Yasir Qadhi – Some History of the Tarawh Prayer & Its Fiqh Ask Shaykh YQ – EP 266

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of praying at home during the pandemic and the use of praying at night to protect from evil deeds. They also touch on the history of the Prophet system and the importance of praying at home during the time of pm. The speakers emphasize the importance of praying at home and keeping it up to date. They also discuss the use of " Buoyancy" during resting periods and the importance of not reciting the holy water in praying. The segment ends with a statement about the importance of praying with a partner at night to avoid repeating the witness's witnessing.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali. He was savage Marina Mabry today we'll resume our q&a that we do on Tuesday and today inshallah Tada I will answer a number of questions put together, which will be beneficial in sha Allah given that Ramadan is around the corner, and all of these questions deal with the reality of salata. tarawih what is the meaning of tarawih? What is the origin of tarawih? What is the difference between tarawih and clear Malay versus 200? Versus Witter? So all of these different questions that have come in I'm just going to lump them together generically and give an insha Allah an answer to

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the generic questions about the reality of salata, Tala we, so we began by pointing out the Quranic terms, the Quran terms for praying at night or two, both of them are found in the Quran, the first is pm will lay and the second is tahajjud. These are the Quranic terms for praying the nightly prayer the term tarawih is neither found in the Quran, nor is it found in the sooner it was coined as we will mention in a while by some early scholars, perhaps in the second century of the hedgerow and it did not become popular for at least another two 300 years, you will find with great difficulty references to the term tarawih in the first 300 years of Islam, even though you will find

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a few but the common term tarawih it became in the fifth century onwards. The Quranic term, as we said is pm will lay and tahajjud I just recited Surah, Muzammil and in the beginning of it Muslim it is of course the second or the third revelation. And Allah says in the second or third revelation, you will resemble

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Comey Leila Jambo les Omi Leila stand the night this is we get Kiambu Lail from Omar Leila. Illa kalila Noosphere who half of the night the night of course is from the mothership Salah until the Fajr Salah so you do the math, Margaret is around 750 and Fajr is around 640. Right? So half of that is going to be around five hours. So Allah is saying the second revelation that comes Omen Leila Illa, Allah noosphere, who I will Koosman who Kalida are a little bit less than this Ozy ID or more than one half. And in the last verse of sudut, a Muslim mill, Allah azza wa jal says that we know that you pray fu fe, ln two thirds of the night, when this for who and sometimes half of it were

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through Luther who and sometimes 1/3 of it. Well thought if a two minute Latina mark and a group that is believing with you, so Allah mentions in the earliest Revelation, the command to pray, and shortly afterwards, Allah azza wa jal praise the Prophet system and the Sahaba for praying two thirds or half or 1/3 of the night, this is a Yamo lay, as for the term tahajjud, certain Israr verse 97, Wamena Layli, fatter head judge V Nafi. Letter laka. And during the night to head judge V, do the tahajjud in it, and in the night, do the tahajjud in it, perhaps by you doing so Allah will raise you to the Muhammad Muhammad and of course Allah praises pm will lane and Salah tahajjud in

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half a dozen verses in the Quran. And Allah describes the righteous as those who pray in the night candle kalila many Lady Maya Joan they would sleep very little at night. These are the people of Ghana. And in the last verses of Surah Al Furqan. Were about the Rockman Allah describes about the Rockman. And of those characteristics is Joby tuna. They spend the night sujet and Wakayama doing sujood and clam Joby tuna, they spend the whole night in such the end preamp circle. Okay, so we have over here, the Quranic praise of pm will lay and tahajjud Is there a difference between PMO lane and tahajjud? Is there a difference? Some of our scholars said it's a technical difference and

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that is the following km will lay is done at any time of the night from after Isha. Until before the Adana Fajr if you were to pray pm will late at any time you would pray the night prayer. Obviously I don't need to define the night prayer. The night prayer is any Nuffield prayer after Asia and before Fajr. So this is called night prayer. Pambula. So if you were to pray, any night prayer, this is the MLA and this is John is and it is a good prayer. It is the best prayer the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said of doddle Salatin.

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Identify de la de Sala to laid reported in Sahih Muslim the best prayer after the fold is the prayer of the night this is the Amberlynn the best prayer after the fall is the prayer of the night. So anytime you pray some prayers after Asia and before Fajr you have done Kiambu lane but higher than this is tahajjud and tahajjud comes from Hijjah and Hijjah means to sleep and to wake up so to head Giada he slept and he woke up this is to Hijjah he slept and he woke up. So what is the difference between keyamo Lane and tahajjud Kiambu lane is broader and tahajjud is a subset of Kiambu lane and there's one condition for 100 is obvious and the term 200 That is what

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you sleep when you wake up okay. So when you go to sleep and you wake up then you have done pm will lay that is called tahajjud. So this is tahajjud which is the higher category of Kiambu Lei and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala praises this category in the Quran and even more explicit wordings in sort of such the verse 15 to 17 that that Jaffa Juno boom and mobile Jerry their sides are fighting away from their beds so they have broken away from their beds, they are now waking up and they have sprung up from their beds and they are praying to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And so the term therefore to hedge Jude is a subset of the term Kiambu laid. The blessings of bamboo lane and tahajjud are

