Mirza Yawar Baig – The Day of meeting Allahﷻ‎

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a former student meeting his Ro and expressing sadness, meeting his Ro's General, Dr. Shattuck, and being rewarded for his work. They also discuss the existence of Allah's law and the importance of the act of sub consistently and repeatedly. The speakers touch on popular spiritual teachings and predictions, including forgiveness and staying true to Islam, and mention a video of a man named Jesus who died on a journey. They also discuss the actions of the angels who promised to bring them back to the Earth and give them access to the Goddamn source of joy.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, Allah film via mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira and Cassie Rama Babu, my dear brothers and sisters.

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One of the students of the lab in Nevada Curatola, Lee came to him looking very sad abdulai robot to learn I asked him what was wrong, and why he was looking sad. The man said, My dear friend died today.

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Abdullah bin Mubarak Ayatollah Ali asked him a question he said, Did he die on the sun? The man said yes. Alhamdulillah Abdullah Novara Huntelaar, I said then rejoice because today he is meeting his Rob gela General. The meeting that he worked for all his life, and his Rob will reward him insha Allah.

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My brothers and sisters, I remind you and myself that insha Allah our dear brother and elder, Dr. Shattuck was a devoted Muslim who lived on Islam and died on Islam. And I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala gelato to make this meeting with him the best meeting of his life when he meets his rough gelato and insha. Allah is forgiven and rewarded by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give sobor to his family, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill his cover with nor and to expand it and to make it among the gardens of the gender of the gardens of gentlemen.

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My brothers and sisters, we are travelers, we are all travelers in this world. We did not start here and we will not end here this world and are live in it is a stage in our total existence. We started in there lm of Allah subhanho wa Taala in his knowledge when you decreed and decided to create us, we remained in that state as long as He willed the means and rules of this existence. We're not the same as those that apply to us today. Yet we existed there for as long as Allah subhanaw taala willed, then Allah subhana wa tada sent us into the Alamo lava into the world of the souls where he asked us if he was not our up allow us to become Carlo Bala Hydra and we all testify to it, that he

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is our agenda gelato. My brothers and sisters I remind myself and you that in the car, to move from one place to another is our way.

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My brothers and sisters, then we were born into this world into an environment that was totally strange to us, and which was a shock. So we came out screaming, those who welcomed us smiled and laughed at our weeping. We all live in this part of our existence as long as Allah subhanaw taala wills and then we'll go into the next stage of our life in the hall, an animal Bursa, which is the cupboard there our means of existence and its role and its rules will change once again.

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From olive oil Barak we will be raised up on the day of judgment and taken to the place of gathering and hasha where we will remain as long as Allah subhanho wa Taala wills Allah subhanho wa Taala informed us and told us you there be Raveena Samba de la la

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la hippie Yo

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yo yo la dee

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da Oh alpha Santa Tim, Toronto. In Toronto says Allah said he Jalla Jalla moraine has every effect from the heavens to the earth, and then it the affair will go up to him. In one day the space were off the space and duration of that day is 1000 years of your reckoning

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on that day, about those who believed in Allah and worshipped him Jelena who alone without ascribing partners to him, because he has no partners

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and followed the Sunnah of his messenger Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah who promised him genda when levena

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Pisano de Lune Jenna

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Hari Ravi,

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Allah Subhana Allah said for those who believe in Islam, and who do deeds of righteousness, we shall admit them to Gardens under which rivers flow abiding

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And living and staying there forever. My brothers and sisters, I remind you on myself that we are all travelers rasulillah salam said, my example is like a man on a horse traveling in the desert, he saw a tree and stopped in the shade to rest a little while then continued his journey, this life is that standing in the shade, to forget this and live this life, as if we will stay here forever is the cause of all our suffering in both worlds. It is the travelers destiny to move on. Allah subhanho wa Taala is our Creator. It must be understood that the only law is the law of Allah. Some of his laws apply to the physical world and are called physics. Others apply to the spiritual world

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and are called the Sharia. Allah subhanho wa Taala is the creator of both worlds and the laws that apply there and his law applied in all our previous existences. And it applies in this one, and it will continue to apply in our existences to come. Nobody other than Allah subhanho wa Taala has any authority in any existence, because He is the creator of the art. I mean, the creator didn't create and disappear. He is interested in his creation, and he sustains it. We have been given limited choice in this world. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us give us that choice to take decisions about our lives. And he gela Jelena who linked consequences to those decisions consequences in this world.

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And in the hereafter in the era. Allah subhanho wa Taala did not leave us to decide whatever we like using our limited intelligence and faculties. He showed us a way by means of his perfect knowledge and his power. In his mercy. He also gave us a guidebook the Quran, and he sent us a teacher, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to teach us how to live and how to take decisions so that the consequences in both worlds will be positive. Our destiny is literally in our own hands. As soon as SLM said, If you know if you knew what I know, you would love less and cry more with more. And also doesn't as Alan said, Remember often the destroyer of pleasure, he says I'll mount will Huck, that

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is true. If we remember that often. The whales are roughly the whales of forgetfulness and illusion that have covered our minds will be lifted. The meeting with Allah is true, it will happen some people deny resurrection and Allah said about them work on Oh, Allah Allah filler the in vehicle Oh, God, balloon video call Europe be him. kaffee rune. Allah said and they say when we are dead and become lost in the earth, shall we indeed be resurrected, a new shall be, indeed be recreated a new No, but they deny the meeting with their rub. My brothers and sisters, let us see what happens when the time comes, as it will come for every one of us. When the believer is about to depart from this

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world and go forward into the next world, so lasala told us that angels with phases as bright as the sun descend from the heavens, and they sit around him in throngs stretching as far as the eye can see. Then the angel of death molecule mouth comes and sits at his head and says, good soul, come out to the forgiveness and pleasure from Allah.

