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Majority of us are well aware of the term Ruqya. Many of us may even know it is. However, do we actually know the correct way of performing Ruqya?

Imam Wisam Sharieff explains


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The speaker discusses the concept of R centers and how they can be used to

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How does one perform Rokia?

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. I'd love to approach this question in the non Jin exorcism turned head backwards way, in the same way I take vitamins or supplements, nutrients, and if I don't take them in tablet, I eat good clean foods. So the question is what is Rukia? rokeya is the healthy amount. It's a detox for your spirit. So a lot of us get away from lying from the usage of different toxins could be our own sins, our own thoughts, we all build up a some septic, there's some toxicity that builds up into our spirit. Now long exposure to not not being closed, not cleaning our bathroom number one and two properly, the things that you would consider normal hygiene when we start getting

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loose there if we open ourselves off to long periods of nakedness. And really this, it's kind of like, you're only going to be doing these things when the prayer has fallen apart. So I'm only giving that one one sentence there. If you feel like you need to even discuss Rokia run to the prayer, because the first place that I discussed with people come to me be like, hey, I need a spiritual revitalization. I need rookie I need to be cleansed. I need an exorcism. And I, I humbled myself, even in the word returned back to your prayer. So what's Rokia? It is a spiritual diagnostic test to see whether you're reacting adversely to the recitation of Quran. Yes, in certain cases, you

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can recite or on and someone will say, I feel uncomfortable, please come down. You can recite Koran and blow onto some water and they'll say the water tastes bitter is not just all about gin, you know, like gin don't make up 80% of these situations. It's this spiritual toxins we put in our body. It's the it's the unfettered music that we don't listen to. It's the movies and the thoughts that we allow in. And then once your defenses are down, and your prayer is weakened, yes, evil forces and negative thinking and the spirit those us with refused to do it in us. Those who intend to whisper evil into your, into your heart, you're more susceptible. So if you could try today, what is Rokia

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is when a trained, certified spiritual nutritionist comes and evaluates and says, hey, you're not praying. I've seen rookie specialists come to people and say, you know, your issue is just make the fudger that's where I'll start. People would say How would you know, there's a darkness on the body, there's Auric fields that are incomplete. And a spiritual nutritionist, and the mom who's connected would be able to read Surah Fatiha upon you. So let's conclude this question though. What can you do right now? How about cleaning up the lower garments become very attentive to when you use the restroom to make sure that everything is clean. There's any marking after the end of the date,

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change the lower garment and become diligent with that. Be aware of how you speak to your parents and the kind of words you use. If you're using music, you're aware of the words in the music, the background in the music, what the music is intended for. And most importantly, you are going to find yourself identifying the things that you involve yourself with. So no, there isn't a jinn lurking around every third corner. But all of us are spiritually affected by everything we do. Either you assimilate it or you have to eliminate it. And that in also includes all the things we take into our spirit. Rookie as a great way for you to stay involved. Please read Surah Fatiha, stay connected

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with your prayer. And if you want to try right now reading ayatul kursi i a 250 to 255 255. Sir about Allah keep that regularly. And if you're looking at the camera saying but I don't pray five times a day. Let's keep ayatul kursi and Surah Fatiha a regular recitation on you. I hope that you can leave this and there's one scene from the first mummy where there's a guy running away from the mummy and he's kind of like the con guy. He's a he goes he plays with the bad guys is working with the good guys. He has always he has a cross. He has all of these things and as the mummies running at them, he's kind of kissing and and praying on every Omen and praying to every God. Don't make

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Rukia into that. Don't make this concept of Rokia being like some Omen based thing your Lord intended for you protection. This is a for a very small group and you're probably not affected by it but definitely affected by the negative thoughts. That's right.

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Round us. I hope this was a right place for us to start the Rukia discussion and let's start loving Allah subhana wa tada so that we can all feel better and more healthy on the inside.