Wahaj Tarin – Lost Social Skills – Very Funny

Wahaj Tarin
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a person who seems sad and glum, but also mentions that they are " hot" and "will change the behavior of people" online. They express sadness and disbelief at the "people's" labeling them, and discuss how "people's" labeling them. The speaker also talks about how "people" have "slacky face" and how they try to make people feel bullied.
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So, constructive socializing is very important. And for those that are blessed with parents and family, what a joy suparna ly culture use of Parker one day and he didn't answer my phone. I'm just saying this public so that next time he answers his phone and

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so I asked him, I said yes or no, he texted back and he said, I was having breakfast with mum.

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So I said, What a blessing that a mom is around and a dad is around that you can go and sit at their feet and eat with them and talk to them. And at night before you sleep, they're there and it's such a joy family. So celebrated. Forget this. The screens deal with people.

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And the screens are changing the psyches of people. I meet a kid the shyest kid in the universe. You know, he's I don't mean a kid or I teach so old you know, high school students. So I shyest person on the world then you see him online he's his king

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serious you see the pictures that I gets?

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all I saw on

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cars just so you understand the psyche of people this kid is taken a picture and I hope he's not here tonight

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he's sitting like you know that I don't care look you know the like that and there's two girls around on him

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so his his written on his you know profile gills are chasing me and I'm on camera and stuff like that.

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So I looked at the picture and one is his sister and what is his cousin you know, but

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people don't know.

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So you see the normal is not know he doesn't have a problem. He's fine. It's just he thinks people don't notice I can get away with this. You know, I'm hot. I'm the new thing. But it's changing the psychology of people.

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So now they're becoming really good online. Really sad face to face. No social skills no salamati

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