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The speakers discuss the use of signs and symbols to describe actions or events in Islam, including the assignment that Islam has been given to the prophets and messengers, the transmission of the Torah into the San't, and the use of language to communicate with people. They also touch upon the use of language in religion and the potential for a son to be a beast. The speakers emphasize the importance of not overestimating the spiritual nature of Islam and the potential for false positives. They end with a brief advertisement for a video.

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Santa Monica Muhammad Allah He barakato Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen On October 2013 What do you mean why should you Allah? Allah who the whole actually Cara, Allahu Allah will you know will ask you Do you know what should do and then OB Jana Mohamed Abdul Hora Su and most of it I mean Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala artdeco sadaqa Mohamed Anwar li or Serbia Jemaine and Mehrabad Welcome to another episode of our to see a page by page and inshallah Allah. Today we are on page 56 of the Quran, which is in the third to Surah earlier Imran. In the previous episode, we were speaking about the story of the Family of Imran And in particular Miriam RT has

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salatu salam as well as the true prophet security and yeah, here are the human serum. And in the previous episode where we had left off the way we had finished the passage of verses and as we said, the story of Imran spans a number of pages in the Quran a number of verses. The passage that we took in the previous episode spoke about how Allah subhanaw taala blessed as a karate Salaam in old age and old age of his wife with a child as a sign from him subhanaw taala does a miracle and a child would be the Prophet of Allah Yeah, here it is. Salatu was Salam is a karate Salam asked Allah azza wa jal for a sign. And the sign that he was given was that he wouldn't be able to speak in terms of

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everyday conversation and just the ability to speak for three days. However, he would at the same time be allowed to see and verbalize the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala, it would be allowed to utter the Dhikr of Allah azza wa jal glorifying Allah subhanaw taala and remembering him, and so Allah has made this a sign for him a sign by which you would increase in his contentment and increase in his joy and happiness at the sign or at this blessing from Allah subhanho to Allah. Allah azza wa jal then mentioned to us how these stories of Meriam and Resia and Circadia and Yaya and the Family of Imran as well as all of the stories of the Quran, are from the knowledge of the Unseen that the

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prophets of Allahu Allah will send them not any of the Arabs had witnessed that firsthand. They weren't present at the time when Zachary already set out to custodianship of Meriam. They weren't there at a time when the karate slam was given the glad tidings of child. They weren't there at the time when Maria Maria Salam was given her glad tidings of Hudson. All of this is from the knowledge of the Unseen and that shows that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took this revelation from Allah subhanaw taala and that Allah azza wa jal gave this as a sign for the truthfulness of His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when we had finished in the last episode was there was one

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verse remaining from the previous page that we're going to include with today's episode, just so that we can have some semblance of order, in terms of the verses that we are that we are discussing. And that is verse 45, of surah. To Alia Imran and we're still in the midst of the stories of, of Maria Maria Sam. So we finished the part of this, of this passage that deals with ZACHARY And yeah, and as we said, the birth of urea it is from the ways in which ammonium it has Sonoma from the inspiration that Zachary or Islam took from mme, it has Salem. Allah azza wa jal then goes back into the story of mme and how she is from the Greatest Women that the world has ever seen. And how she

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was a woman of devotion of servitude of submission to Allah azza wa jal in worship. In verse 45, Allah subhanaw taala then says there will be learning in ministry upon a regime, if call it in manner equal to yah Maria mo in Allah you Bashir Rokeby Kelly Murthy Minho, small mercy hurry southern Omar Yamaha, G. Y G hang with dunya Well, earthhero team Amina mocha Rabin, the angel said are Meriam indeed Allah gives you news of a word for him from Him, whose name will be the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, who will be holding on in this world and the next and who will be from amongst those bought near to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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This is essentially the part of the story in the life of Maria Maria salmon, as we mentioned in the previous episode, Allah azza wa jal repeat this a number of times in the Quran and the most detailed telling of the story will come later on in the story or in the Surah that is named after this amazing woman and that is sort of to Miriam. However, her Allah azza wa jal tells us that the mother the mother, whose son was essentially given the good news that she would have a child, a son, and that news came in the form of the angels coming to her and they said to her, that indeed, Allah azza wa jal gives you the glad tidings of a word that will come from him. His name will be the Messiah

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recite the son of money and the Messiah is in our literal mercy is Risa iblue. Miriam

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And are you Saudi salatu salam, we have to Mercy is in our region them see who is Risa Ali Salam and then the false messiah or the Antichrist as is often called, and that is the Mercy had the Jag, the false messiah. And so at the mercy Imodium, he is the one who came with the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala according to Allah azza wa jal inviting people to the path of Allah subhanaw taala, the false Messiah that will come at the end of time as the prophets of Allah or you send them told us, You will be from the major signs of human piano and its impending,

