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In Yemen

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so the story is what we recited in the in Maghreb tonight in the sort of a summary that will boo rouge

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well, yo millimolar with Russia hidden one Moscow to put a lot of dude and Narita, Liverpool O'Malley, road wahoo, Milan ASR Luna mini neighborhood.

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So, there was there was a king in Yemen. And the king had his own particular faith, some site was Judaism. But irrespective he believed in whatever he believed.

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Around that time there was a pious man, very righteous man. You know, if you like in modern in our language today, one of the friends have a lot of Buddhism

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of Christian faith, because that was the religion before us.

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And he was someone that almost used to accept his job.

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But he used to be a builder, he was a bricklayer. So he used to make mud bricks and liar.

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And he used to spend his nights in worship, and especially the Sunday and worship the you know, the day off.

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And if he saw someone in need, he would help but if you called him listen, there's a sick person come see him he wouldn't go. Why? Because he didn't want to be, you know, noted. And as soon as someone discovered that, you know, his dog gets accepted this that then that used to leave that village and go to another one.

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She didn't want to attract people's attention. He wanted to have a secret relationship between him and the load. And he was fine.

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So when he got discovered in one city and the other city, eventually he decided he wasn't going to leave this place. travelled and towards Yemen. And then he jumped. He got into a caravan they tied him up, they sold him as a slave in Yemen.

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So there he used to, you know, do his bricklaying, and this and that, and then the Amen.

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The king was there, this king you know, with with the fight, whether it's Judaism or whatever, that was his faith.

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part of the system of this government was that there was magicians and the magician used to make sure that the Reign the leader, the rule of the king survives

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you know how people are affected by these things so the king wanted you know, to have his all established over the over the Hulk. So the magician used to do bits and pieces for him bring information do little wonders, and people used to think the king is the king is Wow. So the people were nice and humble and obedient to the king.

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Now this this magician was reaching old age and dying. So he came to the kingdom and this narration is in in Sudan, a man

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in the toughs and as mentioned in the Tafseer of Sudan

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so mmf met no so this magician came to the king and said listen Oh King, I have reached old age I will die

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find the young lad who was intelligent who can learn from me so you know so that your writing can continue so the king found a young man intelligent His name is Abdullah This is not any other this is a new Abdullah

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Abdullah was on his way to the magician

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this pious man's tent was between the house of Abdullah and the house of the magician or the place of the magician so as he's walking past the tent he you know it curiosity got the better of him he had a look. He got attracted to what the you know, righteous monk is doing and stayed with him kind of got affected by him and then it goes on no lights got to go to the magician, when they the magician scolded him Why you light. So, you know, in the olden days, teachers used to whack you as well. So he probably got got a few sticks, and then came back home the mom and dad said why you lied. So they probably gave him some as well. So the poor kid you know, got

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got a double dose that day. So next day, he came to the right hip and he goes to this priest and he goes, listen, bad day yesterday, that one hit me and that one hit me. So so the poor the monk tells him, he goes, listen, tell the magician, your parents delight you tell your parents, the magician delight you, whatever time you get from there, just spend with me and learn.

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So he will do that. The young boy will do that. And so Pamela it's an amazing situation. Because inside the mind of this man of this young lad to arts or to

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you know, opposing sole powers of fighting. So one is the power of truth and one is the demon one is

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You know, the past to a lot of blogs and other one is the magic of the Shetlands. So what you know, in both he studied both.

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So, and slowly, one one day as his knowledge and tough whiny man grows a beast is running loose in the city

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adapt but the reverse of the, you know the the wording of the Hadith and people people are all perturbed because you know, when a beast runs wild, whether it's an elephant or whatever it is, it's a mess.

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So this young man picked up a rock, and he he did a he did us a little intention. It goes yeah, Rob, if the raw hip is right, if this priestess right in the magician is wrong, I'm going to check the struck kill this thing with the beast. So he threw the rock and this big beast died because of a little rock, you know, this stone die because of rocks, but he died. So how long was confirmation to him that

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that the priest is right that this monk is right. And

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magic is wrong. So he came back to his teacher to the monk and he said, This is what I did. So the mangoes or,

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you know, he realized that he's reached a place in Eman where now it's inevitable Allah will test him, you know, difficulties will come. So he said, Listen, son, you have reached a place where tests will be unleashed now. But when it comes, don't mention my name. Like you know, when the trouble starts, don't mention my name. So this young man, a lot of bulldozer gave him the purity way. And people who are affected with sicknesses and this would you know if he saw them, it might go out and Allah would cure the person.