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very many and many lectures have been given but because we're talking about this topic, very briefly, of course the Quran characterizes the righteous as praying to emulate and Allah azza wa jal mentions the highest MACOM given to any human being that's Muhammad Muhammad. And Allah links Muhammad Muhammad to salatu tahajjud and that is enough of a for Lila. It is as if the prophet system is being told your tahajjud will cause you to get to him a common Mahmoud, it is as if he's being told this one deed, woman, a lady for tahajjud be nephila, tilaka Assa and your bath acabo como como la moda, this one deed of tahajjud will cause you to be raised to the highest ranks the

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others will Allah. So, if even our Rasulillah system is being told, if you want to go higher than you are, then you must use tahajjud and using tahajjud will get you to the highest strengths than How about me and you and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said As already mentioned, the best Salah after the fall is the salah of the night and he said as reported that how can I command you command here is not the loo by command you means I encourage you, I command you to pray the night because listen to this number one, it is the custom of the pious people before you number two it will bring you closer to Allah number three, it will forgive your sins and number four, it will

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protect you from falling into evil for blessings after hedges are given. Number one, it is the custom of the righteous people before you you want to be slightly tahajjud has to be done. Number two quarter button a lot of the Komeito make your colleague to Allah subhana wa Tada. Number three Your sins are forgiven. And number four it is protecting you from falling into other evil deeds. And in suna Timothy, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there are palaces in Jenna that you will see the outside from the inside. And so many blessings are mentioned I gave this whole lecture and when I talked about Jenna and the blessings of gender, a Bedouin said y'all rasool Allah Who

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shall get those wore off and those palaces, he said, Whoever speech is sweet and feeds the hungry and fast continuously and prays at night your tongue is good, and the other o'clock are there and praying at night, so directly linking salatu lane with the highest levels of Jana. And then the monster that occurred How can a beautiful Hadith the Prophet SAW Selim said Why them and Shadowfell mini PR Moho belaid know that the honor of the believer comes by his praying of the night the sheriff should if you want to be Sheriff sheriff in the eyes of Allah Shara for min keyamo belaid simple Hadith know that the sheriff of the movement comes the dignity and the status and the honor

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of the believer comes by his praying at night. And how much do you have to pray to be of the people who pray at night? Beautiful Hadith tells us this sooner Buddha would the prophets have said Whoever prays with 10 ayaats shall be lifted from being amongst the heedless. And whoever prays with 100 ayat of the Quran shall be written amongst the honest the righteous. And whoever prays with 1000 ayat shall be written amongst them will complete in or the VVIP the more content is the one who has a massive fortune. So three categories were given three categories. Whoever prays reciting 10 verses of the Quran

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On shall attain a status such that he shall not be mentioned amongst the lawful, he shall be mentioned amongst the Akkadian Allah cathedra. So if you pray to Africa with 10, Ayat, how much is 10? is how many pages roughly?

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How much is 10

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page page and a half an average 10 page page and a half right? Or profits or something if you pray just 10 If any a page or a page and a half hollows you've done the bare minimum such that you are lifted from being amongst the heedless. And if you pray 100 is a night how much is 100 Tonight, roughly, it's a bit less than the Jews around the Jews less than a Jews. If you pray 100 If you only because they didn't have Jews back then remember, they did not have a job. This came later on the third fourth century Zach came, they didn't have a job. So we have a rough 100 A at how much is 100 not like 100 of SUTA Rahima 100 No, no, not like sort of soft fat 100 No average 100 No. Luxottica

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100 no moto was at 100. Around 100 is around the Jews. If you read around Jews, you shall be amongst the cornets the righteous and whoever reads 1000 How much is 1000? That's 1/6 of the Quran. Because the Quran errors and six doesn't iron. So that's basically any five six zap. So basically finishing the Quran in a week basically. Okay, so 100 Roughly you finish the Quran in a month, let's say roughly 1000 You finish the Quran in a week. And it was the custom of the righteous of the Sahaba like aboubaker Amorth, man, I do the Allahu I know that they would recite the Quran in a week in tahajjud. So this is the 1000 Right? So this is the 1000. So he shall be amongst the VVIP, the more

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Hunter, the one who has the fortune. So we said the timing is from after Isha up until up until salatu salam al Fajr and

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our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us whoever thinks that he shall not be able to wake up at the end of the night, then let him pray at the beginning of the night. And whoever feels that he can wake up at the end of the night than let him wake up at the end because Salah to our hairy lady Masuda tune, praying at the end of the night is witnessed by the angels with addicts of bull and that is better. So here we have if you were to pray, even today got extra from the sooner than the wife had this is the Nuffield of your tahajjud meaningfully ambulatory Touriga family even if it's done after salata, Asia, even before you go to sleep, you shall be written amongst those who have

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prayed a portion of gambling and you will not be amongst the caffeine. This is what a prophet system is saying. And that's why Abu Hurayrah the Allah one and when he was younger, he did not create 100 That night he would probably emulate Abu Huraira the Allahu and he said my highly ill my friend commanded me he told me to do these things. Number one is to fast three days of every month and number two to not go to sleep until I pray my winter Salah meaning my tahajjud Salah right so he commanded me that I make sure I do my regular daily Salawat at night before I go to sleep because in his young days I've already would sleep until Fudger. So he would stay awake a little bit later

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before he went to sleep he would pray and that would be considered preamble which is better than nothing you're doing clamor late and you will get the for the unit of PML for your family. Excellent. Now, what then is tahajjud tahajjud is the term that later scholars coined for Kiambu lay during Ramadan in reality to hedge Jude is I mean sorry tarawih sorry, that away, I still have jet lag I just got back my mind is still elsewhere tahajjud is not the mintaro tarawih is tahajjud in Ramadan is that clear? tarawih is tahajjud in Ramadan or pm will lay in Ramadan and this term tarawih who coined it What did I tell you who coined it?