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To another soul, Moto, my

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hero, Jerry Lara, Big Hero are the tomorrow the father holy,

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the holy

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t, then his soul emerges, like a drop of water flows from a water skin, no difficulty, no pain, and the angels take hold of it. Then he is grasped when he is grasped. The soul is grasp, like a baby is taken by people around when the mother gives birth. The other angels Do not leave it in his hand, even for the twinkling of an eye, they take it and they place it in a perfume, shroud and fragrance issues from it, like the sweetest scent of musk found on the face of the earth. Then they take it up towards the barrel upwards and wherever they take it past a company of angels they ask the angels ask Who is this good soul and the angels with the soul reply so and so the son of so and so using

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the best names by which people used to call that person in this world.

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They bring him to the Lord

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To Heaven and ask for the gate to be opened for him, it is opened by him and the angels who are near Allah subhana wa tada from each of the heavens accompany him to the subsequent heaven. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, register the book of my slave in a Leone and take him back to the earth. I created him from it, and I return them to it, and I will bring them forth from it again. His soul is then returned

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to his body, and two angels come to Him, they make him sit up and say to him, Who is your rub? He decides, my rub is Allah. Then they asked him

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what is your religion? Medina, he replies, my religion is Islam. Then they asked him, Who is this man who was sent among you? He replies, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they asked him, How did you come to know these things? And he replies, I read the book of Allah, and I believed it, and I declared it to be true. Then a voice from Ani declares, my slave has spoken the truth. So spread out the financing of the carpets on the garden from Jana, for him, and open a gate to a gate of the agenda for him, then some of its fragrance and perfume comes to him and his grave is expanded for him as far as the eye can see, and a being with beautiful garments and a fragrant

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scent comes to him and says, rejoice in what delights you for this is the day which you promised. He asks, Who are you? Yours is a face that promises and procedures good? He replies, I am your good actions. Then he says or let the last hour come soon, so that I may rejoin my family and my property. Allah subhanho wa Taala comforts us and says in de Nakamura buena La

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la, la has an o.

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t. On Tour torrado don't know Hello EVV

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Yo, Nolan Minato

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Verily, those who say our rubbish Allah alone, without any partners, verily those who say, our rubbish Allah, and then they estacado they stay on that with steadfastness. The angels will descend at the time of their death, saying, fear not, do not grieve, but received the glad tidings of Gemini which you have been promised. We have been your friends in this life of this world, and are also your friends in the year after they're in you will have all that your inner selves desire. And then you will have all four which you asked for. And welcome from Allah subhanho wa Taala the most forgiving and the Most Merciful, my brothers and sisters remember when we take the body of the

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diseased to the grave, we are not taking him to his final destination, he is showing us our final destination. Therefore, it is very beneficial to remind ourselves to return to Allah. Allah subhanaw taala said yeah, you

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know toboe Allah La Hito button so ha

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bo komyo cap Iran combs IE D comb.

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Comb Jana

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de la Loma. Yo, yo,

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yo, no homie

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him Wabi Sabi Imani him yep una

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la salle Oh believe turn to almost ran out I was sincere repentance. It may be that your Rob will remit you your sins will forgive your sins and admit you into gardens and avoid rivers from

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The day that Allah will not disgrace the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa salam

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and those who believe with him, their light will run forward before them and with their god books of deeds in the right hands, they will say our key perfect our light for us and do not put it off until we cross over the Xerox

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cross over the cirad safely and grant us forgiveness. Verily, you are able to do everything.

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And for those who do Allah subhanho wa Taala promised forgiveness. Allah subhanaw taala said Illa

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de la salida

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de la la allows

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to work on Allah.

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Allah said except those who repent and believe in Islam, and who do righteous deeds for those Allah subhanho wa Taala will change their sins into good deeds. He will not only forgive the sins, He will convert them into good deeds and Allah Subhana Allah is oft forgiving, Most Merciful.

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My brothers and sisters Rasul Allah is Allah Sam said Whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him and whoever dislikes meeting Allah, Allah dislikes meeting him. I just in the UK our mother or the Allah mana she said, Yeah Rasulullah is it that who is it that likes death? They are Sula, who is it that likes death? We all dislike there. So does it mean that we dislike meeting with Allah? He Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said,

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he replied, that is not what I met. The believer when he is about to die will be given the news that Allah subhanaw taala loves to meet him and has forgiven him and is going to honor him and so he would love to meet a lot. That is why ressourcer salaam said whoever dies on something, he will be resurrected on the same thing. If someone dies in hajj, he will be resurrected in haram reciting salvia. Whoever dies he is Amidala we will resurrected with his wound bleeding as proof of his death as a shade. The blood will have the smell of musk. He also said in Nevada ama will have our team the word of a deed is based on its ending. I remind you and myself, let us live

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obedia obedient to Allah on the Sunnah Mohammed Salah, send them so that we are resurrected on that in that way. The only way of dying on Islam is to live by Islam, there is no other way. We cannot live away from Islam and die on Islam, we will we will die the way we lived. And therefore this is the time for us to change our lives and correct ourselves. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for the best deeds

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especially at our ending, ask Allah subhanaw taala once again to to forgive and bless our dear brother and our elder

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God to attack and to enter him into genital windows without

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proper answer. I'm Dan Susannah. We'd love to fill in our handle an akuna nominal society, Robert Allen and Rosanna Williams on our handle an akuna Minal Casa de la Mata.

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He was Allah Allah Allah will carry malaria he was mph very bureaucratic al hamara. He may well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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