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No hamdulillah

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no men who want to start you know who when it's 31 out of the villa he made sure all the unforeseen our mean see here Dr. Melina Mija de la hufa who Elmo? Woman your lil Fallon $30. Who Walia Machida. Well, Shadwell, La ilaha illallah wa hula shriek Allah, wa shadow Anna, Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa alimentaria who Illa Yomi bien, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,

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hum. Praise be to Allah. To Him belongs all praise, we praise Him we seek his help, guidance and his forgiveness. We seek refuge and protection of Allah from the bad that's insiders, as we seek His protection or refuge from the bad our bad deeds.

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Know that one was guided by Allah, they are truly guided. One who is left to go astray will not find a guide or a protector or a helper after that. I bear witness that there is no God, but the one true God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He has no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad, he is some prayers of Allah be upon him is the slave and messenger.

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God is the greatest God is the greatest God is the greatest. There is no god but the one true God. God is the greatest God is the greatest of all praise and gratitude indeed belong to Him.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, while mentioning the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam

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what color we all are in Niva he born Isla Robbie's de Rob be heavily mean I saw you see that Sharona rubeola mean Holly

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Bella Bella

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Paula boonie yeah boon in me out all bill manna, me and me.

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Wallah yeah but the fall motto motto. Strategy Rumi in sha Allah Who me now saw the ad bellum man as slama web tele Julio jabby wanna Dana who IE

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All the sub doctor wrote

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in cat Valley can mazzini in

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well, Bella will movie where Dana will be the behind all the team.

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here at Sinhala moon Allah Evo Rai

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Ibrahim Ali slums after his trials with the fire. prayers to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to give him pious, righteous offspring,

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hoping that they will follow in his guidance in his footsteps. So Allah smart Allah says so we gave him the glad tidings of a young man who would be full bearing and when he reached the age where he could help his father

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so he's become a young man really not a child toddler running around.

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Then Ibrahim lifestyle says to his son, my dear son, I've seen in a vision that I'm ordered to sacrifice you

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consider what do you think

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this my ease Salaam says, My dear father, do what you are commanded. You will find me inshallah, from those who are patient and steadfast in

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willing to be sacrificed. This is not an application for every child and father and mother today. These are prophets who are talking. Yeah, Ibrahim in a slum and it's late alayhis salam. Some say that Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam made a mistake. Now the melamine valley that he wasn't meant to it was just a vision. And that's why the the ram replaced it. This is nonsense against the story of the Quran. Because Allah Allah says in the Hazara Allah who will follow Moby in these dyads then surely in this this was a clear money first trial, a great trial. People say Oh, how could a law order child to be sacrificed? No, this was only an order to be tested by Mr. monis.

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tested by from Ibrahim, who was named as the man for the whole of humanity. So he was given the greatest of these trials

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for love masla and one they both submitted, they both submitted libre email Islam only, but it's my ILA Islam as well.

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And then Allah for both calls, can we call God or Ibrahim, you have fulfilled your vision? Well, if you got it wrong, Allah will be saying sorry, you got it all wrong. Let me correct you.

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These people have come out with some of these ideas, far from the meaning of the Quran.

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And Allah Samantha says walk by Dana rofa dana, who visited our team and we changed it. He fulfilled it because he was on the verge of slaughtering his son. He'd done it with every intention every purpose fulfilled the order of Allah subhanho wa Taala saved and stop right in the nick of time I'll replace it with a big sacrifice for the sake of around I lost my father then says what terracina La Creme and we left his commemoration for those people to come generation after generation. Till this day dear brothers and sisters we remember and commemorate Ibrahim Allah, Islam and his son do we not? As the Prophet sola sola himself

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is ordered and said in the Quran

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in her Danny Rob de la sarathi mustafi the

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one can me no more sneaky all in la sala de la new Suki wanna yeah Mama T Lila Europe be la me. Luxury gala Wahby rally to

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mostly me another part of the brand. Allah says to Prophet Muhammad SAW Some say, surely my Lord has guided me to the straight path

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a way of life which is upright, the religion of Ibrahim, the religion of Abraham Milla, Ibrahima honey for the upright one.

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And he was not from amongst those who was idol worshippers who to kind of say surely my prayer and my sacrifice my living and my guiding are all fall Allah Lord of the worlds and he has no partner.

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This is what I have been ordained and ordered. And I am the first of those who submit to this order. And we say in following Rasulullah Salah solemn we are those who submit to this order.

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This order of praising and making our lives all revolve around Allah subhanho wa Taala loads of the worlds in the filati were no Sookie Rama, Rama Murthy people sell a house religion and everything actually Allah for believers in a daze and everything in our rejoicing in our sadness in our moments of trial in our moments of sleep, waking eating, drinking, yeah, this is the meaning of solely my prayer and my sacrifice my living and dying is for Allah Lord of the worlds is it no brothers and sisters

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and the prophet SAW a solemn he said he had these under the affero General Buhari and

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as a follower of su lifestyle Allahu alayhi salam

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in now I will not

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be here the Amina has that and no selia so manager Fernanda

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while men fall as early for the assault, so nutana under these carries on probably saslong said only they like this a lot. Ha

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These witches report in the Buhari, saying that the first thing we begin with on this day is by praying our Salah, slotzo Eve Subhan Allah We are gathered Muslim brothers and sisters, then we return and we do our sacrifice after that. Whoever does this has followed our Sunnah our way, the way of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And that's the way we follow brothers and sisters. That is the way evil adhaar is linked with the sacrifice and the commemoration of Ibrahim al Islam, as revived by the solo lesson. The lesson then linked with links as with the Hajaj, look at our commemoration of that sacrifice. It's a sacrifice which is symbolic. We'll call Allah Allah layan Allah, Allah,

