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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to tarot we truffles will get started in five minutes inshallah Allah so salons where you from? Did you make it to the first Halloween truffles? Who's the first person that's gonna say SNAM where they're from

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Are you froms

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Tada we ruffles

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and so honey from Kuwait you are the first person to say Sadam in our title we truffles yeah melodic masala misinformation the UK radical Muslim Sharmila in Dallas Sadiq Messina.

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Sofia Wylie Gomez Santa

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Rosa alaykum Assam Ramadan Mubarak, we're going to talk about Ramadan ordering and talk about Mubarak

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regime in Spain Allah keep you safe I think Madame Wang Indonesian living in Medina nice.

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It seems like Indonesians don't travel outside of Indonesia too much. Saudi Arctic Mr. Nam

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Saba aligment Sana. We'll get started at the top of the hour. has seen her in Queens or ligaments and I'm married

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with Aisha Bill crease in Juju in Switzerland Malik Muslim David diddly welcome David David, like Mr. Matar I think Muslims Zara they can welcome everybody any Khalid radical Muslim,

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Estrella Junie. Wellington Muslim bar in Afghanistan from Afghanistan, but where are you at now? If you're tuning in from Afghanistan, that would be cool. Zoey, Alec Muslim Nemo. likoma Sena. Saba in Kashmir. I'm not excited for visionair doing it with two friends this time. Nice. Where are you? I'm gonna Siddiqui. Where are you? Where are you from?

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Christine Annika Madame SIMATIC. Mr. Ram a smart

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legal Mr. Lam Hurney from Malaysia. Hey honey, I remember her the Malaysian Airlines yes Nadia in Canada oligomycin. I'm Simon London radical Muslim. We'll get started in two minutes my friends. Ramadan mubarak. Today we're going to talk about what does it mean when somebody says to Ramadan mubarak?

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What does it mean? It's very interesting. Because we all say it I have this thing where if everybody keeps saying something and nobody knows what they're saying it bothers me. Zayn Malik Muslim semiotic Muslim.

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We will get started in one minute.

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Shout out to everybody who's attending visionary 2020 with me, inshallah. Tada, welcome. Get on the Facebook group, the student group and make it your own. I usually hang back from the visionary student group, until people take ownership because there's a tendency that when I started talking, everybody keeps quiet, but I would like you to own it. So

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but just shut up. likoma Santa Maria in the harana Illegal Mr. Nam, Golan dam Wigan Mr. Nam Hamid nor

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Omar from London Fatima Abdullah he in Tanzania welcome.

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Seema got Suleyman age three.

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The birdie first time attending visionair welcomes a birdie. Hammond Matsu Alec Muslim we're gonna get started in one minute you guys

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Shimizu like Mr. Nam Hamid Monsoor Ramadan Kareem Alec Messina.

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You said career but I think you meant Kareem

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let's cool.

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Tara we ruffles alright guys, it's a top of the hour. Let's get started. Take one little I set out my league when I'm in the labor capital Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. All early he was happy my well I'm bad.

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So when Ramadan comes along, everybody starts going around saying this statement. They say Ramadan Mubarak Ramadan mubarak. So what does that mean? What does Ramadan Mubarak man I wanted to start off these Tarawera truffles. Firstly by welcoming all of you and saying I'm Alana Mobarak but giving you this reminder that what does it mean to say to somebody or make

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Prayer Ramadan Mubarak and some people will translate something like happy Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak doesn't mean that

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Okay, so when the prophets of Allah they said when somebody would get married when somebody would get married the prophets of Allah Addyson amused to make dot for them and before I forget visionary Ramadan is coming around the corner so pay attention to the prophesy Sam used to used to make dot for them and of all the doors he could say the Prophet said Allah asin I'm used to say buruk Allahu likoma wa Baraka, Ali Kuma or Gemma, Bina Komachi higher. The prophets have a lot of use and I'm used to make a.of baraka for them. So if that's the most important thing that the prophets of Allah they said, I would pray for them, that may you individually have baraka and may your combination

