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It was something was it robotic? I think what also they can be you, me, you Allah, he was he was suddenly it's an honor and a privilege and 100 lat to reconnect with my wonderful students through Yahoo forward slash puberty. This is part of the grill the Imam sessions Mashallah. And I pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes it of blessing and higher for all of those who are participating from various parts of the world, that Allah Subhana Allah continues to use this all for good. This section is live on my Facebook page on my YouTube page in general, but it's specifically tailored as answering questions for some of the, from some of the students Mashallah

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through our internal service. So for those of you who are watching through my website, if I can ask you in sha Allah, I know many of you know exactly what to do. But if I can ask you in sha Allah to

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go to the telegram service key in your questions, you'll see under my, my picture there in the browser, you'll see that under it, you there's a q&a tab, just click on that. And then you can type in whatever it is that you seek in sha Allah to share as questions and I'll prioritize them before others insha Allah, and those of you who are listening online in other places on my Facebook page on YouTube, do tell us where you're listening from which city you're in. And that let us know what you think. And if you have any questions, we get some time inshallah we'll try to tackle some of them. So I'm going to begin with some of the questions that are already queued from our morning session.

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And I know some of the people you know, it's different time zones, I've tried to cater for three time zones, North America. So this is a good wake up time for you guys 9am 10am in New York, ATM central time. So this is a catering for the US kind of crowd earlier this morning. It was also for the US. And this is a good time for London, I believe at the moment, just getting to two or 3pm in the afternoon. And then in shot law. Our Wednesday sessions are good for Sydney and this side of the world, KL and so on. So if you do have questions, do cycle them in in chat, love those of you are watching. Let us know where you're watching from and I look forward to engaging with you as well.

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And our students typing in the questions, I'll give you a shout out in Sharla. Let us know where you're watching in from the military data. Alright, so the first question that's coming in now is I have a little bit of social anxiety. Is there a Hadeeth? Or is there a from Quran or Hadith to help me with that? So that's a powerful theme. And actually, I'd like to dedicate maybe most of our time together, I don't like to go past 2030 minutes for these sessions. But I'd like to speak about social anxiety, to different words, right.

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But as a concept, it's a really powerful thing. So so we are as human beings, we are social beings, we it's it's a form of torture, to isolate a human being from other human beings as a form of contact. And in fact, within our faith as Muslims, the concept of prison sesion was not meant to be imprisoning a person on their own, that they don't interact with other people. So solitary confinement and these kinds of things we see that's actually a form of human inhumane treatment. And it's a form of abuse within our lens within our tradition as Muslims. And the concept of imprisonment to the concept of restricting somebody from their liberty was not meant to isolate them

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from all contact, because how can there be rehabilitation? Now, you can find, of course, that most modern

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prison systems in the world that are heavy on a reformative process where they want the person to become a better person coming out of the system, coming out of serving the time, they do not take that you know, very callous, punitive, draconian

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lock them up in a cell, throw away the key, no light, no human interaction, no interaction with other people except other inmates. Rather they try to integrate them and teach them useful skills. And that is the concept that is part of our outlook as Muslims. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says about profit use of color of decision or a habit Eli, he said, I would rather be imprisoned, then to be lose myself to the allure and the lustful leanings that are being extended to me. And indecision, what you find is that Yusuf is talking with inmates, and he's talking with his guards and people would come and pay him a visit. And the king saw a dream and you know that they would come and ask

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him questions. That is a conceptualization. That's very different.

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to what's happening in the world today. So from a textual perspective, we are social beings as Muslims, as human beings, we want to be able to make sure that the prophets I send them says that there is no monk ship in Islam. So as Muslims, it is considered

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a wave from the center, away from the tradition of the prophets, I sell them to devote oneself just to the worship of God that you sit in a room and you know, you don't meet with people. And in the Hadith of the Prophet, I sell them he said, methylone lady you Holly to NASS. The, that the difference between the one who goes out and mixes with people, where you have to have mellow at their home and has to by necessity, then the be burdened by the hardship they inflict on them, because people are going to lie and cheat, you know, there's always going to be some level of drama that's inescapable. So the prophets is the one who goes out and mixes with people. And there's that

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burden and you know, takes it upon himself to be patient is more loved by Allah than the one who locks himself away like a hermit and a monk and isolated, that isn't seen as being an ideal.

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So you, you and I, we do need to develop our social skills. And we do need to overcome the debilitation of anxieties and fears and phobias that limit us from our positive socialization. Now, notice, I said positive social media because there's socialization that's positive, and there's socialization that can be very negative for you as a young person, and I'm not sure if you're a male or a female having said that question in but it really makes no difference in the scheme of the general answer that I'm trying to provide.

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Part of our socialization is that we understand there will be negative aspects and we must be willing to engage in that which is going to be negative to try to turn it into a positive or to then abstain from being in that negative for that period of time. So Allah says to the prophets, I send them that when the disbelievers begin to ridicule and make fun and do things that are unbecoming, the out of home had a hold of the ideas of it, turn away from them, move yourself away from them, but only until they return to a more respectable discussion, then you can rejoin with them. Allah Subhana Allah says lion hakam Allah and in Levine lm, your party to confer redeem, whenever you

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read, you come in dare dare come and tomorrow what opposite to aim. Your Lord does not forbid you for a mixing and dealing and befriending and having social interactions with those who have not waged war against you or expelled you from your homes, from the unbelievers in their regard towards you. Rather, you should treat them with equity, fairness, and justice. Allah loves those who do that, which is just so even with those who don't believe what we believe that's never been a hindrance for us as Muslims. And that's why you found Islam thrives under all different kinds of contexts in all different kinds of isms, communism, socialism, capitalism, Muslims who have bad have

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been found and are willing to engage.

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The second thing that becomes important is that there is that negative context of social socialization, there is also a positive effect. Now, there was this long Harvard study that extended over decades, and this study was presented in a TED talk, you can probably be able to Google it and just say, Harvard study about the keys to happiness. Now this study, it started, you know, a good 4050 6070 years ago. And they said, We want to follow people, Harvard students from when they are in school at college until, you know, until it comes to an end until the last one goes. So they started that study a good 7080 years ago.

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And they've been following and part of that study, there were people who became president, they were leaders of industry, and they wanted to see what sums up joy in life, what brings happiness, what is going to result in divorce, what patterns and statistics can they fill out. And they found that there was one thing, just one thing that could predict the overall sense of joy and happiness and fulfillment, over a life long lived, which was the people you had in your social network had a positive effect on you and you had a positive interaction with them. It's when you're alone, it's when you're lonely. It's when you have negative, toxic people in your life and you don't make

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changes. It's when you are a negative, toxic person and don't take the cues to make a change so other people depart from your life, who were bringing public

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Activity image, that you then find that your life was one that was not full of joy and the happiness that we are all are seeking. So Subhan Allah that's a very powerful thing. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith narrated by Mr. metonymy, it's Asahi Ines. seyyed, the one who is Julius lamented Jen never is the one who is able to avoid to sidestep, to break through to tunnel under to climb over, and fit and trials and difficulties and hardships spamela It's a powerful way of understanding good and bad and right and wrong. And may Allah Subhana Allah allow us that happiness in sha Allah. So what are ways that we can overcome social anxiety, what are ways that we

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can overcome some of the things that are necessary for us to do good things and to proceed in, in a in a capacity that leads us to righteousness and happiness, and eliminate some of that social anxiety. So three important things become familiar with a core group. Many of us we kind of think about socialization, as we want a lot of friends, really social people you don't need. And we miss categorize people in our life as being old friends, there's so many different layers, there are friends, and there are close friends, there are acquaintances, there are colleagues, there are people we just know, they're our neighbor, there's so many different types and levels of people in

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our life. And it becomes important for us to learn where each boundary kind of sets itself. So that becomes important. Find a core group of people who you feel a level of comfort with. And they don't have to be the people that everybody else wants to be associated with. Sadly, many of us we kind of want to gravitate towards those who we think other people admire. So we want to be within that clique or that group. So we will go with the flow. And that may not always be the best thing. Number two, those who are holding us down and not willing to push us up even beyond themselves, are not really worthy of us investing in them in a capital way, becomes important for us to kind of learn

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that lesson as well. And third, and finally, is to learn that within ourselves, there are two types of limitations. There's a spiritual dimension. And sometimes Yes, it is a door that can fix it. But at times, it could be something clinical. So if there is an element of social anxiety, that is something that's just beyond you that you're not able to fix it on your own, it is important and necessary for you to take that right step and to see a clinician, speak to your medical doctor, speak to your school psychologist to a counselor and ask them to help you formulate a way because if it is it something spiritual, which most of the time it isn't, then it's something that can be

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overcome with a system that allows you to make incremental increases to finding a resolution for that problem. I pray that lots of hands on with the Adda gives you success in that Allah I mean, does that como la Hey, thank you for joining me once again for grill the Imam. I look forward to seeing you again soon in sha Allah subhana wa salam we'll be having decrescendo La La Land sophistica to boulais with Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh