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From the layman to the person that's from a get an Afghanistan, for the general public who just want to know about what's going on in Afghanistan. So we have someone who's an entrepreneur or humanitarian, someone who's heavily involved in Afghanistan, who has family in Afghanistan, and knows the situation on the ground, some of the history of it. So we're going to get to covering many of these important aspects. So you like me, the layman can get more well grounded and know what's really going on in Afghanistan with my next guests coming up. Rahmatullah norouz here on the deen show.

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I said I'm Lea Koon Peace be with you. How you doing my brother? Ronnie, come sit out. Peace be with you. How are you about $100 bill? I mean, it's nice to have you on the program.

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Does that I can love my life. I've watched this show for all my life. You know the first time you started Dawa. I was very young in Malaysia and watching you that expression muscle up until now I want to meet you in Malaysia but you don't I think Seville told me they don't like to travel a lot. So Mashallah we're meeting here now. Masha Allah, Masha, what are you talking about? When you're young? Look at you. You're still young.

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I was young, meaning that when I was 1819 No, look, my children that

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I now I'm 28 So yeah, yeah, Mashallah 100 lives Very nice to meet you, my brother. Allah bless you. Tell us so now again, begin a lot of requests, many of us are ignorant, we get fed a lot of what spoon fed to us from the media. And most people are hip on you know, if they've kind of you know, that red pill blue pills, you know, they call it you know, some people get awoken to a lot of the, you know, media lies and deception. So, people are coming to us, and they want to know, what's really going on in Afghanistan? Why don't we start off with the early beginnings, you know, some of the history and then we'll take it from there. How's that? Does that come?

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To be conversation, we will try to answer the question that most people want to know. So Afghanistan, for those people who don't know when it's on at all, I will give you a brief history of Hassan is a country, all our life, the country have been in conflict, if you know it, even 4000 years has been in conflict, either internally or externally. External reasons, there were invasions from our site, because of geographical location, because of the heart of the Asia, you have close contact with Russia, you have close contact with China. And same goes to Pakistan, the see and so on, so forth. But we will go only to the 90s in Soviet Union, their invasion,

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to just to you know, give them a brief history.

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So actually, avant Islam was invaded for multiple reasons why the British came in when they were in India, they were afraid that Soviet Union will come to a one sided then attack them in India. So they attack upon Assad in advance, and they were there, they couldn't get hold of it. And then the Soviet they wanted to, of course, ruin the world. They did not only invaded Afghanistan. They were were happening everywhere. But they interrupt when Hassan and I believe in 1978, they were there for 10 years, and 1987 or 1989, they left and ultimately Soviet Union were collapse and February 1991. And then the Russian Federation was born. So the Soviet when they were there, actually, to be

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honest, if I were to compare the Afghan men, I would compare the Soviet were much better than Americans.

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reasons I will tell you number one, their values were clear why they came there, what they wanted to do, and they had future plans nimasa. They build infrastructure roads, which exists until today, they will tunnels from djellaba to love money in other provinces like Kabul, and those tunnels even exists today. The work they have done was actually long lasting work. It wasn't a temporary work. Unlike Americans, they bill everything with a piece of woods, plastic. And so the moment they leave, they can just, you know, blast it away. And they did not come with the intention to help the country. They came with their own intention, which we'll discuss. So when Soviet left and Mujahideen

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which were heavily funded by the Americans, which is clear. I mean, everybody knows about that. So wait for the people that don't know, for the people that don't know, let's, let's stop at that point. So what did you just repeat? rewind? You just said that they were the Taliban. At that time. They were heavily funded. They were pretty much back which I try not to tell him, okay. Not the Taliban and hurry. They were so they were pretty much

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allies to whom

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to America to America. So this is well documented. This is this is well known and they didn't know that. I mean, ordinary people didn't know that. But they needed they didn't know.

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I will tell you my father was in those groups. And you know, he was a fighter he fought against the Russian, he's been hit two times by the bullets even is one leg is short, because these people were fighting on the ground. They didn't know that the money was coming through America. So they were pretty much by Americans. They were considered heroes. Yes. So the Americans at any time, it's interesting how things change now. So at that time, we were propping the Mujahedin, helping them, and considering them heroes?

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Yes, because they were achieving American interest.

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Well, there were two interest for example, for Afghan it was an invasion, and was fight between Islam and Coover and Americans. Were seeing it Okay, this is a fight against the Soviet why we are fighting in Ukraine in other parts of the world, why not? We fund the Mujahideen. We don't have collateral damage we do. We don't give our soldiers so let them fight. So the Mujahideen didn't know the money is coming from America, what they used to do this child marriage, Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi shares would go to Afghanistan and give them an in form of donation. But it wasn't actually donation from Saudi, because it cannot carry a war by donation. And the money would come to Pakistan

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and Pakistan would form the militant group. The Mujahideen were freedom fighters, and then send them to different parts of Palestine and they will fault the Russians. Ultimately, the Russian fed, the Soviet Union collapsed. So in those time, my father was sharing a story. They didn't know the money would come on donkeys and horses from Pakistan, for example, from shower, there were no proper roads. So my father's he was sharing one story that one day, they give us like, a lot of horses with

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puppies, and we didn't know what it is. So on the way one horse, he fell down, and then the backs will open, and they find those were all dollars and didn't know what dollar is $1. They didn't know what it is. So they packed their money in brought it back to the leaders. So in short, it's a well documented everybody knows about that. Even the Sawyer the Mujahideen leaders. They came to Washington, they met and they translated the translator was actually the recent guy who fixed the deal between American Taliban. So this is a mean, well documented story. We don't have to go to details here. But the Mujahideen were funded by the Americans, because they were sharing the same

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interest. That's number one. And this will this will this we will talk about this as well. What Russians did with warring against Americans. So your family, your family is currently in it. You have fat. You're you born in Afghanistan. Yeah, it was one on one. So you're born there. You have history there. Obviously your family's there. You're heavily involved there with business humanitarian projects. Is that right? That's true. Yes, I my family's there. My father is 100 still alive.