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who coined it who is the one who invented this term?

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The term or are we we do not know who first began it. We don't know. There is no name mentioned but it is not found in the Quran or sunnah. It is not an Islamic term from the Quran and Sunnah. It is a Muslim term from early scholars which is fine no problem. It's not a big deal there and it's just a matter of, you know, demarcating Why did our scholars make this a special term because Qian would lay in Ramadan becomes even more important. We all know this Kiambu Lail in Ramadan is the most significant of all camels. Why? Because our prophets Allah Allahu Allah He was saying

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LM said Whoever prays pm will Lane Hmong comma Rama bond this is the Ambu Lane man comma Ramadan we thank Allah He did not say tahajjud because tahajjud would mean we have to wake up at the end of the night Alhamdulillah he said man karma Ramadan we already explained whenever it says to Malay, this can be done from Russia up until Fajr. So whoever stands the night in Ramadan every single night Eman and YT saben. Eman. He has Eman and Allah is up. He wants Allah to reward him, all of his previous sins will be forgiven. So praying all of the nights of Ramadan is a guarantee to have our sins forgiven. Now, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned this hadith, and he himself

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implemented it, he would pray pm will lay or tahajud every single night of his life, even when he was traveling, he would pray tahajjud and some of our scholars said for him tahajjud was wajib this is what an opinion that for him 200 Was wajib and other scholars say no it was strongly encouraged but you would never leave it by unanimous consensus preamble into Hydra does not watch it for anybody else over the OMA of the people of the OMA even though there is an opinion of early Islam that it is watching for the father of the Quran, there is an opinion but it is minority opinion. So anybody who's how field you want to research this opinion for your own sake, but the majority

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position is that it is not watching for anybody and this is inshallah the the correct opinion. It's not watching. It's not obligatory, but the blessings are too many to mention, especially in the nights of Ramadan. Now, what is the history of tahajjud? Where does it How does it begin? The hadith isn't Sahib Bahati, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would pray his tahajjud sometimes that he would pray his tahajjud sometimes in the house of where he was sleeping, and sometimes in the masjid. We have this authentically throughout the year, sometimes you would pray in the house of Israel or Mr. Lama, and sometimes because the houses were connected by the same door, he would just

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walk in and pray in the masjid. So we have authentic narrations that in the house of Artesia, sometimes you would pray to her Jude, and Aisha was lying there in the house of Artesia. Perhaps it was called he didn't want to go outside. And sometimes he would walk this was the door as you know, the doors one door, he would walk through the door and pray in the masjid. And he would hear him pray and hear the up and down of the sada and even touch his feet sometimes just put your hand outside the door, and his feet were in such depth in the masjid. So sometimes he would pray to her Jude in the masjid. Sometimes he wrote to her in his house. It's so happened in Ramadan. He was

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praying to her Jude slash Torah, we call it what you will, in the masjid. And because it is Ramadan, other people were also praying because the Prophet system encouraged them to pray and were laid. So for whatever reason, maybe they didn't want to disturb their families, they came to the masjid and they're praying, praying, praying, when the Prophet says I was praying, without any announcement, and without any, you know, a preamble, the other companions, some of them just joined behind the salah of the Prophet sallallahu either he will send them when the other Sahaba saw that, so then they when they finished their salah, they simply joined and joined until, without an announcement,

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everybody was praying that tahajjud slash tarawih in Ramadan behind the Prophet SAW Selim the process of did not tell them to do so. But when they're praying, he's obviously in the front praying anyway, common sense you just come behind him. And just Yanni as they say, accidentally, you know, without any pre cognition about this, they started praying together when the Prophet sallallahu either he was said and finished the Salah, he saw them all and he didn't say anything. We call this a Quran silent approval. The prophecy Muslims silence in the face of an action indicates approval, new spread. So the next day the masjid became almost packed to capacity and they're waiting for the

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prophecies are now the news has spread. So then the prophecy has led them in preamble let's call it what you will He led them. Okay. He did not announce it. But now the news has spread. The third day, the Masjid was packed to capacity, no place to sit down. And this time the promises and prayed in the house of Isha. He did not come outside.

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And they prayed on their own waiting for him. They didn't they they? He came right before Slaton Fajr and he said to them. I knew you're outside. But the only reason that I did not come was that I was worried that this action might then become fuddled upon you, meaning meaning do that I sell Ramadan and I did not want that to happen. And this occurred the last Ramadan of his life and he passed away a few

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Two months later in a beard, oh, well, and so there was no that all we after this. So the profitsystem did not ever announce that there's going to be that all we common trait, but twice in his life. It happened

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when next year he passed away during the time of Booker's. So the the same thing happened that everybody was praying independently, there was no there was no concentrated effort to do so. And in the first year or two in the reign of Earth man, the same thing happened once in Ramadan, and some say the second Simpson third you have earth of tomorrow the Lord or model the one that OH MY GOD, ALLAH who have visited the masjid of the Prophet system in the nights of Ramadan, and he saw people praying helter skelter all over. So he said, what if we were to make one Gemma for all of these people? Wouldn't that be good? So he made the announcement. This is the first time he made the

