The 7 Under The Throne of Allah

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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One of the most difficult days that every human will encounter is the Day of Resurrection

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a day, which will last for 50,000 years, and the ahaadeeth inform us that the sun comes down,

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and men will boil and heat and there will be standing and puddles of sweat in a time of great difficulty and anxiety. And not for one day today but for ready for a equivalent of 50,000 years, a lot of blades to protect, and that day of great difficulty and strife, heat and discomfort. There's seven categories of people established and one Howdy, who will have the safety of being in the shade of the throne of a lot of bullets.

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They are what I call The Magnificent Seven.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us and the Hadith is narrated by Abu hora de la Juan Sebastian, yo de la Houma, la horfield lynley yo Ma, la la la la with law, seven categories of people will be shaded under the shade of a lot of bullets, the day where there is no shade, but the shade of a lot of blood. So

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the first category less than the ones mm moon,

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a just ruler, or if you like a adjust leader, because although explicitly it's refers to a ruler, but rulers are leaders. And in that capacity, each one of us are leaders in our own right. So implicitly, it refers to everyone that holds a position of leadership and the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, kulu Kamara in loco loco Massoud on average at each one of you were shepherds and each one responsible for their flock. So the President halifa lead king of a country

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justice as a requirement for him for a minister in even for you what home you who run a family justice as a requirement for you to miss amidst your children and amidst your family. Am I allowed to grant me in you the capacity to be just and if I just person comes that they head off an institution or an organization or ministry or a department or a country a lot changes the affairs of that institution organization, you know, ministry or country we've seen it in history or motive knob the lousiest cam, I single just ruler, and through him a lot of is covered the land with justice. And in the ends of time that a hadith tells us the land was will be filled with corruption and vice

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and then a single ruler will come bent on justice and a lot of bulldozer will bring justice and goodness at his hands. So do ones aspire for justice in all Europe is a move away from this ad hoc favoritism, whether that's certain employments component of life or whether that's at work or whether that's family or whether that's your children, be just in the La Jolla Moodle bilad a lot of Blizzard grant me and you the ability to be just that is the first and foremost get Mr. Moon ideal.

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We're Shaban Nasha Fei by that second category, I young person who has grown up on the obedience and piety of a lot of blossom.

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And young is different for different people and some scholars consider up to 45 young so you're all good inshallah. But to have routines in your day to day where you're in the obedience or in the worship of Allah, Allah, Isaiah, before a time comes where you're old and frail, and then you regret not having spent your prime under worship of Allah, and what better way to spend the precious moments of life than in the obedience and then the worship of the larochelle Majeed

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And finally mercury while Roger loon Whoo hoo more I love home field messages and a man whose heart is suspended in the houses of Allah. So the type of person who loves the massage it and not only that, but as his out and about his normal work and life and the heart is longing to be back in the masjid and he's thinking inshallah we'll get there for ourselves or inshallah we'll get there for mclubbe and his heart although he is other ways, you know, in other places, but his heart is suspended in the massage arrojo learning the haberfield egitim ie he was for Raka LA to people who love one another for Allah sake, as in two brothers or two sisters who love one another for Allah

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sake. They come together out of that love and they part out of that love as in love, they come in and love they go.

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And this is

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a beautiful way of earning the mercy of Allah. Love another brother for the sake of Allah.

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Love another sister if you're a sister for the sake of Allah, and listen to the Hadith and the Hadith is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam nutlin our big Allah Subhana informs us and in Motorhead buena beija daily le anioma loom fi Lindy yo medalled been in Delhi for the walls who loved one another for Allah sake. Today I will shade them under my shade that they were there is no shade but my shade and even bigger than this is Elmo. buena vida de la hohman abirami new yobit boohooman nebby universe Shahada, those that loved one another for my sake, I will see them on stations of light. Like in the Acura you will sit on stations throngs of light and prophets

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in martyrs will envy you Why? Because you love another brother.

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For Harley sun in light of our data

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assist I love the system just for a lot of bullets and for the proximity that they have to allow.

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The next one, Wallah jhulan dot humara that money saving wedge Ahmed for Paul in need a half a law and a person who is invited to indecency, adultery fornication by a woman who has status and beauty and this person has the consciousness and the presence of mind and goodness of character to say I feel a la

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and Wallah jolin tossa de cada sada katene for aha for her had Thailand Mishima Whoo hoo, Melton filopodia Nino.

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And a person that gives charity and gives it so secretly so quietly with so little fuss

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that his left hand doesn't know what his right hand has spent.

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So he doesn't take pictures and Instagram ads and promoted and YouTube and Facebook ads. Although although if he's doing that to encourage others, it is meritorious and there's nothing wrong with it. But this is another level altogether for those who spent in the path of Allah. So secretly that no one knows about that I know of cases in other countries, because the winter used to be very cold and snow covers the land. And these righteous individuals who no one knows, would wrap cloths around their faces and pick up and bags of you know, coal or wood fire and go place it behind the house of a person who was having difficulty through the winter. And without any knowledge or anything they

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just used to walk out or walk away. The person used to come out and look that there's a big bag of cold or wood for them to burn through the winter. They don't know where it came from, but they know what this for them. That person doesn't want any recognition in a note and you notice the one who he wants recognition from he sees it and doesn't need you know any evidence beyond that for so give sadaqa do one especially now. So that

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So quietly in such little fast that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand does.

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Well, Raja Luna Dakar en la Hi, Liam for fall Latina, and the last category and by no means the least, a person who remembers Allah in seclusion and his eyes. So you're driving and you recite a verse and a tear comes down to your eye, glad tidings to you. You have made it into this category, the ones whom Allah says the Hadith says about the day we'll be given the shade of a lot of the day where there is no shade, or you're walking, and you recite a verse or remember the mercy of Allah, Isaiah and your eyes, Tia, or you're listening on your desk at home to a YouTube lecture and you hear about your Lord and quietly secretly in that intimate moment where there's no one just you and

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your Lord, your eyes, whilst others are spending that same time and, and wrong. So Alex, the Hadith of the Prophet says, You will be given shade the day when there is no shade, but the shade of Allah, may Allah make us of those who have security on that day of safety on that day, and who are given shade under the shade of Allah that they were there is no shade but the shade of Allah was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh