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care that was one

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a mineral healthy one jewelry one oxy minute. Well I'm fusi Murat and then we're Bashir barbarian we will test you in the whole of this life with an aspect of the aspect of loss, loss of life loss of income loss of businesses, there will be difficulties and challenges which will come and then a lot of Bonanza size and give glad tidings to have to those who have attained patients who have mastered the art of being patient, my dear brothers, I will make this as quick as possible because I know you have been sitting uncomfortably for a long while.

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For those who bear difficulties patiently olara Melissa says, firstly, Allah loves those who are patient. Can you imagine all the difficulties in life, all the difficulties the world can throw at you is worth bearing the fruit of it, there's going to be a lot of bluster saying, I love you.

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Like what an honor, that

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you read, I would love a creation simply because he has had the ability to persevere and be patient and persistent.

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So as you go through this, these difficulties rejoice in the fact that the vibez patiently Allah will love me and the love of Allah, Allah Subhana he will summon gibreel and tell him Yeah, gibreel I love so and so love him that jabril will start loving you to tell the angels or inhabitants of the heavens, Allah love, soul and soul love him. So the inhabitants of the heavens will love you, they will call out to the dwellers of the earth, or people of the earth, I love soul and soul love him and

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I will put that person in the hearts of people and the hearts of the righteous and as I say, we do not live we do not need the love of those that are not righteous.

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This is the first one second one and

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one video in the mouth sobbing in Verily Allah is with those who are patient. So and can you imagine the honor and the FEMA yet Allahu Allah Subhana that you're in difficulty but you rejoice in the fact that Allah is with you. And this with me is no iron but in this one it is that I am with you by supporting you and maintaining you and honoring you and boosting you up and protecting you. So yeah, let me shut off that Al Hamdulillah difficulty has come challenge has come a problem has come but I will overstep it. I will overcome it knowing that Allah is helping me and supporting me and second a lot of

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Allah loves me after this.

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And understand this Muslims patience is an institution that unless you don't master it, Allah will not give you any type of leadership.

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I'm Marina

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suburu on the when they attain patience when they mastered the art of patience, we gave them the leader the righteous leadership has to lead by the guidance of a lot of bluster. And this is the rewards of it that you will get this life and the next and listen in the

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facade of your own home.

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I will give the reward of those who are patient without limit and a lot of blazer says

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una de him in Colaba, Salah Manali sobre

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la and angels in Jana will enter from every door to you saying peace beyond to you why because you bore calamities patiently. So my dear brothers and sisters,

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as you face difficulties in life, take the training that you acquired in this month that training of patience That I will bear this patiently and persevere and persist. And in sha Allah, Allah, Allah will reward me and ease in my burden and bring a better tomorrow and they'll be light at the end of the tunnel and success will come

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One smile, one cry. We're all equal. We