Did you know this about Backbiting(Gheebah)!

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a situation where someone buys bikes and becomes silent while watching them. They encourage people to stop in a situation where they could have stopped them and not say anything. The speaker also mentions a situation where a Saudi Arabia man killed a woman and everyone gets blood out of him, leading to a media alert.
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And imagine somebody gets you the athlete that you never knew. Certain things that happened throws our example, somebody bought bikes, but badging is talking behind someone's back about something, something that they wouldn't like. you're recovering, backlighting is happening. You're there, you're silent. You notice said anything. He just signed them backbiting, thereby bugging them in your in the crowd during in the circle, you're in the backbiting.

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You assign. You never said a word. But you listen, you never walked away, and you never told them to stop. Do you know your sinful?

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The sheriff says this, you are sinful. They get the equal reward the equal amount of sin and you get the equal amount of sin as well just start there. Why? Because you participated. How, as a silent listener, if there's a crime in front of you or happening, and you don't say anything about it, no. Do you stop them in a situation where you could have stopped them? So we're talking about a situation where you could have stopped them? You could have done something about it. You never walked away? You never said anything, but you're part of watching them, then you're part of them. Do you know that the current of Saudi Arabia salatu salam, the camel was not killed by the entire

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nation. It was killed by a few people. Few people killed in one man he went ahead and he said the camels leg another man jumped in another one jumped another one jumped in a few of them between them. They slit the camel. Enough solid blood came out and got dropped down with the camera to die. But the entire nation got punished. Why? Because those stood them they watched it. They watched it. Now if you don't know the Sharia, you might be doing something wrong right now.

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Think about it.