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I have businesses now one son, we have number of schools. We have organization, a nonprofit organization working on the ground. We have projects all over the planet, son. I think we have more than 32 projects. We have a dour and Research Center and upon us on answering people questions about Islam. So and I've met a lot of people and I'm highest on efforts from the previous government. If you're the governors, the ministers, sit with them, talk with them and try to get some permission for the work and we will discuss an install in the time that the corruption inside the government so on and so forth. I didn't want to come to history of California so we gotta have you call it the

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proper term Afghani, someone from Afghanistan is an Afghani he's actually the Afghan you will be the currency. I'm also confusing this you know, I've

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actually so how do you call someone like who's from there? So I'm from someone from America, American, Iowa. He's Afghan Afghan so you're an Afghan someone who knows the history well we got someone an expert from this area who's also got a lot of ground underground experience working with many of these different organizations trying to better the society there. Now for many of us we get to see the images of what looks like a country blown back into the Stone Age. So a lot of times we get these attacks from much of the Hate Machine propaganda like oh, you moslem you Muslims, what have you developed you know, you guys are backwards just look at Afghanistan, Iraq. But now let's

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take it to the second phase. Why did now things turn in the change happened from being supporting and now to creating this now all they oppress women? Oh, we got to come and we have to save them and etc, etc. And the tides everything's pretty much changed and the images we just have been seeing it just war torn. Just

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blown back into the Stone Age.

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That's true that I mean, the point is, if the Western powers, they would leave these countries alone, and they will not send them their weapons and support. One time one party sometimes support both parties so they can fight and they can use their weapons and their guns, and they make profit out of it. If they don't do that I think every country will develop. And they I mean, look at America, look at their history. I mean, they also had the same age, it doesn't mean that no country can develop and there's a problem in it. For example, look at Malaysia, look at UAE, they had in past 50 years what they have done, because they were left alone, nobody used them for their own

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agendas. And did nobody funded them, nobody collegiate group amongst them, and make them fight each other. So I will come to the brief history, post 911 when Mujahideen Of course millimeter 18. Basically, they they kick out Soviet Union out of the sun. And they had civil war because of the foreign influence American was supporting different groups inside the Mujahideen. And of course, you know, other countries are pulling different groups. And then the formation of Taliban happened in 1994. And the first military action they took, and they took the government I mean, the entire Panasonic in 1996 when they took the Van istan the CIA was already present upon some people think of

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how they came to Havana sup 911? No, that's completely a false claim. They were in Amman, Stan, and northern area of one is on the CIA, like black Cooper, there's a book directories written by Steve cold. And they were already present upon some planning how to take over avant Sun 911 was a just a, you can say a blame, you know, for a reason for them to open the doors to enter when the sun Of course, if, for example, even let's say

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there was nobody from one sun it was the plan did not departure from the sun. No citizen, even sama bin Laden was in Afghanistan, you have a lot of other ways to pressure the country to give up a human being, you can block money bank transfer, you can actually sanction them financial sanctions, you can sanction through medicine, humanity, like you can stop even sending them basic items like food, and so on and so forth. But they do not use any of those pressures, the writer invaded. And by the way, Osama bin Laden when he was when he died. I mean, there's a different claim, if he died natural data were killed by Americans. I was in Pakistan, very close to a property when they

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attacked him, and nobody knew in that area. So the point is the people who claim that apostle stone age because of the Muslims, and look, you guys are all Muslim, look at your country. It's not because of this because of you, you understand.

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You don't leave us alone. And if you change your foreign policies, trust me, we will make things better. So we hear this term now, never forget 911. And like you said, this was used as a pretext to go ahead and invade these different countries. Now you have a lot of let me just make a disclaimer here. Obviously, Islam, Muslims, we go, making this very lucidly clear that Islam has nothing to do with killing innocent men, women and children. You know, this is something that's very clear in the Quran in Islam. So, but we have many Americans who now are coming out you have I think, 4000 almost 4000 architects and engineers, and others who are educating the people that hold on, you know, this

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was something of, you know, that this wasn't what they're painting it out to be, you know, like that building seven, they did an independent study. I believe it was an Arkansas I'm not sure exactly where but they said there was no way that this building seven or these buildings could just come down by fire. And we've discussed this before on the program. So it's interesting this, this is how everything this was a catalyst that kicked everything off. But now you have so many people who are demanding a new investigation, etc, etc. And on top of the show, but it's linked back the because of this, Islam was now under attack, Muslims under attack countries invaded under this pretext. So what

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do you have to say about that? It actually, there are two types of people. For example, in America, they're innocent civilians, who are who've been

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their money, their tax money, and they trust, everything can be misused by the politicians, and people who are in power, who are actually looking for economical reasons. There is no other missions rather than economical reasons to invade countries and go and wage war on them and label them some with a terrorist and some with the different levels then, and I'm sorry for people who are actually being misled by their lies. So yesterday, the people who are Fight Fight

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Russians, they were

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heroes, and they were freedom fighters. And today people are fighting American invasion. They're terrorists. So you can see the difference. And as I said earlier, they have bombarded them with lies. And I remember my mother in law was sharing. She was an American, that time in 911, the whole TV channels that the entire media outlets were only talking about a venison. And they were discussing the stories and then they were sharing Unfortunately, some people also do that. I'm not denying that, that this country have no problems can't like upon us, I know we do have 1000s of problems, just like the Western countries, we have different problems in years, they were regularly

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sharing the woman was being lashed by a man. Yes, I understand that there is a problem with that. But to discuss those problems, the only solution is to invade them. No, that's not the solution. For example, in Germany, the country that I'm living right now, you have domestic violence, every hour against a woman, like we will speak for hours, and imagine every other 40,000 women reporting every year and evidence of domestic violence against women. So now American should invade Germany, to fix this problem. I mean, if they look at their own problems, like single motherhood, the issue of HIV,

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HIV cases, this is the issue of homelessness. But they don't talk about those problems, when they have domestic problem, they try to portray other countries, or there's a problem, let's be heroes, and let's invade them. And let's feed them democracy so they can live better life. And when they go there, they literally kill people. And out of that killing, they make profit. And we can go into the details of how much Americans actually made from one son by going to war, and I'm seeing every media outlet is keep on saying that you've spent three.

