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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara freedom via even silly Mohammad Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Fleeman cathedral cathedral

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it's an interesting thought about whether

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or had was a defeat or a victory.

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in Malta, even Josie Abdullah says that it was a victory for the Muslims because it is a goldmine of lessons.

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Now, this is not wishful thinking this is not you know, just trying to do a PR exercise to

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to take a defeat. No, no, no, but you see, we want it's not a question of that is this is this is this is the actual understanding and assessment of what constitutes victory and defeat

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a physical victory. Of course, obviously, the Howard didn't go there to lose and learn lessons, they went there to win. And that didn't happen.

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But even if they had won, it would have meant winning getting some booty going home. But with the lessons that came with this particular

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incident episode,

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those lessons we are learning from them to this day, 1400 years later, and this will continue as long as people are interested in learning from history.

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So even though they will joke around the law, he

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several lessons now, the first thing that I want to say is the importance of studying history. And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned

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this in the Quran, where so this is the first point that I first lesson that I want to remind myself and you work a lot around it that I said I've got the colored Minakami leikam sunnah noon for zero fill out the Fung guru cave Karna Atiba tool Miguel de been had by noon Linares, Eva who don't want Mariza to live with Taki. Allah said many similar ways and mishaps of life are faced by nations, believers and disbelievers that have passed away before you as you faced in this battle of Iraq, so traveled to the earth and see what the end of those people was who disbelieved in a loss of habitat. This the Quran is a plain statement for mankind a guidance and instruction for those who are alone

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with the whole.

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Therefore, Allah subhanaw taala saying that it doesn't end with

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with this, it is a matter of

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learning from that going forward in life. Second lesson is not to lose hope, if defeated. Allah says Allah, you know, Allah has no untoward, Iona enquanto mini Allah said, Don't become weak against your enemy, and don't become sad. Don't be depressed, don't despair, and you will be superior and victory if you are indeed true believers. So this is clearly it means that what is happening right now, is not the end because we don't believe this life itself is the end. As far as we are concerned. This life is one stage of our journey from the realm of Allah subhanaw taala. To general for those Insha Allah,

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this is one of the interim stages, it is not an end in itself. Therefore, Allah, there is a whatever happened in his life and this refers to victory as well as defeat now in defeat it is easier to accept this and victory. Usually we are so happy about what happened that most people don't learn it. No, don't run any lesson which is a loss because all life experience is potential learning. So Allah says that because you are hurt because you will have suffered a loss don't become weak and don't become sad don't despair, those Oh Fanta, you know, we lost and these are no and let's say you will be superior if you are believer. So think about this, that

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this was revealed. After all, when the Muslims have been defeated, this shows that superiority in the sight of Allah subhanho data has nothing to do with material wealth, or temporal power.

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The either have of sort of the lightning rod or let's say quantum Ferrao material Frigidly nasty that maroon roofie what and how 911 carry what 2 million Avila This is Allah said you are you the true believer

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Vers, in Islam. And

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the real followers of the Sunnah of Soros and Salem, are the best of people ever raised up for the benefit of mankind and you enjoy Alvaro which is Islam and you forbid al Mancha, which is all that Islam is forbidden. And you believe in Allah this is was revealed after the worst defeat that the Muslims had suffered in the time also salah, which was so Allah Subhan Allah Tara is saying to them, Do not ever lose hope, if you are defeated. All of these are stages in the journey, they are interim stages in the race to achieve victory and that victory is not defined in a temporal or political sense that victory is defined by whether or not we gained the radar of Allah subhanaw taala the

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pleasure of Allah. Third one is the outlook towards life.

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Allah said in Yom sasco CAR HORNS rocket muscle karma karma, Mizzou, what in calla Yamanaka Villu has been an assay while he LM Allahu La Vina Amano fidem income Shuhada Allahu La you have bizarre even

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while you were his Allahu La Vina Anwar Yamaha Cal caffeine M has a bottom under the whole origin at our llama Yeah, let me level Lavina Jaha do mean come we are lemme siberie What occurred come to some unknown remote I mean cobbly And telco who are caught I have to move over and don't dunzo unless any if a ward or somebody died, had touched you be sure that a similar wound or death has touched the others. The use of our last the author's our last use of word hold this our dudes about people. Some of your people were killed some of them people.

