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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The history of a culture is discussed, including the threat of mud and the importance of having a different culture. The use of words like "has been a pleasure" and "has been a pleasure" to describe emotions and how they can shape behavior is emphasized. Delusion is highlighted as a way to prevent people from giving in and create false assumptions, and the coronavirus pandemic is highlighted as a way to affect people and their behavior. The conversation ends with a recommendation to study and make a donation to support the Department of synovial research.
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Last week we saw how Allah azza wa jal told us that the devil, in lease a shape on wants to come between us. He wants to break our unity. He wants us to be offended by what someone else said he wants us to feel alienated from each other. And he wants us to be alone.

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And we discussed just a little bit how this happens between spouses and how this happens in our broader community, and why we have to realize that the devil and his constant flooding is a reality we cannot afford to ignore. Next, it's limitless. Rob, Allah subhanaw taala shares with us a story that goes back to the very first encounter between human beings and the devil. Allah azza wa jal says in verse 61, what he's putting out in the studio, he first started to enlarge upon us to be the man for Latina. And remember when we said to the angels Prostrate to either, so they all did it, but not the police.

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who protested, saying, Should I prostrate to one that you have created from fun?

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This story is very, very familiar to most of us. We know how it goes. Nonetheless, this story requires close inspection, the loss of kind of Mutata wouldn't tell this story to us over and over and over again, if he did not want us to learn something very, very important from it.

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What is also kind of what's out I want us to learn from this story.

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Here in Toronto, the swamp we enter the story as readers not in the beginning, but somewhere in the middle. What we do know is that GPS, who is a gem is in the company of angels at the time of Adam's creation of a setup.

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There are various theories as to why that bliss is present among the angels. But most agree that this is a very distinguished honor for a piece. Allah azza wa jal did not deem it important enough to tell us why. But it seems like a good piece was an honored guest of heaven. And he probably had done something to deserve this status.

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But oh bomber, and success is a test.

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When I was in Montana, and Medina is a city of scholars, when you're at the prophets, Masjid, you may end up praying next to scholars from all over the world. And you don't even realize that.

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So any good hardworking student there tries to get close to some of these scholars, you show up to their classes regularly and sit in the front, you pay attention, you ask them questions and bring water to the shape or you carry something for him to his car. And soon you find yourself in his inner circle of students. Depending on the shape, you might even get invited to his house for a meal every once in a while. That sort of exclusive access to the shape is very valuable, and a point of pride for many students.

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what always happens after you're in with the shape is that eventually a new student comes along just like you once did, trying to make a connection of the shape and his inner circle. And at this point, things can go one of two ways. If the older students are sincere,

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if they realize that all of their success is from Allah subhanho to Allah and His endless bounty, then they will welcome the new students in with open arms. They will be generous to him and tried to help him in his mission and quest. But if they're not sincere, you if they're really after just that exclusive access, they just want to be seen close to the shape, and enjoy the status that it gives them. Then they turn into gatekeepers. They see the new students as competition as a threat. And thus they tried to exclude him and sabotage his progress. This is exactly what happened to these.

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He doesn't see his honor as part of a laws endless bounty. He sees it as something scarce. But there's not enough of it to go around. At least witnesses the creation of data. From the very beginning from the very play, he can tell that this new creature has a position of all

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are in importance and so at least becomes jealous. He doesn't want out of him to succeed, nor does he want to share his elevated status.

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At least nurses this wound. And then, to add insult to injury, A new commandment comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala is to

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bow down to this creature bow down to this new being.

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It's too much for an arrogant tarts to bear. It was bad enough to have competition in the first place. Now he's being placed in a position of inferiority. He's being placed in a position of servitude to his new rival,

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at least cannot stand up for it.

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So he refuses a last command. So commonly thought of revealing his true nature as a gym, who is free to choose between what's right and what's wrong. He no longer belongs with the obedience angels like he wants did because of his own obedience. Now he sticks out.

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But even if Lisa feels the need for an excuse, he feels the need to explain himself. He can't simply just disobey a loss of honey Madonna, without covering his tracks and he defends his decision. St. Paul asked the men collaborative cleanup.

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Should I draw straight to this one that you've made from one?

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Of course, this is a rhetorical question. If Lisa is actually saying I shouldn't have to bow down to someone created from mud.

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He has questioned the wisdom of a team the All Knowing the all wise, that's part of his sin.

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But there's another layer to his sin that pushes him to question Allah's judgment in the first place.

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At the root of at least the sin. It's an assumption and assumption that what he is made out of fire is better than what Adam has made of flinging clay.

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There's many, many things wrong with this assumption. First, the police's assumption is arbitrary. How does the police know? What evidence does he have that fire is better than mud or that either of them is better than the other. He has no evidence other than he happens to be made from fire. Whereas this new rival, he happens to be made of mud.

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This gets to the second issue with at least this assumption, is self serving, at least has a stake, he has something to gain in saying that fire is superior to audit. So he's biased. We can't trust him.

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We're left to assume that if the shoe were on the other foot if the police were made from Adam was made from fire, and police would be telling us in the very opposite, that mud is better than fire.

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But the issue with at least his assumption, that might be worst of all, it's that it's unfair.

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He chooses to base his judgment of who is superior on something that is out of their control or something that cannot be changed.

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It please did not choose to be made from five.

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And if he wanted to, he could not change that reality out of it. He said I did not choose to be made of mud and if he wanted to, he cannot change that reality.

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So at least his claim that he's better because of something beyond his control. Something unchangeable is worse than arbitrary. It's worse than self serving. It undermines the entire moral universe to Allah subhana wa Tada created a moral universe

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where people and chimp are held accountable and rewarded and punished based off of their moral choices based off of their decisions, based off of their principles, not based out of what they're made of.

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It at least his thinking, is the root of all prejudice. The root of all racism, the root of all sexism, and idea that someone is better or worse depending on where they are from the color of their skin, their gender, something Allah subhanho wa Taala decided that

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They cannot change. It all makes its way back to the police.

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This is the same thinking that are on would later adopt when he enslaved by just logging in.

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This is the same thinking responsible for the genocide of the Native Americans. This is the same thinking responsible for the enslavement of black people and the Americans

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to be better because of something you don't have to work for something that requires no effort at law. What a convenient shortcut to honor and status.

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Allah subhanaw taala that says, Excuse me last month, Allah says elsewhere, yeah, a nest in that folder for NACA, we can even work on John in that group to

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either retire in Koroma Mirandola. He has gone home, in the water or even 40 years old mankind indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes why?

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So that you can get to know one another.

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Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the most righteous among you. Indeed Allah Subhan Allah to Allah is Knowing, Acquainted. Allah azza wa jal tells us that our worth has nothing to do with things that we cannot choose or change. Our worth has nothing to do with the country of origin, or the color of our skin, or our gender. Allah as what they are told us that our worth our value our superiority or inferiority is only in the moral choices that we make every single day.

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Our piety,

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the most pious, that's the most superior and only Allah subhanaw taala is all knowing and completely aware of homophobia there was nothing you are having a wonderful well the sad

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stuff you

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halfway down the on the X or sugar level without talking anything Martina

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what happened with Ashley Davina, Michelle was on the BNL seat and then what happened in October so we were there with one some of our he was early he was happy he was glad I was suddenly go to sleep and video.

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The police was not happy to simply defend himself for refusing Allah's command. Next, at least vows to prove a loss of fatherhood to Allah wrong.

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Call that our hatred that had already come on Talay

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let me tell you, either

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the attorney can agree yes or no.

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If he says, Would you get a look at this one who you've honored above me?

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If you delay me until the Day of Resurrection, I will surely destroy his descendants except for a few of them.

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Once again, at least, at least this question is rhetorical. He's not. He's really saying I can't believe that you would do this, I can't believe you will choose to honor this weak human being over me.

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I'll show you what a huge mistake you made.

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It's a fool's errand that at least has taken on an impossible task, at least thinks that leading human beings astray, leading them to sin will prove that he was right all along. That fire really is better than mud that out of money, he said I should never have been honored over a bliss.

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Of course, even if Lee succeeds, it would not prove that he was better at all. Who's worse, the person who is led astray by someone else or the person who leads other people astray.

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The project makes no sense at all.

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Ironically, that bliss is proving through his actions that Allah subhanaw taala was right all along that mankind sinful and gullible, though we may eat sometimes deserves our more than a bliss.

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This is why our last panel data that says call and have feminine Tabby are coming home for in the jahannam. And

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just before Allah azza wa jal said, Go ahead for four hours

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I've heard of them follows you indeed * will be the recompense of you. And an apple recompense it is this isn't a command from a loss of tenemos. Allah as much as it is permission for a police to go ahead, give it a try.

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leading mankind astray won't prove at least his superiority, it will only earn him punishment, both him and whoever follows him.

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And yet the threat that at least made his very feel and needs to be heated Allah's permission to if these confirms the truth of what he said previously, if at least will lead that most people astray in one way or another. Allah subhanaw taala that tells us under the guise of speaking to at least how this was going to happen was Deaf C's Minister Dr. Amin home the saltiga wasn't even on any him.

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Nicola Sherry, come on work

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on shave on appeal,

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and insight, whoever you can make your voice and assault them with your cavalry and infantry and become a partner in their wealth, and become a partner in their children and make promises to them. But Satan does not promise them anything but delusion.

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As with the last verse, Allah subhanaw taala is not ordering the police to do these things. But I'll also kind of go to Allah already knows everything that will happen. So saying it not only demonstrates a loss, perfect knowledge and wisdom, it also shows that even the leases rebellion to one the loss of Heartless Allah approves of is still within the limits of a loss of power to others a will and permission.

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Allah subhanaw taala knew of these would choose to go down this path long before he even created him. And yet the loss of time was still created him anyway.

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A law giving voice to at least his plan also gives us as human beings fair warning. Without this verse, we might have had a naive idea about what it would mean for at least to try to lead us astray. We might have thought that it would be obvious, we might have pictured some red devil with horns and a pitchfork would come and ask us to kill or ask us to steal or something like that. No, no, no, we realized that it's much, much more subtle than that.

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The first thing that Allah subhanaw taala brings our attention to is that the police will use his voice be assaulted to lead us astray.

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A solid majority of classical scholars in addition to some companions, and many of their students said that this refers to singing.

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Now it's important to not lose focus. We might be tempted to respond with Well, surely not all singing and then we find ourselves in the debate, which types of singing are permissible and which are impermissible, what musical instruments are not instruments etc. The full code is not the proper venue for that discussion. And it also misses the bigger point that Allah subhanaw taala is trying to communicate it please will use his voice. Which means that as Allah subhanaw taala says More specifically, as long as he uses less less power of suggestion.

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He doesn't force us to do anything. He merely calls us to action and his voice provides the rationale. His voice provides the justification because voice provides the excuse.

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This is both reassuring and concerning. It's reassuring because we don't have to worry about at least conquering us by force. But it's concerned because it's harder to tell the difference between our own internal voice and a police's suggestions.

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As for the connection between the police's voice and singing, the general principle should come as no surprise to us, even if we can debate over the details. music in general, and singing specifically stirs human emotions in a way that few other things can sometimes make us feel happy. Songs can make us feel sad. Songs can provoke our anger. Songs can also calm us down.

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This is how the average person relates to music as sort of an emotional medicine. They pick what they want to listen to depending on the emotion that they want to feel

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And if songs did not have that type of power, then corporations would not spend millions of dollars marketing their products to us with songs. Nor would they pay musicians millions of dollars for the rights to use their songs and commercials. And this is exactly what's concerning, because without the song, less people would buy it. That means that songs have the potential to shape how we behave. Now imagine just for one moment that you were the police. Your role is to mislead people and make sin appealing to them.

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Wouldn't you say that songs would be one of your most powerful tools.

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Again, put the fifth aside. For a moment, we're not saying all songs, some songs, we're not saying instruments are no instruments. Put all that aside, the general principle, the main point stands, songs influence behavior, if at least wants to influence us, therefore, at least we'll use songs to influence us. And there's a true story that I witnessed in my early days of being a hospital that shows exactly how this can happen. There was a couple that was getting married, they were going to have a typical American wedding, so it was going to be a DJ, and dance and etc. And they were forming a playlist for their wedding songs that the DJ could play. Somebody suggested a song that

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was very, very popular at the time, without realizing that the lyrics of the song are actually all about cheating on your spouse.

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It never made the list. But if it had, then you would have had this awkward scenario where a newly married couple would, who just committed themselves to each other would be dancing and singing along to a song that undermine their entire relationship and commitment in the first place. We have to be careful. Again, without getting into the details of depth, we have to be very careful. Allah azza wa jal told us that the police will try to mislead us, not with force, but with stuff with deception with secrecy and triggering Allah subhanaw taala wants us to be on the lookout. He wants us to be awake for ourselves and especially for our children. You need to know you need to know what they're

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listening to. And you need to understand what messages are being communicated to them. The second thing I lost my train of thought Allah highlights is that it leads in peace will not do it alone. He will have help. referred to in this verse figuratively as cavalry and infantry and refer to literally in other places like sorta NAS as people and Jin, Allah subhanaw taala uses the imagery of an army and that is very suitable to the reality of the situation. In an army, you have soldiers of various ranks, from the general who's responsible for developing the strategy and coordinating all of the soldiers all the way down to the privates, who may have just enlisted for a paycheck, and

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really is just following orders, it leases to the sake some people are doing the work of the devil. And they know exactly what they're doing. They want to bring down righteous people to their level, they want them to sin just like they do, because misery loves company. And the more people they can get to do what they are doing, the easier it is to convince themselves that it's okay, because everyone else is doing it.