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And we will discuss that too. That's a good point, because that's something here that's kind of hush hush, you don't see much media coverage of the * trade. It's such a big industry here in the US, and the * rings, and the *, *, I mean, through the roof, you know, an epidemic, you know, of kids being molested, and * trade and all these things that are just kind of not talked about by the media, but they're happening, and then the hypocrisy pointing fingers at, you know, other places for a woman's rights. But, you know, obviously, we should be for human rights all over the place, but then to go ahead, and I think people see through this, the pretext that's

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used to go ahead and now go ahead and plunder. And go ahead and talk to us about Yeah, what you just said, like, How much? You know, the, the, we're told that in Afghanistan, you have, what is it? lithium, you have the trillion dollars of minerals, all of these things, the poppy seeds, you know, big business, you know, you know, Iraq, it was oil here, what's the interest, because you have other countries that now you can go ahead and invade that, you know, people are, you know, pressing women or doing certain things, which again, has nothing to do with Islam. But what kind of money is is Afghanistan sitting on that now would entice others to come in and try to plunder from it? And was

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this actually happened? It was proven to happen? Yes. Okay. Let's look at it in two ways. Number one, people need to understand, the American government is printing money, and they can bring money out of thin air. So for them to say that we spent trillions of dollars, it's not like they took a cash out of their own banks and trigger to have one son and spend it on people. No, they just printed papers and brother to people, and Hawaii, how they benefit in, if anybody would understand how the currency system work. If there is a demand for currency, and you print your currency in spended, you created demand, that's how you can value your currency, you can print more money, for

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example, if there was no awareness of war, and they will print three or $2 trillion, then the value of dollar will be lower than a lot of currencies, because the demand is not there in the market, but they printed more money. So if they invade a country, and they make everything $1 in that country, that mean, decrease the demand in that country. So therefore, the American dollar become more stronger, and therefore they made a profit out of it. For example, I will tell you,

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when Saudi Arabia this top, actually, you know, when the standard of goal after world war two was by Nixon, President Nixon, it was, you know, they chose not to use Standard Oil anymore in the currency. And countries like Germany and France, they were demanding because the American give them loan. And then they took back said, okay, you know, what, if you I give you a loan, for example, I think a $12 billion, and if you give me this money back, I can give you gold and return

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So when they were demanding their own money, okay, take back your currency, the paper money and give me the gold now. And they say, you know what, we don't have that much good. So there was no demand for American dollar. Why should I keep American dollar because it's a paper. So they talked to Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia decided to sell their oil only with dollars. And the demand was created. So all the countries needed dollars in order to buy the oil. So that's how the demand of the currency is created. Now coming back to Afghanistan.

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When American invaded Afghanistan, they brought their own defense contractors, everybody was brought from America companies like I can list a lot of companies, even the military contracts like Blackwater. The people on the ground fighting were not actual American army. They were subcontractors, a private company were fighting in Afghanistan, and they're given complete immunity that even if you kill 10,000 children, no court will even appeal against you. Yeah, we heard that there's different documentaries like dirty wars is one of the that the atrocities that many of these contract groups they were, you know, * women, they were doing so many killing innocent people.

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Yeah, talk about that.

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I will come to that. So just want to talk about this their profit, how much they made in that one person. So when they came to one person with their money, they also brought people and they paid them highest amount of salary, because that money was printed name of one person anyway. So if you're coming as a computer scientist, you were given salary 40,000 a month salary 50,000 that much? So imagine our talk about only one of the company does that the wave famous? And do you know the Pepsi Coca Cola bottle? How much was calculated for American army for

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$40. The icing were on a huge washing a piece of cloth, you know, this piece of cloth would cost American army $100. And you can do it behind the bass with Tencent. So that's how they channeled back the money to America. And the US the label that this money was spent in Amman sun, no, the money was not spent in the valley. It was channeled back to America. So we actually saw the company's how much they made out of this upon the sun. And even though some of them are like Hollister, and they can be K, we are logistic company. They had 39 point $39.5 billion in contract. Can you believe that? 39.5 39 point 5 billion, almost 40 billion? Hmm, yes. That's what their

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contract, for example, out of this time, like the 10 years, or the 20 years, they see Oh, I think I remember his name they see will make 13 $35.9 million. Only they see you can imagine that. So the money was not given to Afghan by the way. And again, the second company, which is the Teton Teton basically made, again billions of dollars out of this and they assume at 47 point 2 billion million dollar only in 2004. Casey, JB London was a CEO who made $22.9 million from the war in Afghanistan. Then they have like the former Vice President and other politicians here. They had a vested interest in many of the weapons manufacturing companies. Yes, yes, I've invested. So when people said you

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spent $2.9 trillion Nevada, that's a complete lie. I will tell you, I have traveled all over the sun. We do not have a single hospital for people to do their heart surgeries, kidney surgeries, you don't have any of the hospitals. We don't have a school, a single school with LCD screen there. 1000s of students are studying on the stones actually, where the money goes and have the money was expended in the first place.

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You do not have a single hiring of Aniston. You did not have a single hospital, single school. No bass was built by the Americans, even the biggest bass background, it was all built by using woods, nothing proper infrastructure, look at the roads. So the money was not spending the money, Stan. They just printed in the name of Watson was channeled back to America. And that's how they made money from their own, decrease the demand, okay. They created demand. And they made everything $1 in Afghanistan, like even casual silver dollars, everything with dollars. And then they printed and then they channeled back to America, despite how much it took from the minerals, how much they took

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from the land, how much they took from other countries, but they also took from the network and from the Europe from Australia, but who benefits the most I'm doing research on this matter how much America actually

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benefit from 20 years of work in advance? How much is that around? Approximately?

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I think it's more than $5 trillion.

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So it's a big racket, as they call it is a big, big racket and a lot of plundering people getting rich in Afghanistan, Afghan people. Yep. And they tested the medicine of our son. I will tell you, if a farmer industry was trying to come up with some sort of medicine, they sent a one son to the test users get it?

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Yes, they have tested their weapon I want a song. If a weapon company would come in, they want to see it actually underground. Before they send it to Gulf countries into other countries, they will test the weapon of the sun for example, the mother of all bomb 100 I think 1000 tons something they dropped that bomb in advance and for what for the reason of test to how much damage you can actually make. So it was well documented so they can sell it on other countries. Here's Let me tell you just kind of what the feeling on the ground. You know, usually the layman is like okay, we have to go over there this is what they've been sold that we have to go over there otherwise they're going to

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come over here so those people over there in the cave who are just you know without a TV they don't even really care what's going on like you given a great example of the the donkey with the money and didn't even know about the What's this. So somehow somehow people have been brainwashed you know, programmed to believe that hold on those terrorists. They don't those Muslims over there and began Astana Iraq. They hate us so much. They hate our way of life. That's the main message they hate our way of life. So they came over here, they took down you know, the they attacked us. And now we have to go over there so they don't come here again. What do you what would you say to the average

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American anyone who had this talk with you? And they brought this up to you? How would you respond to that?