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your union have baraka

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and may your you know, and feel higher than what does it mean and so you will also see that when Ramadan comes along, people say the statement Ramadan Mubarak, I don't know about Ramadan Kareem. Maybe that's a topic for another, another. Another total week truffles.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Ki tebboune N 's and Elaine como barrack, Allah subhanaw taala says a book we sent down upon you Mobarak. So what does this mean? What does Mobarak mean? So Mubarak Ramadan, Mubarak, Mubarak means something like divine goodness, all right. So it's kind of like you could translate it something like being able to achieve more or receive more with less resources. So you do be able to do much in little time. There's Baraka, it says you have Bucky in your time, if you're able to do more in less time, and you're able to with little effort or less effort, you're able to generate more, even if you think about Ramadan, where a good deed is worth is

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The amount of like a photo than a photo is like worth like 70 times that kind of multiplication of reward is baraka. If you look at Laylatul Qadr Lailah, to cuddly hieromonk elfish, ah, it's better than 1000 months. That's Baraka, you pray one night, and it's equal to 1000 months. So if you look at, let's suppose you have a toy for a child, you buy a $100 toy for a child, and the child plays with the box more than he plays with the toy. Or you might even get a little ball that cost 25 p 25. cents. And, and the child plays with it more than the $100 toy, you would say that that small toy has bought AKA, and the toy that has 100 was $100. There's no barakah in it. And by the way, it's

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not just about price, because it couldn't be that the $100 toy, you know, this boy played with it for years and years and years and years. And so there was Buck in it. My mom used to say this about me, I used to buy T shirts, that were expensive. I didn't buy a lot of clothes. But when I would buy clothes, they would be expensive. And my mom used to say there was Baraka in Muhammad's clothing, he would buy a t shirt. Yes, it's expensive, but it would last for many years. So it's not just about price. If you look at a man takes his wife on a cruise ship to avoid COVID-19 May Allah protect us, because I don't think that's a good idea. But then they argue the whole time and it's a horrible

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vacation. There's no barakah in that. But if somebody was to, you know, take his wife out to McDonald's and buy a 25 cent ice cream cone dollar ice cream cone, and they've been married for 45 years and they have so much love to each other. There's Baraka in that relationship. All right, so when you look at Ramadan, all of these things doing less, achieving more with less Ramadan Mubarak, may Ramadan come upon you with all of these things. And when you say Bismillah and when you start off with something, you're evoking Baraka in the you're evoking Barak in what you're doing so when you eat for example, Allahumma Baddeck, Lana, female Razak, tena. O Allah give us baraka and what

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you provided us with so you're looking for nourishment you're giving, you know, Allah span that is giving you more from from the small amount that you have, and Ramadan, all about the fasting and the giving all of those things is about Baraka which is that divine blessing and everything so when you start something you want to start with Bismillah to evoke.

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to evoke that Baraka in what you're doing so I wanted to start that off to everybody and say to you Ramadan, Mubarak may or Ramadan, be full of Baraka with your family, in your a bad in your award from Allah subhanaw taala and then when Eid comes along, because of this baraka and this month, that you celebrate Eid as a way to thank Allah subhanaw taala

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for what He has guided YouTube

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all right

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so ALLAH SubhanA data here we go Tada we truffles

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the first * of this is Ramadan day one we're talking about Jews number one just means the Quran is divided into 30 pages just means part. It's divided into 30 Parts and, and Ramadan being 30 days we'll go day by day by day inshallah Tada and inshallah Tata will do these total waste shuffles all throughout the month normally I end them on the 20 days and then the past two years because I've been teaching visionair Romilda I haven't been doing the these tarawih truffles because it's been hard to both teach and do the Tarawera truffles but Hamdulillah I chose the time that I'll be able to do both, and I'm really happy to see the people in Malaysia I know it's like 1am in Malaysia

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right now. hamdulillah our Malaysian folk are tuning in at this time so I'm glad we chose this time so it's not you're finishing your thought away and then you can come hook up and join up on this inshallah Tada. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada inserted Fatiha, this is what we're talking I'm going to give you some concepts to think about as you're praying the first dose of the Quran and thinking about it some concepts. Allah subhanaw taala teaches us inserted Fetti to make, again, Allah subhanaw taala could have could have put a dua on our tongues, that everybody would recite all Muslims would recite till the end till the Day of Judgment and they would recite it 17 times a day