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wa T and Allah huzzah flamenco, it is not the blood underneath and the flesh that reaches a law. That's for us to eat and to feed and to share is it not not to waste them throw away of course. But it is the software from you, that God consciousness, the willingness to be obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala to worship Him alone. That is what he's reaching Allah subhanho wa Taala the sacrifice is symbolic of us saying like Ibrahim la slum, and ismaila a slum rasulillah Thunder we are willing to sacrifice anything for you Yeah, Allah to sit in on your circle mustafi that is what it is symbolic of that we will not stop wishing you alone, but we will not stop praying five times a

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day and fasting in Ramadan, and remembering and praising you and staying away from sin can be beware of Satan. This is what the promise of sacrifice and representation of sacrifices. Eighth is a day of rejoicing after the sacrifice. It is a day both Eve's as the prophesied, someone said, of eating and drinking,

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of celebrating of being happy and rejoicing. These are our days of sharing gifts, sharing love and kindness,

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of happiness in that eating of course doesn't mean that we eat to an extent that we collapse or vomiting afterwards, drinking were allowed Subhanallah people focus on calmer and alcohol don't we're not allowed to drink thing come on the other multitude of drinks that we can drink which are the vast majority

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which are the vast majority and praise and thank Allah Eve day is not day of celebration and happiness. It includes in it a day as he will Omaha till more from the Omaha to Mobley I sat

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with two young Ansari women playing the musical instrument drums on the day of eat in the house of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam singing songs for enjoyment. Songs not saying Allahu Akbar Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. The songs were from janelia from about the Battle of blood, but they didn't have a bad meaning and the prophet SAW Selim here we don't follow even we have the greatest of love and regard for the father of Isola Abubakar Siddique rhodiola. Who, but we follow the Sula, Salalah Sula, who said Kali Hina has a Yamuna Yong will aid the Allah Bucher, leave them alone, let them carry on singing and playing the music this day of ours is the day of eat. So some people get

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very uncomfortable when I say that when I say music and songs, it rules out the majority of the music and songs that we hear on the podcast. I'm afraid because a full stop full of filthy words. It's not the music that's the problem. Oh, filthy videos. So avoid the filthy videos. Avoid the juicy words to songs that have some good meaning.

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Doesn't have to be thicker and intertwined in all that brothers and sisters is also in rejoicing. In rejoicing. He didn't come for us to go and spend it in the mouse is not a funeral day. So we don't sit back in the couch at home saying all the time has come for me to die. Maybe I will see another reason. It is not a funeral. Some people say if he's so not to go to the graveyard on a day actually it is not fun not to go to the graveyard on a day. There is nothing authentic about that to choose specifically jumari day as a day of visiting the keyboard is not from the sun.

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It is not from the sun to to do it. It's fine because you can visit the grave any time but to specify that day is against the sooner

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Actually, a day is not a day of lamentation. A Day is a day of happiness and rejoicing. It is not a day, but a day not to be so happy and rejoicing and eat and drink so merrily that you forget to do viken of Allah, when you say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, and not to forget your Salah, some people organize, and I finish

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probably some of your burning in the sun. Now we're complaining about the sun. The British and the British weather, you know, we're never happy are we?

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as the as the weather is changeable, so we, anyway, some people organized on Eve days, come to the east disco, for a dancer drink and have drugs is on posters. It's unbelievable. There is nothing so far from contradiction than this. Yeah, that is not the kind of celebration I'm talking about. Of course, brothers and sisters are racing up and down Winslow road to try and see who can do it plus this endangering your life and the life of others. Just to show off with your dad's flashy car, when he from hell maybe do that as well, because that's where all the flashy cars and wind blows.

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But that's no worries about the 80s. About still celebrating the promises. Slim said in a hurry for hon Villa sa yongala. There's a time for this and a time for that. So this is not a funeral day. This is not a dare to confine yourself in the masjid. Nay, it is not a day of fasting. It is haram to fast on a day.

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Yet yet you're rejoicing and you're sick. And you're eating and drinking brothers and sisters. Is he bad?

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Is he bad? before Allah subhanho wa Taala because Allah chose this day for us to do this. Allah chose this day for so don't feel guilty when you're eating nice food. Don't feel guilty when you're having a laugh and a happiness all that which is legitimate. May Allah subhanaw taala keep books from all that which he hates and dislike me I lost my thought keepers on throttle mustafi May Allah give us goodness and happiness in this world and especially in the hereafter forgive us our sins on this day of acceptance forgiveness, Allah worth but Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illa Allah Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa Leela Hill, hum, God is the greatest God is the greatest God is the

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greatest there is no god but the one God Allah. God is the greatest God is the greatest and To Him belongs all praise and gratitude. They have other sisters at the Movado. Man besides Apollo nomina momentum, I was gonna say embracing each other. Well, Boris thinks it's all right. But the Midas hasn't made an agreement with Boris So I urge caution. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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wa Taala. Love

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you all.

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All you can say to me, that's my gun.

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Word, Lord, the word jumbo.

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As always,

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my wife mentioned Yes.

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Nice to see you.

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Too much.

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Sorry. We've come to that.

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Do you plan to go to the bank right? No, no, no, they're coming I hope.

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Okay, they're sort of halfway there in Spain.

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Going to read list

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