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And you would wonder, what would be the final command of a lot of bullets to humankind? Understand your Prophet was the last of the prophets after him would be normal. So this message that would be revealed to the Prophet as in the last and the finale of the Quran would be a message

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Toki Ahmed come, the final utterance of a lot of Buddha, Isaiah through the Quran, what would it be? And it was revealed nine days before the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And you listen to it, Allah subhana wa dokuwiki, a woman to Raja una de la la. And be mindful of the day when you will return to your Lord, what's the message and be aware of the day where you will return to your Lord? What Takuya woman to Raja una de la ma and be aware of the day where you will return to your Lord and you will be recompensed for whatever your hands have earned. If it is good, that will be good, and if it is evil, it will be evil and no man will be wrong. It is a message that the pious understood for the evening.

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So a man so he asked him, he goes How old are you?

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So the man said I am 60 years old.

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So for Dale said

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so for 60 years you have been journeying to meet your Lord waiting to reach your destination

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to the day of the meeting of your Lord and realization grip the elderly man you know when you look back 60 years have passed and a little bit remains. What haven't I committed of wrong?

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Zeno liability in in his poem.

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He says

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Safari by dawn was the line yo Bella honey wakulla to borrow fat while moto lupone Wali Baka nobilis to demo her, a la jolla demo have his surgery while Island he what a long journey to my Lord. And my destiny. My journey is long and my preparation so little. And weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me and the sins have piled up.

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So with this sentiment, the man said in the law, we're in a garage, what the calamity. 60 years has gone.

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So far, Dale said, Do you know what it means?

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This in the law? We're in La Jolla, arogya own that I belong to Allah and to Him I will return. The man said yes. It means I belong to Allah and to Him I will return. So for Dale said, Whoever realizes that he belongs to Allah and is in the ownership of Allah and the property of Allah and as such, he will return to the owner. He must also realize that there is accountability and the owner will ask what did you do? So he said, What have you prepared? What have you prepared for the return to your Lord? So the man started to cry. And he said one life is difficult.

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It is difficult.

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He has another one. The man came to Medina humble with this poem. He says it's hard to be a master hater Tasini was to fit them and hello to Bella ice Anita teeny, 4k for Oji boja Wi Fi woman. So for me, if my lord were to ask me

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if I'm fatherly, or be a master at Tasini, one to shy when you use to do sins against me that didn't you used to feel embarrassed, but to fit them the unhealthy you were building a car and at uni, you hit your sins from the people and with sins you came to face me. You were shy of every other eye but my eye. So now this man

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realizes what have I prepared for the meeting of my Lord? So he said for the elite is difficult. So for Dale said no

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It is easy. live the rest of your life in the obedience of Allah He will forgive you your past and change your deeds you're wrong into Hassan add my a lot of boys in this blessed month, turn our deeds in the wrongs into Hassan art and bless our hearts and at multiple times and give us the preparation although the sins are many that when we face him on that day, we don't disgrace ourselves no our Prophet poppleton Appleton taco has no

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