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With the verses recited by our wonderful party tonight,

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a lot of bullets and structs His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and instructs him to do the vicar

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while la Patna Alamo and NACA yo v Posada, Rocha. Bhima yaku Lune faseb behind the Arabic do the test be of your Lord? And as a general rule for the Muslims

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a lot of bluster sighs yeah yo holla Deena Amano Dakota law, heavy Quran, Kathy. all believers remember Allah in abundance. And this being the middle 10 days of Ramadan. It is the days of mouthfeel. So increase in the vicar office the fall.

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And with this remembrance or with it with this Vicar, many benefits have been given, I will just mention some stories to illustrate the points and I see a lot of youngsters in stories seem to affect the mind more than than anything else. And the time of day, no liability in

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a person came to the chef and he said, Chef, we suffer from drought, there is no rain.

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Give us a solution. So the sheriff said increase the saying of a stock federal law increase this default. So the person went

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and another person came. And he said share

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the poverty.

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poverty has struck our lands give us a solution. So the chef said increase this the farm

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and then another man can chef I can't have children. I don't have the farm. So as these people came and the chef has given us a host of fathers the father, a man sitting with the chef is a chef What is this? You know everyone comes you give the same medication where the flu or diarrhea or whatever, you know same medication. So the chef said it's from the Quran

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with a lot of Buddha narrates to us the story of New Holland his salon, the scalpel to stop a feudal robber come in who can have your silly Samurai they come medora William did can be unwell in woven wire gyla, comb jannetty, Maja Jalla Come on Ha. Repent to your Lord make stefarr and he will open the skies with rain to come. And He will bless you with wealth and children and make your orchards grow and rivers to come around it. So the benefits of is the farm

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increase this the farm

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the farm and our times is the only refuge we have from the other but a lot of Buddhism. A lot of Buddha told us and I want to punish them or profit so long as you're amidst them. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away. So the second I will not punish them so long as they are doing is the farm. so busy yourselves in the farm

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can insist on his default. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam all whose sins are forgiven his past and present and future and the prophets I'm assume he used to say more than 100 is the farce in some narrations in one gathering.

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Therefore increase the saying of his farm

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and the benefits of it are huge. There's a story of magic number and amidst the you know, amidst the legend, he is considered that a mom of a hallucination and amongst the people that followed there must have a phenomenon but they say no one contributed more to the religion after Abubakar

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compared to him added numbers like they consider him second after Abubakar said the cost simply in the days of men and the sacrifices he performed were monumental. So a huge scholar love by the Muslims around the world. But at that time, there was no TV, no camera, nothing like that. So the majority of the Muslims didn't know what the chef looks like. They used to hear about these Fatah wine heroes and so on but they hadn't seen him. So the chef decided one day that he will travel to another city to visit on an errand. And when he went there night befell him and there was no hotels and things so he decided he's going to sleep in the master

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And the masjid committees they haven't changed much. They decided she has you can't sleep here Get out.

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So the chef said, you know, I'm moussaka Just let me stay here so they said no massager normal soffit everyone's a Mustafa here you know if we leave the doors open the whole country's coming here so go outside so the the chef went out and going out a baker saw him you know the breadmaker Baker

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and he saw the you know signs of goodness and piety on him says

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Why don't you come stay with me until the morning and then go and chalet so in my mind I didn't humble went with him. And he slept in because Baker's bake the bread in the morning for the people. So Almighty is kneading the dough, you know, he's making the dough for the bread. So every time he's working, he's saying a stock photo stock photo. And the chef noticed once twice in every step of the way stuff was in stock.

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So the chef came to him he goes you do this every night. He goes yes, I do this every night because you say this liquid with it every night he goes yes every night. So it goes Have you seen any? Any fruits? Is there any signs that has come because a person so insistent on that I've got a lot of bourassa you know, have you seen in the fruits? He said I have noticed that whatever do I make a lot of gifts

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except for $1

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I have prayed to see a mama madam number. And I haven't seen him yet.

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So the chef said Subhana Allah

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because of your dog, a lot of bluster has brought me out of my city into another city out of his house so I can come into your house.

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So for call to stop Pharaoh Rob come in who can have a photo of your city sama de comida William did Colombian welding what Bernina john welcome Jonathan where john Lachman Hara for Colton Appleton Takahashi Jonathan firmino bajo interco say