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In Alhamdulillah, WA Shu Kuru Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah early he was soccabet he woman de la Mola Cava

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my brothers and sisters I have about 10 minutes in which to

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try to summarize the whole event

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah a lot of bolas honored me and you with the religion, the focus of which is success.

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Like the focus of the entire religion is success. You can't deny that anytime five times a day you hear the scream out or the more oven call at the top of his lungs, hi, little fella come towards success. You can't deny that the entirety of religion is focused upon success. There is not another system on the face of this earth in which someone comes out five times a day to tell you come to success. Move towards success.

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And if you study at depth every aspect of the deen It is designed to make you successful as our chef said Omar albenda not only in the genre, but successful in this life and in the next I will give certain examples.

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psychologists say

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that the most productive emotion is the emotion of gratitude.

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You know if in your heart you feel grateful, you will be very productive, you will be at the top of your game you will be at your best

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and successful people as in people who are the heads of industry and who are CEOs and entrepreneurs, you know, successful by the definitions of man. They are people who will go to sleep and then wake up and then before they wake up the system is to kind of keep your eyes closed. And for the first couple of minutes, you just remember the favors that is in your life. You know, you go Thank God my eyes work, my body is working Alhamdulillah I am alive Look, I have a bed Oh my God, I have a blanket. There's a roof over me that Do you understand me. And as you go through this, it sets the tone for your day. And it's a tone of gratitude which builds success.

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Now they have discovered this now, you know in the 2000s

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to be grateful. Now let's look at your dean, and the Dean of Muhammad Ali Abdullah Saleh matamata slim when the soul was alive it was in the desert.

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Now the desert is very hot.

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The water is very scarce. With limited water food is very scarce. with food limited for your hungry wealth is very scarce. And when the people from Makkah migrated to Medina there wasn't much shelter either cost in you see this horrible sofa that used to be sitting in a sleeping outside

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so that the Prophet taught these people with such little physical wealth that before you wake up or as you wake up you say

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Alhamdulillah he levy

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Yeah, ba da tena, what la hinzu

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Thank you, Rob for giving me life. After having taken it from me last night into you with my return. And you say it and Arabic but you don't know its meaning your mom and dad told you and most of you don't even say it I can vouch for you.

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But they were Arabs. You see, they spoke in their own language so to him, it was thank you for giving me life again. Not just wealth, life again. Can you imagine what that did to his psyche?

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And then he goes to the bathroom. He finishes What does he say? Alhamdulillah Thank you for taking away the filth from me. He eats Alhamdulillah he drinks Alhamdulillah his whole life was gratitude and psychologists say to be at the top of your game as in a be a more successful version of yourself. You need to be grateful. Do you see when I tell you that the Dean was designed to make you successful on the you have an Have a look at this. I studied the life of

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Successful according to, you know, human definitions, you know, heads of industry entrepreneurs, leaders of big institutions, Prime Minister, I said, and research their lives and I found certain traits, you know, they are all early risers, they wake up very early, all of them almost unanimous.

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They wake I read, you know, between four o'clock and six o'clock is their wake up time, although work starts of mine.

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Yet they wake up early. So what do you do? They don't answer emails, they wake up, and they meditate.

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Or they read what they call motivational texts

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to inspire them for the rest of the day to you know, to pick them up.

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And what do you do? or What did the dean prescribe for you to do in the morning?

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After you have said, you know, your ham Do you wake up you do your will do you stand in salah and fudger as long recitations have the most motivational text man is ever to know the Divine Word of Allah Himself.

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And then you sit them do your will to do as God try this for those of you who haven't tried to sit in, do your car for 30 minutes, you know, before you go and see what that does to you for the rest of the day.

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I do my width in the car and these days because you know, fudger is light. And I tell you and I don't say this, you know, to blow my own trumpet, but I, by the time I get to work, my heart is dancing. Like Allahu Akbar. Let's go.

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Why? Because the deen was made to give you the best of this life and the best of the next.

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And that is why

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the verse a lot of Buddha says why miyota Thai Ilaha Rasulullah who affairs falls and of Lima. You want to be successful. Obey Allah and obey those who will follow the path that they put you on you you can't help but to be successful.

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Follow the mannerisms, the ethic, it's the emotional intelligence that the man has the characteristics with which the prophet to guide you, you can't help but be successful.

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And success, as our chef said, is not money Muslims.

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real success, ultimate success is at the time of death.

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You know, they say these life coaches and the rest of it, imagine your casket your coffin is there and then see if you have led a successful life or not.

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So I want to mention a story with you and I've got seven minutes.

