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Alhamdulillah Hila Avi mill for the real motor it Alhamdulillah Hilda de la de bajo

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de la Alhamdulillah hindawi autosol j Birla worli Subhana hoomin ala hin Avi me yo quiero zu Baba de la ilaha illallah wa who behind Arya will be her Namu tobyhanna en la Hauer be her know early, what a shadow and now the man now put the wattana one molana for what why he named Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Abu rasuluh wasafi, whom in halda he was a de lo. Otto Salah who fatale nasty Bashir on one of the euro, whether elog la Hebei if he was your Raja Munira for Bella rissalah. Amanda wanna Sahil oma for cashoffer la Hobi Hill oma wotja hydrophila hopko jihadi hot, Holy afreen for solloway Toby was at Mohali KSA Ed rasulillah dad, my brother and most respected elders, mothers and sisters,

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prophets cam to beg glad tidings

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in give severe warnings

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so a lot of bullets the size one neurosci lol murasa Lena Illa MOBA Shireen our moon Vereen, we didn't send messengers, except except to bear glad tidings and give severe warnings. And as an oma, we have off late start to focus on warnings and forgot the tidings.

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So what Allah he'll handle will mean

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that this blessed event was put together to remind the Muslims of the glad tidings of the good news that the prophets can with.

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And stars while spoke about the Prophet as the good news, Mufti mink spoke about the Quran as the good news. So to my person, if you believe in the Prophet follow divine guidance, you will enter

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genital Pharaoh dose or gender of the rollout of Sheila Majid, and that is my topic, glad tidings as Jenna

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when the day comes, and my alarm make me and you and each and every one of us of those who will witness this day, when the day comes, and the hisab is finished, and the tests and trials and tribulations are done,

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you will the righteous will be moved in the hole towards genda. Allah tala will see a levena taco robber whom lol jannetty Zamora and those who are Allah conscious. Those who lived aware of a lot of bulldozer will move will be moved in the hold towards Jana. In the groups towards Jana, and when you look at them, you will see on their faces happiness will do when Yama is him. Most Farah ba Mr. Bashara faces that they radiant, glowing with happiness, happy of the glad tiding that is to come Alhamdulillah qiyamah is finished Alhamdulillah hisab is done Alhamdulillah My book is given and the right Alhamdulillah I am at the doors of Jana Hata is there

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until they reach the precipice of Jana and they imagine majestic gates huge but the gates are closed you will arrive in front of it.

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And the rasuluh will move forward to ask for the gates to be open. So the husband says man and who are you?

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So he says Muhammad Rasul Allah

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What an honor that you're of his nation.

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So the angel says in the Hadith Sahih

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Bukhari and you know, classified by Albania Rahim Allah Tada.

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So the angel says, bigger omit

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I was ordered

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for you

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that I would not open this guy to any before you. So imagine now the guy

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Have Janna open and you will see inside it what the Hadith says Mullah

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Walla hopper Allah calbee Bashar, what no i has ever seen what no year has ever heard, nor has it ever occurred on the imagination of man.

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The Janna eternal family law he describes it from the ahaadeeth just for insert elta and

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for he and misko was zaffar on if you ask about soil and it's sand it has the sensation of misc and saffron. We're in CELTA and Sokka for who are shamrock man and if you ask about it sealing it is the throne of the benefits and we're inside elta and Milan for who will miss school as far as what insalata and hisbah for who were low and Johor. If you were to ask about it cement it is purified misc if you were to ask offered stones and pebbles it is jewels, emeralds and rubies Can you imagine you go to a jewelry shop you look at the ring and you size $10,000 just the little stone and Jenna is filled with it.