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did watch some of the YouTube videos, the youtubers who have been Travon, some, there are people okay, the youtubers that they follow, and they are subscribed to and see what's the response to the people against America and American people. Secondly, you give them business opportunities and Travel Visa, everyone would love to come to America for a few days and go back to his own country. So if there was a hatred, nobody would even apply for the visa. You can see how many people are applying annually to America for either business purposes our travels one foot foot nobody hates other country why they should hate and if they hate anyone there if for example, let's assume the

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eight non Muslims right? Why they don't attack India close by non Muslim Muslims rule in there for 800 years why did not kill any everyone there? Why they don't attack nearby country? Like you know, you have non Muslim in Afghanistan? We do have six in Afghanistan, we are Hindus, why don't we attack them? Now if you don't attack them, why should we attack you number? That's a false propaganda, that they're giving them that they hate our way of life? No, we Muslims, we love our own way of life. We might disagree with you on certain things. What Islam does not give us any legitimacy to hate you or to attack you for no reason. So that's wrong and false information they're

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getting. I had a true story. I personally had a I was on a call with the person by the name of Jason, he was in the Marines. And he spent some time in Afghanistan. So he wanted some advice. Because his story started off with him going to Afghanistan and then having what they call someone shadow him that's like an interpreter of someone from Afghanistan. And he said, it left such an impression on Jason, the American, the marine there in Afghanistan, that the kindness that he experienced, he'd never experienced his back at home. So that was number one. Number two, the Afghan who was there with him, gave him a copy of the Quran. So for those that don't know, the natya

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Muslims is the Quran is the verbatim Word of God Almighty Allah, I suggest you read it. So he actually read the Quran. And what opened his heart to reading the Quran was the kindness that he experienced from the Afghan people there. And now so much so that he's almost like, you know, he's like, if you ask me, he's, he's Muslim, because he's praying, he's doing everything he's reciting. Because to pray you have to recite the Shahada. But he hasn't come out formally. He's scared because what his wife now she's from Romania, and she's Orthodox Christian, and she's he's scared, like, what's going to happen the repercussions of that he's not going to be able to go with her to church

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on Sunday, he's going to have to cut out pork, you know, and etc, etc. She's going to be getting really worried that why treating the poor Why don't you come with me? So that's his dilemma. Anyways, so many cases of this of people going down there and experiencing if Afghan and the people deciding for themselves and seeing through the propaganda. Have you experienced this also where people have thought one way

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And then they actually got on a plane they got done, or they connected with Muslims, and now their impression totally changed.

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That's true. Actually, if you are coming through your politician, do you trust your politician? 100%? When it's talking about your internal affairs, if you don't trust him on your internal if 100%, then why do you trust him on external effects? What was the reason for them to invade and wage war in Vietnam? What was the reason for other countries was that they hated the way you live whatsoever? What was the reason for genius? Indians? What is the reason? For example, inside the Mexican the cities are were taken away from the Mexicans and their brutal killings. So you don't have reasons they need reason to invade countries and to profit from it. And they use you as a tool

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to give them distribution do that, if you really want to know about how Muslims are, I mean, what Muslim thinking are Afghan thing and in general, you go and simply talk to one human being that's it from that, you know, country or from that belief. And if you find him like violence, and so on and so forth, then yes, you're right. But I would say 100% that do not find any of them, intending to harm you, but they would love to help you. As I mentioned, YouTubers, the reason I mentioned YouTubers, because they will trust them. They have come to Afghanistan, and even their videos for Pakistan, that everything is free in Pakistan, if you come as a foreigner to a country, they will

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not even take money from you. If you buy something small or big. You'll say You know what? Your guest local hospitality?

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Yes, there are videos actually, you can see, when you see Qatar and Oman in these countries, they are Muslim to you don't have the same feeling about them. Because they are rich. Maybe that's the reason. You know, Rich Muslim is a good Muslim for Muslims, a bad Muslim was the reason. But personally speaking, that, you know, Facebook and social media, everything is that. Why don't you talk to somebody, instead of having a

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restaurateur, for example, like Muhammad hijab is a very aggressive human being, for example, he's not, by the way.

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And if I meet one day, Muhammad hijab, and I'll tell him, okay, because I was told already that he's aggressive human being, even though with love and compassion, maybe that's his character, he squeezed me a little bit, because he loved me. And because he's, he's very compassionate. And I would say, you know, what, he's aggressive human being, because I was told, there's a I know, it's a very difficult to differentiate the subconscious feeling that we have against somebody sometime. And it's not our own feelings, like Noam Chomsky said, the construction conscious that the choices that we're making are not our choices, actually, other people choices, but we think that they're our

00:32:39 --> 00:33:20

choices. So if you're making a choice against the Muslim or against any person that your politician your media is telling you that they are, so maybe you should see to it is that really your choice, or you were fed through media outlets that that's your choice industry should react to it. Let's go back a little bit and look at the history after the Russians left the Soviet Union. And now something that again, was happening on the ground tell us, we hear of these warlords, and again, differentiating Islam, and the actions of human beings who go away from Islam, and they end up doing certain things. Specifically, there was this nationalism. And we know the last and final messenger

00:33:20 --> 00:33:54

sent to mankind Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them often say is the brother of Jesus, Moses, they all came with the same message worship one and only one God created the heavens and earth. So probably Muhammad, he warned us of this nationalism, he said, It stinks, you know, it's something rotten to the core. Was this happening at that time? And could this have been something that led to a lot even more evil on the ground? Can you talk about this? Yes, unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, the group were fighting the Russians, there were no doubt people independently fighting and there was some of them fighting owned by foreign

00:33:55 --> 00:34:33

powers like America and some other countries. So when the fighting was over, every one of them wanted to have some sort of power and authority. Somebody wanted to become the Prime Minister, somebody wanted to have like the presidency, system, Republican system, some different ideology, were there, and that actually escalated to internal civil war, and they were fighting between each other is in Islam, fighting is prohibited. And you know, you cannot fight over power of nationalism, as you mentioned, rightly, and there's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Anybody who fought for land or tribal reason, he's not one of us, even if he died, you cannot label him with a

00:34:33 --> 00:34:59

major hate or hate one and so forth. So those were the reasons and with those reasons, of course, when there is a civil war, a lot of atrocities happen, just like after the war in Germany, when you know, the rush, that Americans and English soldiers they came into Germany, they * I think over 40 Yeah, I think over 40,000 women, and because there was no control, it's a well documented history.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

So a lot of * took place. There were a lot of wildlands. And that's how Taliban group was formed Taliban actually mean Taliban lm and by the way, have to make this clarification that I'm not side of anybody. I'm not here to represent Taliban or to, you know, a form what they have done, they have done horrible stuff we will discuss on this live show as well. They are not free from error. And we are not saying everything Taliban is doing part of Islam or everything they have done is completely Islamic. No, they have mistakes, and the things they have done correctly, we will praise them things they have done wrong, we will definitely criticize him and point out this what they have done is

00:35:35 --> 00:35:57

wrong. So that's a good point. That's a good point. Let's stop right there. We're trying to get some education. We're not here trying to promote any political group. But at all, cause we will try to bring the true message of Islam and differentiating what Islam says. And, you know, from what the four people might want, opposite to Assad.

00:35:59 --> 00:36:41

True. So that's how when there was civil war, and a lot of, you know, problems on the ground. So the Taliban, there was a great case of a good I own more details, because we have other matters to discuss. So the Taliban group was formed. And since they were not affiliated to any other parties, and they only wanted to start Islamic government. And they were mostly students from madrasah. So they were students like maybe from 20, to 30, and 40, very young, very young people, their demographic, and then they started to get people's love and attention. And then they formed their own government in 1996. The military, there was some real attraction to them, they formed their own

00:36:41 --> 00:36:52

government. And government was well established all where a person but not in some areas, like northern areas, they couldn't capture those areas. And they were still fighting with Taliban, like

00:36:53 --> 00:36:55

any other

00:36:56 --> 00:37:35

system was fighting, the Taliban was still fighting going on. But that was the background of Taliban and the Taliban were not accepted by many countries. They only were accepted by I believe Iran, UAE, in Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia, even American did not accept them as a government. They were mostly working with Northern Alliance, which were active at that time. So that's, that's the background and when American invaded Afghanistan, so what they do number of mistakes outset number one, the invasion itself was a mistake. Even if you plan to invade a country, you don't have to do it like that blood bar that you give to the country, I think, over 300 or 400,000 people died because of

00:37:35 --> 00:37:35


00:37:37 --> 00:38:18

The second mistake they did, they brought people in power, were all corrupt warlords, they were not trusted by anybody on the ground by civilians. And then they created a different groups and tribalism, sort of like, okay, you're Tajik, you have to support your leader, you also have support your leader, they brought people into parliament who could not read and write their own names. They're all Americans. They just, you know, they brought by American, for example, President Karzai was informed that you have become president come. Can you believe that? Well, President Carter was in Kandahar, and a CIA agent and quarter he informed him that you have become a president come back

00:38:18 --> 00:38:33

to Kabul. So then he had to come to Kabul. And that's how this thing all sorted. So second mistake American did number one, they invaded Afghanistan. Number two, they chose people to leave the country were the least

00:38:35 --> 00:38:37

the least, how would I say the least

00:38:39 --> 00:39:20

twice people by the country have some like the least fit, the least qualified, the least qualified, the least fit for the positions, people as a minister, they could not read and write their own name, parliament members, and they will only think the newest killing and nobody loved them, actually. The second thing was when they killed all the Taliban's, they did not plan how their children will react, how their grandchildren will react their neighbors, and they will utilize them said there was no such plan for them. There was no such plan. They don't give you a get rid of them to over and now we have everything and they thought to do by our people with cash. And that was not true. They tried

00:39:20 --> 00:39:42

to flood the country with a lot of cash. And they tried to buy everybody but they couldn't. They were people were fighting for the dean for the you know, for the hideout and for the country, your freedom fighters and people who are with them. And the government that they form was corrupt to the degree that you don't have measure. And that other problem that was there actually,

00:39:43 --> 00:39:59

they couldn't build infrastructure. They couldn't give proper justice. The economy was fictional. There was no actual economy. American was paying people salary for 20 years. They didn't have any factories or economic. They did not increase the GDP. So they're paying them

00:40:00 --> 00:40:31

made them heavily dependent on America for everything they were saying. And Americans was so involved that even a sub governor, if you want to be sub governor, you need to have the approval of Americans. They were so involved. For example, my father was sub governor and on some, and I talked to some of the Americans on the ground, the army from Blackwater. And do you believe, brother that they were actually in prison, these defense contractors, they went to the prisons and told them, if you want to fight in Afghanistan, we will free you. And you can go and you will get this much pay.

00:40:32 --> 00:40:41

Because the guy was, I talked to many there was, there was a sense, you mentioned that were there also, as I remember having a guest on and he was talking about

00:40:42 --> 00:41:20

a woman by the name of alfia sidiki. And they were talking, he was talking about how they had people who were taking innocent people and accusing them of terrorism to get paid, the government was paying like 50,000 or some some money, it was like a racket of human beings just to go ahead and be able to have the pretext to go ahead and get the funding to continue this war on terror. Do you? Did you hear about that? You know about that? Yes, it's true, because they, they took anybody to just prove that there's action going on. And second thing is Americans themselves funded the violence of decreed their own groups. Though, I have a firm belief, the American created their own groups to

00:41:20 --> 00:41:52

create war. So they can say to international community, there's a word therefore they're saying, you understand. And second thing is I went to my father was some Governor subgoal is a big guy, by the way, President governor is our governor in the region. And few times my father was American because of government, the government, he was in close contact with American, they asked him, Why do you drop weapons to the other parties, they literally drop weapons and night to different groups. And then my father was told it was done by mistake, how you do that?

00:41:55 --> 00:42:28

They were dropping in areas to create conflict. So there's a reason for them to stay in that area. And it was really economical. I don't think you're gonna hear we're getting the inside scoop of what was really happening on the ground with someone who knows the day to day activity that's going that's been happening, the history, and I'm really thankful that you're sharing this with us so people can get a better perspective, you're not going to get this, you know, in the mainstream channels. So please continue. continue on. I wanted to ask you, so how many innocent people again, actually died?

00:42:35 --> 00:42:38

Already for our guests? We have a little bit of a

00:42:40 --> 00:42:44

hiccup with the technical. We lost you there.

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Sorry. Okay, we lost you there.