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And so are the days good and not so good. We give to men by turns Tilka Yahoo times turn times turn these good times and so called Bad times happen to everybody, that ye that ultimate test those who believe and that he may take matters from among you.

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And Allah does not like this it won't he does not like the wrongdoers

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and the worst of wrongdoing is shook.

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And that allows you to test or purify the believers from sins and destroy the people who didn't?

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Do you think that you will enter Jannah before Allah subhanaw taala? Does those

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of you who fought in his cause and also test those who are a submarine, the people who are patient and constant and people who are who are who have courage.

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You did indeed wish for that. Any shahada, you asked for that before you made it. Now you have seen it openly with your own eyes. So this is these are

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this is another lesson this lesson has

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several sub lessons so let me talk to you about that. The first one of course in this is that to be patient, to have somebody if something bad happens to you it is not as if this is something unique, similar things happen to others before you just as you suffer defeat hear the Quran suffer defeat in bother a year ago. If that didn't make them lose hope your defeat should not make you lose hope either. Since you look forward to reward from Allah, which they don't like. So this is the message being given to the Sahaba ribbon rally with mine who survived hold. And this is the message for all of mankind, especially for Muslims till the end of time, never lose hope. Be patient, there is

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something bad happens you would have another loss. So it's that and they'd still don't lose hope even though they don't look forward to the ACA. What right do we have to look to lose hope when we look forward to the ACA. Number two conditions are today. Typical a young with minor illness and conditions will alternate among the people in their favor. Abdullah Ali again says it was the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala and his sunnah with his prophets and their followers, that they would once win and they would once lose, but in the end, they are victorious. Alternative conditions are essential to distinguish those who have faith from those who don't have it. If the believers always

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win, then others would join them. For that reason, not because they believe or not because of sincerity of faith, but because, you know jump onto the bandwagon

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And then of course, it will not be clear who's sincere and who's not sincere about Allah subhanaw taala in itself, and Islam. And if the Muslims always lose, then the objective of sending the prophets would not be served. So Allah subhanaw taala alternative conditions to test both the believers and the non believers. And we see this in the lives of almost all the amendments.

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So it's not just a matter of, you know, if you take, take Mussolini surrounded by for example, which is perhaps the most detailed documented life in the Quran, make situations where once you know he's victorious, over the time he's done, and so on. Third is, so Allah may make evident those who believe so hard separated the Muslims from the microphone, because it is the final test of laying down your life for Allah subhanaw taala. That that is the

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way the true distinction and the true sincerity towards the last one that has made.

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So this is what happened. And also in our HUD, thanks to the Marine Corps and, you know, all the kinds of

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statements they made things they said, it became clear who was sincere and who's not because right on the beginning, 300 of them, the left salasar Salam, they followed the wave in saloon and they left Noosa Salam, right in the beginning, itself. So his army was reduced by 33% by 1/3. So these, these things became clear, like if that was evolved or not happen, these people were living among them, they didn't know who was who. But now, this became clear, number four, to take unto himself shahada, even though again, he says, the shahada is the greatest status among the earlier immediately after Olympia and see the hall to defeat

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Allah's word that I think Allah took

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to himself

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showed that so I looked around it, I love the sheep, and draws him close to himself. But how can they be sure that if Allah does not allow the enemy, to kill some of the Muslims, so how are people going to achieve shahada except through the hands of the enemy, because one Muslim kills another, as well as nslm said, both are in Yemen. Because if you are fighting, then the reason you died was because you are a bad fighter, not because your intention was better. But if you are attacked by somebody, and you didn't fight it, of course, this other person is not a Muslim body. In the case of even if it's a Muslim, but he's attacked you for your, for some reason, which is,

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you know, where you are justified to resist it, then if you die, then you are a shade. So Allah takes himself to extreme sensual. It's not that Allah randomly gives people but also the shadows show that these are the Sahaba alleyway. And to this day, people who go they went to fight in the path of Allah subhanaw taala their intention was the ask them a DA for shahada visa Villa and this is what they got.

