The Highest Form Of Virtue

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Reflections on Hadeeth: ‘The Highest form of Virtue’….Chapter: The Ways of Doing Good from Riyad-us-Saliheen. #138

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In our example our

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mean so the low Cinema Camera Vienna Muhammad Ali Osaka cinema Steven

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So how many of you here have goats in their backyards?

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And when setting a goat in the backyard

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or raising goats in the backyard

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so you go by the city code under law

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and now they're dependent chicken right now actually in the city council but that's a different story. When it comes to owning a goat what benefit can you get out of a goat anyway?

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The street the grass become the lawn mower journey for you.

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What benefits can you get from that? Now of course, it's not to encourage people to go and buy goats and put them in the backyard now, but let's see what else can people get out of, you know, ways of earning good deeds similar to that. And this had it had it

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Abdullah hablando been asked for the love triangle Allah, tala Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam albana hustla like there are 40 kinds of virtues I want the purposes are beyond the Arabic language or several 40 or 70 the Arabic language is basically like not necessarily the actual figure for zero it's like a lot they say 70 and there's so much

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and for it is a lot for is a lot 72 so much. Here the professor says there's a lot of good deeds you can do. And one of them he said for the last caller

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that one of the top one of the top ones, he said to learn to learn a goat for some reason the good for somebody, I mean, lending a good for someone for what the Arabic language many hotter lands the word many hotter and specifically about giving someone a goat or the milk

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they can milk it and then use the milk physically for the nutrition for food for whatever that uses for now, obviously, we expect that a person has multiple goals

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that he has access an extra and then your neighbor might not have that panela that

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access to this kind of nutrition so you give them one says you know what? Why don't you keep it with you?

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throughout the month of Ramadan inshallah tada and after Ramadan, bring him back.

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So what do you do in this case, the person who receives it is responsible to feed it is possible to feed it to maintain it to take care of it, not prepared for it for yourself. Now, but basically you take care of it. While you're benefiting from the milk based on the agreement. It's basically I'll give it to you until you

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holla Are you getting anything in terms of cash for this? You're not asking for money in return? They're asking for reward. I'm doing it for the sake of Eliza.

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The professor Sam says this is basically one of the top Okay, what could be similar to this in our time right now?

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We've got about a good What else?

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until you have two three cars. Whenever his car broke, maybe they have guests coming from from somewhere else and you have a van and shala say can I just you know borrow your van just for the weekend? Because I have my relatives coming in?

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Is my car is my van No, I don't need your car. Just take the van because I'm I have another car inshallah. So use the van during that time. August is expected if you take in your relatives, you know, on the weekend. What do you what do they expect you drive the van, where would you drive the van? I don't go to California.

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And come back says Zach, Alicia, that was an awesome.

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No, no, that's not fair, we expect you to use the van around the area, the same area, right. Also, if you're going to be using the van and have to take care of it, you know, and the most reasonable way I could keep it clean, wash it after you're done full gas, the same amount that wasn't there and so on. We don't expect to change the oil and change the tires and then there may be just a whole body shop for it. Now. You don't have to do that. Simply just to maintain it in a way to just to show appreciation and bring them back in.

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Okay, is a question some of my sous chef, if I borrow someone's goat for the milk, and that goat dies?

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Who's responsible for

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the Gaston

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who's responsible for that good right now? Again, it depends on why died right? If it died because of negligence on your part, this case you're responsible for financially gonna have to pay him and the amount of the value of that good. But if it died out of your power, let's see

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what happened or maybe just the natural disease, whatever that is that's not on your power in your hand. You're not responsible for that is the same thing with the car

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that underlies the car broke.

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And it's out of your hand. In this case, the owner is responsible for the repair.

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But if it was a flat tire or maybe, you know, accident lateral line, you're responsible for actually responsible for the repair response of that repair event. So the point here the purpose of him saying that if you lend someone that and for a benefit, Allah sallallahu sallam, nam enamelling Yamato the first Latin minha Raja was de como de la, la, la La who agenda professors and speaker of this 40 good deeds. And one of these at the top of the image just lending someone your good for the mill, it sets a little asylum, about his 40 deeds. He who practices any of these virtues expecting its reward and relying on the on the validity of the promise made for it in the last panel data,

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shall intelligence

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is the future we look for these 40 virtues and try to practice as many as you can.

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And you're doing this for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right relying on Allah azzawajal believing in the reward from Allah subhana wa Taala. And the promise Allah made that he will give you gentlemen, a lot of good children.

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So a lot of these good deeds, if you notice, and then I mentioned the headaches, by the way, because you might ask the professor, so I mentioned him No, he didn't mention them in one Heidi, you know, in one after the other one. But he mentioned him in many, many other ideas. Of course, the the time, the professor said I'm delivering the data, he gave you so many opportunities.

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So therefore when you count, is this a valuable virtue? Is it more than just for you? Let's do as many as we can. Keep in mind, you're doing it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala believing in the promise of Allah azza wa jal and the rewards that you get for that, and if you do so, the professor says in color lagenda Allah subhanho wa Taala will definitely admit this person to Allah, may

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Allah Any question?

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Of course, absolutely. You're driving the car to get a flat tire. If you repair that flat tire on your from your own pocket, you get reward for that absolutely get reward for now Honestly, it depends if the third was already actually bad. And then it just, you know, when really bad and just have the owner responsible to repair

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but if you do that as courtesy from your side, until

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now, what if someone expects reward and return for that for that charity?

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If someone comes to you, brother, can I borrow your van? My my parents are coming this weekend. I just need extra space and so on so so choose where you go take the van. Then at the end of the weekend, he comes back does that fella Thank you very much. And then he said, Okay,

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that's it. Thank you.

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So if you were expecting reward and return of that, that's no longer an act of charity

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does now is basically it's rental.

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And when this person asked you to borrow the car, he didn't ask you to borrow the car to give you anything in return.

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But if he offered on his own Do you have Can you take it? Let's say after the whole deal is done eventually you lend him the car he used the $100 banana man was awesome experience wash the car filled with gas bring it back through says Zach Allah says thank you very much he's $100 gift card

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Did you take it can you take it personally? Are you allowed to take it

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would that be considered river

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that river no it's not river

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Absolutely not. Now the question should you take

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summers I didn't ask for it. He just is offering them a zone Should I take it?

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I'm going to be able to take Let me see how many of you take this your hand

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Oh my god. How many of us No, no give it to them as a

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tricky question. Right? Okay. Well if you take it you have soon now vulnerable sobre la Tran he came to the Prophet sallahu wa salam under the properties of worry I was trying to give your your

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Casa La arowana the professor system this.

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If the money comes to you without you asking for it, take it

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says if it comes to you without you pursuing it, just take it.

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But if it if you're asking Well, that's a different story. So therefore, if money comes to you without you asking for it

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That's the purpose has allowed us to do that. However, here's where it gets tricky.

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If you keep doing that, you know frequently what happens to the intention

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it might it might ruin your intention. Like every time you learn someone something What do you expect to return? another gift card

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and then when the last one the next time someone brings it back to you without gift card, if you sour, bad and terrible, and when someone else come up to this to borrow something for you, they say, No, I don't have it.

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I can give you so just keep that in mind. That Manasa Baraka lokibot extension.

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Just a quick announcement.

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this coming Friday inshallah Allah after salata. Lhasa is a special