Wahaj Tarin – This is why Mahdi is arriving very soon

Wahaj Tarin
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the beliefs of the Prophet sallama Alayhi- wa Sallam and the importance of not being too optimistic. The conflict between Syria and Afghanistan is a war in the region, with the army preparing to attack the enemy and eventually reaching the city of Afghanistan. The conflict is intense and the army will face opposition from the Muslims and begin a campaign against the enemy, with theRoool saying that Muslims will be victorious and collecting booty of war.
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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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and with regards to him he is famous amidst us as the MACD and this is part of the beliefs of the listener, that a person will come, who will be from the lineage of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam Dora soul says an

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atrocity mean whether the Fatima the melody is from my lineage, as in from my progeny from the children of Fatima, and then he sallallahu alayhi wasallam says his name will be my name. So, his name will be Mohammed and his father's name will be my father's name. So he will be Mohammed ibni Abdullah and as the earth was filled with wrong and oppression, he will fill it with justice and peace.

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And this, this righteous ruler, audio the Allahu anhu says, and not only Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah Allahu anhu, says Alma de amin, el Beit, the melody is from us from the family of the Prophet, your slave, whoa, whoa, la, la La, La La La Raza will prepare him for the Office of leadership in one night.

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So the melody doesn't know he has the melody.

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And the melody doesn't have the competencies of the melody. Until one night, in one night, Allah will transform him. The ahaadeeth mentioned that a king will die and the Jazeera and the Arab peninsula and the sons or three sons of a king will fight and Quarrel over leadership.

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And to avoid the squirrel, this man Mohammed Abdullah will leave Medina in secret and go to Makkah

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because he doesn't want to be involved in the conflict, nor does he want people to turn towards him. So when he goes to Makkah, his aim is to avoid getting tangled up in this leadership struggle. You have people follow him from Medina into Makkah, and they find him and they take him out and they bring him to the Kava, and they between the Douro Cohen as in hydro s word, and mahkamah Ibrahim, they will make biochar to him when he doesn't want it.

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You with me?

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That didn't sound very convincing.

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So they will make biochar to him.

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And as soon as they have pledged allegiance, two things will happen.

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Number one,

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an army will march out from Syria

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to attack this progeny of the Rasul Allah.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Listen carefully, is in the house of Allah, Allah, and he is asleep. And in his sleep, he starts to move, he looks uncomfortable.

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He's just playing what he's never displayed before this comfort and sleep to the extent that he is moving, then he got up so she said, your rasulillah I have seen you do what you normally do not do. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, strange is the situation an army will come from them from Syria.

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intending the house of Allah from my alma seeking a man from my progeny

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to attack him. And then another Hadith al Bukhari, Yahoo Yazoo je tion Allah cada for either J. ob by Amina Jacobi Oh wanting him What a hurry him an army will come campaigning towards the Kaaba until it's reached by ADA and by that is an expanse of land between Mecca and Medina. Flat desert land

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when it reaches there, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says your stuff will be overwhelming him to him, the earth will suck them in their first thing they lost in an another cold one person or a couple of people who will be left just to tell the tale.

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So this is one of the signs that this one is the one the prophet SAW

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Allahu Allah He was seldom intended, first that his name will be my name, and his name, the name of his father will be my father's name, second, an army will come

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to attack him, and he will be unarmed.

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And the army will be destroyed by Allah alone. So when this happens, realize that this is the one

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and the people that realize it, initially, or the first batch that go towards him is from our lands from perasaan.

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The black flags will rise from the areas of Afghanistan, and the flags will come towards him, and they will traverse through the land until they come and help have them add.

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And his time is a difficult error.

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The rhassoul sizes and an eloquence befitting the majesty of the rasulillah listen carefully Muslims,

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una Jazeera de la Arab holla, you will campaign and the Arab peninsula and Allah will open it. So Machakos una lifars, then there will be a campaign against the Persians for your Allah and Allah will open it. So matter whose uno room then there will be a campaign against Rome and Allah will open it. So Mata una de JAL fi of the hula, then the gel will come and Allah will open it doesn't will let you conquer it.

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So the age of the melody is an age of intense struggle. And the Hadith says he will stay with you for seven years.

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And maybe I

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and if it really extends nine years,

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at the last campaign,

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to Muslims will come.

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the other side, that opposition will come to face it. And the opposition is so huge.

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At banners

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at the front flags, and the each flag will be 14,000 men, Is it 14 or 12 12,000 men have said 14, if they've got a wrong that's their thing.

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And anyway, so between those two.

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And when the two sides meet, and the Muslim see this, a third of them will run away. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says, Allah will never accept their repentance ever.

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Because running away, reduces and destroys the morale of everyone standing. So then the campaign starts.

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And the battle is hot and it's intense, and a third of the Muslims will die.

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And the third will be victorious. Just a third will be victorious. And they will be there on the battlefield collecting the remnants and the booty of war. And the Hadith says, from one tribe 99 have died and one person has left.

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So what joy will he have his victory and what joy will he have at collecting booty. So you would think after such a calamity after such a colossal engagement, or what is referred to in the books that preceded us as Armageddon,

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you would have expected issues to become more relaxed yet, as they have just become victorious and are collecting the things of the battlefield. Our voice will come out to them that all Muslims that Jarl has come in your lands

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and the first of the elemental Cobra, the first of the major signs as the advent of the digital or the Antichrist.

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So the Imam Al Mahdi will send 10 people

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10 riders to go and investigate and scout see if the news is correct. And the Rasool says Sala Torabi wa salam O Allah, I know their names

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and I know the names of their fathers and I know the color of the horses. They will be the best Riders of the day.

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So they will go and see ah in the calamity has come

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The journal has come. Who is this the journal, the first of the big signs of gamma and understand when the signs the major signs are unleashed. They will follow each other like beads on a necklace Pilar sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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hora De Tomaso Mann Zoo Mattoon fee silk for in Yokai silko ba ba ba ba ba. The major signs are like beads on a necklace. When the bead is when the necklace is cut one will come after the other

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