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So what was that 12345? Why number five, that Allah Subhana Allah may purify the believers through trials and this is another very important thing that it's like

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a clean something with you know, with an abrasive so all the dirt gets cleaned up. Again, okay, well, Talalay said Allah loves some of his lives

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so much that he has reserved high places for them in Ghana.

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But the deeds of the slave are not sufficient to reach their so he achieved this through trials and tests in this dunya so that he can achieve his status in Ghana since the test Council Allah subhanaw taala to qualify the believer for his place in Jannah Allah also helps him in the test and so Allah subhanho That I granted some of the some of the Sahaba Jana by defeat in order to purify them and that's why

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the one who Allah loves the most he tests the most. But I already make the offer five that your lovelies don't test us Don't touch me, don't test us. You know what I am? And we and we are weak. And give us Jenna without the tests. This is of course, fair enough. Yeah. Which I always make.

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Why number six,

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to also defeat and destroy

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the enemies. So Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now, this is a very interesting

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one to understand. Because on the face of it, you see that some of the

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people who are against the truth and who are oppressors and who are you know, they seem to get away with it. You know the to this day, things are happening.

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Right now as we speak, where it does not look like the people committing genocide and the people who are oppressing others, and so on so forth, are ever going to pay a price in this life, it doesn't look like that. Now, of course, we have no idea about the future, but it looks like they are doing all this and they will continue to do all this and they will get away with it.

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So I love this legs. You know, this is not true, because they will not get away with this, they will pay the price. But in order that they should pay the maximum price Allah subhanaw taala allows them to do indulge in these transgressions, until their fate is sealed. Now the people who attacked us also Salah and God, that act was the worst possible thing that they could have done, and it will be the Hellfire for them eternally inshallah.

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But how did that how did they get there because Allah subhanaw taala allowed his NaVi to be injured at their hands. So also today we see such things happening, which are really science almost monetary, Azov on those people. This is not a sign of those people winning against the believers, winning against those that are pressing, it's a sign of the love of Allah that Allah has led, not stopping them. Here are people who are rushing into the hellfire and they're not being stopped, right, they're allowing it, they're being allowed to go into the hellfire. So we need to see things in the right and correct perspective. So when you are seeing people being oppressed, it doesn't mean

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that the others are winning. They're not winning they are they are losing the worst possible way. Because that loss which they are incurring for themselves, there is no escape from this loss.

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So if somebody is transgressing is not being stopped, then this is a sign that the doors are here that have been closed for this person. It's very important point to keep in mind when we see some of the transgressors apparently getting away with what they do.

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In soil Anna, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this specific thing of people becoming arrogant about what Allah gives them and misusing it. Allah said if I'm gonna sue qv for Tarhana I lay him abueva Cooley che in Hatha is very hope Hobbema auto a has now home Boulton for either home Mobley soon unless manager said when they became oblivious when they refused to heed warnings.

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See what a blessing when they refused to heed warnings.

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Allah did not did not say we punish them. Allah said when they refused to heed warnings, we showered them with everything they desire. For Tarhana I lay him awaba Coolessay the doors of everything were opened on them. So they wanted money they got even more money they got they want political power, they got even more they got they wanted military power, they got even more they wanted you know all the luxuries of life. They got whatever they wanted, Allah gave them even more. So they were chasing this stuff. They were warned this is wrong. Don't do it. Don't oppress people don't chase the dunya they refuse to believe that they refuse to accept that. So Allah did not catch them. Allah actually

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gave them more. Okay, this is what you want. Okay, go ahead, have more.

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Until, but just as they became arrogant about what they were given or what they had been given, Allah says we seize them suddenly by surprise.

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Hata is our furry ho Biba. Otto has now humbled data instantly for either home movies or, and then they fell into despair. They were broken in spirit.

