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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of the European Empire and its influence on the world. They also mention the collapse of the European Empire and the expansion of the American Empire. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning history and educating people to achieve their goals.
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If you were to flick through the pages of history

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and come to the beginning of our history,

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or the history of our nation, as in the sovereign Muslim nation,

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you would notice that that time and that age and that era,

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there were two main world powers superpowers or empires.

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On the one side was the Persian Empire. And on the other side was the Roman Empire. And both of these empires had reached the zenith of power.

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They boasted political stability, economical prosperity, military capability and an influence that extended over much of the globe.

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And then they're in the dry deserts of Arabia live the Arab race.

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A semi nomadic people scattered across an endless desert. The land was harsh, the climate difficult, the land barren, the people scattered, this united uneducated and disciplined

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and on the earth of God that would be accurate to say that they had nothing going for them.

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So much so that the great conquerors of the past passed them by and didn't even look twice at them. They didn't even consider them a people worthy of conquest. Alexander the Great passed them by the Romans passed them by the Persians pass them by, they were an unnoticed, insignificant, an educated, unlettered and disciplined disunited, a scattered group of people that added up to nothing much in the annals of human history.

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They were small, psychologically small, I don't think you will find too many people in the annals of human history where they bury their own daughters alive.

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Politically, they thought small, they aim small, one of their greatest men like it, you know, this is later on, but the reference that I am giving he has when his days before Islam, a man came and asked him Jamar, what is your biggest aim in life? What is your biggest golden life? What do you want to achieve in life? What do you live for? He said, I hope I wish that I could have a herd of camels that I could breathe and milk and live off that comfortably that is my aim in life.

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They were a small people population Didn't you know the numbers were not as big as the other countries. And yet, Allah Rob Bula, Isaiah opted, chose and preferred this unnoticed and disciplined disunited, an educated scattered group of people to become the primary promoters and propagators of the one true religion or God.

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And I study history and I contemplate deeply about that and for the life of me I am thinking era, the Romans were there the Persians were their armies were their governments were their governance were their pump was their ceremony was there and you opt for this unnoticed disunited and disciplined an educated group of people to become the custodians and promoters and propagators of the salvation of the human nation.

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And yet, when this group of people,

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semi nomadic group of people hovering on the brink of barbarism when these people entered Islam,

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and as the Quran says, Oh dahulu facilement Kapha when they entered it entirely, when it became their life and their focus and their purpose and their everything, within a few decades, this insignificant, unknown, unnoticed and disciplined, small an educated nation, expanded and extended from Granada in Spain on one side

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To know in New Delhi, in India on the other

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there is history is making a point here.

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My lord is teaching a lesson here. And that point in that lesson is this, that you can be the lowest of low, the most insignificant, unimportant and disciplined this United Nation on the face of this earth. But if you were to cling to this rope of Allah wa tassimo Be humble in LA he Jamia you will reach the pinnacles of human achievement.

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There is not a second truth beyond this.

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And so far as they held on to this thing.

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There was not another nation that could show light to them. History calls them the torch bearers of light and education. At the time the Prophet cam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Makkah.

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The historians record that there were 18 people that could read and write and the whole of Mecca

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By the time the Prophet left,

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Arabia had become teachers of the world, and that same Omar Abdul hapa broke the law,

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who yesterday wanted to have a herd of camels. They asked him now after Islam, Yamato, what is your goal? What is your purpose? What's the mission of your life? What do you want to live for? He says I want to struggle to the Dean of Mohammed reaches every corner of the globe.

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The small became world notable the unnoticed became significant. The localized dreams became World Vision. The secret formula of change and success was a slam

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