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impending nature. The false Messiah will come with a call that He is God, that He is the one worthy of worship. And that is when, as we know, from the Sunnah, that the Prophet Ricciardi salatu salam will descend back to Earth in order to fight and to defeat him. So when mercy is Risa ignore Miriam and he said the son of Mary, will G Henry dunya. Well after Allah azza wa jal calls him one of honour in this world and the next Allah subhanaw taala honored him in this world by giving him prophethood and messenger ship and so on. And Allah azza wa jal will honor him on human piano and in the next life, because he is from the greatest prophets and messengers of Allah are the human salatu

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salam Wamena Rabin and he was from amongst those Botnia to Allah subhana wa Tada in verse 46, Allah azza wa jal gives us another description of further descriptions of Eastern Eastern AMA and he says, Well, you can Lehmann Nassif in or you can live on NASA filma de vaca Hello, Amina Sol urien, you will speak to people in his infancy and in adulthood, and he will be from the righteous from the greatest signs of ESRD salatu. Salam, as we know is that he was given a virgin birth, meaning that his mother Meriam wasn't touched by any human as we will see, in the in the forthcoming verses, she didn't have a husband, she wasn't touched by a man in an intimate way. And so therefore Allah azza

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wa jal gave to her a child without any father, and that is from the signs of the miracles of Allah subhanaw taala. But he started he started was given further miracles that Allah azza wa jal will now mentioned in this passage of surah. To other Imran, from amongst those miracles, is that a Saturday sermons from the children that spoke in the cradle, as a baby he spoke, not everyone knows that a child doesn't normally speak until they reach a certain age, one and a half years, two years they start to form words and so on. And now they start to learn the the ability to speak speech comes to them at the age, but a newborn baby being able to speak that is something which is unheard of.

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However we know from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that there were a number of babies that were given that ability by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada from amongst them as Allah azza wa jal mentioned in the Quran is this prophet of Allah Lusardi salatu salam, he spoke from the cradle from being a baby, and Allah azza wa jal will mention this in more detail in Surah Meriam and that is that he essentially spoke to show the innocence of his mother when the people came and they started you cast aspersions concerning her honor and chastity and modesty. He spoke out he started to snap by the ability that Allah azza wa jal gave to him. So he's speaking as a child is from the

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signs of Allah. It is from the miracles of Allah azza wa jal to show the truthfulness of and the piety of both mother and son, what God Allah and He will also speak in adulthood. And this is the type of a different type of speech and this is the speech of Revelation the speech of inviting people to Allah azza wa jal conveying the message of Allah subhanaw taala according to the heat of Allah azza wa jal instructing people to follow the revelation that was given to him the gospel injeel This is the two types of speech am Allah azza wa jal mentions both of them because both of them are pious and good and righteous in their own way. One is a signer a miracle from Allah azza wa

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jal, and the second is calling to the path of Allah subhanaw taala, which shows to us therefore that Allah azza wa jal doesn't praise any in every speech. He pauses the speech that is beneficial, that is good that is pleasing to Him. Well, I'm in the Saudi Arabian and he was from amongst the righteous arty salatu salam, Maria Maria CERAM. And she has given this good news, much as Zakaria did when he was given similar good news concerning his son, Maria Maria has said I'm also questions how this is possible. And the amazement of mme is like the amazement of Zakariya pro so different, both of them are amazed, because it is something which is out of the ordinary, but in the in the

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case of money, MIT has said, it is not only out of the ordinary, because you do we get cases, you know, even in our time now where a woman may, for example, be in their 50s, maybe even a 60s and she gives birth it is extremely rare, but there are cases are documented. But in the case of Maria Maria cinammon it's not even a case of oh, she's passed the normal age or childbearing or what have you. It is a case of there was no male involved. And so it is a miraculous path. Allah azza wa jal says in verse 47

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bilateral be in your corner only Walla Walla Mims Chesney

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Measure baleka adic in La Jolla, coloboma Yasha. Either Kumar Imran, in Amma yopu doula who come for your cone. She said, My Lord, how can I have a son? when no man has touched me? The angel reply This is how Allah azza wa jal creates what He wants. When he ordained something. He only says B and he tells somebody I'm already a Salaam and she's given this class hiding by the angels that Allah has decreed that you will have a son, he will be the Messiah. This is a description this is what will happen. You will become from the greatest of Allah's prophets and messengers, Allah He said, and she questions in amazement, again, not out of a lack of belief, or out of doubting Allah Azza

