand

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around the shoulders of a bass were eligible to retire. And some said no it was Sam had been saved on a bus ticket I saw the La

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La La Jolla elaborately the whole body fell out of them Elijah

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and he may just have given

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the kalasha underlay as if I see him why she's acting as if I see him because this narration came after the death of the processor. She was remembering because it was without Asia for quarterly Asia had the thinner and more of a button obese or salami soda can eat

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Tell us how much the person needs to care for the Salah. So she got in her memory back to the day in Ibiza Salim basically went out and he she said, and he was holding into the shoulder of a boss or a boss or some had been saved on the line. Then she said, and he wouldn't even able to take steps, his feet were dragging, and I see two lines behind him in the st.

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That's all because he doesn't want to miss the gym and the most. That's what she wants to be in the midst

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of Madame Malema show.

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Show under honey mcebisi.

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The only lochness Rahim Allah before he died, he was in the mustard.

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And his children told him Let us move you and said there has to be comfortable. He said what's better than dying in the midst?

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When your heart attacks the mystery, something else in one of my trips

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in a nearby state in Louisiana.

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I went to the interested and the rest of his name was kind of strange. It's called mustered up droopy arm to shade a forgotten IRA.

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And I asked what's the secret behind this strange name? They said that's an African American brother who used to be in our community used to be like a big brother to the community take care of the people. But he loved the message so much clean the mustard always there in the midst of taking care of the mustard. And he always say I asked you to die in the mustard.

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Yeah, I want to live and die in the mist.

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And one day he was taking a nap and Ramadan fasting.

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And a man came in the mustard and he kicked his feet like that. He said, Hey, wake up. So he wake him up. He's a Mad Men there used to help him to give him food and sometime money. He said did you do your Shahada today this guy is not a Muslim actually he's just a mad person in prison. So he was sleeping taking a nap after the ball. And he told him Yes. I always say my shot every day it's your turn to say is it said

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he said I want to sleep just get away he said say it

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he said I said I lie the lie he didn't finish the HIPAA gun and he shot him six shots on the chest

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while he's saying that and he killed him instantly in the must

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that's why we call them as daft

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and patter rude

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as hard so he's his love his wishes in life today in the midst

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cannon abyssal salameh tabula rasa Sahaja Mr. Cannon Allah, Allah Noriko when it comes to the Salah, he leaves that's a heart attack. That's one of the main point today that I want to leave you live with. That it means if you want to touch your heart and attach your heart to the Salah to the importance of Salam. The value of the salaat in the most asked a lot is the delivery of vinyl Yakumo semana kuruma

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hamdulillah das salatu salam wa rahmatullah Viva Hobart

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one of the things that tell me to attach your heart of the message is always to think and to read about how the senate as well, their hearts were attached to the must say, even receive your own method, Neil jamara in the center, I never missed Gemma for 40 years

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of non robotic said I saw one of his teachers say he

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missed salah and they must, he said Can you believe it? You ever keep holding his beard and he's crying that he missed that?

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And I give you something even you know, harder than that. Mohammed in seminar he said, I never missed the first semester. And in the first year of the exam, I never missed it in my life. And I said whether it means to,

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to basically to catch the first seminar lm acid is to be there when the Imam says Allahu Akbar, you say Allahu Akbar.

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Similar Lama said no, you say Allah Akbar, before he starts reading and Fatiha. So even if it is a little bit after Is it a large one, but after reading the Fatiha, it is that means you have basically witnessed the first step via some random method, even if you do it before the record hardened

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The Rock tumbler record and if you come before he make record, you catch the first second deal. What's so big deal about the first check of Euro to catch piling up so sanlam mandalika at the Kabira Tallulah Arbor in a woman could attend but a 2 million naira 2,000,040 days you catch the first computer the ma'am you will be giving a guarantee that you're free from hypocrisy and you will not unfree from the Hellfire you'll not be touched by the Hellfire a promise from Allah.

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So simply remember I said that and when an accident

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and it dies architect Kabira de la jacked

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will be headed to Jamaica Kunal acquired the catching the first Akira his levels, the highest level is to be there before the solid start. The next one is to say before he's taught the second or historic basically reading the data. And the lowest level is to be there before he makes the record. And according to the level of it, the level of protection and basically, guarantee that you get and reward you get

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in the way sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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ma panna

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Roger Luna the Maasai that is Sora and kill him at 1pm Anna and Pooja haga someone who will need force kind of himself to stay as much as he can in the midst

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and foremost himself to not to rush will lie even if it's five minutes even if today if after some after tomorrow, if you have the time to stay a little bit extra five minutes do it. And we'll also have a lot of motivation and hacking