00:42:53 --> 00:43:36

Okay, so what I was asking was, so people are not going to go ahead and get this from the mainstream media, we got you really sharing some exposing many of the things that are happening there. Thank you again, for being with us. continue on. But tell us again, for those that missed it. How many innocent people these are innocent men, women, choke men, women and children? Were actually what are the conservative numbers of people that were killed there on this war? I will say that we don't have the exact figures because no calculation. But you can say last year 40,000 people died. So we were talking about civilians and everyone. So in general, I would say about

00:43:37 --> 00:43:46

800 to a million people have lost their life. And the war on terror of America 800,000 to a million those Would you say that's a pretty conservative number.

00:43:47 --> 00:44:30

This is a number that I would calculate based on the figures on the ground, but not a figure from the UN because they don't have proper figures. But if I calculate, for example, last in 2018, or 2020 2020, there were 40,000 people killed only the army members of the previous government. So imagine 40,000 only in the army. So then you can calculate that with civilians and the police and other people. I got a bunch of more questions before we run out of time. Have you ever and to add to these numbers to give people kind of a visual picture? You had this documentary? I don't know if you ever seen it called dirty wars. And then you show how people would be at a wedding. And I mean,

00:44:30 --> 00:45:00

again, these are people just imagine you're so I say just imagine you you're like daughters getting married and extra you know, you got foreign troops coming in. And they kill half your family on a wedding night for example, right? And these are actual things that happen a drone attack, boom destroys a whole village, a whole town of innocent people. These are people who are farmers, people in the cave, don't even have a TV for, for crying out loud, minding their own business, they don't care about you. They don't care about your way of life. They're just trying to live their way of life. And next thing you know, they got a bomb in their backyard.

00:45:01 --> 00:45:07

So these are the kinds of things that were instigating, creating, you know, people to hate you.

00:45:08 --> 00:45:14

So these are the kinds of things that it's important to bring the light. So go ahead, continue on.

00:45:17 --> 00:45:33

This is a true story, actually, they, the Americans have bombed cities, hospitals, wedding parties, graduation ceremonies. And when they were asked why you did that, sorry, it was a mistake.

00:45:34 --> 00:46:20

You understand? Sorry, it was a mistake. And imagine when you kill somebody's daughter, or son, Father, their loved one, the hatred they will have for you. But despite that, right now, when Taliban took over again, they're saying there's a general amnesty, we have forgiven Everyone, let's my own business, and don't get involved with us. Even now, Americans are creating, I mean, the Western powers are creating different problems. And if we have time, we will discuss about what's in the future for Palestine. They are they will be different problem for one person, but hopefully, I would say whatever the happened in the past, if they kill people in Afghanistan, they will be

00:46:20 --> 00:46:59

accountable. They have judgment, no doubt in that. If the people on the ground the militant group on the ground, kill innocent people, they will be accountable, they have judgment, they will answer those things. But right now, what we can do is to ask people before they think about something else, they should educate themselves, and to not trust their politician, because they fail in Iraq. They fit in with now they failed in Afghanistan, and they're failing other countries as well. Do not trust them again, in question your politician, that why they have certain policy against certain countries. This is a important point here. You mentioned the forgiveness now that they are choosing

00:46:59 --> 00:47:44

to forgive. Now, I don't think they're just doing this off of their own whims and desires, because the natural way for the human being they want revenge, right? So from here, and you can I mean, you can look at like, you know, how many innocent people were killed and whatnot. But if you look at the example, would you connect it to a unique part in history where you had the Prophet Muhammad, last commissioner said to mankind, after the persecution of the Muslims at that time for how many years in the boycotts and, you know, killing of so many innocent people, when Prophet Mohammed came back, the victor in Mecca with an army of what 10,000? Strong, he ended up forgiving the people, you think

00:47:44 --> 00:48:12

they're trying to follow this example? Yeah, hopefully, hopefully, this we don't know. I'm not. Yes, we're connecting the dots, I'm trying to say is they have given this example of the processor they have. And, yes, they have given the example. But the promise of asylum, he proved it in action. But so far, action has to be done in Word. So I wouldn't take it very serious until it's been proven in Word, action. These are just mere words.

00:48:13 --> 00:48:49

And, of course, Muslims are inspired by that. And by the way, the worst interesting part is, what the Taliban did is they basically did the same thing. They took their biggest enemy and said, Okay, you know what, he will be our leader, meaning that he will be part of the government, he will be part of the group. And just like for Salah Abu Sofia, and he can sell his house, like this house, the safe house, he said to halogen Valley, and everybody, he gave them a lot of respect, and they give doing the same thing. But the difference is personal performance or solemn, he proved in action. And Taliban are saying it and have not done anything wrong until now. But I don't know

00:48:49 --> 00:49:25

exactly. Because we have to wait and give them time to prove their what they have said is they're going to show it in action as well. Are they just mere words? Do you see someone also hypocrisy here, when you have, you know, places like France, you know, oppressing women, and specifically, particularly the Muslim woman, you know, who are trying to go ahead and adhere to the commands of God Almighty, the creator, you know, their God given rights, and other being oppressed. And now you have over here, nobody's really talking about that. But over here, now, everybody's worried about the woman of an Afghanistan, like, do you see kind of like a hypocrisy?

00:49:28 --> 00:50:00

Of course, there's a hypocrisy and to the level that we cannot describe it. But what if what's happening in France, people can't go to school and they can't get education, because they're very sad, certain types of clothes. And nobody's talking about that. But what's happening in Afghanistan, there's a discussion, and this is a huge hypocrisy. I would say my two sisters are both medical doctors, and they're in Afghanistan, to say that again, hold on. So you have two sisters who live there, and they're both medical doctors. Yeah, you made it. You made it you made a mistake.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:32

When you said if women, if the women are uneducated, the whole family's on educated, powerful states. And that's how we look at it from my family. I mean, every family have one son, who would not want their children with education. But the thing is where people get this kind of mixed up, obviously, I mean, you know, we want there's a first our priorities is to get to know the purpose of life to get to know our creators. So that's like the, where people go off and they chase everything else. But that's and then ever you can build off that, obviously, what do you say about that?

