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In al hamdu Lillah wa rahmatullah wa salatu salam, ala rasulillah.

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So we've been at this for the last few weeks

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studying and setting the ground for the start of this era. Cause we started from the time of our father Ibrahim Ali has said and then the time of his value, then Georgia home then Hosea, and then polish, and then we are kind of in that era of Quraysh. And then we discussed

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last week, Abdulmutallab,

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which was the discovery of Zamzam the oath to sacrifice his son, and then finally, the army of the elephants.

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And as I normally start, just to recap a little, who was the father of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Abdullah Mashallah, you guys are getting really good at this. So the father is Abdullah.

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The grandfather is Abdulmutallab.

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Abdulmutallab father is Hashem Hashem father, his

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abdomen, f abdomen f father is per se, right. So it is important to kind of notice and all this is to kind of set the scene so we have been armed with a bit of information.

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But knowledge requires us to dive a bit deeper.

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And today, we are going to go and touch on some of the issues that we covered. And look at it at another layer in sha Allah hautala because now we have reached the end

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of the event of the elephants so the army can huge army can have lots of bullets destroyed the army. And now we have about 50 days away from the birth of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So it is important to take a breath and dive in a bit deeper at some of these key bits. So that you know our level of appreciation grows and we understand the plans of the colossal Madrid and try to draw some lessons from that in our own lives inshallah Tada.

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usually before something big happens, its signs start to appear.

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Its signs start to appear in English, they call it science

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and Arabic, they call it iroha set.

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And it comes from the verb Bahasa, as in it's been given permission and allowed to be announced.

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So some of the air has said

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that a profit is to come or a big change is about to come. Although we have studied the facts, now we will go to look at it from a different perspective and Sharla. Let's and we'll start just with the nearest one first. So the first one to us, is just the event of the elephant.

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Let's look at this a little bit deeper.

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The face of the Porsche is what

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what do they believe in? Their pagans, their idol worshipers? They worship stones superstitions

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and they have filled the Kaaba with these as well.

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So the scholars say there was some 360 idols packed inside the Kaaba and around the Kaaba

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and shark is the most abhorrent thing to the load to a lot of blazer and a lot of good exercise in Nala hilarya funeral.

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You shock me while Fiona do Natalie kalamunda a lot of Buddhism

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will not forgive the sin of shirk,

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and will forgive anything else after that. For whom so ever he chooses, meaning that if you die having not repented, and you stand in front of the quote of the larochelle Majid other things he can forget, he can forgive. Allah forbid he can forgive, but shirkey won't forgive. But this doesn't mean that if you've committed shell Can you might tell by in turn to Allah, Allah brazza doesn't accept that this is this is not the understanding. So point is is that the Quraysh were committing the worst of the wrong deeds of man sighs to his children yagoona Yella to Shrek Bella inertia the whole moon of him all my sons don't commit shirk what Allah

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is a grave sin before there's a lot of shell imagery that is a huge wrong you're doing on yourselves and on others, and the whorish were busy doing that.

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The crosswalk mushriks the army that had come

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was Abyssinian Christians.

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Now between Muslims and Christians, which one is the preference?

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Christians they are located, although it's a different Christianity, a modified version to what Jesus left or Isola his solemn left, but as a whole there are Christians.

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So this army of Christianity comes

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in the sanctuary of the King of kings.

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And yet, and shellac is there and the Orisha there, and the idols are there. And yet does your arm shell Maji then follow Lima Yuri destroys the army of Christianity? Have you ever thought about it?

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Like if you think, Was it because of the Porsche No, the Porsche had committed a lot more wrong.

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Is it because of what's in the house, they have filled the house with ship, you understand me they have filled it with idols, they have done an asset on on the earth.

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It would have been warranted for the EPA seniors to come in and highlight them like a Twitter mites some kind of sense, you know, but a lot of bulldozer

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sends the army in disarray

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and destroys it.

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And this is the first or the biggest of the or has the biggest of the signs.

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And at a

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at a level where signs matter, because signs are not. It requires a deeper understanding. Because a lot of bluster says that one Marissa Alamo Wheeler, who illallah wa sallahu nephele.

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The, the issue of the signs and the unpacking of that information is not a science for everyone. A lot of bulldozer knows what is happening. And he opens it to those that are deep inside the knowledge.

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So the scholars mentioned this as the first sign. Why is it the sign

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it shows that

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there is no need for an external intervention, the status quo of Makkah will change. The idols will be removed, the city will be cleansed, the kurush will change five, they don't need to be destroyed.

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And further,

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it is a preservation of the life and the legacy of the prophet to come. Because his legacies here.

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So this was the first of the signs or the biggest of a one of the most prominent of the signs. The other

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we studied was the discovery of Zamzam.

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Now look back at zum zum, zum zum, was given to a smile in her job.

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And it was given on the door of Ibrahim alayhis salam and they own do are naturally because they must have asked a lot of blazer for provisions when when they're looking for water. So Allah Buddha is a gifted them Zamzam as a gift for the people of tawheed.

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Do you understand me they're more heads, they're the ones who will turn to a lot of boilers alone, they made that huge sacrifice, they can hear why lupien was silent so that we can establish voila here.

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So a lot of guys are blessed them with this with this water.

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And then Georgia home can and towards the latter part of Durham, Durham introduced ISAF and nyla. Remember the two idols that committed the wrong. So when that came after that, Jordan was forced to leave and Zamzam disappeared, even though they own hands. And this is the son of the virtual machine, that at times he punishes you with your own hands.

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Yeah, they destroyed their houses, by ad him what meaning Do you understand me so did your home buried with their own hands? Zamzam

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because, but from another perspective, a lot to cut from them. So sometimes the center doesn't recognize but out

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Audible, uses your own limbs and thought and process to limit you and punish you and discipline you sold your home last

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zum zum zum. zum is synonymous with telehealth. So a lot of what I said kept it hidden

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all the way until

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a prophet was about to come.

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Do you understand? So this is the second of the signs, you know, it's like an elderly grandfather of yours walks with an Asana

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and he opens the door and his Assad comes first. Then he comes in himself. So that when NASA comes the sign of the grandfather has arrived, you know, he's coming.

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So in Zamzam camp, though he does coming.

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You understand. So this was the second

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of the, of the signs. Number one, the status quo is going to change in Sharla. And here again, Zamzam is the Reformation and confirmation for those that have the ability to see that, you know, change is coming. Change is coming.

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Then the next one.

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So, now, let's look at Amina and Abdullah.

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So Abdullah and sapan Allah, you know, for those that can think it could have been Abdullah, it could have been Abdullah, that could have been, but no, no, not for the father of the Prophet of Allah.

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He will be Abdullah the exclusive slave of Allah.

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So Abdullah, was destined to be killed, not destined, the his lot came out that he should be killed.

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So they sacrificed 100 camels for him, you don't remember the story we did. So 100 camels are sacrificed to ransom Abdullah. Now he is ransom.

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The scholars of Sierra say he lived with his wife for less than a week. And some say just three days they were together

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just three days. And then he goes to your friend. And other say he was on his way to Sham and stopped over at yesterday. But irrespective the whole role of this man seems to have been

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just to plant the seed in the womb of Armenia and then move off the pages of history.

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had the 100 camels not happened it wouldn't have been much of a sign but a lot but you know, a huge thing happened but on the left a little bit after written then moved off.

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And the scholars of Sierra mention a lot of other signs, and real you know, tangible ones, but there is no sonnets for it. So I don't want to go too much into it, but for these ones are established.

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And then this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam beautiful Hadith, they asked him about himself. So he said, salatu salam, O Allah, he said, I am the daughter of my father Ibrahim.

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Remember the Dr. Rahim Ali Salam might want to see him Rasulullah Min homea through Allah him or Allah raised amidst from them a prophet from amidst them.

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And he didn't say prophets, and he said a prophet

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raise from them. Are you a Rasulullah? So the Prophet said I am the DA you know that Ibrahim Alayhi Salam my that's me. And then I Salah his Salam says one more verschuren bureaux sulan Yeti mimbar D is mu Who am I give you the glad tidings of one to come after me his name will be Achmad. So the Prophet said, and I am the glad tiding that my brother Isa gave

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because a salicylic is coming.

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And then he said, I am the dream of mine that my mother had.

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So the dream of the mother, Amina,

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is that

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and the scholars defined the word of the Hadith defined and you know, the Hadith isn't in many books of the Hadith.

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So she's one on one call is that when she's pregnant, she saw a dream.

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And the dream was that from her a light shone to the heavens and brightened all the way to Basra or to Sham

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to Syria or you know,

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what was all Sham or the areas of Jordan that type of place towards that side

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and the other

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version of the same Hadith is that upon his birth, I light shone out from her that when she saw the palaces of, of Syria through like with the line, so he says I am the dream that my mother had. And so Pamela one of the first places that got that fell under Islamic rule from Sham was the city of Basra

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consistent with the dream that this you know, you're the light that is coming out to end the Prophet is light, like light not as enlightened creation light in his guidance and light in the in the, in the fight and and you know, clarity that he brought to the world and his Sunday in his practice.

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So, upcoming Allah He new, a new he is his reference to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and consistent with the dream of the mum as well, you know, light shone in the light would go all the way to there. So,

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so he says, I am the dream My mother had. So this was the third of their houses, that she had a vision that whatever, whatever is going to whatever's inside me, you know,

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like a huge light comes with this. And like you can you can interpret that metaphorically as you choose.

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And Hasani sabbat who's the poet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam later on in Medina.

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Hassan hypnotherapist says, he says I remember when I was young,

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you know, in my younger days, because Where's Hassan? Hassan is in

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in Medina.

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We will cover it later on. So when the Prophet eventually migrates to Medina has said hypnotherapy is one of his the poet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they say about him, that here are the Allahu Allah lived for 60 years before Islam in 60 years in Islam

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So how old 120 so he he lived a good long life Mashallah. And he's older than the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam, age wise, but you will never guess it when you study this era. He is older than the Prophet age wise. They say, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah that He was born in the 60, a year before he dropped

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60 years before he died in some safe at the 54th year before he dropped, so either one year older than the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, or a few years older than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but irrespective he says, he says I remember in Medina in the strip, because they were Jewish tribes and it goes one of the rabbi's came out and excitedly called out or children of Israel. Look, the star of Achmed is born.

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The star of ultimate is born.

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And they had in their own books that that proceeded signs that they were anticipating that the Prophet is coming.

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So back to the story of Abdullah Abdullah, either went to Sham or went to yesterday. Amina is back in Makkah, and she's pregnant.

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the caravan had to had to go. And Abdullah has to stay behind a little while later new scam that he has died.

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So the scholars say he died younger than 25.

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The young man young man is just, you know, just came out from a huge trial where he was supposed to be killed. So he's reached, you know, the level of manhood and then got married and died pretty soon afterwards.

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So that is the end of the story of Abdullah. He is buried in the areas of banana jar.

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In in Medina, there's a street called Silvana they Nia that

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Amina is pregnant here in Makkah.

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And obviously the you know, the the sadness and the, you know, the grief, young bride husband died now she's pregnant

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with his child, and then the big fear cam, which was the event of the elephants.

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So, the elephants Can she watched the elephants from the mountain science and some 50 days after this the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is born.

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When is he born?

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He is born in the era of the elephant the same year that the elephants attacked. And this is how the Arabs recorded their history around the great events or great personalities. So he sallallahu wasallam. We know for for a fact that he was born in the, of the elephant.

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I was wondering regards to the day, we know the day as well, like the day of the week. We know he's born on a Monday because he himself told us, they asked him, Why do you fast on Mondays? So he said, I was born in this day. And then this revelation came to me. So we know he sallallahu wasallam is born on a Monday, and he is born in the year of the elephant. And the majority of the scholars are of the belief that he is born in Ruby on a wall.

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After this, there is an array of opinions, there is an array of opinions. So from the scholars are those who say he was born on the second of robiola, well, and a great majority who say he was born on the eighth of Roby on a one and a stronger one who says he was born on the ninth of Roby on a world and others who say he was born on the 12th of robiola one.

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But the famous one admits people has become the 12th of Ruby on a one simply because, you know, somewhere in history, someone decided to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet and they chose the 12th to celebrate it. So this kind of continued as, as the day that is most famous. But the strongest opinion on the matter is that he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is born on the ninth, although there is a fella from its line on this, but this doesn't affect our fight or anything that way it is, it is a day.

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Now when he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born. So if you look at the second version of the same Hadith, as the mom is, as you know, the Rasool is being born the monster is a light shone out of me, through which I saw the palaces of Sham

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and then he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is born.

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And the first lady to suckle him to breastfeed him is Subhan Allah is the slave of his uncle Abu lahab. And her name is Sophia Eva.

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So she breastfed him

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and then gave him to the mom and ran to the uncle.

00:22:38--> 00:22:42

And said, Your, your nephew was born, the son of Abdullah

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so he was so happy that he pointed to her that you were freed. You're emancipated, and an Arab culture and and happens in other cultures, when you bring good news to someone, they usually give you a gift, or sometimes give you a gift. And depending on what your level is, you know, some say whatever's in my hand, I will give it so the physical You know, sometimes you wait till he's got his car keys in his hand and then you give him the good news, you know, so, so he can give you that and others so for for Abu lahab he celebrated by emancipating.

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So Ava, and Subhan Allah and a hadith.

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And as in one of the books of Hadith and it is in Buhari as well.

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One of his so you know the story of Abu lahab

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you know, later on he turned out one of the greatest enemies of the lawsuit, and he is the one who said Tabata, dakka, Mohamad and a lot of bluster revealed but yeah, there have been water on human. So he died in disbelief and he died in the punishment of a lot of Buddhism. And then when he died, some of his family saw him in a dream after a while.

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And this is a bus or they

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saw him in a dream, and he saw him in difficulty. He saw him in difficulty in the dream. So a bhula have told him that's so he said, How are things he goes since I have left you guys, it's been nothing but bad luck and calamities, except that on Mondays,

00:24:26--> 00:24:36

my punishment is reduced. Because I emancipated survivor as a gift and rejoice meant at the birth of the prophets Allah barrios.

00:24:37--> 00:24:47

So because for that moment I celebrated you know, him and his coming. A lot of blazer reduces my punishment a little bit on,

00:24:48--> 00:24:59

on Mondays, and, and other words of the same Hadith. He points to hear the time given water, meaning either a little bit of water on that day or war.

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

from, from between my thumb and my finger, like a, you know, some kind of drink.

00:25:07--> 00:25:46

And our belief with regards to good deeds of believers is that a lot of Buddhism will make it a cause of blessing for them in this life and a cause of goodness for them in Africa. And as with regards to those who died in this belief, our belief is that they will get the job or they will get a compensation or recompense or some kind of accolade and prominence for the good deeds in this world. But it will not transfer to the Ashura although the scholars believed that it could transfer to the grave and to the barossa, but not to the Acura

00:25:48--> 00:25:52

is, so he's still in the grave he you know, but

00:25:55--> 00:26:06

with regards to the other opinions on this, that no, it ends here and this, there is no issue with that for us, and we can we can respect all those opinions in Sharla. Hold on, this is this they laugh, I missed that headline.

00:26:07--> 00:26:10

So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:26:11--> 00:26:14

is born salatu salam O Allah.

00:26:16--> 00:26:36

Now, there are certain things that used to happen. But I do want to stop here for a moment, you will see through all of this, and through the Sierra, that the people inside it are oblivious to the plans have lots of bullets. But Allah has a plan for them. And Allah has a plan for his prophet.

00:26:37--> 00:26:49

But then the same way, a lot of bluster has a plan for each and every one of you here, my dear brothers and sisters. So sometimes there's ups and lives and sometimes there's down in lives, rejoice.

00:26:50--> 00:26:59

Be confident that a lot of Blaser has a plan for you. And a lot of blazer will not let you go to waste. So when life gets difficult,

00:27:01--> 00:27:04

Barrett patiently and Barrett with a lot of

00:27:05--> 00:27:31

you know, good thoughts in yourself and in a lot of ways that my lord is in charge, and I trust what he will do. And you will notice that a lot of times in life, where you're in acute difficulty just later on, you look back and you go, Oh, that was really good that had happened like that. I was listening to one of our great chefs. And he said I was very poor. In my early days.

00:27:32--> 00:27:37

I was very poor and my younger days, so I couldn't afford to buy the books.

00:27:38--> 00:27:40

So I used to go to the library

00:27:41--> 00:27:50

and borrow the book. But because I had to return it back and I couldn't buy another book, the only thing to do is to memorize the information from the book.

00:27:51--> 00:28:18

So I used to sit and memorize and everyone else had the book, they never worried about memorizing and understanding it in a deeper because I could always go back to the book, but I was forced to go to a higher level. And because of that, you know it all added up over time and I became a bigger chef and bigger Island than all my contemporaries. So at the time going through the difficulty It was difficult but Allah had a plan. But a lot of Blizzard had a plan.