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on lisara to dig in lotta bash bash Allahu la he came a special ABV la Ebrahim either Kadima

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Allah that Allah subhanaw taala be so happy

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seeing you staying in the mustard coming and staying in the mustard the same way the family who basically waiting for the family member to come back from a long traveling

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it is important to plant the seeds in the hearts of our children as I said earlier, make sure that you became a role model for your children make sure that you always talk to them about salted salah and the message and the message is not for lifting playing is not for socializing these are

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plus but the messages should be a place where they always know that this applies the economy bad and comes a heart is attached to the message it means at heart that attach the message means a heart that cares about supporting the message

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always ask I love it you need we have few people who come and said chef is there is anything missing to the master is anything you guys need help with share this is like you know this my monthly donation to you guys you know I missed that month to give you know what and Ravana I wasn't here when you did the fundraising and I you know it's not like I'm happy that I avoided fundraising

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I wasn't there you

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know he's like hobby and come back to it. It's hard to touch the must Arthur just always like to make it clean. It's hard to me when I see sometimes Ramadan or arts or outside the Ramadan you know people see a miss. I'm even talking about not making seeing the mess and they just pass might they don't care.

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I love it. I know individually here the OLS there is this need to be fixed. I can come I can do. I can do that as a heart attack just Hey, what can I volunteer? What can I do for you guys?

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This is part of attaching to the massage which is the amount of mustard and taking care of it. This is a woman used to clean the mustard and in newbies. I appreciate that so much. And when she died he asked where she is. She said she died and she was buried. He said let me see Where's her gravy winter gray, and he prayed Jenna's on her after she was buried

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honoring her and her memory.

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Honey. My brothers and sisters those who come to the mustard and their heart attack to the mustard are among those who allow satara put him in his shade in the Day of Judgment. The people who are raised their deeds, raise their ranks and gender and increase their deeds and raise their misdeeds. Those who have been promised a good life and a good ending in the BSL allow us to send them said wanted Otto Salatu vida Surat men, half of Allah, hidden Masha before you or matter behind you. We're kind of in the newbie he came he wanted to omit the

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Those who care to pray, always tend to congregate in the master. They will live in goodness, they will die in goodness and they will come in the Day of Judgment free from sin like children who just newly born

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those who are lost and cannot Allah will be so happy to meet them in the dunya and those who are not prepare for them place in general every time they come to the master. Those are law the process of them said the beginning the guillotining upon their death with a complete light in the Day of Judgment. Those The one who aligned the Hadith he said and Obama and I will take guaranteed to protect such people. Those the people who are loss of Hannah Diana will come bring the Angela until then look at those who come to my massage and look at those who their hearts attached to them to the masjid.

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Those the people who receive that Mercy of Allah subhana wa tada and misty to be to coolit Aki ruya aniba salatu salam reported that in Nevis also al mustard is the house of every person who possess taqwa

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I asked the last panel to add to help us to make us always attached to the master take advantage of this break to increase your relationship with the master to increase your children's relationship with the master and one of the beautiful things we're doing this this weekend that we have a full seminar inshallah

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text convention will be inside domestic is to bring back people to the roots I can tell you and I will end with this and I hope if this the only thing you leave with today I'm happy

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there is nothing will guarantee

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the future and secure the future of your children and for our community except these massages.

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There must nothing else

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if we lose every other organization

00:27:05--> 00:27:07

is not like losing the most

00:27:08--> 00:27:16

acid is the foundation for the for the community. That's why Nebojsa Salama started with it in Medina and he built the community

00:27:17--> 00:27:26

make sure that this is something so clear in the mind in the hearts of children and they so clear in your mind in your heart

00:27:27--> 00:27:31

for in known as synonyms Buddha, Mohammed Al Assad at united behind

00:27:33--> 00:28:04

and hamdulillah I can tell you that I'm so happy and proud and thankful to Allah into the brothers and sisters who are helping in making this mustard ovals ready to accommodate you doing their best to make the mustard also ready for you and as I say always please let's click some center always love to make this mustard not one way of communication but both ways your your suggestions and your feedback is always welcome.

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I asked the last panel data and Yun zilara Mehta who Elena mela shower us with our with his mercy bless this place and bless those who come to this place plus the family plus the wealth. I asked a lot by his names and attributes to forgive our sentiment for our parents and to have to get to grant us the best of ending. May Allah Subhana Allah forgive and raise the rank and denona for those who serve the massage it will attend to the massage who take care of the massages May Allah bless them and their family. Allow me minister look at who our our FF our Lena have never had it can hold on we could be public. I'm in Seattle, wa salam wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Allah It was so heavy with

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