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So slowly and he will tell them listen, chef is not from me, chef is from Allah. I'm asking Allah believe in Allah, Allah can cure you. So the person would believe this man was Mike Diwan. And pretty soon they say a lot of the people who are sick otherwise in the city, became cured and became believers.

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And word starts to spread across the city. So everyone starts to hear, you know, mush. This young man out. He was accepted. And he does this and does that. And one of the one of the narrations with regards to this as the King had was he was he had gone blind. So there was he, you know, he's sitting in front of the king blind. So the king obviously notices is the man's blind. So and then there was the IRS obviously looking for some way to get cured and eventually he hears of this young lad, the young goes to him finds him, says, Son, listen, can you do something to my because I can't do anything Allah does. If you believe in him, I can make glass for him to kill you. It's up to him

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to kill her. So he goes, listen, I'm happy. So the young boy, my daughter, Allah returned his eyesight. So next day, he comes to the King and His eyes are open, it's all working. So the king goes, you know?

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What happened? So it goes, Oh, my lord cured me.

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So the king goes me

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because you know, I am Lord I honorables was made because no my Lord and your Lord

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of law

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so upon this you know investigation he found that this man has found another faith and it's not upon

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my religion so He punished there was zero until he gave him the name of the lab brought the boy punish the boy until he gave the name of the

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priest. So he brought the priest listen retract your faith and everything is fine and how can you retract fight you know for you drank water from a clean source How can you accept sewerage after that? This is this is it. So they say the Haji says they put the soul You know those big souls I imagine the ones that you cut the tree trunks with in the olden days you know one man pulls one man pulls that one on his head and they cut the the priests down the middle

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and then he got the result

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and then the name of the boy has gone like wildfire across the city Everyone knows that this is what so he couldn't do a little kill for him you know silent field so he goes Listen,

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take him to the mountain and drop him from the mountain nice dramatic and you know so everyone gets the message the king is king.

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So they took the boy up towards the mountain and as they're climbing up the young boy Mike's dryer up suffice me they're evil anyway you decide whatever you want to deal with them deal with them Europe so a lot of boys are shocked the mountain they fell off all of them dead the young boy cam dang man came back to the king and his his courage is admirable. He doesn't go home and hide it comes back to the king like Hello, I'm back. So the king goes What happened? He goes they all they all died a lot my lord killed them. So King gets more upset What to do? Alright, got another

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you know 20 or so people. Take him in the ocean, chuck them into the sea. Let him drown went into the boat. So it goes down up deal with them and

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Anywhere you choose, Allah shook the boat, they all fell down, the man came back to the king, you know Hi.

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So he told the king, it was this and there's only one way you can kill me.

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And the man has intelligent the young boy he's a die you see his his aim is to promote the dean.

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So he goes, how he goes, gather all the people.

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Then tie me on a tree on a pillar

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and get an arrow from my quiver, put it in the bow bullet. And say, nice, loud and strong. Say I shoot this arrow and kill this boy, and the name of the Lord of the boy and the name of the ROB of the boy.

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So the king in his anger, got all the people got the man pull the arouses, I shoot and the name of the Lord of the boy shot. And they have all heard everyone's heard, you know, one batch of people when died, the king can kill him went another one, but they all died, all their families are probably mourning, you know, of all those 2040 soldiers that died. Everyone knows. So this boy,

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the man shot and

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it hit him and the young men died.

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But everyone became believers.

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Because the man has confessed there's another there's a there's a there's a true God.

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So the king got angry, ordered his soldiers to dig trenches,

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like dig pits, put fire in the pits, burnt very hot,

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brought the civilians who had believed on the edge of the pit, do believe and you know, disbelieve in what you believe in, they said, No, push him in, push them in. And the last day say was a young, young mom with a little infant.

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And she looked at the child feeling emotional, you know that, because of him might be to save him. So they say he looked at her and said, You're on the truth stay firm.

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So she jumped with the child into the fire. So these were Christians, you see, they all they they were all killed like that.

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But to ran away.

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And they went and eventually reached Ethiopia, where the big Christian Emperor and Naja she is

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the nagus the Magnus is the title of the rulers of Ethiopia and Niger she and he's a devout Christian, even the time of the Prophet the other Niger she did you know that they went to him and he embraced them, you know, devout, pious person. So

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this unnatural, she heard that his brother run of faith, the Christians was floated by this king, he got angry, organize the, you know, army 70,000 went there, and he said, trample on the soils of Yemen,

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kill the king take a third of them hostage and so on. And so he sent two generals.

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One is Aria, and the other one is abraha they went together, annihilated everyone destroyed the city

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sent slaves back to the king, and so on and the abyssinians took over Yemen

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the two generals you know, two people in similar positions they their ambition stake over one tries to take the seat from the other and so on. So they want knowing one another not listening to commands this and that eventually, half of the army supported abre half supported the other one and they were going to have a fight so Abra listening says listen, instead of killing soldiers, me and you will have a do

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me and you go We'll have a fight whoever wins becomes the general of the entire army.

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So in the olden days, how dueling worked so what you do is you come to fight and you bring what you call

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a second with you.

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So you know sci fi You know, this person is coming to fight it will be him and his best friend or someone who will be you know, his second and the other side will bring to you know, himself and someone else with him as well and they will fight and whoever wins or whoever dies. So they say Abraham was not physically Wow. And the other man was solid, big you know, General general.

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So the fight started and the earth smashed him with with his blade or with his spear and he tried to defend it but it cut through and it got abraha

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like this, like that cut his eyebrow, cut the edge of his eye slit.

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His nose and down his mouth.

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So because of that

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they used to call him the one with the split face

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like abraha Shrum the one with the cut face. But as he got hit and he's down in the blade of this generalists on abraha his second jumped and stabbed the general

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and then together him and Abra went and hit the other side so Abra became the general of the entire army. The problem is this coral was okay between generals but the generals belong to someone else they the generals have unnaturally the Emperor you can kill a general and the Emperor let that go. So when Naja she heard that his generals been killed, you swore an oath that I will come and try and pull on your land and cut your forelocks like as in you know, the French the front of your forehead or cut your hair like us and embarrass you and I will trample so Abra heard so Avraham before the king could come cut his own hair, put it in a bag, and took some soil, put it in a bag, sent it to a

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Niger She goes, Oh, King, I heard your oath. He has the hair that you wanted. And he has the soil, trample on that soil. Take this hair in your hand, your oath is completed, he was your servant, I am your servant, we are still in obedience. We just had a query in which he unfortunately died. And then to kind of win favor with the king, he said, but now I will build you a cathedral, the likes of which has not been built for any before you so I will build you a

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So he set out and he built a monumental thing. You know, in those days, they say the pillars were so tall, the towers that if you looked up your hat would fold.

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And, you know, the crosses had gold and silver on it. And the pope that had ivory in it, it was a work of art.

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And then he said I will tell the Arabs to forget about the GABA and worship here.

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So when he said this, historically, Arabs don't take insults very well.

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You know, so when the Arabs heard that he has said this, that he will come and take, you know, change our direction from the carpet to his Cathedral. One of them took the long journey,

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went to his Cathedral and defiled it.

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You know,

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because there are kids here.

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Anyway, he the man defecated in the corner

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of the church, he did booboo on the on the corner of the church. And

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this saw Abra got very upset when they found that it is someone related to the koresh.

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And he took an oath that I will erase the temple in the disrespect that they have shown. There is another narration that another group of young lads camp and they I don't know that tried to start a fire and pretty soon they burned the whole Cathedral down. So what whichever one or both.

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So now abraha got an army organized

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to come

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and erase

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the cabin. So this is the third big thing in the life of Abdulmutallab.

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The army of the elephants.

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So Abra took a huge army, some say 70,000 and unnatural she sent a specifically, you know, a special elephant just for this purpose. So they say there was some 13 elephants, other scholars say 11 elephants, at the head of which was this mammoth of a thing. And the name of this elephant. This one's has a name. It's called Mahmoud, huge thing. And I actually researched. You know how big this is the European elephants grow.

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And I found a picture in which this mammoth of a thing is standing next to a four wheel drive, and the four wheel drive looked small.

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So if you can imagine an army coming with these big elephants, and the elephants were trained for war, like they know that they are normal elephants, you know who you go and sit on the back end. It takes you around if you go to Thailand and places like that. They're nice and civil creatures, you know, war elephants are not nice creatures. You know, they're trained for war. And can you imagine this big thing, and they usually have armor on them as well. So the spears and stuff cannot go in. It was a frightening sight. And normally horses and camels are afraid of elephants so they can't stand in their way too much.

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So this huge arms

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We are at the vanguard of which is this huge elephants is making its way out of Yemen with the idea that I'm going to destroy the Kaaba. The Arabs decided let's put up a resistance first and Yemen when they stood up against them He thrashed them took the leaders captive went into what the Saudi today went into their another tribe decided that they're going to show a written resistance annihilated them took no file, you know the man's nine as the as, as another guide from here respect his life for the condition that listen you will guide the way through, he accepted cam towards pi if pious had already heard what has happened. Five had a big idol like a temple themselves for one of

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their idols. They didn't want the man to make a mistake and destroy this one. So they came out and said, Listen, okay, we're Your servants, the one you're looking for is on the other side, Here, take this guide with you, and He will show you so this an Arab history is a very embarrassing thing that the people that you know that that this tribe did. And the man went to kind of lead the way to the Kaaba so that so that Abra had the Abyssinian could destroy it.

00:21:10--> 00:21:23

But two miles out of Makkah, the man died, they buried him then a place called move armies and the people used to stone his grave out of you know, the the sense of shaman upset that you know, you're trying to destroy the Kaaba.

00:21:24--> 00:21:36

So abraha camped two miles out of Mecca. And he's a general he knows how to how to play the war game. He decided to send

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a battalion of horse riders into the city, so they can loot and that's why people get scared as well. You know, it's fast, it's surgical, that's

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and he can and they collected booty, they collected animals, they collected weapons, they collected wealth and brought it back to Abraham.

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So part of what they collected was 200 camels off.

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Now at this stage, where is Abdullah

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he's gone on the business trip.

00:22:14--> 00:22:18

He's gone on, on the business trip, Amina is pregnant.

00:22:21--> 00:22:24

50 days after this, She will give birth

00:22:25--> 00:22:31

to someone very special 50 days after this incident. This is why this exam will feel

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00:22:35--> 00:22:40

abraha is in his camp, they've probably pitched the high class tent for him.

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And, and he sends a delegation inside the city send me your chief.

00:22:49--> 00:22:52

So they send him Abdulmutallab.

00:22:53--> 00:23:01

And they say he was a man of very imposing presence. You know, imagine him is 92 at least.

00:23:03--> 00:23:10

So I age wisdom, very handsome, still able, relatively tall, like taller than than medium.

00:23:12--> 00:23:13

You know,

00:23:15--> 00:23:28

the weather of the desert as evident on his face, you know, so he's he's coming as you come into the room opera looks at him. And and can you imagine this man shares a DNA with the rasuluh. So

00:23:30--> 00:23:32

when abre sees him,

00:23:33--> 00:23:35

he actually gets up to greet him.

00:23:38--> 00:23:42

And then he thinks, where should I sit them and because if I sit him next to me,

00:23:44--> 00:23:48

he will be my equal and protocol wise, that's not appropriate.

00:23:49--> 00:23:59

So and I can't make him stand so he says, sit on the floor. So Abra has certain Abdulmutallab set with him on the floor, on the carpet if you like.

00:24:02--> 00:24:13

And he's heard about him. He is the one that is the the custodian of the Zamzam. The one that's benevolence is known. He feeds the you know, wealthy and the non wealthy in the end he that he's known.

00:24:15--> 00:24:17

So a man with that reputation.

00:24:18--> 00:24:28

He expected you know, that he will come and try to bargain with me with regards to the Kaaba. So Abdulmutallab says, I have just come for my 200 camels.

00:24:30--> 00:24:52

So it was an anticlimax for Abra had like, you know, I gave you respect I came down I thought you're all that. And all you're interested in 200 camels. So he told him, he goes, You know, I was impressed by you, but you just want 200 camels. So Abdul Mutallab said what is recorded golden line in history. He said I am the Lord. I am the owner of the camels.

00:24:53--> 00:24:59

And the house has its own load. So he will defend the house. I will defend my property.

00:25:00--> 00:25:11

So he returned the camels, and Abdulmutallab has now seen the army. So he came back to his people, there's no way

00:25:13--> 00:25:18

vacate the city, go to the hills because Mecca surrounded by hills and mountains.

00:25:20--> 00:26:04

So everyone has gone up to the mountains, to the hills. And but they can see because you know, when you're up the hill, you can see what's happening. And then this army marches some 70,000 with the pomp and ceremony and 11 or 13 mammoth of elephants in the mood in front of a giant by any definition. And they come towards the harem. And this new file man comes next to the year of the camel, he had learned some of the commands walking with them. And he tells the camel, one narration, new sit. And another one, it says, Neil, you're approaching the house of your master. So at No.

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00:26:08--> 00:26:21

And can you imagine the annoyance of abraha like the whole army's got to show a woman everyone's watching. This is the grand finale, he's gonna destroy the Kaaba. And now the elephants stuck.

00:26:23--> 00:26:33

So, get the elephant moving so they can get up, you know, pull, nothing happens, they poke, nothing happens. They get hooks.

00:26:34--> 00:26:40

And they put it on the hind legs to, you know, you know, if you poke someone, they have to get up so

00:26:43--> 00:26:55

elephant won't move. So they pull him that way. He's happy to go that direction, gets up goes happy to go that direction, happy to go backwards. Tell him to go front, he needs it.

00:26:57--> 00:27:08

So as they getting frustrated and busy getting upset and annoyed trying to lift this thing up, all of a sudden they hear the screeches of birds.

00:27:09--> 00:27:32

And they come from around, you know, the different horizons if you like mountains, hillsides. So that looks like the sky is covered in darkness. And they are special birds and they swoop down with three pellets. One of the big two in the hands, like one arm, one arm, or one leg, one leg and they held it like that.

00:27:34--> 00:27:52

You know, they held it. And the scholars say special stones like wherever it hit, it would go in a linear line across. So if it dropped the head it would come back out of the bottom if it hit the handle come out of the other side and once it hit

00:27:54--> 00:27:56

very quickly, the meat would rot

00:27:57--> 00:28:00

likely to start to decay and fall apart and fall apart.

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So can you imagine the sky is filled with these things? This screeching and pelting and and that can't do anything because what can you do with a bird it's a little thing you can shoot it with an arrow you know because birds are just flying around. So the arm is in disarray. The elephants are scream you know it's going and Abra got back on his hot horse and they took him up but he got hit.

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And as his traveling the body deteriorates deteriorates and by the time he reached the stop near

00:28:33--> 00:28:38

Yemen his body had fallen so much apart that they say his heart could have just fallen out.

00:28:41--> 00:28:43

And all of Makkah watched

00:28:45--> 00:28:47

they saw they saw

00:28:48--> 00:28:53

and a lot of Isaiah reminds them in the timeless verses Allah tala

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lm thora k for filer a Booker B us Hi Bill field Didn't you see what your law did to the Companion of the elephants. lm Elijah al Qaeda home fee totally didn't he make their plans into a disgrace what are the Salah I lay him by your on the other bill and sent upon them birds from every direction through me him ba Java t Minh said Jill pelting them with bike stones of clay to my mind probably you know radioactive or some kind of chemical in it.

00:29:32--> 00:29:59

5g I left home can swim cool. And he left them like chewed out fodder. You know like he ate grass left here and scattered, dispersed, torn apart. And as this is happening here on this mountain is Amina with her little infant who will be born 50 days from now in an event which will

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clips the rear of the elephant all together because to us, bigger than any military campaign is the birth of the lawsuit. follower Toby was salaamu la I thank you my dear brothers and sisters for your patience.

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So in sha Allah Allah we have covered the three mine aspects or you know milestones in the life of Abdulmutallab

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Zamzam the sacrifice of the 100 camels and now

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the army of the elephants and my goal is to bless you and guide you and guide you for ultimate potential taco Hassan fermina la quinta Casa de la sua shaytaan wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.