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The history and character of thecent Diego of Islam, including his name, background, and past contributions to Islam, covers the character of thecent Diego's son, Xena, and her relationship with the Prophet sallavi. The Prophet sallavi was allam during the Battle ofRxab, and the people in Mecca were mocking him. The Islamist community uses empty words and false narratives to assert their beliefs, and the speaker describes the struggles of finding a new home and finding a new one, as well as a former homeowner who had a difficult time finding a new home due to the drought and lack of housing.

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Santa Monica environmental library cater to your brothers and sisters Welcome back to the first shorts where we are looking into the biographies of some of the early Muslims about whom we don't have much information but we have many life lessons to learn and today we're covering someone who there is quite a bit about him and his background that we can benefit from and inshallah title bring a few things together his name is Abdullah injection well the Allahu taala now to give a little bit of background I beloved no Joshua the law I know he falls into the category of the last two companions that we covered right so he's very similar as a commander of an army to its above and has

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won will be alongside IMO and also should be it'll be alongside however, he's also related to the profit slice I'm in several ways so we look at him and he is an early convert and someone who we know converted at the hands of Oh Becca, so the vehicle will be alongside it, which of course is to the credit of a Rebecca will the lights on I know to have yet another noble companion that we will study with and it tada who embraced the snom at his hands hence all of the credits of his work of his contribution is also part of that of above Beckett acidic or the Allahu taala annual now I live in Jacksonville de la tada and who is the son of a man by the name of Josh in Riyadh. Saudi, and he

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is a leaf one who gave his allegiance to Benny Deschamps, and his mother is lima beans are the Muppet. We've mentioned her already a couple of times. She is the maternal aunt of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam Mima been more positive, and all of her children would become Muslim. Okay, all of her children would become Muslim. Most of the biographers say that she passed away before that happened. So we look at her children. We spoke about him not been to Josh will be allowed to add on her who was the widow of Mousavi, binaural Natal Viola and also that last long episode that we covered, Musab we spoke about the weeping and the Wailing of Hamner while the Allahu

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taala and her and how she was a cousin of the Prophet slice alum. We know about Xena and Josh will be allowed to add on her because eventually of course, she will become a wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So you have the brother here of Xena and

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also his, his brother, obey the law, even jash, who we have already spoken about as being the husband of Habiba will be allowed tada and, and who you know, some of the sources suggest he may have died after leaving Islam in Abyssinia. But of course, as we spoke about in the in this era of heavy metal, the law, we can't fully establish that however, obey the law. And Josh was one of those people who embraced monotheism before the Prophet slice I'm starting to preach a slump. So he was unique in that sense, and maybe that gives you some background into the way that the ideas of Islam are already penetrating the household of the love injection of the longtail and and there's one more

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brother who we will speak about next time in sha Allah Allah, Who is really you know, some how to love person who has a remarkable story. And his name is Abu evangelische, also known as Mohammed Abdullah bin Jax will be a lot of data. And so we'll speak about him next time in Chatelet data. But right now let's focus on a lot of injection of a lot of data. And this is a man who has embraced Islam very early on alongside of a backhoe so they call it a lot of data at home and join.com made the second migration to Abyssinia so he's part of the group that made the second Hippo to Abyssinia and he is also one of those that migrated to Medina afterwards so he is one of those people who is

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distinguished by being from the people of the to his was one of the things that we have about him and one of the famous instance that we have about him is that he is known as the first person to be known as immutable meaning the commander of the believers or an immune in Islam. Now of course we know that a mutual momineen as a title and as an office belong sama raha probably a lot of data on who but where does this narration come from? One of the loved ones actually lost out on who came to Medina, the Prophet sallallahu it was son dispatched him in a very particular rate. And when he dispatched him in that rate, the man who narrates this famous incident is none other than Saturday

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when we were hostile the last hour and who if you notice is always around other people that were commanders that were warriors in that time so savable the low tide I know, he says bath and also the lion solahart he was seldom the prophets I some sent us in one of these cities and one of these raids were called abathur nadie como Rosalyn are smarter Kamala jewelry will vouch that I'm going to send a person to be in charge of you. That is the most patients with hunger and thirst meaning someone who

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is very patient who is of course very capable, and someone who can lead you for birth arlena our beloved objects will be a lot of time at home. So the profit slice and I'm appointed of the loved and jash to be our commander, our leader for Canada, a widow, a mutant Islam and so he was the first meat in Islam. So this is the words or These are the words of sight of an apostle the A lot of times I know that our beloved rejection is the first imiev, the first commander in Islam as a result of this rate, however, this raid against Quraysh actually went wrong. It is a very famous raid known as the nakhla. raid, essentially, what you find is that the profit slice of them used to dispatch

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before the Battle of Reddit, these raids to disrupt the caravans of the people of Mecca, that were going to primarily a shop that were going to primarily greater Syria, and they were taking the stolen goods of the Muslims from Mecca, and they were trading them in a sham. So this was one of the strategies of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And also Lastly, some dispatches him and a small group of people in this raid, which is known as the knuckle raid, and he gives him a letter with instructions, and he tells him to wait to read that letter. So Abdullah goes to that area of anathema, which is between Mecca and alive. And the Prophet slice alum tells him to observe what

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police is doing, and to try to disrupt but at the same time, not to attack them not to actually fight with them. Because this was in the month of Roger and Roger up is a sacred month and because the larger bits the sacred month, this was not a time of fighting. And even though the Meccans did not honor anything, the prophet slice I'm still honored what Allah subhana wa tada had honor. So the love No, Josh, is there an inocula and they are observing the caravan. And what ends up happening is that, you know, fighting breaks out anyway. And they end up attacking those merchants even though it was the month of Rajab. So when they come back to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. They don't just

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have the merchandise, but they have also, you know, one person who was killed on the other side, and two that were captured, and also lost my son. Initially, he disproved that or disapproved of what Abdullah had done, and he said, Well, la Hema I wanted to come Qatar, he said, I swear by Allah, I did not command you to actually fight them. But instead to get their news and to disrupt their caravans, this was not a time that you were supposed to actually attack them. So if you are on the live in Jacksonville, the low tide I know, you're thinking to yourself that you're done, right, you know, you earned the anger or the disapproval of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. In, in this

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regard, and the people in Mecca are mocking the Prophet sallallahu wasallam because they're saying that look, you know, he violated one of the sacred months, and he ordered his people to attack ours. And this is not something that we do not realize. The people of Mecca, they would play with the actual calendar, right? They'd switch sacred months around so that they could justify fighting at certain times. They were not a people who honored much and they had already violated many rules at the time. But the fact that they were trying to use this to try to undermine the profits I'm in the Muslims and to suggest that there was something unethical about them was very low of them. So

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anyway, I'm loving it actually a lot of time it was, you know, was very sad and obviously over what had happened, and was waiting for something from the prophets I seldom that would be in his favor. And Allah subhana wa tada revealed or on in his favor in that regard. Yes, Luna, Karina Shahid have beaten and feed they ask you Oh Rasul Allah, about the the sacred months and fighting within the sacred months quoted, the title and fee could be that you should say that fighting within the sacred months is a great transgression. But at the same time, what does the last pantai go on to say, well subdue an answer. Videla will call for on V? Well, mostly they'll have what Roger early human who

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occupied or in the law, but at the same time, a greater transgression with Allah is when you prevents people from following the way of Allah subhanaw taala. And you forced them to disbelieve in Him and you prevent access to the sacred mustard and you drive out the inhabitants of the sacred Masjid, while pfitzner to UK bottle mineral.

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And verily fitna is worse

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is worse than but it is worse than killing in this regard. So it's probably a lot what this verse did, is it actually absolved of love and actually a lot of data and who, and those Muslims to say that you people in Mecca do not have the right to claim any type of moral victory here, right? What happens here is natural. They had a right and the burden is not upon them. The burden is upon you. Those of you that drove people out of Mecca drove people out of an out of the house.