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genuineness abilities, but simply because it is a human reaction, that someone if they were to be given this type of news, that doesn't mean that that person is a disbelieve or they doubt it is just a human reaction. How can this be? And so she says, How can I have a son when no man has touched me muddy muddy sand, I'm never married, and she had no male partner. And so therefore, how can this be something which is possible? baleka daddy Kilang Yahoo Canaria Shah, they replied, Allah creates whatever He wills, Allah azza wa jal created Adam, no father, no mother, and Allah subhanaw taala created everything in the heavens and the earth without any blueprint. It's such an existence before

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the heavens there is no heavens before Allah azza wa jal created the heavens, Allah azza wa jal created the trees in the first tree that was created. There was no trees before that tree. The first ocean is an ocean, there is no blueprint for the stuff because if you have a blueprint, and there is something that you're recreating, even that is difficult, but to come up and originate the idea without blueprint without any precedents, and then to have precedent and then to create that, that is something which is the the ability and the power of Allah subhanaw taala Allah creates as he was and then Allah azza wa jal gives us this universal Gauri that this universal principle, either

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Aqaba, Amara, that of Allah azza wa jal decrees ordains was something to come into existence, he simply has to say corn for corn be and it is. We know in the Sunnah in a number of a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and even some of the verses in the Quran that Allah azza wa jal says that he created certain things by His hand Subhan Allah to Allah. So if Allah azza wa jal only has to say B and it is unique as to give the command and say B communion come into existence and it comes into existence. Then why did Allah azza wa jal choose to create certain things with his own hands like for example, our father Adam, it salatu salam, and the scholars say that is to give added

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honor to those things to show the importance of them and to honor them further. That Allah subhanaw taala honored humankind by creating our our forefather our first ancestor either Maddie salatu, Salam by his own hands, to show that if humans turn in worship to Allah azza wa jal and obey Him, they will be given the elevated and honored status.

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And all humans have a sanctity that is attached to them, as a result of that, that creation of Adam aristata to set him but the general rule in principle is that if Allah wants something to be, he simply has to give a command. So it's not like that it will take Allah azza wa jal in the years to come up with the idea, then years to test the nears to prototype then years to actually manufacture and build and create it is a process of years and years and years before it takes place. No, rather than Allah subhanaw taala could simply have casted to be or commanded to be, and it would have been and so Allah azza wa jal does as he pleases, subhanho wa taala. If he wishes something to come into

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existence, he simply give us a command and it will be Allah azza wa jal says concerning a Saturday son, I'm going on to how you Saturday salatu salam, mobi he says, when you're under the mahalo kita Bible Hickmott our Torah Well, gee, Allah azza wa jal will teach him the Scripture and wisdom, and they will teach them the Torah and the Gospel indeed, and so Allah azza wa jal as he does with all of the prophets, He gives to the knowledge and he gives to them wisdom. And that is why they are the greatest of Allah's creation. And they are role models for the peoples and their nations that they follow in their footsteps, that they take guidance from them, and that they find a path towards

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Allah subhanaw taala through them, and Allah azza wa jal will teach a Saudi standard Torah and indeed, the Torah is the one that was given to musante salatu salam, the ingenious revelation that was given to the Saudis set up the Injeel essentially comes and it changes some of the laws of the Torah, it changes some of the aspects that Allah has revealed in the Torah. That is why today questions what they call the Old Testament and the New Testament and together, they make the Bible. The Old Testament is what is considered to be the revelation of Moses Musa. And the new revelation or the New Testament is considered to be the revelation of any Saudi salatu salam. And so as we know

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in for us as Muslims, they have been changed and distorted. However, when a Saudi Islam was given that revelation which was the pure, pristine revelation from

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Allah subhanaw taala get amended some of the laws that Allah azza wa jal had descended or revealed to Musa and he made certain changes however its base is still considered to be the Torah and that is where Allah azza wa jal says that we taught him both the Torah and the Injeel in verse 14, and Allah azza wa jal then continues with some of the signs that were given to the Saudis.