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Somebody asked this question to Mr. Shaffir. On Talalay. They said that we said to him, they said you say that you know good deeds to good bad, evil leads to evil. But in our lives, we see something different we see that people who do evil, nothing happens to them they are, you know, they enjoy themselves, life goes on for them. And they seem to be getting more and more and they are not pulled up. They're not brought to the book brought to book or something.

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You always have an underlay, recited this is awesome.

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And he said this is the eye which shows that when you are doing something wrong

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and you are not being stopped, you're not getting in there to stop, then it means that the doors have either had beans have been shut for you. And that Allah Azar has already started on you. May Allah protect us from this. See people who don't pray, right who don't pray, who will not pray, who will continue to refuse. Even other people are praying they will just sit there and watch them praying Muslims

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They, now this is this is a direct and the worst disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala. It's a direct negation of la ilaha illallah there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, the person is saying, he claims to say there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, but he does not worship Allah

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The next point is

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the defeat also,

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the lesson is to show that to enter Jannah is not a free right.

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For those who thought that Islam is a free right?

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Through defeat, and tests and tribulations, ALLAH SubhanA data is showing that we need to be prepared to work for John and to pay for it by making choices that may be difficult to do in this life.

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whose agenda is easy.

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Islam demands commitment and steadfastness I remember many years ago, one of my teachers, somebody came and said to him check, life is so difficult. So he said why he was surprised life is supposed to be difficult.

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Because life is a test life is a is a is a class, we are taking a class, it is supposed to be difficult because you are supposed to learn from this class.

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I recently attended a two month immersion program in the Arabic language literally bad believe me. There were there were days when I would be, I wouldn't actually weep. But I would be if I could, I would. I would reduce to tears trying to learn the Arabic language. It's not it's not easy, it's very, very difficult. But is it worth it? If you think it is worth it, then it is worth the trouble. The same thing applies to anything else in life. So here we are talking about what I mentioned two is this life, everything ends with our with my death. But what we are working for the ACA is a life which is forever.

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So how much more should we be willing to struggle and to and to bear and to be strong and to achieve those goals which are forever to ask Allah subhanaw taala for is we ask Allah for his for his protection and mercy. But let's not be surprised if there are tests.

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And he did the test. And remember test comes from Allah subhanaw taala because Allah wants to reward us and therefore Allah will help us in this test and we keep asking for the help of Allah.

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Islam demands, commitment and steadfastness.

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Earning is not in the sense of literal, and is given only by the mercy of Allah, Allah wants us to do the utmost that we are capable of, in this dunya for the damage that for the levels in Jannah. So as salam said, even I will enter Jannah only with the Mercy of Allah. And they asked him, then why should we do good deeds, he said, for the damages for the levels in the Jannah. And those will be according to your actions.

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Last point, the people who missed bother, they had asked Allah subhanaw taala they made dua for Shahada. So Allah said to them, you asked for that visit shahada, while here it is before you and this shows that though we may have the dangers of something, things may be different when we face that, which we ask for. So you might ask for something, but when it happens, you know, so we ask Allah for steadfastness in what we desire. So we ask, we make dua for ourselves and for others, I remember

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an amusing incident where somebody was in Hajj with one of the scholars and he kept asking him he said, please make dua that I should die in this state I should die here during heights. So he said Don't you know this is not this is you don't make die like this is not corrected to ask for death. He said, No, no, no, I want to die in this place because they're so beautiful and so on, so on. So he kept he kept asking, he said, I'm asking Allah and so on. So this scholar he said, Okay, you know,

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I don't know if he actually made the dua or not, but he said okay.

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Now, the next the next day, this man got a fever. So, he came running dream, he said, please make dua not not just out maybe not district.

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So, question that, you know, how sincere are we, in asking for these things? So very important to understand is that we asked for, we asked for something and then when it when it happens, you want to run away from that.

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important thing to understand is that yes, shahada is the ultimate thing.

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Hamdulillah we ask Allah for Shahada. But remember that living according to Islam is much more.