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insert the fat and they would keep going, what would Allah choose for be Allah subhanaw taala

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revealed in Dino sin all fun and was struggling,

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guide us to the straight path Dena Hoda guidance which is actually if you turn to the first page of the Quran, so you uncertain Fatiha, you recite it do not guide us to the straight path. And then on the first page of the Quran Allah subhanaw taala says that he can kita Ebola Rai Buffy who then liniment pain, this is the book we're in there is no doubt a guidance, a Hooda for the Moto kin. So first, you are asking making doc for guidance. And on the next page Allah subhanaw taala is telling you this is the guidance you're looking for. This is the guidance that you're looking for then you can Kitab This is the book that has no diets Hotel Motel clean. And throughout. Just as you're

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reading an entire we're today throughout just a sign up just for the first Jos you'll see for example, for example, when Adam and Hawa were expelled out from Paradise.

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Allah subhanaw taala says the Imam Dianna mini who does Debbie would die how awful gnarly him wanna homea on Allah subhanaw taala says about when they would be expelled from paradise, Allah subhanaw taala would send down upon them Hooda for many Tobiah who died and so whoever follows My Hooda follows My guidance for how often I lay him whether homea has no there's no fear upon them, Wilhelmina has written and they won't greed and fear is for the future. And grieve is for something in the past. Meaning that when that hood the in the moment in the moment, pay attention to what Allah is commanding you. And by doing that you have nothing to fear in the future. And you will not

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grieve or anything that happened in the past sins or anything like that. There's no grievance for what happened in the past and there's no fear for what's to come in the future. So the Quran is Hooda and it's a guidance.

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Next question that we ask is, the Quran is a guidance for Who who is it a guidance for? Well, the Quran says in the beginning I'm not first I have dedicated Gita who didn't clean it's a guidance for the Magdalene and a few verses later it says hula gala who then Mira beam indeed they are on guidance from their Lord.

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So there's a beautiful story about Cat Stevens we all know Cat Stevens, brother use of Islam, and how you know Allah subhanaw taala guided him to Islam and he's one of the most famous Muslims in the world today. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from and all the good that he's done for, for the OMA. He said that when he was in, in hospital many, many years ago. And I believe it was his sister gave him the Quran for him to read while he's in hospital. And he said, I'm going to read this book. And so he came he was reading the Quran from the beginning. And he came on this verse, which is verse 21. It's about on the third page, second, third page of sorts of Bacara Allah subhanaw taala says,

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yeah, and Johan

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SR Budoff Docomo Ledi holla Qualcomm, levy Hana Qualcomm well Levine I mean call the leikam la lecan That Akun Allah subhanaw taala says yeah Yohannes Oh human beings Oh mankind or Buddha or bekam worship your Lord who created you who made you worship the one who made you? Well Lavina in public home and made the people that came before you the nations that came before Lala calm Tata coin so that you would receive consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal so use of his damn Cat Stevens, he said, when he read that it like it floored him. He's like, this isn't a book for Muslims. This is a book for all of humanity. And so I wanted to make that point to you

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guys. And so you understand that the Quran even though you know, we don't need to remind ourselves but we do that the Quran is not the Muslim book. The Quran was revealed if you just think about it, right from the time of the prophets of Allah, they said, there's nobody Muslim. So the Quran isn't a book revealed for just Muslims, the Quran is revealed for Anunnaki to have Jews and Christians, the Quran is revealed for disbelievers mushy kin polytheist the Quran is revealed for atheists and agnostics, and any kind of Islam or whatever Quran has revealed for all of them as a Book of guidance. And so we don't approach the Quran as hey, you only believe this if you are Muslim, or

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This only makes sense. If you're Muslim, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Yeah, Yohannes Oh, mankind, all human beings. This is the Book of guidance. And when you go deeper into the Quran, you'll understand that there's arguments for this person's, there's guidance for that person, what this person needs, the promises here, the pain, the punishment, the reward, the joy, all of those things are guidances. And this is a book of guidance. The Quran is a book of guidance. Hodan Lynmouth Ducane. That's what the Quran is. It's a book of guidance, and we all need guidance. And that's what we pray for

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every day. And even as you go for Torah, we're, as every Surah that you recite, you're going to be saying and so it's a Fatiha and do not sit autonomous, they'll come in and then I'll sit out the Muslim and demonstrate the Musqueam and then reading it and then I'll set out to Mr. Kim and then reading it hit done on salata, Mr. Cream, and then reading.