00:50:34 --> 00:51:19

The point is that when people are giving a certain way of life, and they think that's the only way of life is, I mean, would give us happiness. And when we look at their own life, which is miserable, they don't have internal happiness. And they don't know what's going to happen to them what the purpose of their life is, when we know at the same time, we want to get the best of this dunya and akhira. As I was talking about my sisters, Mashallah they are Muslim, very proper hijjah going to university, they're both medical doctors saving lives. So now, if my sister will come to France, they will not be a medical doctor, because the French government well, but nobody would point out

00:51:19 --> 00:52:01

that these two girls are not getting education, because they want to get a job. You understand me? Yeah, so same problems. Yes. And I've had a son, we do have problems, I'm not denying it at all. We don't have proper facilities, we are not giving everything, but we are acknowledging our problems. And we don't mind if the Western countries acknowledge our problems too, and correct us and help us to overcome those problems. If they can do that, we'll be very happy. But they should do the same thing. They should point out the media should point out what's happening in France to the people of faith and what's happening now listen to the innocent people, they should point or both but what

00:52:01 --> 00:52:36

they do they always talk about one side and what's negative, but they will talk about their own countries what's happening in their own land and how they're treating the Muslims or women in general. Yeah, what place was society I mean there's problems you know, people are you know, homes are filled with problems countries are filled with problem but that's what you're, you know, alluding I mean, pointing out it's like people who now you have your neighbor your neighbor is coming in complaining about your son or daughter and they're forgetting about you know, again it's one thing trying to come and help and whatnot but now they're trying to spot shine the spotlight on

00:52:36 --> 00:53:11

one of your children they did something wrong but over here their kid is involved in you know all sorts of evil and corruption bullying the whole school you know on drugs and alcohol in the game he's a mafia guy cartel you Hey, hold on, man. You know, it's like, I think it was was a Jesus peace be upon him we love and revere is one of the mightiest messengers talking about get that's, you know, before you talk about someone's also speck in the log that log out of your eye. So you see a lot of that's the thing that blatant hypocrisy, you know, and thank God that many people all over the world are starting to wake up and see that. I think that's the reason they left Afghanistan

00:53:11 --> 00:53:43

because people are waking up and look at California homeless problem. They don't talk about that. But they want to spend trillions of dollars on one son, why? Why you cannot just build them houses and let them last on the street. These are fundamental questions people should ask, what about the student debts? What's happening every Americans in the debt and is dying in debt, and people are suffering because of student debt. And the current problem in the housing problem, and you have every source of problem every woman is working two, three jobs. Every man is working two, three jobs and people are sleeping on the streets. flickr is rough, and they don't have medical condition. Look

00:53:43 --> 00:54:10

at the medical facilities in America and the insurance system. People should look at their own problems before the finger somewhere else. Yes, you can point out the mistakes, but acknowledge your own as well. That what they do, unfortunately, and when they go around the sun in other countries, you know, the American media what they do they do it like this. This is heaven. This is heaven. And this is America. And we are perfect nation. So therefore we should follow our way of life. And that's wrong. Because not

00:54:12 --> 00:54:13

what do you

00:54:14 --> 00:54:21

have to do? Can you comment on what people are seeing the visual of like planes taking off and people falling off the planes in that?

00:54:23 --> 00:54:58

Yes. So there is a panic attack. Yes, there's a panic attack with people who work with Americans, even though Taliban have announced general amnesty but again, I've said that just just in words, I haven't seen it in action, meaning that we need some time to prove if it's true or not. People do have panic attack in there because of civil war. For example, if I'm in the government, I've killed somebody from Taliban and now I'm afraid for myself. My son has done that. I was, for example, a police guy and I've done something I was in charge of the prison. I was translator

00:54:59 --> 00:54:59

took the Americans

00:55:00 --> 00:55:45

Some people's houses to search them, I showed them where to drop a ball. So of course, it's a fear, just like here in the Uganda, there was after you know that massacre, there was a fear. And second thing is now what they want to do by showing some of the images in some of the, you know, Americans army holding babies, this also for propaganda that we are leaving, therefore people are coming after us. I would say, yes, there is a fear, I'm not denying that there is a fear, but 85 or 90% people, they just want to leave the country economical reasons, they want to come to Germany or to us or to UK, for more economical reason. It's not because of safety. If any country, you give the same

00:55:45 --> 00:56:23

announcement, in Mexico, people will be dropping off the plane. Like without visa, without plane ticket, everything is free, I will give you the document you can live here come you give the same announcement to Iran, people do the same. You give the same answer to any country who doesn't want to travel and live in a different country free of charge, I would choose to do that. You understand me, I live and of course you have destroyed the country have destroyed the economy. There was everything was fake, you were dropping the money and running the economy and you're gone. Of course, there's a people are scared for themselves for the economy, so on and so forth. The second thing,

00:56:23 --> 00:57:03

what they want to do, I believe, they want to take away the talents from one sub, everyone who is there right now who was trained in Afghanistan, for example, the engineers, the doctors and the pharmacist, the physicist, a lot of people, they are literally pointing or people who are in good education, and they accepting their application deep. So they can take out the tablet on one side and leave the next government with empty hands. And you cannot build a country by reciting so the follow up into dinars, and saying, the country can rebuild. They want to create the next problem economically, they will say you know what we left look at them now. So their political reasons to it

00:57:03 --> 00:57:26

as well. What do you think? What do you foresee now? What's your family being there? You know, you being born there, you have a lot, a lot of experience, you know, with with things that are going on? What do you foresee in the future? Do you do you see light at the end of the tunnel? Do you see now change for the positive taking place? Yeah, I have noticed six points.

00:57:29 --> 00:58:10

Generally speaking, I'm happy that American left and I'm extremely happy that they have left honestly, because with their presence, nothing was in good order. And since they have left now it's up to us to rebuild that country. And inshallah make it a good example of Muslim leadership in a good example, of a place where everybody is welcome, Muslim, non Muslim, and they can come live in peace. I think we are definitely definitely capable of that. And we can do it for the future of Amazon. Hopefully, the Taliban form a inclusive government of everyone. If it's from every tribe, Tajik Hazara, Oseberg, pashtoon, everybody is involved, it will be the best thing to do, if not the

00:58:10 --> 00:58:45

Taliban were overtaken, or the new government might come in power in the next five or 10 years. Because if there is no peace, people should see themselves in the government, if people should see part of the progress and part of the change. If they don't see it, of course, they will be against it. The second thing is, if we can bring people closer to each other, and you know, make them to work out with each other, because it's very difficult after 40 years of war, and killing and destruction, people, there will be psychological problem with people, I hope if they can come together and forget what happened in the past, and focus on the future, edit the difficult job to

00:58:45 --> 00:59:22

do, because Uganda is still suffering, and they're still struggling with those things. But hopefully they can overcome this challenge and come together because honestly speaking last week, my own nephew who was born my sister or looking forward to have a son for 10 years, he was born and my sister was extremely happy to a degree that whenever he would sleep, my sister came up because he slept for too long. I hope nothing happens to him. You know, he was she was scared if you sleep for too long, she was scared if something would happen to him. And that little child for one and a half month old, he was killed in the crossfire between the Taliban and the government. So imagine my own

00:59:22 --> 00:59:59

family, my relatives have been killed. It's very difficult to forgive and move on. But we as Muslims have to do that, because we believe in our current reward from Allah subhanaw taala. The third challenge that the future of one Hassan is holding is basic economic challenges. The previous economy was created virtually in a fake economy by the Americans flooding their money channeling back to there is no actual GDP or actual growth or domestic products and services. So is a huge challenge for the people to create the economy but it's okay if we change the economy as long as we have the peace. The fourth is I mentioned earlier, the Western countries they are taking away talent

00:59:59 --> 01:00:00


01:00:00 --> 01:00:38

On engineers, web developers, software developers, they're taking them away and be a great challenge for us to find tenants in Afghanistan right now I would like I wanted to hire three people, for one of my startup and for the organization is very difficult to find people who actually know the work, because the most of the talent is gone from the country and they're living now, an investor is paying their taxes and working because if a child is born in, for example, in Germany, the government spending one, I think 200,000 euros, until he become the age of 20, or something to pay back the taxes. So imagine you can get somebody from a wireless sound from third world countries,

01:00:38 --> 01:01:18

third world countries do not spend, you don't need any investment, you can leave and come back to the country and fulfill the jobs and pay taxes. It's a win situation for these countries. They don't have to invest on the child actually. So that's, that's a great challenge for us and talent, and education. Again, I said in my previous interviews, as well, that real education, we have only 20% people who are really, really educated, and they have left most of them upon us on the left, it will be a great challenge to form a new education system, and to educate people at least will take maybe 20 2030 years. And again, the six problem is that the avana son is facing is a similar Muslims, I

01:01:18 --> 01:02:00

hope that the Taliban continue leading the way of the process. And getting the example from there, just like he was leading a leadership and Medina, but he also had died in Makkah. So if we can bring both Better Together, the period of Medina and the period of Makkah, they shouldn't be dour going on there should be education, people should be regular educated about Islam, and Islamic leadership. At the same time, they should be formed leadership upon justice, and upon half upon the Islamic principles, if they can follow these three principles of justice, harmony and peace with giving quality of life to people, and hopefully this country will flourish. It will be a great example of

01:02:00 --> 01:02:03

Muslims and Islam in the whole world. inshallah,

01:02:04 --> 01:02:24

what are your before we conclude, you've, this is not some thing that is made up, it's a fact that there was over half a billion dollars spent by the Pentagon to go ahead and create fake terrorist videos, lies, you know, this

01:02:25 --> 01:03:13

negative propaganda. So anybody can look this up, this is just fact this came out. So now contrast that with if the leadership there, if they put aside a good amount of money for positive PR for truthful PR public relations, that now they got to go ahead and send out, you know, the, the, you know, basic things of establishing justice, you know, eradicating, trying to eradicate, eradicate poverty, all the things that Islam calls for, you know, to get rid of this nationalism, to call people to the pure monotheism to let people see the Quran in action, because right now, there's such a negative, they just see people as backwards, they just see these people who can't speak, you know,

01:03:14 --> 01:03:23

you can't communicate, all they have is guns with them. So what do you think about that, you know, having the proper PR and the PR of truth of getting the truth out.

01:03:24 --> 01:03:48

Zach, on the head of other egri extremely easy to spread the truth needs to convince people with sponsored the convincing people with false would require huge amount of budget, just like American government, you mentioned, spent half a billion dollars on it. How much 500,500,000,000 500 million so half a billion, half a billion a lot of work. But yeah, that people can Google this up just yeah.

01:03:50 --> 01:03:51

outside the country. So

01:03:52 --> 01:04:29

I would say once the government is formed their early stages, and I'm going to claim made this clear I will never be joining the government is an advance on this one or previous one whatsoever. I will always work independently as a humanitarian workers alone foreigner and Islamic die I will work independently that's the people should say clear, because it's important to make it clear. Once I got them in this format, everything's okay. I think what they can do is to invite the the influencers that's the influencer economy and the world of influence, if they can invite them so they themselves can see the country can see the justice, and then they can share it with other

01:04:29 --> 01:04:59

people. I think that'd be a great PR for people to understand what Islamic values and Muslims are. Now just like Jason, who was a former, who was a Marine, I shared that story came over there got to experience the kindness, the hospitality of the Muslims there. And then he was given a copy of the Quran, he read the crowd with open heart and open mind. And now he wants to accept Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation, the way of Jesus, Moses. That's the fundamental problem of having peace and blessings be upon them all. Thank you.

01:05:00 --> 01:05:38

Very much. I just want to point out digitally Actually, I wanted to invest in the area if I can build a place in Afghanistan and Nuristan and and white people from outside of the on the sun like non Muslims and they can come, for example, the living costs will be free for them they can live there and experience a country experienced Muslims learn about Islam, right? I was I was actually I was planning to do something like that. So they can see the Muslims, the they can learn about the religion, they can see the country in Islam and practice and then they can go back to their home countries and make their own choice inshallah. But you should not look at Islam just for the world

01:05:38 --> 01:06:15

The reason you should look for the most salvation reason that what will happen to you after that was the reason of your life, and why you were created and who created you. And these are more important questions to answer. Hopefully, we can create that experience for them. So this is what you're talking you're thinking about doing are you going to do you're going to make like a project where you can invite the not yet Muslims people to come, you know, to experience Afghanistan, people would like to travel, they can learn a little about the culture, learn about Islam, and get to see from themselves make the human connection. Yes, that's the plan inshallah. inshallah. So where can people

01:06:15 --> 01:06:21

if they want to go ahead and follow you to go ahead and keep up with hopefully this project comes to fruition?

01:06:23 --> 01:06:57

I think the best would be since I was actually making, I was on YouTube. But then for three years, I left it. Now I'm trying to come back to YouTube to explain more about Muslim entrepreneurship and how they Muslims can, you know, be good at both in dunya and alcohol, so they can definitely check out the YouTube channel and then this project will be announced very soon. Beautiful. I can put your name in here. Thank you very much for giving us some history, some underground, what's happening and enlightening us and exposing us to what we're not really getting from the mainstream media. Joseph. Hello. Hi, thank you very much for writing and giving me the time. Thank you, my brother.

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