The Prophet at the funeral of a hypocrite

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I mean,

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a lot of

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describing the role of the Rasool Allah He of Paulo Salatu automata slim says,

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We have not sent you as anything else, except as a mercy to the worlds

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for those who are comfortable with Arabic language, have loud polarizer and say, in our cell neck or hematol, I mean, we have sent you as a mercy to the world's had he azzawajal said that, it would have been possible to mean that we have sent you as a mercy plus other things.

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There would have been room for other additions to the role, but a lot of bullet Riza makes it very explicit and negates all else one autosol NACA and we have not sent you Illa except

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as in a single purpose and that is ora Mehta. Lila, I mean that you are as a mercy to the worlds

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and my brothers and sisters, there are certain situations in which mercy comes naturally

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and certain situations in which Mercy is very difficult. For example, if you see a little child dying of hunger, mercy is natural.

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If you I have watched YouTube clips of baby deers of little kids deer being protected by a tiger or a lion or lioness, because even that baby lie Oh, that lion has mercy towards a little babe. So if you see a little child and you have in your heart fills up with mercy,

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it's not an achievement. It's normal. You're supposed to show mercy.

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But to show mercy in places where it is totally out of range that qualifies you for being merciful. I just want to use one incident in the life of the soul to to establish this verse.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he came to Medina, there were different categories of people. So there were those who are honest Muslims to the bone,

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and those who are Muslims on face, but this belief is at heart. This is called the category of the moon after whom the people who are hypocrites, so they are people who show Islam on their face, and have this belief in their hearts. Although there is another category of nofap in which you are a believer, but your deeds or deeds of hypocrisy, but the one I am interested in today as hypocrites, who are disbelievers and the essence of their hearts, but putana facade of Islam. So the king of the Mona fix, the leader of the Mona fix, is a man by the name of Abdullah Ebner obey administer Lula, remember the name, he is the leader of the hypocrites.

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So this man harmed Islam and harm the prophet and harm the very household of the raw soul and on endless occasions. So for example,

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there was the first campaign of Islam which is bothered and you know, the story of that and Allah granted the Muslims victory, the Quraysh swore revenge they came a year later for the Battle of awkward.

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Now the Muslims decided to go out and meet this army and

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adversaries, the enemies are 3000 so 1000 Muslims who marched out to meet them

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how many

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1000 Muslims marched out to meet them. halfway to the battle halfway through the campaign, Abdullah Abner obey Abner salute decides I am not going anymore. Me and My men will turn back to the city.

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Any army general any person who has watched forget about an army general if you've watched military movies, you understand that when

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Have the army turns back the morale of the rest will fall. You know, you will start having second thoughts What am I doing? Forget about the battle if you go to a picnic 10 people going in through if you decide you're not going anymore, you start having doubts maybe it's not a good idea.

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So, uh, damage the morale of the Muslims that, you know, at the end he did it deliberately, meticulously, you know, maliciously at the point where he should have been there besides the lawsuit and and and then when the Muslims suffered and 70 million more Muslims one was martyred in the Battle of art. This man has the audacity to say if you had taken my advice, none of this would have happened.

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So you see his militarily strategically hurt the deed.

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And then on another campaign he is there was the profit. It's a long tedious campaign and in it he gets together as a group of people and says, Let your Raja Anna el Medina de la regional assuming hell as well. When we go back to Medina, we the honorable will kick out to this honorable as in these new Muslims, the Prophet and his people, Allah forbid we will kick them out of the city.

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And then on another campaign, he saw Armada, Chateau de la Honda carry back from the caravan. And he might, you know, abusive claims about her which Allah has recorded in the Quran and a lot of Buddhism took her out clean and pure from that.

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So he's he is damaged. You know, he's attacked the household of the Prophet, the honor of the lawsuit, the strength, the dignity of Islam. He's done what he's done.

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So Subhanallah, the big hill makadi Time passes. And now the same man Abdullah Ebner, obey in a saloon is on his deathbed.

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His son is the righteous man,

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you know, his son is a strong Sahaba of the Prophet and Subhanallah in the days where he was strong as in the father was alive and kicking. And he heard what he had done to the soul, the son came to the to the Prophet era. So if you want to order his execution, tell me to do it. Because I can't see someone else execute my father and walk in the cities in the streets of Medina. So if you need to do it, tell me all good. So the Prophet said no, we will bear with your father patiently. So now anyway, Abdullah innovativeness saloon is on his deathbed and shortly he dies.

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So listen to this. Now the sun comes to the Rasulullah or prophet of Allah.

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My father has died.

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Can you give me your soap,

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your gob your personal clothing to cuffin my father in law

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and this is an honor not available to most of the US hub. There are very few that can claim you know, I was buried in the in the dress of the lawsuit.

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Yeah, this man has come he's not asking for Omar Abubakar is asking for the for Abdullah ignore by Edna cellule Give me your phone for him.

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And you see Rahmatullah al Amin.

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Take it off,

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and say here, go cuffin your father in this.

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Then he comes or prophet, lead the Salah of his genizah

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but you put yourself in that position, someone who's insulted your family, someone who has tried to you know create division in the ranks of your army, someone who caused implicitly the loss of some 70 of your companions. You your blood would boil from your toe to your head.

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You know, he is dead Alhamdulillah my Allah put them in the depths of hell.

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The natural reaction,

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but don't assume sighs I will come and lead this a lot of janessa

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like, what type of heart did you have? We are Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam goes and Can you can you visualize the Rasul Allah He have de la sala to automatise Lima standing. The genesis of Abdullah Abner obey Vanessa Lula is there. And the best of the creation after the prophets is lined up behind him to pray on this head of the hypocrites.

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And as he's about to start,

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Omar Abner hottub comes and stands here.

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Between the Prophet and the janaza.

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And he says yo yo, so

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this is the live no by Edna saloon. So the Prophet says I know move from me Omar.

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So he says you're assumed he is the one who said that your Raja Ana el Medina de la, regional assuming this is the one that said when we go to Medina, the honored will take out the dishonorable the Rasul said, I know movia Omar said he is the one that for so called hood says, I know Yeah, Omar move. So and then the Omar insists. So the Prophet said, Allah has given me a choice, ask forgiveness for them, or don't ask forgiveness for them. And if you were to ask the verse 70 times forgiveness, I will not forgive them. So don't assume that said, If I know that if I asked 71 times in a law on the 71st, one will forgive him, I will ask 71 times Europe forgive him.

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You see, metal I mean.

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So the Prophet stood alayhi salatu salam,

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and let the salaat of janaza

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on this hypocrite. And when he finished jabril can with the vs. Don't stand on the graves ever again. No seek forgiveness for them ever. So this became forbidden after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam showed this monumental

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expression of mercy to those who by any standard didn't deserve it. If it was a military court of demand was called martial. He would have been executed as

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you know you for soccer battlefield sweetheart. So therefore, my dear brothers, let's It is time for us as Muslims to understand the real mission of the Rasul. And that was a mercy to the world's

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a mercy to the world's most a lot of bullets that grant us the capacity to embody the mission of the law school for Colton Appleton Dakota senator from Maine. Allaha interco, San Fermin, St. Lucia Tonto said Mr. De Kumara.

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peace and blessings on you