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announcement that tomorrow there shall be one Jamara for all of you. And he appointed OBEY Him and Gab, who was the most occur only Kitab Biller, the most odd of all of the Sahaba Zulian camp, he appointed OBE have been cowed. And that when he saw all of them praying together, he said his famous comment, which is a whole different discussion, I've given a longer lecture about that discussion near near MLB. The two has he What a great innovation. This is okay, this is something new that has happened. And I think this is great. We've done something great. And this is good. Now, of course this has raised a whole discussion, what type of it and whatnot. And I have a whole hour and a half

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lecture, the reality of it and the various positions about that. And then he said something very interesting.

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Those who are sleeping now are better than those who are praying.

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Those who are sleeping are better than those who are in this Gemma. What does he mean by this?

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because this is early in the night, and this is everybody praying together. And I would have a hot tub set. This is great. I love this. And those who are sleeping right now, meaning they're going to get up later on. They are better than the people that are gathered here. So this is the famous demon of Rambo, kebab, rhodiola. One, then the years went by, of course, he ruled for 10 years, and more and more people began to come and the women began to come as well. And so the shows us that the women coming for throw away is during the time of formidable hottub it became so large and by the way, he also expanded the masjid in his time the first expansion of the measure of that process and

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have occurred in the time of minimal hot tub Rhodiola. One, the mystery was what needed to get expansion. And there are no microphones obviously. So he appointed first there was one, then he appointed one imam for the men and one for the women. Then when the mausoleum became even more, he appointed two Imams for the men because it was too you know, the voice cannot go that far. So he appointed two Imams for the men and one for the women. So there were three jemar Going on each one in a slightly different if you like place or we don't know, Allah who are them, it could be that one Gemma for the men is one time and one jemar for them. And another time we don't know the details,

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but it says the appointed to Imams for the men and one for the women because again, the women are praying behind and so the voice will not reach them. So there's a special imam for them. And by the way, this shows us that yes, women are coming to the masjid and the the administration of the masjid is catering to the women listening to the Quran and the recitation. So I'm gonna hottub began tarawih

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in his time officially, and he instituted it to be 11 or aka at this is authentically narrated. And then as time went on towards the end of his Khilafah he changed it to 20. Why did he change it to 20? There is no known reason it does is just seems to be an arbitrary number, that 10 Plus One was the width so he just doubled it. Why did he double it anyway? Our scholars say that the reason why he doubled it was to make it easier for those who couldn't pray the whole that they pray whatever amount they could, because when you make more raka art that the sleeves become more frequent. So each one becomes smaller. So it becomes easier because not everybody can pray all 20 Some people

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have you know, there are workers there are tradesmen, there are farmers there are people that there they people have different levels and when or what have no hottub towards the end of his Khilafah saw that to raka Mencia praying so long, so then he basically divided the same amount into four. So then from any 10 plus one it basically can be any 20 You get the point here right so it that seems to be the case there does not seem to be any shorter a reason per se that he changed the number to a 20 or a cat. Nonetheless, towards the end of his Khilafah there were two

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One terracotta of tarawih plus three of WITR, thus making it 23. And this became the Sunnah for all other cities now. And the time of the early OMA years, the people of Makkah began praying 23 recart And they would rest after every four raka they would rest after every four recart Okay, so for our cart, and then arrest and then for our cart, and then arrest and then for our cart, and then arrest and some people, we don't know exactly when, but this is early omega time, some people said let us do some movement, let us get some energy, the cabas right here, let us do something the people of Medina cannot do let us do power off. So they began to do fall off between every four rakaats. How

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many of us would that be?

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Five hours a night. Five tops a night. Is that possible? How long does it off take

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an hour the sister says she has gone during peak season time and she is right. During peak season time.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:19

I have done throw off in my life in less than 10 minutes.

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These days are gone for most.

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I'm talking about the late 90s When the visas were shut and I was a student and I would go and there was no her judge or Umbra person. And it's just the locals and you're at 2am in the morning, and it is literally 10 people. I have hamdulillah witnessed this plenty of times but I don't think it's possible. Well, we say there's an Corona happen and we saw it happen. But realistically, once visas are open the way they are, it's almost impossible. When there are no judge whatsoever when there's 100 people. Yeah, I need something like this, to do a tawaf literally around the cabinet literally. And you walk a moderate pace, I walk a little bit fast because of my habit, you can do it in less

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than 10 minutes. So the people of MCCA began doing this as a competition that we're going to do something better, nobody else can do this. That became their habit. When the people of Medina heard this, they said we're going to have to beat them.

00:27:22 --> 00:27:36

So they decided to increase the number of rocker arts during the resting period, rather than doing tawaf, which they cannot do, they added for recart.

00:27:38 --> 00:27:45

Hence, they started praying 36 silica at plus three with 39.