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And we're inside Ulta ambience if you were to ask off its buildings levena to midfield button while a pinata means I have laminal hellotoby worship what else Elton as Jerry her family had been shut down rotten Illa was echo Hammond and if you were to ask of its buildings, a brick of silver in a brick of gold not Wood and clay and if you were to ask of its trees there is not a tree and Jana except that its trunk is pure gold and the shades that would last the Ryder 100 years under so imagine you've just entered and sober how an alcoholic water plays the the scent the perfume the elegance and as you so you're seeing it but you haven't entered and as you enter the angel say sell

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em when I lay on the bottom for the whole holiday in peace beyond to you. You did well enter it for eternity and as you enter when the Mullah Luna I lay him min Colet Bab Salam aleikum Bhima Saba sabado Tom fanning maraca doubt the angels will come from left right and every door not to shout but to colonize the next Uriah peace beyond to you You did good you are patient enjoy for eternity. Now your agenda

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might time is very limited. So I will race through this. And you will go to the houses in Jana. A Hadith of the Prophet Dora soul says I just want to give little snippets that are so says the whole total Jana I entered Jana and what an honor that your profit has seen it he says the hospital Jana I entered Jenna for either enter your costume in the hub in front of me camp a palace of pure gold. Can you imagine dazzling gold walls or gold pillars or gold paving gold bedding a gold you know, so the Prophet is dazzled by it. So he goes

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lemonhead who's palaces this?

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So in one of the Hadith, they say lira, Julie minella. Arab,

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to a man of the Arabs. The other one is referred them in Polish but to one of the men of the Arabs. So the Rasool says I am from the Arabs who, so they said a man from the polish. So the Rasul says, I am from the polish. So they said someone from the Ummah of Mohammed, he said, I am Mohammed.

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Who is it? So they said, Omar Abdullah,

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this is the Palace of Omar. And another Hadith says the man had to laugh at them in Polish it belongs to one of the youngsters of the Quran. So the Rasool says for one and two Anthony Anna who I thought I am it, you know talking about the sons of the courage I am the Prince of korah. So obviously it is mine. So who is this man who who is at his alma rebel hapa so the Russell says I wanted to enter it further that

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I remembered your sense of honor with regards to your family and your women. So I stayed out Jamar Omar is sitting for Becca Rama he started to cry because I mean Avaya Rasulullah, or a soul of Allah. Well, I have here with regards to my women when it's concerning you.

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Our mother Khadija Cobra de la Hannah. She's coming one day carrying Food for the Soul.

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gibreel comes from above the seven heavens, telling him or prophet of Allah Khadija is about to enter

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She's carrying food for you. When look at the honor and the status of this lady, Allah, Allah has sent gibreel from above the seven heavens to do what? Go to Mohammed tell him that Allah has sent Salaam his person to her DJ Cobra. Hassan tell her Allah say salami aka deja so jabril comes up you know yeah Mohammed Salim tell her Salam mil Robbie her from her Lord and then gibreel says uomini and tell her Salam from me too.

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And then what Bashir happy baiting Phil gentlemen pass up and give had the glad tidings of a house and Janna made from a single pole. While possible Phil locati and Mojo wafaa and an adult rated pole perfect.

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One can you imagine like a little pearl is a lot of money palaces might have.

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So this is the abodes of Jenga.

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And you know there's so much so much to talk about but I my time is excessively limited. So you enjoy the whole of Jenga imagine you will sit on next of birds and point to that place and that bird will fly like in Harry Potter's movie it'll go straight there to that side. And then you'll go maybe know that side it will fly to that side. This is can you imagine to draw in genda

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all of that is one thing. And then an amazing day comes you're in Jenna

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enjoying the you know the beauty of Jen and Jen is beautiful supernova. Everything in general is beautiful. You know some of you

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will look at your life partners and think you know this is a bit ordinary you know,

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in Jenna

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and Jenna subpanel Holic, that ordinary person that man that you're sitting next and you know who you're with inshallah, Allah May Allah bless one at all. And in Jannah Allah, Allah will give him the perfect age 33 years young

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you know, where he's got the strength of manhood and at the same time the wisdom of adulthood 33 years sighs like our father, our family, his salon, beauty competing with the beauty of use of you know, use of Allah His salon beauty sword dazzling once he entered the room women was sitting there were cutting fruits, so they summoned him like enter into so when he entered

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you know, the door opens use of enters the whole room turns to him like that, you know, and they hypnotized, mesmerized be glued to him, you know, so the Quran says, phylum aina, who Barona, who was

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a de novo Polina Polina Harsha Leela Hema Bashar when they see him mesmerized by his beauty they cut the you know, the apple finishes, they're cutting their hand but they can't feel it God Oh, this is not a human being is so beauty. Like the beauty of use of alayhis salam and for the sisters. A lot of bluster says in an inner Han insha Allah we will make them up a new again with a beauty befitting the beauty of Jana for jalna hoonah Baqarah we will make them untouched or obon a taraba linguistically sweet and elegant you know right now you're hoping for a sweet word from one another like hello say one nice thing you know, and it's not there. They will become masters of language

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where you know he talks or she talks in your heart skips a beat

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and one of the scholars of Hadith say when you enter your house, your spouse your rights just wide from this dunya or the one that Allah will give you in the Acura will be there before you and the first time you see her you know once says for 40 years you will be stuck like Oh your

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beauty out of this world.

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But that is all one thing. Then a day will come you're in Jana enjoying its its wonders, and the caller will call Nadal Mona D. The caller will call Yeah. lol Jana, all inhabitants of Jana in North Dakota Baraka what is the zero config LS era t your Lord wishes an audience with you so rushed to the meeting of your Lord so they come mounds are prepared for them Royals Royce as of the era, they will get on top of it and ride to the meeting of the Lord and then they reach a vast opening Valley

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amadora portaventura quwata illa de casa de fondo saber honeck the throne and the cusi have a lot of bulldozers placed there and then their stations are placed the places and stations of honor some will sit man abirami new some will sit on stations on stages of light. Not glass under which there is light a light will hold you they will recline on light others on pearls others on jewelry others on golden silver, the lowest level on that day are those sitting on the cushions of misc misc for your reference, I was overseas I'm not telling you where but I was overseas 10 milligrams 3000 US dollars.

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That's that much.

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So that will sit on cushions of misc and once they have they have set and they found comfort

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the caller calls yeah an agenda or people agenda in LA Kuma in de la hemo hide you redo and Yun jeiza como there's a promise of Allah left with you he wishes to honor the promise. So they look at each other and they say man, what promises this? Lm you boo boo Hana what you suck illuma z Nana well, you know the janitor was not enough. Didn't he? Make our faces glow bright? Then he'd make us traverse over jahannam and over jahannam and enters into Jana. Didn't he make our right deeds supersede our our wrong deeds? What is left of a NEMA home catabolic as they are in this discussion alight comes from above them. The whole of Jana is covered by it. They raise their heads and the

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Lord Allah Allah Subhana is in presence above them. So they look up Subhan Allah Allah can you imagine the honor Allah Allah says yeah, little Jana Salah Manali calm peace beyond to you all dwellers of Jana, so they say Allah home and

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woman castellane tabarrok jolly well Ekrem Allah your peace from you comes Peace, blessings of Tao how high and Exalted are You so a lot of blazer says and look at the ANA aiva de la Vina Allah ooni Bella vida IBM your only way are my servants who used to worship and obey me having never seen me. They never saw me Someone told them believe they said we believe and our Lord way or those who believed and obeyed having never seen me so they say and Katarina Oh Lord, we are pleased be pleased with us. So Allah Allah says in the lowland

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skin come jannetty if I wasn't pleased with you, I wouldn't have put you in my agenda. So ask for something else today is the day of excess so all of Jana join on this and they say or up show your face we want to look at you so a lot of the orders for the hijab to be removed wear hijab Oh Who knows? And the hijab of Allah is light and you will see your Lord like you see the sun at its noon or the moon at its full and if you want for us we'll do either even now there are a lot of behind now there are there will be faces looking at the Lord looking so much so that a lot of blazer will talk to some individually and say Do you remember on this day and on this day you did this and you

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did this? And the Muslim will say

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oh lord once you forgive me a lot of blazer says Bella Bella filati Bella cotterman Zilla, Taka hatha, it is my forgiveness that has brought you here. My Allah, Allah, Muslims, makers of those who will lay eyes on Deaf beloved face of a lot of bullies on the Day of Judgment, may Allah protect you and guide you and guide you for your patience. I thank you.

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rasulillah Javi