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You know, there was

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there are times in my life, you know, when I, when I was living in the US, I used to get a lot of hookah

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requests come and give her come in. And, yeah, give him a call. And I'd be really busy. And I wouldn't accept those invitations. But there's certain invitations that I really love doing. And one of those invitations was when the Hotbot was to be done on an open field, on an open area on a campus at a university or something like that. And one key one that reminds me in Washington, DC at American University, they said Mohammed, we're doing an open air hookah, can you come and do the clip? And I was like, I'd love to, because that's our message. That's how it should be with open doors, not behind closed doors and not you know, specials of, you know, inside the mosque, and what

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are they talking about? No, we shouldn't be outside. There's a brother, brother Alma. And he actually pops on here in the in the Facebook Live sometimes he was here a few days ago. And and he's from South America. So I heard the story about and maybe you can correct me as well, that they would go on, like these dollar missions in areas that had very little Muslims, and maybe there is a chef coming from out of town, and they would pray in the marketplace, together in public and in South America, you know, it's, they would all get all the people would gather around and as everybody would gather around them, after the Salah was over, brother ometer used to stand up on a milk carton

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and say to everybody, are you interested in what this man was saying in his prayer, and he would translate the verses of the Quran for all those who are standing and watching them pray. And really that's what the message of Islam is. It's not just arguing and standing at it, you know, like convinced me and this and that. It's just sharing what the message of Islam is out loud.

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Alana, somebody's asking, can you ask questions, you can. Inshallah, if we have time, I'm going to end at 30 After the hour. If I'm done before then and I have time inshallah Tada, I will

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have one last point I want to make and then I'll take some questions and answers. Finally, the last way that I want you to think about this

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first jewels of the Quran is that Allah subhanaw taala says, Okay, let me tell you a story first.

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So I was

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was once in Mecca. And it was in Hutch time

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and it was in one of the hotels in the buffet areas. And I went to you know, pull my chair back and I went to go get some food and when I came back when I came back I saw that there was a chair in the middle of the walkway that was just blocking everybody and immediately I'm like, oh my god, such rude people. You'd think somebody who would pull their chair back like this, would you know how this person has no concerns? Because all they do is just put their chair in the middle of the pathway and then they go and get their food and all of that stuff. I was so angry. But then then I realized that that was my chair.

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And that was I'm the one who put that chair out. And I was talking about myself as I was getting mad at myself. So this next point that I want to tell you is a very interesting I Allah subhanaw taala speaks about is talking about Benny sloth yield and the Jews and then Allah subhanaw taala says

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attack moron and Serbian embittered and he Wotton Sona for Sanko. Moi that Luna look it

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up I've learned how to you know on Allah subhanaw taala says, attack moon and NASA Bill Bill, do you command people with pi d? What? 10 Sona and full circle and you forget yourself? We're entering this lunar Kitab even though you recite the books, fly talking and don't you understand? So the point that I want to make here is, as you're reading sorted Bacara you're gonna come across other nations, you're gonna come across right from the beginning of Soto Bacara there's the believers, there's the disbelievers there's the mafia, corn, you're gonna see al Kitab in primarily Benny Sol eel and the Jews. That's what's you know, the first Jesus talking about, you're gonna look at, you know, I was

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gonna do this, this, this first tolerate truffles on black magic, because that's also spoken about in in the first jazz, but we'll leave it for another day and show that data. So all these different people, and there's this tendency to disassociate, it's like, oh, it's talking about them. Oh, bad things talking about them. Oh, punishment. Oh, it's talking about that. But then when we see Jenna, we're like, oh, yeah, it's talking about us now. Paradise and candy canes, talking about us. But that's not the attitude that a believer should have a believer Allah subhanaw taala says because I want you to understand that everybody you're reading about has died. Everybody that you're reading

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about in the Quran has died and passed and their nations that have gone the dust has, you know, as blown away they've been reported in the Quran but Allah subhanaw taala says at the end of the first Jews, Allah's practices i 134, tilaka ohm Mattoon cada harlot, la casa that la casa to water, Comerica saboteurs tomb, or Luna Gan we are on Allah subhanaw. Taala says, this is a nation that has passed away, it has received what it has the act, it has received the reward for what it's done, and you will receive the reward for what you do. And you will not be asked about what they used to do. And so the key here is, we don't want to be spending all our time focused on what happened to the

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dinosaurs. And what about you know, nations stuff like that we always have to keep turning back to what about us? How does this apply to me? How does this change my life? What do I learn from this so that I don't emulate that? Or if there's a good example, how do I emulate that good example in the Quran? If there's a bad example of you know, people who did bad How do I stay away from that? Because sometimes you'll see things and as you go through the stories of Ben Israel in May, Allah Subhana Allah protect us, you will see a lot of human nature things that we do today, as Muslims, we do it. And may Allah subhanaw taala protect us that we don't want to be like that. Alana, I feel

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like sharing with you guys one more tip, but I will leave that also for another day. Does that Mullah? Hi Ron, by the way, visionair Ramadan is coming around the corner and we will now open it up for question answers. If anybody's got a question, you're welcome to ask if you need to go somewhere. You can tap out now.

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And hamdullah It feels great to be in the tunnel. We have truffles and I'm really happy. I didn't realize this but I'm really happy that we by pulling the time back we're able to get the UK people before Maghrib time came and they would have to leave and we're able to get Malaysian people even though it's like 120 in the morning right now, but hamdulillah Malaysia

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ins are tuning in courtesy of Hurney and Malaysian Airlines.

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Hamid Mansour says is it wrong to say Ramadan Kareem it's not wrong I just don't like I haven't followed

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like I was interested in the term Ramadan Mubarak and I looked it up what does it mean to say Ramadan Mubarak but it's not wrong to say it It's not wrong to say Ramadan Can you can say what you want

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we got Malaysians in the house. If somebody is a Malaysian put your hand up, let's get the Malaysians.

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Hamdulillah you know, the blessing. The blessing of the title react truffles is you can never go wrong because we're talking about the Quran. That's something in my years of education, if you look at people who teach Quran, their classes are always popular and always successful because it's the Quran. There's Baraka in that Quran. You can't go wrong when you speak the words of Allah subhanaw taala now if I was giving you different reminders, like oh, here's some human thoughts. That's where the problem comes in and people start getting bored

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where are we?

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And Nico, what are they a better we should do through the day in Ramadan, primarily, if you just you know, you just

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if you're just looking at the basic, the basic is you're fasting in Ramadan, and you're breaking your fast, the tidal wave at night is optional. And so the first thing that you have to do is fasting Yes, and you have to do your prayers and obviously Fudger the whole hustle mode of Asia as well. Now after that things are optional. So if you look at the pillars of Islam, such as

00:26:56 --> 00:27:28

the tau heyde So you're doing vicar through the day if you look at Salah you can do voluntary Salah you're doing Sunnah prayers you're doing a lot to Doha, you're doing other things right? So we hit night when you look at fasting we're doing the fasting now if you look at charities a cat obviously Ramadan is a month of feeding a month of feedings so you're looking into Hey, let me help people let me do charity let me and Ramadan is amazing time to give charity because of the magnification of the reward, obviously and also that everybody is in this

00:27:30 --> 00:27:48

in this emotion to give and so the charity is there and Hajaj the cabinet is these closed right now the Haram are close to majority of people but doing a home run Ramadan is as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said is the same as same reward is performing Hajj.

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Yeah, Mama says interesting question. You know, I want to thank you for asking. Not that this question matters to me. But I'd like to ask you. Are you a sheikh? Or are you a scholar? Since I've seen both terms used while watching your videos? Is this important to lead a masjid? So yeah, Mama.

00:28:12 --> 00:28:56

If we look at the term share scholar, scholar is an English word and she has an Arabic word share literally means in Arabic, it means literally means old person. Little. So if you see a grandfather, you would call them chef. And the reason that people have knowledge are called chef. It's because like it's like a form of respect. A chef is an old person and also a respected person. So it's it's kind of weird to call somebody who's young, a che. Like, here's a kid who's 12 years old and calling them chef sounds weird because chef means old person, Chef scholar. Those terms mean different things in different communities. And it's not necessarily that it's Islamic. It's more of hey,

00:28:57 --> 00:29:01

designation, in a community do you need to be

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a sharer in order to lead the masjid or lead the prayer in the masjid? You need to? So who should lead the prayer in the masjid? That would be the person who has like the most knowledge of the Quran, person has the most knowledge of the Quran, and they don't and there might be another term like kadhi a person who recites the Quran that you might hear that and stuff like that, but the person with the most knowledge of the Quran is the one who leads the prayer. Sometimes somebody might be a scholar, but they don't know the most Quran so you get the most knowledgeable person to lead the prayer, or the person who knows Quran the best in some masajid Sorry, I'm going into detail

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on this. But it's an interesting question. In some masajid the Imam who's leading the prayer isn't giving lectures because they recite really good but they don't. They don't have that knowledge and that speaking capability to give the lectures and then sometimes the person who's doing the lectures in the masjid, their Quran is not that strong to lead the prayer. So those are just some thoughts on

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And thanks for the interesting question

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Hannah, and Jim says I've been longing for some Dawson's, very long, still not accepted, where am I falling short how to evaluate. So, Hannah to make a long story short.

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And before I forget visionair 2020 Check it out visionair Ramadan

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if you have guys that haven't been manifested, like it hasn't happened in a long time, the first thing that I advise people is drop it, delete it, get on with your life move on to something else. When I tell people that can you drop it? Can you move on with your life, go do something else. If they say no, I must get this thing. Otherwise my life will not be completed until I get this. Then I always tell them that as person makes dua for something for a very long time, they tend to become weaker and weaker in making their dua. They kind of like lose hope they're made getting weaker. And I would say that you don't want to become weaker, you want to get stronger. So the word I would say

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to them is Don't lower your standards, raise your DUA so raise your DUA what I mean by that is, you know, make your language stronger, make the DUA in more places of worship when you're drinking them then when you go for Ramadan, you're making no maybe go for Hajj and make these dogs and then also say tie your camel because the prophets of Allah listen him said tie your camel and place your trust in Allah. So are you do you have the right techniques? The right um logistical techniques to get these things done? So those are some thoughts on that question. Alright guys, there's three minutes left.

00:31:55 --> 00:31:58

I'll try to pull people who haven't asked a question yet so

00:32:01 --> 00:32:18

great question. So my Wahab says Can we since we're praying today we head home can we use the Quran to read it since we only know certain few sorrows only Yes, you can do that. You can recite Quran entirely like you can hold the most half and recite from the most half Allah.

00:32:19 --> 00:32:20

It is possible.

00:32:30 --> 00:32:33

Great, Nadja. It's a kind of like a big question. But

00:32:37 --> 00:32:55

how do you calculate the cat if we owe money and mortgage be subtracted from our savings. So if you have money, if you have like, cash, and you had it for one year, one Islamic Hijri year such as Ramadan to Ramadan, or the higit, to the Hijjah, you've had it for one

00:32:56 --> 00:33:23

calendar year Islamic calendar year, then you need to pay account on money, the mortgage thing that you're talking about, which is hey, I owe some money. That doesn't matter if this money that you have has been sitting in your account for one year. And if it's been sitting in your account for one Islamic year, then you need to pay as a cat on it. And even though that money amount will go up and down throughout the year, you still need to pay

00:33:24 --> 00:33:30

when it's time to pay whatever you know the amount is that you have on on place, if you

00:33:34 --> 00:33:37

what's the thing? Sorry, I just saw somebody else thinks that.

00:33:38 --> 00:33:39

That's nice.

00:33:43 --> 00:33:46

And I'm Jeremy Hey, Sally. Nice to have you here.

00:33:48 --> 00:33:49


00:33:52 --> 00:34:29

What do you says is it okay to read the Quran in Spanish? Yes, it is. But I don't know if you're talking about insula. You didn't say in Salah, if you're talking about outside of Salah, then what you're reciting, sorry, what you're reading is an interpretation of the mean it's a translation of an interpretation of the Quran. So you're not Quran isn't in Spanish. The Quran is in in any language except Arabic. That's Quran. So it's I found that it's really nice to say it like this. You don't have to you can say a translation of the Quran. But actually it's a translation of an interpretation of the Quran. It's a translation of a Tafseer of a Quran the Quran when you read a

00:34:29 --> 00:34:34

translation, so can you do it in salon? No, but you can do it outside of Salon.

00:34:38 --> 00:34:43

BUTCHER says can you give fatwa The answer is no. I can give fatwa a lot.

00:34:51 --> 00:34:54

All right, last questions of the day just behind everybody

00:34:56 --> 00:34:57

who's tuned in

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

and we'll be here tomorrow.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:07

inshallah Tada at same time, which is 1pm, New York time and that 6pm

00:35:09 --> 00:35:17

UK time and it's going to be 1pm in Malaysia and I'm really happy to have the Malaysians here on on on this

00:35:18 --> 00:35:53

on our tearaway truffles and insha, Allah Tala, the topic of the total weight of truffles. as each day goes by, I'm going to try and bring reflections to you on the juice of that night. So if it's the second day we're going to talk about the second juice if it's the third day, we're gonna talk about the third just and when we do Visionaire Ramadan Inshallah, tada when that happens, it's gonna start may 4, when Visionaire Ramadan normally I stopped the title we have truffles in order to do visionair. But I will do both this year. This title we have truffles will be here live on our Facebook page. And the Visionaire is is a program on its own.

00:35:55 --> 00:36:09

The last question is what I have tagged it. But here it goes. Quick tip for battling negative thoughts like when I'm reading Quran, even for a short while I feel guilty that I'm not taking care of my kids, et cetera. So

00:36:11 --> 00:36:51

it's an interesting train of thought that when we go and do good deeds shaitan comes to us and tries to remind us of another good deed that we may be neglecting. So shaytaan will say you so for example, you want to give charity, and then and then che Pon says, oh, sorry, you want to go for hydrogen shaytaan says, Oh, you could give the money to somebody else. Why would you spend that much money for Saudi Arabia? Why don't you give it to somebody you're like, Yeah, then you don't spend it. You don't go for hydro and you don't spend it on other people. It's not like you gave like 1000s and 1000s of dollars to the poor people. So when you're reading Quran, you also these kind of

00:36:51 --> 00:36:56

whispers come in and such as, oh, you're reading Quran? Why don't you take care of your kids a

00:36:58 --> 00:37:07

shaytaan with a Canadian accent. And and then you're like, Yeah, I should take care of my kids. Let me stop reading Quran and being a good example for them.

00:37:09 --> 00:37:51

So, I would say when you're doing something bad when you're doing something like for example, not bad, but if somebody's just if a parent just sitting on their phone, swiping, swiping, swiping, swiping, their child is right in front of them, you know, begging for attention, then I think you put the phone down and pretend your child is an iPhone or a Samsung, and then pay lots of attention to the child. Okay, that's when you should pay attention. But if you're reciting Quran, that's baraka and you know your own time and your own health and your own bed and your own mental health. When you become stronger, you have more to give, and inshallah Tada read more, read more and

00:37:51 --> 00:38:18

inshallah Tada, your children when they see their mother reading. Maybe when they get older, and they have children and they're reciting Quran they'll say, I used to see my mother reciting Quran and Ramadan and I want to follow her example, Allah and I'm just acmella Hi, Ron. Everybody have a great Ramadan Mubarak anima Sana please invite your friends to come join us we're going to be doing this every day in Ramadan Tada we truffles is back. Sound

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