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And that is that Allah azza wa jal says water Sulan Illa bunny is raw ILA and for the token Mia, your team, Rob become, Allah says, and we sent him as a messenger to Bani Israel to the children of Israel, same to them, I have come to you with a sign from your Lord. So these are from the miracles that Allah azza wa jal gave to the Saudis Saddam

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and Nia Hello Hola, camino. Clinica Hey, are you ready for coffee failure Cuomo Iran be evening whoa buddy will UTMA How about Ross over in Malta the evening we're gonna be open the mat colonna Wi Fi Bu t come in Neffe Daddy can come in goon tune meaning. Allah azza wa jal says that we send to the Saudis cinemas a messenger to the Children of Israel saying, I have come to you with a sign from your Lord. I will make the shape of a bird for you out of clay, then breathe into it and with Allah's permission, it will become a real life bird. I will heal the blind and the leper and bring the dead back to life with Allah's permission. I will tell you what you may eat and what you may

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store up in your houses. There is truly in this assign for you if you are believers.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that from the signs that he's been through it will given concerning the truthfulness of at least 30 of salatu salam because we know when there is already some comes his followers are few initially and the majority of the people have been slogging rejected him. They refused him and that is why till today the Jews for example, don't believe in any Saudi so I'm just so it's like they don't believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they do not consider those two individuals to have been prophets and messengers of Allah. And just as the Christians likewise don't consider the prophets of Allah, why are you selling the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu

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salam to be the messenger of ALLAH. So he came with signs that Allah azza wa jal gave two miracles just as each and every single messenger was given miracles to show the truthfulness of their message and that they were sent by Allah subhana wa Tada. From those miracles are some that we have mentioned the virgin birth, and from there is the ability that he had to speak as a baby. But these are now signs after he has become a prophet of Allah, those miracles are at the time of his birth. There are signs of Allah azza wa jal gave for Madea Madea setup and Risa. But now that he has been given prophethood as Allah subhanaw taala. In the previous lesson, we taught him the book and the

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Wisdom, the Torah and energy, meaning that now we have appointed him as a prophet given him revelation told him to convey the message of Allah azza wa jal, and he Saudi Stein was given a number of miracles from them is that he would shape the bed out of clay would make the form of a bird out of clay. So he would mold it and fashion it in the shape of a bird and it's out of clay. It's not living, and then he would breathe into it. And by Allah's permission, it would become a real life burden it will fly away, that is from the size that Allah azza wa jal gave, and that's obviously something which is beyond the purview of normal human endeavor and interaction and effort.

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That is from the sign from the signs of Allah subhanaw taala. From the signs of Allah azza wa jal is that he would kill the blind and Akbar. LACMA is the one who doesn't have pupils in his eye. He's blind, but some people are blind, but they have the eyes function. They look normal, but they just can't see and they can't use them. The Akama is the one who is blind. And he doesn't have fully formed eyes in the sense that he is completely white doesn't have doesn't have anything in his in his in his eyeball in terms of a pupil and iris and so on. He is the one that is called ACMA. He would wipe over this person and by the permission of Allah azza wa jal, he will be able to see

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again, when abras and the leper, and we know that leprosy was one of the major afflictions in times gone past to Hamdulillah. In our time, it is not so common and not so in not as widespread as it used to be. But in the time of reciting sermon. In fact, for many, many, many, many generations of history, leprosy was a major major affliction that people were afflicted with that would deform the body and cause major issues. And so from the signs that Allah azza wa jal gave to these are the snap from his miracles is that it would clear the leper, whoa, you know, tab in Manila and by the permission of Allah, he would bring the dead back to life by Allah's permission for a short time and

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then they would pass away again. All of these Allah azza wa jal says, As you can see in the Quran, that as he's giving these signs, what's he saying? By Allah's permission, by Allah's permission by Allah's permission? And this is an important aspect for us to understand that Allah azza wa jal when he gives these miracles to the prophets and messengers, and when he gives any blessing to any any one of us, it is important to acknowledge

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that the source of the blessing of the source of that miracle is Allah subhanaw taala. And he said, he said, I'm doesn't go around calling the blind and the leper and creating these bird forms and so on and saying, it's me, it's all me. I'm the one. And this is the mistake that was made by certain nations and certain religions that they took those personalities, and they elevated them above the status that they deserve, essentially giving them divinity. And that shows you how, when something like a miracle which is a sign of Allah azza wa jal, if it is not taken with Eman, I understood in this context, it has the potential to become misguidance. Because for as we know many questions,

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Jesus is considered to be the Son of God, he is essentially given a divine nature, he is considered to be a God in his own right. And that is something which obviously goes against our teachings as Muslims and it goes against our religion, at least already, Islam is one of the greatest prophets and messengers of Allah Azza salatu salam, and he has a great deal of love and respect that we have four minutes from our email and I will believe that he will return at the end of time to fight the Antichrist or the false messiah, the John, however, that doesn't make him a god doesn't make him and elevate him above his status. Because these are the cinemas seeing himself all of this I do by

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Allah's permission. Allah gave me the ability to do this as a sign that I am His messenger and prophet that you should follow me as an example not worship me, but follow me in the way that I worship the one true God Allah subhana wa Tada. But when a Beatle can be Matt Kelowna, Amata Duffy Runa fee, we will take them and I will inform you that what you eat and that what you store in your houses, and that is from the size that Allah azza wa jal gave to the prophet, the prophet Lisa Ali salatu salam, that he will tell them that which they were consuming, and that which they were devouring. And that is also from the the knowledge of the Unseen no one really knows what's going on

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behind someone's closed doors, what they have in their homes, what they're doing, what they're not doing. And so this is from the signs that Allah azza wa jal game and that is what he says at the end, in Nephi, that the color is, indeed within this there is a sign for those of you who truly believe. And so Allah subhanho data sends this messenger this Prophet alayhi salatu salam, with the message to call people to the heat of Allah subhanaw taala gives to him a number of miracles. But just as with many of the prophets and messengers of Allah, he was dealt with or he was faced with rejection. Apart from those people who followed him from his disciples and from his followers. The

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vast majority of his people rejected him despite those signs and despite those miracles, just as our prophets on Allah, what do you send him? Despite the many miracles and signs that he was sent to him? By Allah azza wa jal, not least of which was the book of Allah azza wa jal, the Quran, the coloration many of the Arabs for a long period of time we rejected him and they rejected his call to the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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In verse number 50, Allah azza wa jal says that he continues that meaning every Saturday so I'm telling these people that along with the signs that Allah azza wa jal gave to him, he has come with the law, the laws of Allah azza wa jal and with the instructions of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah azza wa jal says, one will set the upper limit, the Yamuna Turati only or Hilah come Baba lady her dream already come to Camilla, your team Rob become Waje to Camilla yet in Europe be comfortable Allah azza wa jal to your own. I have come to confirm the truth of the Torah which preceded me and to make some things lawful to you which used to be forbidden. I have come to you with a sign from your Lord

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so be mindful of Allah azza wa jal and obey me. Sorry Saudi salatu salam said that I have come Allah azza wa jal has sent me as an extension to the Torah as a an extension to that which preceded me to confirm the truth of the Torah. So Allah azza wa jal gave Teresa the Islam the knowledge as he said to us already, that of the Torah, so he has the knowledge of what was revealed to the Prophet Musa already salatu salam, however, in jail, and the sending of rissani CERAM comes with some alterations, some amendments, some changes to those laws while they are Hilda lecom Barber, Lady hood, remember they come and I should make halal for you some of that which was previously made

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haram because as we know the laws of Musa Ali salatu salam were extremely stringent and strict in terms of, for example, the Sabbath and in terms of eating and food and drink and so on. So Allah azza wa jal made things easier for budding sloth even in the time of new Saudi salatu salam, and for those people that would follow him in the in the path of Allah azza wa jal and the worship of him was to come Biya to Nairobi come I have come to you with a sign from your Lord. Be mindful of Allah azza wa jal and obey me. Allah subhanaw taala invest 51 which is the final verse that we will take in today's episode and again, it is one of the short of the page but again, we're going to keep this

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so that the context inshallah Tada makes some, some sense. In verse number 51, Allah azza wa jal it says continuing the statements of Isa RT Suriname then he said in

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la hora de oro bukem Ferragudo Heather Siragusa beam. Indeed Allah is my Lord and your Lord to serve Him. That is the straight path. So Allah azza wa jal clearly says that the call of Isa Ali salaam, all of these miracles come confirming what was in the Torah or changing the laws, or some of the laws of the Torah to what is in the injeel. The Gospel. Allah azza wa jal says the role of this is early salatu salam, through all of this call to Allah azza wa jal, he said, Indeed, my lord, and your Lord is Allah worshiping alone. This is the straight path and Allah azza wa jal will mention further on in the Quran, towards the end of surah. To mount either the statement of how or the

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incident or the larger woman relayed to us how Allah subhanaw taala will question it. He said his mother directly as to whether they ever called anyone to their own worship, and they will absolve themselves of that and say, there'll be a free of those people who worship us besides Allah subhana wa Tada. So here Allah azza wa jal says, What was the point of ESA essentially, it is the core of all of the prophets and messengers of Allah. And that is a Milo doe Lord is Allah worship Him alone, without any partner? Indeed, that is the path that is straight, meaning the straight path that leads to Allah azza wa jal and with that we come to the end of today's lesson. Baraka Lo Fi comm Allahu

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Allah in the beginning Muhammad Ali he was up against rain Sonoma, Allah He albaraka Bismillah

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