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Wahaj Tarin
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of self-consciousness and ethics in addressing gatherings and the need for people to be decent and decisive. They emphasize the need for people to be moral and ethical in their actions to make a difference. The speaker also mentions that these gatherings are designed to bring back people to a world of justness and lightthinking.
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hamdu lillahi wa salatu wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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ala yo mela power that

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we live in a time of human advancement.

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So panela there was a time we'd look up at the birds and see them fly and think you know I want to fly.

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And today, the poor bird does it flatters its wings trying to fly and look sideways and sees man in an aeroplane asleep instead of flying.

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And now the bird is thinking I want to fly like that.

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We have advanced man has landed on the moon today you sit here and today on the brink of 2015.

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And in your hand is an iPad or an iPod or a little gadget and with it, you will speak to someone from the other end of the globe.

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And not only speak to them, you'll see them

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humankind has advanced, there was a time if a doctor wanted to see inside you he had to open you up now the X ray is your ultrasound or MRI and and so on and so forth and he can read the inside you from outside man has advanced

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man has reached levels of technological advancement that was unimaginable in the times that paths

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and with this advancement

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comes this notion of self efficacy that I can and with it comes self reliance and with this reliance and self sufficiency and self determination, man becomes too dependent on himself. So he thinks he is it.

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There is no other power.

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Allah he had, he thinks there's no one that has power over him. No one that can hold them in check or no one to whom he will have to account. man becomes heatless

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and if you look around you man has become hitless look at what we have done to the environment man has become heatless the ozone the ozone layer is depleted man has become heedless.

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Global warming is over us. And man still doesn't realize

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that he is that he is unethical and immoral conduct

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is destroying not only the planet but lives. And it is important at this juncture on the brink of 2015.

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For gatherings like this to take place gatherings, which change your paradigm which recalibrate your campuses, which brings you back to one alternate reality that man

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you will go and give account to someone you will have to stand in front of your Creator and your maker and explain and account for the life which you had and how you spent it.

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As such a topic with the science of the euro is designed to make man conscious and conscientious of another world to come. And and that way you make him more moral and more ethical. And in our times we need morals and ethics. Everyone needs morals and ethics. The businessman needs morals and ethics. The doctors need morals and ethics engineers. The journalists need morals and ethics politicians need morals and ethics.

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It is very important to bring mankind back or at least amidst ourselves to try to change our paradigm and recalibrate our campuses and reset our directions that our main priority isn't to sell an article than it isn't to make money in it isn't to secure oil in it isn't this than that. But our main priority is how to be decent, and how to be good and how to be righteous and how to be God fearing and law abiding and hardworking and that is why these gatherings or the the idea behind these gatherings are that

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be lobby

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In Savi

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