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Then there are other people who are good, conscientious people, but if these is able to trick them every once in a while, or in one particular area of their lives. someone prays, but they don't pay there's a cat.

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Someone is generous, but they rely on magic and superstition and to protect their children.

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The two things that we care most about in this life, our livelihoods, and our children, Allah subhanaw taala tells us at least will try to become partners with us in them will share a compelling way of learning

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and become a partner in their growth and their children and make promises to them.

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The police is able to get people through what they fear the most, and what they love the most. If someone is afraid of poverty, the police will convince you that you're not doing anything wrong by not telling us that you need it. You can't live without it.

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If you love trains, if police will have you believing that you're entitled to all the praise and recognition that you get. He might even convince you that saying hurtful people to other people is okay.

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because they don't deserve the same praise that you do. They haven't worked as hard as he worked. They're not as talented as you are.

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All of this talk is delusion, which is exactly what it was, but they'll cause us. Well, I had to admit, one day I haven't shaved on either the Google rah and make promises to them. But Satan does not promise them anything but delusion. The biggest part of this delusion is that a bliss makes us believe that he can deliver something to us that only Allah subhanho wa Taala controls, you want money. Only a law provides money, you want to honor

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only Allah has power. You want acceptance from other people, only Allah controls that, at least wants us to think that he can give us those things. And He promises us that if we listen to him, it will give us a shortcut to what we want, without all the hard stuff like patience and piety and virtue and reliance upon once upon a time.

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But Allah azza wa jal ends the story with good news. He emphasizes again that we are in the driver's seat, we are holding the steering wheel, we decide whether we follow the suggestions of the lease or not.

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In dynamic ladies as a corollary into thought, what have become a key that indeed there is no authority throw you over my believing servants and your Lord, Allah is sufficient as Disposer of affairs, the devil has no actual power over us, if we stay strong, if we do not get in, if we anticipate his scheme, and prepare accordingly, we are not destined to lose the fights against at least because of something that we cannot control such as the material that we are made out of. We can choose obedience, we can choose fate, we can choose morality, and this is what makes us honorable to Allah subhanho wa taala. It turns out that Allah azza wa jal was right all along from

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us under the sun, or that heavy

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rain falls in the water. He didn't use alumina. Yeah.

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Some of the way he was suddenly from Taslima Allahumma Salli ala

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kanessa later on Abraham, what early Ibrahim at the time even Majeed Allah Mohammed one early commando Tommy the walking while walking into hummingbird emoji on the homeowners service now Stevie Wonder the ship that will be speaking with them they've got a team once are in radical move meaning what are our developers

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a loved one so there's one and another spoiler here people think I can all love affiliate no one wants to invest in Africa a different one as well. Yeah, so the

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versatility that

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also connects to Africa a lot in a lot of young COVID I believe. Anybody you tired you get pulled up well you don't have to fracture your body. Yeah, it comes down to that festival law yeah football.

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Hello my friends

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and family

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at our Ross manual rushing in here from T TV here media cannot go to one ear care or care if they no sign off off so we swear on it.

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Imagine I'm terrible at my age now beyond a year or

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two beyond basic

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minimum to celebrate now on Apple while we were on the show last last CMP II that ama was shattered we

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won't be able to shelter your hands at either side

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Oh outlaws

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70 along with the man coming

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Long Life

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uncomfortability with RFLP now watch

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the ear canal over one ear canister and you know sail on sterile be while you're on lamina Johnny is about to be on a gift what else on the

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whole level beyond in nationality as he either he

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will share with us what I see and upon

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us which will be useful we see we know the answer you are

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how long

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semiological Oh

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celebrity income last month over

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a 74

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First of all apologies to the half of the students that are with us today.

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We are trying to come up with them on so warm up to them please reach out to them and say hi.

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important announcement about Sunday or Sunday school this Sunday we canceled because stuff before that we can replace

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it blocking off the entire city and the roads are all going to be closed so no one is gonna sleep will continue as you can tell the

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boys will be playing soccer today a sheriff Park 4pm to 6pm is more than welcome to come.

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And last but not least thank you very much to everybody who has donated so far we are raising money for the carpets and the question. So far we've raised about $500 So that's almost a third of it.

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On the total debt became, please continue to give generously to the Senator that were able to sponsor the Department of synovial question.

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These are the spaces, you're going to be putting money for something someone's going to be using at least five times a day of your own. Every thought, every family and every hour on every topic, right? So that's going to be a source of reward for you continuously until the day who is on. So please, please do study. Try to put forth your your best effort. Be interested, right like the second half of the training and then you can't get better. You mentioned that you don't have the money to try to convince you that there's other things you need to give it to, instead of trying to speculate on. Well, and may Allah bless you all and such a risk and bless your families.

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