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You know, I won't say more valuable than shadow, but I'm saying that it's more difficult. And also it is sometimes even better than challenging. And this is the hadith of Islam, where to Sahaba, who accepted Islam at the same time, the same day, one day it is hate and the other one died one year later. And I think if I'm not mistaken it without Allah and side of the line who saw them both in a dream and he saw the one who died of natural causes a year later entering Jana much before the one who died. So he so he came to us so let me say yes, when I saw this dream

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of this person who did not die or say he's entering Jana first and DHA that during and after him both, both are getting done about this one is getting it earlier. So he said, you know, what is the target what is the meaning of this hadith, of this of this dream? As well as others have said, Why are you surprised because this man, he got one more year of good actions, he would have prayed that God would have recited the Quran read Quran, he would have, he got one more one than he got all the Zika that used to do all these other cards and credit used to do and so on. So he got all of that one year worth of it more than the other person who died a year earlier. So obviously Allah subhanaw

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taala rewards him for that. So it's not just a matter of saying you know, I say that I will be Inshallah, if Allah gives us Hamdulillah we ask Allah for this but it is important to understand that Islam is not about living your life any old way and then just dying. You know, one day in Shaheed it's a matter of living, according to the orders of Allah subhanaw taala and the Sunnah for salsa, Salah throughout our lives, being good to everybody spreading goodness all around ourselves

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resisting different urges and temptations throughout life, every day, the new one every day, standing up for the truth, not running away from it standing up against falsehood, not running away from that, right.

00:27:18--> 00:27:22

All the things that that help us to

00:27:23--> 00:27:33

that are for example, if you look at the things that sadaqa jariya good children, children you raise, who are who are faithful to Allah subhanaw taala in

00:27:35--> 00:28:19

spreading knowledge, whatever, you know, teaching that goodness that comes from that, and then doing our actions which are of often ongoing nature, whether it is donating money for that or working for that to something actions of good. So which are beneficial to everybody. Right? So including things like doing well there are hospitals and schools and so on. But any any kind of action doesn't have to wait you might say, well, you know, I don't have the money to build a hospital no, that help one person, this simplest principle, you can't feed under feed one, you can't, you know, build a whole hospital so help one person who's in need. So, the whole thing in this is to try to do the best that

00:28:19--> 00:28:20

we can do.

00:28:21--> 00:28:25

To the extent that Allah subhanaw taala has given us the ability to do it.

00:28:27--> 00:28:31

In conclusion, what I want to say is

00:28:34--> 00:28:39

we must not get distracted by what we see happening around us.

00:28:40--> 00:29:20

What we need to focus on is my actions, my speech, is this correct? Is this in line with the Sharia and Sunnah is it in line with the karma of Allah, the orders of Allah and the Sunnah of his Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And as long as that is true, we must continue to take action, to stop oppression, to go against injustice, no matter where it is done. You need to do that at the individual level, we must do it collectively. And we must not allow anyone or anything to discourage us from doing that.

00:29:21--> 00:29:24

What is also very important which we learn from this

00:29:26--> 00:29:30

is the importance of staying together. This is one of the one African did they try to

00:29:32--> 00:29:36

to split the Muslims. This is what I was founded. I was a bit

00:29:37--> 00:29:46

later on it became Muslim dragula But at that time, he came and he sent a message to the answer of Medina and he said

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to them, Mohamed Salah Salem, he is our cousin, this is our fight. Leave us alone to finish this fight. You don't come into it. So he's trying to split them. Right today the species is happening all over the place. And and sadly and tragic

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Leave he was just fall into this, that we get divided amongst ourselves. And obviously, any division within ourselves is for the benefit and it benefits the enemy. So we must learn to live together to work together and to face

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the outside world as one. I'm not saying we have to necessarily not differ with one another in our thinking in our

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in our methodology, but that difference has to be inside. We talk amongst ourselves in a, in a decent way in a in a in a way that is full of, of love and goodness. But to the world external world we present a unified face in which there is benefit for everybody.

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Islam came to benefit everyone and that is the principle that we should follow we will work to benefit everyone was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was a big man with Article