00:27:46 --> 00:27:50

And this remain the case in Medina for around 200 years,

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in the early Omate and late May at an earlier busted time, around 200 years. According to my research, I could be wrong because this is all very sketchy when it finished properly in the third century, it stopped. But for the first 200 years of Islam, the people of Medina would pray 4039, not 4039 and this is why Imam Malik and the Maliki school, the recommended position of the Maliki school to this day their books mentioned 39. Where did they get this from? I explained to you why. It's some weird weird quirk of competition between Makkah and of course, Mr. Maliki, he saw the people growing as a child, he grew up, they were doing 3039 Anyway, so he saw the people doing that it

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became his method, because one of the pillars of his method for the Maliki's is, you told me the Moloch is what is one of the pillars of the Maliki school. I'm a little Medina, though the actions of the people in Medina. So he found the people that within are doing this, so he made it his school, so the Maliki might have actually has 39 for tarawih mashallah, but can you imagine, we complain about 20 they had 40, basically 39 Right. Now, where did the term tarawih come from? So, there's two two opinions that are legitimate and one that is not legitimate, but people have said it. The first legitimate opinion

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is that the term tarawih comes from till we have until we have means to rest and they called tarawih tarawih because they would rest after every four recart They would rest after every four recart and this is the interpretation of imamo Sarasi, the famous Hanafi scholar and he quotes Imam Abu Hanifa as well, that in his book on mob suit, he quotes him Abu Hanifa saying that in NEMA Soumya behind the assembly manual is still haughty. It was called taraweeh from resting is still haha because the setup from the How to main and the people of Makkah will do tawaf seven times between every tutor we has as Imam Malik mentioned, so

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Every four Raka, they would stop. And that was called St Raha. And another interpretation, which is similar to this is that the people of Makkah, so So this interpretation is saying that tarawih has called Ravi because they would sit down and not do anything. The other interpretation is that the people of MCCA consider tawaf, to be still Aha. And so they call tarawih tarawih, because it was a break from the prayer. So that is a toe off break, if you get it, okay. Both of these opinions, they basically mean after every photocard, there was a break, and that break is called is still hypertrophy. That's where the term comes from. That's where the term comes from. So the term tarawih

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comes from the break between every four rocket and this break, either you sat down, or you did throw off whichever it is, but it is because of that break, we call Tara we throw away. Now there is another third opinion, which is not very academic, but it is found in some modern books on classical books. And that is that tarawih comes from break or is still her, meaning you enjoy it, or are we as a break from life's routine. They say this, but there's no evidence for this that always comes from this term, as we as we said. So

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in any case, so we have this notion of tarawih being 20 versus 36, locked out. And these are the two opinions within the meta hip. The Hanafi. Humbly, and Shafi school basically say that there always should be 20. And the Maliki school says that it is best to make it the only 3936 plus 320 plus three, so I should say 23. Okay, and the Maliki, say 36 plus nine, which is 3036 plus three, which is 39. Now, these numbers, as I said, are quite arbitrary. All of the mud have said these numbers are Mr. hab and not mandatory. All of the for school said these are the best numbers, but more or less would still be done are we and from the perspective of these schools Kiambu Leila slash

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tahajjud slash tarawih. Because it is sunnah there is no number that is mandatory. How can something be mandatory when the salah itself is nothing? You get the point here. How can a number be mandatory when the Salah is nothing? By definition, nephila is you want to pray, you want to pray, you want to pay to want to pray. So if you pray two, or four, or eight, or 12, or 16, or 15, however you want to pray, all of it, his job is this is the default of the basically all four schools, the only question is, what is the best number? What is the ideal number, and from this, we said, the three schools said 20 plus three, based upon the action of a minimal hilltop and they said because he did it and

00:32:57 --> 00:33:34

all the Sahaba followed, well, then we should follow them. And the Maliki school they have their interpretation and I'm gonna hit Medina and they said, We will go with 39. Now, there's a modern controversy, completely modern began, literally one generation ago that the claim that eight is mandatory, not that eight is sooner, that could be an easy argument to make, because it's do whatever you want to do, ah, and this is a modern argument and you know, Hamdulillah, and we have gone over these issues back and forth. And nobody in the history of the OMA before our great scholar of the last generation said that it is mandatory to make a can Aten May Allah reward that scholar

00:33:34 --> 00:34:14

for his he had and for his love of the Sunnah. But in reality, this is an opinion that has no basis in in the history of Islam. It's so it's enough in prayer. So to make a controversy that only eight verses 20 is mandatory, really the shows and are trying to be respectful here. Anybody who says this hasn't studied the books of fiction, no scholar in Islamic history, except for one or two ever said the number of rakaat is obligatory. Pray whatever you want, it says sooner or enough in prayer. If you want to pray for or eight, you pray according to your level of energy and level of enthusiasm, the only hearty laugh in 99.999% of the OMA, which number is the better number, not wish number is

00:34:14 --> 00:34:57

the wajib numbers a big difference between the two. And as I said, the majority position is 20 is good. But what somebody is going to say, but didn't the profitsystem himself pray, you know, eight plus three, which is 11. And this is true, he did. And this is why or whatever Hapa began with a plus three. And the humbly madhhab says, if you're praying at home alone, then you should do a plus three. But the Gemma needs to take into account the weak and the elderly and the baby and a woman who has a child, the Gemma has to take everybody into account. When you have a large congregation you make things easy for the people and so by making things easy, then you make that shorter and

00:34:57 --> 00:35:00

shorter. So therefore the humbly position which makes it

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

sense to me says, the more rewarding when you're all alone you have nobody to worry about Yes, you should pray long prayers and you pray eight plus three. But when you're leading salah or in your in a masjid and you have to take into account somebody has to go to the bathroom, somebody has an emergency call, somebody has parents is calling him whatever the case might be, you can't expect everybody to pray that long. So, therefore, you cut it up into half like formidable hot Bob did and so the number 20 comes and so that is why they say this will Lahu The other item. Now another minor controversy. And we already mentioned this in our model, the luevano statement. Minor countries are

00:35:35 --> 00:36:09

very trivial things. What is better to pray in the masjid or to pray at home? And once again, you have different schools say different things. Imam Malik and the Maliki school actually says it is better to pray at home you should not pray in the masjid man sorry let me take that back not you should not stop it Allah. Pray if you want but it's better to pray at home. Scrub that I made a mistake. Of course you should Nobody says you shouldn't pray. My Imam Malik and the Maliki school says it is better Mr. hub that you pray at home why? Who can tell me why why is it better to pray at home according to them yes

00:36:11 --> 00:36:15

okay that's one good position the process and prayed at home but there are other things as well.

00:36:16 --> 00:36:20

You can pray for a long time without interfering with that other people what else

00:36:21 --> 00:36:22

Baraka household

00:36:24 --> 00:36:26

for the home very good bargain for them. What else?

00:36:28 --> 00:36:30

Concentration what else?

00:36:32 --> 00:36:54

Excellent. There is an authentic hadith that the Prophet system said that the best prayer of the person after the fold is the prayer of his house and he himself would walk home and pray soon enough and as a default right so that we have Imam Malik has evidences for there's there's yet another The reason and that's showing off. Where do you have more potential to show off

00:36:56 --> 00:37:24

the masjid with everybody. So when you're at home, right, then Imam Malik's position is make sense in his own way that you're cut off from all of these things you can pay longer more who assure you pray the km of your choice, the Quran of your choice, etc, etc. The Shafi school said no, the most the hub is Gemma. What do you think their reasons would be? You know them use your common sense. I'm gonna Hatha what else

00:37:25 --> 00:37:28

times the Felina of the GEMA what else

00:37:29 --> 00:38:10

walk into them and all of these reasons so you get the point. So they're all using generic evidences, okay, using generic evidences, which one is the default and Allah Who Adam they're both right. In other words, you choose if you are mashallah Subotica Allah able to pray 234 hours on your own reading the Quran with who you are and to our then there is no doubt that yes, you should pray at home. But if you're like most of us and you cannot recite luck or half his body such as mashallah Subotica Allah right. And you need that motivation to, you know, read Quran and there is no doubt a Baraka that comes in the masjid as well. And there's a feeling of all and there's a feeling of a

00:38:10 --> 00:38:49

hallway and there's a feeling of Eman and they're soothing a buzz that us weak people we need that as well. Right? Not all of us are like I'm going to the pub who he himself by the way would not here's the interesting point he would not pray in the masjid he appointed obey and he walked back home and he prayed at home. Okay, because that's aroma, but we are not at the level of Ramadan the Allah one. So those who are at that type of level mashallah Subotica Allah Masha Allah great for you pray at home and expect a lot to reward you. However, this means you pray Asia, in the masjid, then you go and you pray at home. Now another point of history is that where did this notion of finishing

00:38:49 --> 00:38:51

the entire Quran during Torah we come from?

00:38:53 --> 00:39:42

Actually, this is not found in early Islam. Of course it can be because the process and do it even in the time of the Sahaba did not happen. And in fact, Imam Malik writing in 150 Hijra or speaking in 150 Hijra he actually was not happy with this practice. And he said, as reported in the famous book, Madonna, finishing the entire Quran during the pm of Ramadan is not so now. This is Imam Malik. Now interesting point. People are already doing it. That's why he's commenting on it. So in 150 Hijra people already finishing the whole Quran in Ramadan interra we and Imam Malik and others are like I don't like this. It's not the sooner we should not do this. And I will worry that badji

00:39:42 --> 00:40:00

died 474 hoogenraad One of the great scholars of the past. He writes in the beginning they would recite 30 verses or sometimes 20. And this was the case until the Battle of habla the Battle of how do I was when the Aziz attack Medina I have a whole

00:40:00 --> 00:40:48

Lecture online, you can listen to that. And after the Battle of Hedorah, the long lunge longetivity of the tahajjud became difficult for them. So they cut back on the Kara, and they increase the number of raka art and they started praying 36 that I caught with with it being 39. Ie this is early Omiya as I said, okay, so it was the early OMA your time they switched from 20 to 36. This is before my money, so a generation before my mother, so they switch to 36. And in the time of erworben, Abdul Aziz, they would pray in every rakah, around 10x, shortened and sweet, you cannot pray 40 cots reciting half of Jews in America, you see my point. And this was the Maliki method. And it still

00:40:48 --> 00:41:27

remains the practice in many places in the Muslim world that you might pray 20 A card and in every raka any five verses, because the point is, you need to make it easy for the people. Right, so in the Maliki school, in the Shafi school, these are the defaults and most most of the masajid you go to in the Muslim world, they actually do not finish the entire Quran in the majority of the misogyny. If you want to do this, you do it at home. Because again, we're looking at the GMR. In the later Hanafi. School, they encourage this and it is not the default of the modern Hanafi school that they would like to finish the whole Quran during the during the time of pm and that's permissible,

00:41:27 --> 00:42:12

that is fine. But again, to be clear, obviously, the prophet system did not Institute robbery in the first place in that manner such that we can say that this is a son and in fact, in early Islam, the history tells us that the Witter Salah did not actually have a dua in every single night. Rather, they will do doll connotes in the last 10 Nights only. And then it's dead last last 15 and then later on, they started doing it every single night. So all of this is early Islamic history because again, that are we evolved from time to place to different people and all of it is good. So if somebody does not want to do any bluenotes in that Witter, that is permissible, though. I don't want

00:42:12 --> 00:42:27

to get into the controversy of salata with it every one of the format hubs has a different position about gluten with an interesting it's all history in the reality to be technical. The keynote is not linked to with it to be technical, but whoever does it that's fine no problem. But in Ramadan

00:42:29 --> 00:42:41

some of the scholars wanted to do a special drop and this began the last 10 nights and then it became something that is the norm during those 10 Nights. Some other final tidbits and then inshallah we are done. Which

00:42:42 --> 00:42:51

is winter separate from clamor laid slash the hedgerow slash tarawih so winter, is winter a Puranic or Hadith the term yes or no?

00:42:53 --> 00:42:53

Yes or no.

00:42:56 --> 00:43:01

It's not in the Quran and the Hadith. witted is in the Hadith. The term witted is in the Hadith.

00:43:02 --> 00:43:04

Oh, to pray the winter.

00:43:05 --> 00:43:35

And the process. Commander suggested us to pray the winter and Abu Huraira said my Hollein commanded me to pray the winter before I go to sleep. So what is Winter? Winter in the Hadith? It listen to this carefully because a lot of people get confused with to in the Hadith generally is synonymous with chiamo late slash tahajjud. Why? Because Witter is supposed to be the odd number that you pray at night.

00:43:36 --> 00:43:58

So the general term winter that's found if you open up side Behati side Muslim any books of Hadith. Generally when you come across the term winter, the meaning of winter, generally is that whole prayer, but it is also used sometimes to describe the last rocker or the last three records of the Campbell lay.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:44

Hence, the technical term and definition of wicked as used in the books of fic has become those three records. The technical so there's a generic term Witten which is found in the Hadith. I will here said the Prophet system told me to pray waited before I go to sleep. By witted he doesn't mean the terracotta he means pm will lane which concludes with Twitter. Right and we see this in the Hadith that sometimes the prophecies and prayed five raka Twitter sometimes seven Rakhi with a sometimes nine raka Witter. By witted here we don't mean what we think of the width of that one rocker. This is the tahajjud he's bringing in chunks chunks so four plus seven or two plus like so

00:44:44 --> 00:44:59

he's doing it in different chunks. By the way, the prophet system was sometimes very tu tu tu tu tu sometimes four four, sometimes in different chunks. And from this the humbling to me and others they say the hedges Sala dam will later we can be two or four or what not

00:45:00 --> 00:45:35

And of course the other methods Hanafi isn't one that's a must be to spread. You have the standard if the law which is very trivial, whichever you want to do that is fine. So, Witter, as I said, the technical definition is different than the Hadith definition. And it doesn't matter which definition we use, we just have to clarify. So when I'm going to use it, now I'm going to, I'm going to reference the technical which is the last one or the three rakaat. Now, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the man came to he said, yado so Allah, how do I pray? tahajjud the prophets are some set or how is the 100 how we saw that too late. The prophets have said methanol, methanol,

00:45:36 --> 00:45:41

pray to two then when you think it's about to be Fudger then pray your winter.

00:45:42 --> 00:46:15

Okay, so here is not the technical winter. Pray to to then for Otellini here I should translate then make an odd this is what it means for outer. He didn't say pray the winter salah. He said make an odd. So an odd is the Witter the one or the three. So the Prophet system told us each to our Hirasawa Combi lady withdraw Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim make your last salah of the night to be salata Witter, okay. This is sunnah to make winter the last salah of the night.

00:46:16 --> 00:46:38

Jade, if we know our schedule for the night, then we make our routine such that we will delay our winter until the very end. And then nothing until the Ivana Fajr. So those of us who are praying in our masjid and here we will be doing eight Raka and then three raka Witter.

00:46:40 --> 00:46:49

And then there will be a separate Gemma for those who want to do more. Suppose you do eight and three, and then you know that you're going to go home and pray another hour before Fajr

00:46:50 --> 00:47:06

you should pray the three raka with our Imam then when the Imam says salaam you do not say Salaam and you stand up and you add an extra to make his three your four. Now you have not prayed with her.

00:47:08 --> 00:47:51

Now you are praying eight plus four gives you 12 Then if you want to go home and pray an extra eight on your own to follow the sooner Brahma Rhodiola one would you totally fine or to even on your own something is better than nothing. You're You're tahajjud now you gotta go to sleep, then you wake up for tahajjud so you've combined Campbell lane and some tahajjud This is the ideal then for you to do, then you should not pray with him with the Imam clear. You make his witted your for shefa you don't do with him. Okay, suppose you said now tonight I have to go to sleep. I have work tomorrow. I can't do it. Then you go to sleep. Then you wake up and you're like, oh, I have half an hour. But I

00:47:51 --> 00:48:33

prayed with it. What do I do? Here the correct position will go to Allah alum and this is the vast majority even has him it is more Allah says that praying with him at the end of the night is best. And whoever prays with him and then decides to pray sada afterwards, it is permissible and he should not repeat the witness again. And your mama no, it is much more it says much more about the famous book of a moment away. The Shaeffer book of fealty says. Whoever prays the Witcher then he decides to pray nephila So he should not pray the winter and know he's praying nephila, right that goes against the Hadith. Whoever prays the Witten then he decides to pray the Knopfler later on in the

00:48:33 --> 00:48:53

night jazz or be that Cara, it is allowed without any Caraga because that was not his near that what would be my crew is you intentionally make the wicked in the middle of the night. That's not good. But if it's so happened, that you prayed the winter, then you woke up later on without intending.

00:48:54 --> 00:49:35

Do not let shaytaan come to you and say oh, because I prayed with it. I shouldn't pray any extra know if I'm in no way if it has them without any cut. Aha, you should pray extra nothin. But do not repeat the wicked. Allah knows that you changed your intention. It wasn't done. Intention is not a big deal. Allah knows when you did that. And this should be your default. If you asked me. If you have the NIA to sleep until record you're not going to pray to 100 then help us pray the winter with us. No problem. Then if it so happens that a particular day you wake up earlier Hamdulillah you pray extra but don't repeat the winter, because only one winter per only one winter per per night. That's

00:49:35 --> 00:50:00

what the the vast majority position. There is a dissenting position, which I don't agree with at all and it doesn't have any major basis which is they say you wake up you should pray one raka so that you pray to witters, so that makes a Scheffer then you pray you enough, then you pray another witness. And to me that doesn't make any sense. Plus I just quoted you great scholars, that's not the case. Final point here. We always get this

00:50:00 --> 00:50:50

question should I or May I read with the Quran in my hand? Man hold an iPhone mashallah Subotica Allah with the iPhone app right? And hold the must have or a physical copy or whatnot. So again, any I always like to give all the positions out there, so I should not be a loved one ha insipidus reported that she commanded her Mola, the Kwan to lead them in chaos in Ramadan and the Kuan was not a half filled so he would recite from the most half. This isn't a Hypo hottie, and Zoe was asked is it allowed to recite the Quran in Rama bond from the most half? Yeah, and he didn't play on and he said, I found the best of us of the previous generation would recite with the most half. This is the

00:50:50 --> 00:51:32

mama Zulu died 124 hedgerow and Imam Malik was asked about carrying the Quran in Salah during clam and he said love but how does there is no How does there's no harm in the carrying of the must have for the imam in Ramadan for the nephew of solace in Ephesus. Allah is not follow this not You're not doing this for the fault. It is permissible. And Imam Ahmed was asked about this and he said law buffs and you're suddenly been Nasser Jambo, Jambo for most of there is no problem for the one to be the Imam and he is looking in the must have. He was asked How about in followed? He goes, No, I didn't hear anything about the fall. I mean, the Nuffield I mean the tarawih and the pm anima. No,

00:51:32 --> 00:52:09

we also has this there as well that there is no Quran in doing this. So we have the mighty keys the humble is the SHA fairies are very very explicit with explicit statements from their famous famous scholars, obviously which school is left the Hanafi school and of course the Hanafi school they have their position we respect all the schools and it is up to you what to follow Alka Sandy in the famous Dyer osanna. He mentions that Abu Hanifa did not allow carrying the must have so much so that he said if the Imam carries it the salah becomes Boulton we respect all of our scholars anywhere Malik is saying his job is Imam Shafi saying no probably Muhammad himself was asked in Missouri said

00:52:09 --> 00:52:22

we saw people doing this and Mr. Muhammad and sorry Imam Abu Hanifa. The contemporary, these are all early scholars, we respect all of them. Imam Abu Hanifa said the Salah is bout that is his position his students will use of and

00:52:23 --> 00:53:02

Muhammad Hassan ha Bonny. They said that it is Makrooh but it doesn't make the salah Botha and it's best to be avoided. But it doesn't nullify the Salah and this is their position. Even though by the way some modern app some of my friends who are in the modern Hanafi school they say that given the circumstances of the time that it should be allowed for the people praying at home but that's between them and the end of the school I'm not going to interfere you want to ask me I say that it is very clear from HOD Laquanda from Missouri Freeman Malik Muhammad is very clear that many of the tab your own tab a tab your own many of them this is authentically narrated that they would carry a

00:53:02 --> 00:53:43

page or a scroll and they would recite it not in FOD. Please Don't misquote me, okay, not in fold in knuffel in pm explicit quotes about this. So if you're going to pray at home, and especially these days Subhanallah your phone, this is all you're doing. There's no extra movement because Imam Abu Hanifa said I think he's going to have to move too much. And the must haves honey first time were huge. So perhaps even from his time I'm just saying maybe if he knew how small these things aren't just put it in your pocket. Maybe Allah who did them if he saw this reality maybe he would have changed his mind as well but anyway, that's that's Yanni you know, not my position to comment on

00:53:43 --> 00:54:13

that school that's their school. So to conclude a shallow to Allah. Ramadan is coming up, and we strongly encourage encourage myself and all of you to make it a point to make pm we're late every single night. Whoever prays clam will lay every single night of Ramadan, all of his sins will be forgiven. And whoever prays clam will lay on Leila to other all of his sins will be forgiven. So may Allah subhana wa Tada, makers of those who catch that which is akmola who later on was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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