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I want to mention a story with you

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of a person who lived on the obedience of Allah and His Prophet and I want to highlight his utterance at the point of death.

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His name is Amir Ebner. For Hira? whoever's heard the name Hands up.

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Mashallah. And I will assume you've heard of chef and you're shy. So we've got three people in the audience. Amir Ebner for Hira was the freed slave of Abu Bakr Siddiq. So beginnings are very simple slave, but he has been freed Islam camp emancipated him,

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but he was loyal. So he stood in the service of Deen and to serve and help Abu Bakar of the land. And the day of hijra guys, I please live this with me,

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hedge off the Prophet. the pretext of it was that tribes of the parish all of them decided to come and attack the Prophet at one goal and killed or sold.

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So every tribe in Makkah has decided to kill the Prophet gibril cambiar el sol migrate. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam chose to leave Makkah and come to Medina. You would imagine that when a whole society wants to kill someone, it's a scary time to be alive.

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in this difficult moments stood firm. So he was one of the very few people who knew the Prophet is migrating. He was the one who went and got the camels. He was the one that took food to the

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bottom of the mountain to take it to the Prophet when he was in you know, in the hottest hour he was the one that brought Abdullah ignore I said to them you know he was he was the the person standing in this difficulty and Allah bless them to migrate with Dada siouxland and he migrated around the same time

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he is fast he's in Medina now safety and his become through his closeness to the prophet and closeness to the US hub and his obedience to align His Prophet he's become one of the most learned of Muslims. So a person can achieve for one of the local tribes he said or prophet Can you send us some teachers to teach my people

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so the Prophet sent

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us hub teachers to go and teach new Muslims admits the group is an avenue for

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teachers to teach new people

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as they travel to the tribe of this chief on the way they can at night or in the afternoon and as they camp they get ambushed

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so they're busy with they can fire us a couple of them have gone and taken the camels out to graze the rest of them are sitting getting ready and

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ambush comes and they kill them you know merciless everyone every one of them slaughtered you know stabbed slaughter you know what I mean? Killed

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so the two or the three that had gone to graze the animals they came back and they saw massacre

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so as you can imagine emotions have arrived he screams he jumps into try to avenge his friends and they don't want to hurt him they've tied him up

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you know, they capture him.

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So he says let me go and I'll show you what I'll do so what will you do all fight that guy and so they really see me fight the guy and they tie him up again.

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But no one wants to have killed everyone else but no one wants to kill these guys. It's a strange situation.

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So one of them said come

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look at the dead. And the Hadith is in Buhari but I'm joining it with another Hadith for for a more complete for him of the because the understanding is limited otherwise.

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he came and looked at all the slain Muslims mo Can you imagine these are your brothers in Islam taught brotherhood so he's crying obviously. And

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they asked him Is there anyone here?

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Who was the mixture camp, but he's? He said yes. There's one person missing. So he said Who is he?

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So he said

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so he said Who was he? Um, it's true.

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he said the best of us, you know, early Muslim migrant helper of the Prophet and the hedgerow with de la Sol the best of us. So, he said come

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and he took him to a man who was dazed.

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You know?

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Just looking out blank. His name is Jabbar not Muslim.

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He says this is Jabbar.

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Jabbar tell him what happened.

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So Jabbar said, I came from behind him

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behind the camera,

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and I got my spear. And I dug it in his back

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and the blade came out of his front

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the normal reaction, you would anticipate this,

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you know, scream agony.

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So he went

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and he looked

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and he saw blade has come out.

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And he put his hand on the written blood.

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And then he smiles.

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And he says, for this talk.

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I succeeded by the Lord of the GABA.

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At the point of death, when you're supposed to cry, give rasiya to you

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was to open. I succeeded by the Lord of the Kaaba.

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So he says I pulled the blade out like maybe I have missed it.

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And he goes he went up

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front Can you imagine from the ground up?

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until he disappeared and the clouds so his friend said, he goes the angels took him.

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For the storable acaba, I succeeded by the Lord of the Kaaba,

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because he lived our life,

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on the obedience of Allah, and on the obedience of the law school, and when death came, however it can he was successful.

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And the greatest success, my dear brothers, as described by a lion is profit

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for men zorzi heini nury. What would the halal janetta for confers The one who traverses over jahannam and enters Jenna indeed he is successful, and the way to do what one minute I love what Rasulullah who

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falls and alima whoever obeys Allah and obeys the law school whoever lives a life of a true Muslim either bossy or with a clear understanding of the dean Indeed, he has become successful in this life and in the next, my allowed Eliza grant me a new success in this life and in the next