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Out of the sacred land. And now you're trying to use the sacred months as an excuse, so that you can continue to trade stolen goods, to take the stolen goods from people that you persecuted and drove out of their homes and sell it elsewhere. So, Allah subhanho wa Taala. by revealing this, I actually absolves up the love and Joshua villalta Adam, because the greater burden is not on him and not on the Muslims of the loving rejection of the alonside. And who continues, he fights in the Battle of bethard. And he fights very bravely. So he attains the rank of being one of the veterans of brother. And then comes the moment of Abdullah and jash, which is the day of hurt as panela you know, even

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having myself the, the blessing of having visited heard many times,

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I never had come across this narration before about the love and rejection of the longtime home, in the battle ahead, but it's a very, very beautiful, and, you know, a very moving narration. And it's also from Saudi Arabia, well, cost will be a lot of time. So I didn't it will cost will be a lot of time and who says before the battle have started? And may Allah be pleased with sad, I mean, so how he's involved in all these stories. He says, before the battle hood started, Abdullah brijesh said to me, another Allah, will you not make dua to Allah subhanaw taala. So I raised my hands. And so you have this incident where you have saddled the law and raising his hands, and you have next to

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him and the love No, Josh, so you know, put yourself in the room, if you will, what's out all the law on raising his hand and I've loved Jack's on the lot and raising his hands with him, so that he could make your app. He said, for the outers I made to Allah, Allah, that Allah would send me a strong opponent that I would kill and I would be killed by or I wouldn't be killed by and that through that Allah subhana wa tada would grant me martyrdom. So Allah subhanaw taala would be pleased with me I mean, so he's asking Allah subhana wa tada for, you know, the opportunity to fight bravely and to attain martyrdom at the same time. So he said at the end of that, when I made that

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euro, Abdullah said amin to my dua, and then he continued and he made your app for something similar, but he added that my body would be left in such a way that either luckily Touka hada, he's talking to Allah subhanaw taala the lagna Jackson is talking to Allah and Saturday is listening to his drought and they're both still raising their hands so he said either lucky to go lower than that if I find you. Tomorrow, Allah when I meet you, Oh Allah, you would ask me and what cause were you mutilated? And I would say akula Vika Wolfie eurocity Caleb, I would say to you, Oh Allah that I was mutilated. I was killed and mutilated in such a way for your sake and for your messenger Oh, Allah

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Fatah Cooley and you would say to me, Oh Allah so that you are truthful. So how he's making her out to Allah subhanaw taala that Oh Allah. Let me also be granted Shahada and be left in such a way that when I'm raised in front of you on the Day of Judgment, you say to me, for what cause that this happened to you and I would say for you, Oh Allah for your messenger Oh Allah. And you would say to me so that you've told the truth. Think about the sincerity that it takes for you to make a deal out like that with a loss of parents how much confidence he had in his day and we know the position of side hustle the law I know his do if you go back and you watch the lesson on Saturday well the law

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and so he is a man of saddle the law of Thailand who says Look what can I do to Abdullah rejection hide I'm in the OT he said clearly the drought a sad little the alongside I know. I'm sorry. He said clearly, the drought of Abdullah was better than my drop. Clearly the drop of the love and Josh was better than my dear. Beloved rejects all the altar and home fight bravely and ordered until he was killed by a darkness eventually lessness eventual rape is the one who the scholars say wait only equally who has it in Louisa was revealed about so he's a condemned man, a heated opponent of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and Atlantis eventual rate did to Abdullah and Josh. Similar to what was

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done with Hamza will be Allahu Allah and who he he cut off his nose and his ears he mutilated him to make an example out of him. And when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam found him in the battlefield, the Prophet slicin was deeply moved was very emotional, and Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam ordered that he be buried in the same grave as Hamza or the alongside Hamza, the uncle of the Prophet slice them and also, the uncle of the Lebanese actually allowed to add on hold because again, his aunt was the sister of Hamza or the ally of Thailand. So the Prophet slicin them ordered that they'd be buried in one grave. So when you go to

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You visit Amazon will be a long time I know that buried with him in that same grave because his grave is separate from the rest is actually of the love in Jacksonville de la Terre Haute in the very same grave. He was killed in a similar way. And he had that sincere to heart to Allah subhanho to Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala reward him for his sacrifices, my lost parents, I grant him that martyrdom Allah subhanaw taala allow us to visit him and to visit the martyrs and to be joined with them and with our beloved prophet so I sell them in general for those long I mean, inshallah time Next time we'll talk about the brother of the love injection, and then we will talk about his widow

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who would go on to become one of our mothers Zainab Benzema will be alongside Zack Manuel Hayden was Santa Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakato