One Goal for Ramadan is to Burn My Sins

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What is the goal of from Allah? So you may attain Taqwa. And what is step one? Allah conscious. And what does Allah conscious mean? Allah conscious mean, I'm going to do everything he's pleased with, and I am going to be staying away from everything he doesn't want, or shall Ramadan. If I do it the way Allah subhanaw taala want to me as much as I can focused on Him, focus on what I am doing. And not only holding food and drink and marital relationship in that timeframe are either holding every sin making Allah is my focus during every extra I can. Then the end is taqwa. It will burn my sins. This is why it's extremely important for us from now, to change the way we look at Ramadan. We all

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celebrate it, we all are very happy. But what I need to do is from now, put goals for myself, when I leave Ramadan, that I achieved those goals and I'm going to take them with me. And one of the goals of Ramadan is actually it will burn my sins, meaning my fasting, the proper fasting, my relationship with Allah, my salah, my PM, my night, Salah, my charity, my conduct, all of these can be multiplied. I'm not going to do the casual, neither quality, not quantity, I'm not just going to do total cat after Russia. I'm going to do my tarawih and I'm going to do longer and my relationship with the Quran I am building and building. So how is my sins will be burned in Al Hassan it used to

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say good deeds, remove bad deeds. So here I am gradually building more good deeds and building better relationships with Allah and building better relationships with the Quran and building better relationships even with the people around me. These are all good deeds, let alone Salah and of course the fasting and the family. These are all good deeds, good deeds. Remove bad deeds