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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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My dear brothers, sisters,

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each and every one of us, knows that the day of judgment is coming. And in the Day of Judgment, your good deeds and your bad deeds will be put on a scale and out of a Lost Planet Allah has mercy that the good deeds are multiplied while the sense or not so whatever good deeds you do, it will be multiplied to 10 unless you're among those Mashallah that Islam is been perfected Mithun, Hashanah, Islam, as the prophets of Salaam said, Those who their Islam is perfect, that has an hour be multiplied to 700 times. But the average person that has an eye will be multiply 10 times any good deeds, while the sin it will be only remain one. One of the thing that it's it's a great marriage,

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it's really something that you think about it, you just say thank you, Allah, La Millikan, Hamed, yada, yada be like Al Hamdulillah. Well, I am very grateful to my Lord, that he made it so easy for us to survive in the Day of Judgment. Not only that, but also by giving us the opportunity to do some little small things, okay, that it will be multiplied in its reward so much in the Day of Judgment, not only it will make your deeds heavier also, as we all know good deeds, erase bad deeds erase bad deeds, once the profits are some of them told the companions Is it difficult for some of you to gain

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so much reward every day, so much reward every day to gain 2500 reward every day. So law, everyone would like to do that. But immediately people will think that means I have to do maybe do 2500 good deeds, but the process of them said actually after each and every Salah after each and every summer, you say 10 times Suppan Allah will hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar. So this three times 10 three times 10 is 3030 times five, that's 150 the profits are some of them said, so it's 150 with your tongue, but it is actually going to be 1500 in your skill in the Day of Judgment, then the process of upset and when you go to bed, you say Subhana Allah 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar 34 times how

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many? Now we have 100 the prophets of Salaam said 100 with your tongue, but it is actually in your scale will be 1000 so the prophets of Salaam said this the case 1000 upon sleeping 1000 during the day, that's 2500 then the process alum raise beautiful question. He said Who among you commit 2500 cents a day? I know maybe some people do. But shall most of the people have done it the believers they don't but 2500 reward versus how many cents. This is just to help you to accumulate more good deeds. So you survive in the Day of Judgment. Serious skill of the good deeds will be the heavier one. I ask Allah Subhana Allah from the bottom of my heart, to make you among those who remember

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Allah Subhana Allah so much. I asked Allah Subhana Allah by his names and attributes to help me and you to be among those who sincerely pray to Him who sincerely worship Him, and to be among those who come in the day of judgment with a very heavy skill filled with good deeds, if you want to learn more about things related to the care, and I highly recommend you to join us in our class, the fifth of Vicar on a 24 seven and it's a class offered by a model of Institute. So go visit our website and model.org to enroll now, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.