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And how do you say the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam nephila number of behaves under Subhana says in Allah him Allah ecotraining una futuro allowable Isaiah has a specific type of angels who roam the streets, yell at me soon the crew seeking a gathering in which people have gathered for the remembrance of the bolado Sheila Madrid and fire to Lima you read and when they find such a gathering, they make the proclamation Hello Moo Ella, at home comm we have found what we were seeking. And they come and gather around gatherings such as this and a lot of Buddhism, a car gathering such a gathering. A lot of Buddha surround this with angels and in my fit in a lot of

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bullets. This is our belief that we have come here for the remembrance of Allah and that angels surround us not only surround us, but go up above us until the heavens as a pillar of light, and then Allah and then while you are in this gathering, they are in draft for you, Oh Allah bless them, Allah have mercy upon them. When the gathering ends, and you disperse and are dismissed, they return to the Lord that knows everything. And Allah asks them How did you find my servants? So they say we found them your sub behold, while your cup bureau neck we found them doing glorifying you praising you magnifying you. So Allah, Allah asks, have they seen me

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jelajah nomadic? Have they seen me? Have they seen My majesty? Subhan Allah, as humans? Obviously we can't. And we haven't saw the angel say No, they haven't seen you. So a lot of Buddha's essays and whatever they had seen me. So the angels say, they want to have seen you they would have glorified you much more and praised you much more and magnified you much more. So a lot of Boulez asks and what do they want?

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What are they seeking? So the angels say out of they seek your paradise? So Allah says, and have they seen it?

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happen? Have they seen my paradise?

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And time is short to go into paradise. But so can Allah read the poem of Mr. Josie and Allah He da

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da da da da da, da da. How do you fathom the beauty of an abode decorated and beautified by a lot of bluster for his servants, but in an hour they have a robot they have a heel misko was that fallen? were inserted into unsuk for her for who are shorter Rockman Allah Jana.

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Jana, what do they What do they want? They want Jana. So a lot of bullets the size have they seen that? The angels say no, you're up so a lot of boys asks and know what if they had seen Jana? So they say are up they would have praised you much more worshipped much more, being much more devout rush towards that much more. So a lot of good exercise, and what are they afraid of?

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So the angels say they're afraid of your fire in your punishment.

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So a lot of bluster says and have they seen the fire?

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And may Allah protect me knew from the fire?

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Say, amin Muslims.

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So the angels say No, they haven't seen it. So Allah, Allah says, And what if they had seen it,

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they would have fled from it much more and run from it much more and do much more good deeds and praise God much more. And Allah says,

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I make you my witnesses, or my angels. And the photo told him that I have forgiven them all sitting in that gathering of knowledge. So the angels say are up, but amidst them is dispersed and he didn't come for the gathering. He just came to meet that friend, he came for a hedge of his own. So Allah, Allah says don't separate between friends.

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So in sha Allah hota Allah my Allah, accept from us this gathering, and in our faith in our Lord in sha Allah when we finished from here tonight, a lot of blessa will say with regards to us, but in the Bushido Komiyama equity and the fact of our follow tala home I make you my witnesses or my angels that I have forgiven the ones in this gallery.

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And my Allah forgive us and our families and those related to us in the Muslims in its entirety, out of his infinite mercy.

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